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replied the topic Problem with Formating The SD card created by a454545 40 days ago

here is the solution

replied the topic New usb flash drive already infected with virus created by Teresita 45 days ago



May I ask how did you find out there was a virus on your flash drive before you used it? I know that infected computers immediately create viral folders on any device plugged in to them. Check your PC.

I doubt that manufacturers want to spoil their reputation doing this intentionally.

replied the topic Scrolling issue on my laptop created by richlandvaughans_4992 45 days ago



Make sure that touchpad of your laptop is not clogged.

Most of the problems with the touchpad are software-related. There could be instances where the touchpad drivers are either outdated, or some files have been corrupted because of a possible virus attack. Also, if you have upgraded your computer's operating system recently (especially on upgrading to Windows 7), the existing drivers might not work properly.

To resolve all these issues, you need to install the latest drivers for your touchpad. These drivers are usually available on the official website of the laptop manufacturer. You could also download these drivers from the website of the trackpad manufacturer, which in most cases is Synaptics. Be well-advised though, it is always recommended to download the drivers from the laptop manufacturer's website for your specific laptop, as the specifications of each model are bound to differ. Downloading generic drivers from Synaptics might not quite give you complete functionality of your touchpad. Once the drivers are in place, your touchpad should be as good as new.

At times you could accidentally disable or lock the scrolling on your trackpad.

While there is no one method to lock or unlock the scrolling, you could try double-tapping on the top-left corner of the touchpad (but this is ideally if you happened to disable the entire touchpad). Alternatively, you could also hold down the 'Fn' + 'F7' keys to resolve this issue. Do keep in mind though this may not work on all laptops.

In case there seems to be an issue with the sensitivity of your trackpad, and you often need to press hard on the surface to register a touch, you might need to calibrate your touchpad's sensitivity.

For most laptops, with Synaptic touchpads, the settings can be changed from its easy-to-access system tray icon (the icon just to the left of the time and sound icons at the bottom-right corner of the screen). This icon looks like a small trackpad (a large rectangle with two smaller rectangles at the bottom), or a red square with a white swirl. Right click or double click on this icon, and follow the path mentioned below.

Pointing Device Properties > Pointer Options > Motion > (change the sensitivity level to best suit you) > Apply > OK

Alternatively, if this doesn't fix your touchpad, or if your touchpad is of some other make, you could try following this path.

Start > Control Panel > Hardware > Mouse > Pointing Device Properties > Device Settings > (check all the boxes) > Scrolling Region > (choose the area for virtual scrolling) > OK

replied the topic Byte Fence Software created by paulwestlake1944 45 days ago


first read and try these steps -

then use one of this programs to delete Bytefence:


Malwarebytes Free

SuperantiSpyware Free

Emsisoft Emergency Kit:

hope this will help, if not, the only way to delete this program manually is to run registry editor and remove it searching by keywords:

(you need also enable display of hidden files and folders before trying next method)

Method 2.
First of all, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager.
Locate bytefence.exe process and disable it. NOTE: there may be more than one ByteFence related processes.
After that, click Start (bottom left corner) – Select Settings – Click System – Apps & Features.
Locate ByteFence, click on it and select Uninstall. (Windows 8)
Click Windows key (bottom left corner) – click the down arrow.
Find ByteFence, right-click it and select Uninstall.
Double click on ByteFence to start the removal (Windows 10)
Then press Start or Windows key (depending on the type of OS), type regedit and hit Enter.
Locate and remove all registry entries that belong to ByteFence. Search for the files located in folders:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\ ByteFence
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\Software\\ ByteFence
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Run\\eg ui
Then delete all ByteFence related files in the following folders:
C:\\Program Files\\ ByteFence
C:\\Document and Settings\\All Users\\Application Data\\ ByteFence
C:\\Documents and Settings\\%USER%\\Application Data\\ ByteFence
Finally, delete plug-in from your web browser and reset its settings to default.

replied the topic What is War Robots Game ? created by yunona 54 days ago

War Robots is a freemium mobile app game developed and published by the Russian game developer Pixonic. It is a third-person shooter with real-time PvP battles in MOBA mode. Players operate mechs or giant robot on a live battlefield and they have the option to play solo or to team up with other players. It was first released on iOS in 2014 and was released to Android the following year.

replied the topic How and where to check if my site ranks in the search engine when using a particular keyword? created by Teresita 54 days ago


replied the topic Do I need to register every page of my website for my site to rank in search engines? created by Teresita 60 days ago


Search engines use different types of indexing. Spiders, for example, analyze words and headers, bots can follow embedded links in the text, so you don't need to register every page.

replied the topic Gta vice city free download created by hausidbaugak 61 days ago


once the post is created it can't be deleted, so why don't you give away a reward?

replied the topic Stay signed in on Google using IE created by honjernator 65 days ago

Check if you have the latest version of the IE installed. If there is no option tab then I think it's browser feature.

replied the topic Popup at startup with boot time created by hudson 78 days ago


replied the topic Trace trace trace created by jonesbruce 78 days ago


replied the topic Popup at startup with boot time created by hudson 78 days ago

Maybe you mean this startup menu

1. Click Start

2. Click Control Panel

3. Click System and Security

4. Click System

5. Click Advanced System Settings (On left pane), then click on Advanced tab

6. Under Startup and Recovery, click Settings


1. Click Start

2. Click Run

3. Type msconfig

4. Check Boot settings, the box No GUI Boot must be unchecked

replied the topic Best site for online researcher? created by Teresita 78 days ago

@Teresita - registered users have a free month to use this site, it opens thousands of vacancies every day, just choose the category you need,
hope you'll find one you like.

replied the topic What is your favorite site for making money online? created by Teresita 78 days ago

Are you interested in making money or earning money?)

replied the topic Internet band created by JDM1 78 days ago

I hope this will help

replied the topic How repair a usb stick created by kings 194 days ago

you can try to repair it with utilities like Adata USB Flash Drive Online Recovery,
JetFlash Online Recovery,
JetFlash Recovery Tool (for Transcend and Jetflash),
SP Recovery Tool Utility (for Silicon Power)

or reformat usb and recover deleted files with Hetman Partition Recovery,
MediaRECOVER 4.0 (for Kingston)

replied the topic Computer viruses created by Kip 227 days ago

Unfortunately it's all about money, nothing else.
Everybody wants to keep their personal information safe, so people spend a lot of money to protect themselves from hacker attacks.
Also there is a viewpoint that antivirus companies create viruses to increase sales of their products.

replied the topic What is the meaning of your life? created by pustoi11 253 days ago

For me the aim of life is to live it honorably. Help other people, learn something new, live in peace and harmony with nature, be creative, love and have fun. I think that's all we need in this journey.

replied the topic Bad or Corrupt folders created by narinesa 284 days ago

Found.000 is a hidden system folder that contains old files. You can delete it with admin rights under safe mode.

replied the topic Hard disk problems created by zoro 295 days ago

I think you should give us more information. What kind of problems do you have? And why don't you want to use repair software?
It may help you to find out if it's possible to restore HDD.

replied the topic What are the craziest thing you love to do, or you did created by selcinor 412 days ago

I have a magic place in my house. When I stand in there and listen to the music playing in the next room, every known song starts to sound different. The rhythm and melody changes because of extraneous noise and walls, and it becomes completely new song in my ears. I like this interesting effect and sometimes compose my own melodies and songs from it.

replied the topic What is currently your favorite song? created by notwise 431 days ago

@notwise Thunder - Love Walked In

replied the topic What would you eat when you don't want to eat anything? created by daybyday 468 days ago

I would drink milk cocktail.

replied the topic Please help me to choose a Walkman's color. created by yoursong 468 days ago

@yoursong I like all of them, but most of all green and yellow.

replied the topic Time saving so life would be fruitfull with entertainment. created by arslan 468 days ago

I think to save time is to organize your time. Don't put off important or unwanted tasks until tomorrow, do it immediately, so you'll have more time for yourself. Concentrate and think of what you always wanted to do in life, who you wanted to be, think about your dreams and goals. And the main secret, I think, is to enjoy every moment of life. Remember, life is what you make it. Good luck!

replied the topic What do you prefer to eat as snacks? created by au52 488 days ago

I prefer nuts, they are very nutritious and it's enough to eat a handful of it to satisfy your hunger. I also eat fruits, chocolate, some crackers.

replied the topic Black net adress??? created by Pasechnik 494 days ago

no matter what he means, if this is illegal, it's not allowed to ask such questions here.

replied the topic Should men learn to cook? created by nanna 537 days ago

I think all men are the best cooks by nature.

replied the topic Clash Of Kings Lucky Wheel help created by Tankkiller 542 days ago

Hi, watch this, hope it'll help

replied the topic What is your motto in life? created by alvindgreat 548 days ago

The things that come to those that wait may be the things left by those that got there first.

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