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replied the topic Best anti virus software? created by baladox

All these answers are good and bad in some way.
There are few defenders u can use. Norton is not so good... unless they changed something drmatically over last 6 months.
Avast or AVG Free are what u should go for.
TBH I FOUND AVG MORE RELIABLE AND SYSTEM FRIENDLY THEN AVAST but its my own impression. U might like more Avast.
The fact is if u take trial avg with 1 month full protection it will clean your system and u wont need to pay a dime for it. U just downgrade it to free version after month is gone.
Also womeone wrote here about wise care.. well its more of system tune-up/clean-up tool then real protection. And u should use it also. It does solid work.

1011 days ago
replied the topic When he will most probably be unhappy? created by khurm

Nature is not perfect.
We apparently evolved over other species *though i am not sure about it sometimes.
Different from many mammals we do not kill children if they are handicapped. Its one of most important differences.
We evolved enough not to think if that child is to be danger for species as he will be burdain for herd.
We evolved enough (well most of us) to tolerate all kind of "unnatura" behaviours. In short we accepted that nature is not perfect and so are not we. If u would go deep into every person u would find something unnatural about. The only perfect species would be god himself.
So why u let those children live? Because its what we are. Because they have same rights as others do. And if they need help to achieve their basic rights they should have it.
Othervise u face one simple question - who is to decide and by what right who is to live and who is to die and why ? One day it can be handicapped if u are incapable for doing basic things yourself, and other days if u are not capable to do all things by yourself, where the person in charge says what is minimum limit.
Most animals are driven by basic instinct - species survival. If we would go by it only, we would kill all handicapped members. Not just children. Old ones, injured ones, etc. Not to mention those with sexual orientation different then hetero. Cause its also by definition "unnatural" behaviour going against basic instincts.
So when u ask something like this know that your question and possibel answers can have much wider influence and consequences then what u originally though.

1013 days ago
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