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1. What is the sport of bodybuilding?

The sport of bodybuilding or bodybuilding is a sport of lifting heavy weights with a periodic increase in weights. To increase muscle mass and improve the appearance of the body and strengthen the joints and ligaments. Some trainees practising these sports to participate in tournaments, they are professional players and most abused steroids and hormones. And there is of this sport in order to improve the appearance of the body and increase the weight or fat burning. As most professional athletes in all sports exercise exercises to lift heavy weights. Unfortunately, the media in Egypt highlights for only part of the professional players, and promotes the sport of bodybuilding sports steroids and hormones. Also, media & press confuses the hormones and natural supplements. See Understanding Wi-Fi protein and alsirias Diamond like altistsron and aldika.
2. the history of the sport of bodybuilding

Bodybuilding due to the ancient Greeks and the Pharaohs. Where the Greeks were trained in "gym" is a Greek word that means "naked" place. The Greeks were hoist heavy weights for training for practising sports and not for increased muscle


3. the benefits of bodybuilding

Bodybuilding benefits beyond mere increase muscle mass. As the sport of bodybuilding benefit children and the elderly. So it's almost necessary for elderly ladies.

Man loses muscle mass and bone density with age. Sports bodybuilding and lifting heavy weights that reflect this process.
Lifting weights increases bone density. The higher weights and loads on bones and ligaments and joints, the stronger the ligaments and bones. This helps combat osteoporosis
Bodybuilding exercises help to combat chronic diseases. Lifting heavy weights helps combat the symptoms of diabetes and heart and fight obesity and rheumatism
Increase muscle mass prevents diabetes. When you increase the muscle muscles pull the excess sugar from the blood, which means greater control of blood sugar levels
Exercises for the elderly help to stimulate the brain and nervous system, increase strength and balance which they dispense with them on helping youth in motion
Studies have shown that the bodybuilding exercises help to improve mood and combat stress and depression and improve focus
And these are just examples of the benefits of bodybuilding to all ages. And not a full inventory. And research continues to demonstrate every year more benefits of bodybuilding exercises

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4. how to start bodybuilding journey

Many beginners commit common mistake not to develop a plan and not a target. Most trainees Arabs go to the gym and exercising indiscriminately. This is very frustrating results and cause hatred in the gym at the same apprentice. You must make a long-term plan and subdivision plan.

You must measure the percentage of body fat and weight muscle mass and weight. Until there is a clear and specific aim of walk.

You must take the arm sizes and alavkhad and chest and shoulder contour and of course check these sizes each month

You should take initial pictures you front and back and side. In putting comfort and muscle tightening mode

Other tips are very important:

You must have a paper to record the weights that play out, or you can download the software on your phone like JEFIT or Gymbuddy
Prefer to buy a trunk to the gym and take a towel and a water bottle with you
Preferably light cotton clothes for exercise and exercise shoes have a skinny heel. Stay away from thick running shoes as she weakened from the momentum of your feet and reduce your balance.
Never stop learning and read articles training & nutrition

5. General introduction to bodybuilding nutrition:

All food types consist of the following:

Saturated fat
Unsaturated fat
Vitamins & minerals and salts

The benefits of fast food items for bodybuilding champions:

Protein is chains of amino acids. And amino acids are the building blocks for every tissue of the body. Protein
Protein is used for the formation of bones, skin, nails, hair, muscles, cells. The protein also has a significant role in the production of enzymes important for the body. Eating protein leads to urge the body composition of amino acids and muscle building and muscle wastage disincentive for long hours.

Eating protein leads to increased strength in the gym. Protein intake also leads to speed muscle recovery after exercise.

Protein intake increases bone density and protects against osteoporosis. It also leads to strengthen ligaments and joints and speed recovery from injury. eat protein can improve brain function and sleep faster and fewer Nighttime Awakenings times

Alkarbohidarat (starches)

Carbohydrates are all types of starches and sugars in the diet.

Alkariohidrat is the preferred fuel for the body to convert it into energy. The starches break quickly into glucose in the blood source of energy to all cells.

Glycogen (glucose) stored in muscles helps prevent muscle protein breaking because of the requirement for energy.

Carbohydrate is the primary fuel for the brain. Prevent carbohydrates from the diet leads to a feeling of dizziness and fatigue and weakness

Fat bodybuilding:

Fat in the diet is divided into saturated and unsaturated fat. The beginning of love to point out that several recent studies demonstrated no saturated fat, higher incidence of diseases of the heart and arteries. So we believe that saturated fat (animal source of meat, milk and eggs. Etc) useful for the body.

Eating fat does not lead to accumulation of fat as is common. But eating more calories than you need is which leads to accumulation of fat.

Eat fat is necessary for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (Fat soluble Vitamins) like vitamins A-E-D-K

Saturated fat:

Saturated fat stimulates the liver to get rid of stored fat. Leading to better performance of the functions of the liver.

Saturated fat, strengthens the immune system. It helps white blood on sheets and quickly identify objects that are harmful to the body from viruses and bacteria, resulting in speed.

Saturated fat helps to increase the secretion of male hormone and the hormone has immense benefits for tissue repair and build muscle.

Unsaturated fats:

Polyunsaturated fats found in fish oils, nuts, and all natural oils.

Polyunsaturated fats contain omega-3 essential fats that are not made by the body and it needs from an external source.

Aldhona of unsaturated helps reduce the amount of harmful LDL cholesterol in the body.

Trans fats reduce blood pressure and improve brain function.

Trans fats increase the useful hormones to build muscle and burn fat and help prevent cancer.


Fiber is a type of carbohydrate found in plant food sources the body can not digested or absorbed. With fibers to the stomach, small intestine and colon, without break.

Fiber sources: vegetable-fruit-whole wheat product – Brown rice-legumes-grain

Fiber increase the size and weight of stool which prevents constipation and diarrhea, irregular stool.

Fiber helps prevent stomach cancer, colon and other diseases which affect them.

Allaliav lead to lower harmful cholesterol in the body. And studies have shown the role of fiber in protecting the heart from disease.


55%-60% of the human body consists of water

Water is the main influencer on blood density, which affects the control of body temperature and the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to all body cells.

Water helps all body waste through urine.

Water is essential for all biochemical processes in all cells of the body.

Drink water in large quantities leads to send signals to the body's hormones responsible for water drainage. This means that drinking water frequently lead to reduce water retention in the body! And make you look slimmer

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