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replied the topic Your favorite song created by Chienyp

Jethro Tull, "Skating Away (on the Thin Ice of the New Day)" from their album "War Child" (1974).

Live performance, 1977:

1497 days ago
replied the topic How to break up a couple? created by singforyou

Here's a novel idea: Mind your own damned business. It's his life, not yours. You've shown your distaste for her, so either hope that you're wrong and they can be happy together (the preferred outcome if you actually give a damn about him) or take solace in being able to say " I told you so" if she eventually burns him and he learns a lesson from the ordeal. You'd still be a douche for taking pleasure in his suffering, but hey, at least you"d be right, eh? I mean, that's what's really important here, right?

1500 days ago
replied the topic Wonderful video games created by benchichya

In my opinion the best game of all time is "Thief: The Dark Project" as well as its sequel, "Thief II: The Metal Age." Both are first-person perspective games that came out in the late nineties, and can be run on almost any PC, regardless of specs, yet are fully immersive 3D worlds where stealth and thinking are just as valuable as force. The story is superb, and thanks to a huge fan movement you can still download new fan-made "missions" today, almost 20 years later, that often have professional, custom voicework done. And all the hundreds of FMs are free.

Check out for all the info and support you could ever need, and to get an idea of just how much is available to keep playing after the main campaigns are done.

Quality, compatibility, longevity and barely any cost (the games themselves are dirt cheap these days). Thief delivers on all counts.

(Yes, the recent Thief game was based on the originals, but doesn't hold a candle to them. Avoid it and go for the classics.)

1501 days ago
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