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replied the topic What is blogging created by dilesh1982 17 days ago

Blog, in short it is a text or video file prepared in advance by a person that is a blogger who is published in the public domain on the Internet in the form of an article or video.

replied the topic Что с этим творить? created by zagrebe 34 days ago

Если ты с России то можно заработать 10 $ отвечая на вопросы получая баллы за ежедневное посещение и вывести их.Если ты с Украины или с той страны где PayPal не выводиться тебе надо заработать не меньше 200 дол чтоб подать потом заявку на вывод через банковский перевод.

replied the topic Assistance notifications? created by bmadore 53 days ago

Through this website it is not possible to do.If your email product supports the blacklist that you can add to the address from which notifications help.Messages you can read on the site.

replied the topic Being a professional blogger created by ab1936 54 days ago

You ought to go two ways at the same time,not investing in this capital.For example, you can watch the video tutorials on vibratable in YouTube and at the same time to write articles such as LiveJournal or here create a multimedia article is to show them to others.The main thing that was the idea interesting for the reader.And never put out a specific task.the idea needs to be original,then it will find its readers.

replied the topic Fifa 15 cpu usage .. created by AAA1992 56 days ago

You need to look in the wise kare 365 in the system boot section of all processes if there is no such process that exceeds the CPU load of 1% means everything is ok with the computer. If such a process should be studied, it is very likely a virus. If in the game itself the processor is loaded for a short time up to 100% is also quite normal. The main thing is that it does not load without

replied the topic Is Defragging even needed? created by bmadore 56 days ago

if shortly it is not often. Defragmentation is quite a long process, it can take several hours and it will take a lot of your free time. In addition, during the defragmentation process, if the power fails, the hard disk may be permanently damaged. But if you do not do defragmentation at all, not very good than bad.

replied the topic What is your favorite Internet speed test? created by Volikes 57 days ago✓&id=179

replied the topic Почему перестал работать антивирус в Windows 10 created by eusjur 76 days ago

С начала 2018 года некоторые антивирусы изменили условия пользования своим софтом,поэтому твой антивирус не будет работать скорее всего по этой причине.Это решение разработчиков и к железу не имеет никакого отношения.

replied the topic Как установить виндовс? created by vasa750 92 days ago

Есть возможность установить винду через диск.Если ты новичок тебе это будет трудно,уйдет много времени,того поищи на сайте местных обьявиений любого специалиста по компьютеру.Он тебе и диск оставит и подробно все покажет как это делать за небольшую плату.

replied the topic Origin activation FIFA 2017 created by ab1936 266 days ago

Here try this game here and all that I bought comes without any cheat.!digiseller/detail/2202103

replied the topic Why do I get buffering on online TV streaming, whether it be sports, entertainment , general TV or foreigh tv channels online? created by Fedup_63 311 days ago

In any player, whether individual whether embedded in the browser,start will pause the video playback long which will depend on the response time of the speed of your Internet as well as online video.Hence, it is causal that the built-in browser and the player can not influence.However, some private players to reduce this delay time setting the time settings of the buffer or 0 if there's a problem with braking video this time you can gradually increase.

replied the topic Why startup windows 10 is slow ? created by AAA1992 321 days ago

One of the major drawbacks of Windows 10 Enterprise, Pro or Home – a large number of built-in software, such as: Shop, Post office, Edge and even Cortana. They interfere with the user during the work, greatly slowing down it, and take a lot of resources to the OS and computer. To get rid of all these shortcomings by installing a version of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB.

The Enterprise version LTSB (Long Term Servicing Branch "Branch with a long term service") differs from classic Assembly in that it removed the junk the standard program that the OS installs by default. Because the Assembly based on Windows 10 Enterprise and is designed for small and medium businesses in the formal shops and retailers, normal users will not be able to purchase it.!digiseller/detail/2306906

replied the topic Where are bitcoin exchangers located...I know there is at bestchange created by lontokreza 341 days ago

replied the topic Computer not showing wisecare365 created by hopperbc 348 days ago

I had a similar problem-would not open and other programs was solved by restarting the computer.Clearly the problem is not in the program and in the event of system failure.

replied the topic Why we have to manage our time for holiday overseas created by Nur_iffah 348 days ago

The time in relativity is not dependent on place of residence.Changes only time zone and time just flowed so it will leak.The time depends on speed.With speeds close to the speed of light time slows down.However, the speed of light is extremely large for a 1 sec light makes 7.5 turns around the earth's equator.

replied the topic Both VGA and DVI Suddenly stopped working created by AnPeter90 354 days ago

The very first thing you need to check the contacts going from the video card.Might have to clean them.

replied the topic Hard disk problems created by zoro 354 days ago

Hard disk is only possible to clean and try to air blow.Another possible bad contacts to erode.If the disk has other problems you should first defragment it using the system.Usually this function can be found through the start menu.

replied the topic Открытые точки доступа wi fi. created by ChessKing 375 days ago

А на смартфоне это безопасно?

replied the topic This computer is too slow created by selcinor 389 days ago

Посмотрите загрузку процессора через wise care 365.Если есть процессы больше чем 10% нагрузки процессора найдите файл который вызывает и удалите его.

replied the topic The best cloud to store files forever? created by AAA1992 397 days ago -25gb+webday

replied the topic Не открывается это видео created by meloman1949 400 days ago

Такое иногда бывает-проблема скорее в браузере.

replied the topic What is the use of video conferencing created by Flyshield 410 days ago

Видеоконференции для обычного пользователя имеют один плюс-тебя вызвали,ты поставил видеокамеру и тот кто вызвал может подключать других чтоб те видели что происходит у тебя.

replied the topic Что значит на ноутбуке значок похожий на вибро режим телефона? created by ChessKing 410 days ago

Весьма вероятно-но как включить вибро на клавиатуре ноутбука?

replied the topic There is not a choice of category of question. created by maybemaybe 416 days ago

Это не технический сбой,но как видите вопросы не с этого раздела также проходят.И на них можно отвечать.Как долго такая ситуация будет сказать трудно.Но возможно другие разделы будут доступны позже.

replied the topic Do you like light & Emotional song? created by AAA1992 418 days ago

Для этого подходит светомузыка.
Fits Lumiere.

replied the topic My laptop can't play DVD. But my DVD player can play it. created by kidcrowd 422 days ago

It is very possible that the DVD drive is broken.Usually standardny Windows player to read a DVD without installing additional codecs. It is also possible the problem is in the drive-one drive reads with errors or does not read.Try to first license disk.Then try another software player.If the situation has not changed, the problem is definitely in the drive.It's not hard to change.

replied the topic My laptop can't play DVD. But my DVD player can play it. created by kidcrowd 422 days ago

Очень возможно что двд привод сломался.Обычно стандадный виндовс плеер должен читать двд без установки дополнительных кодеков.
Также возможно проблема в диске-один привод его читает другой с ошибками или вообще не читает.Попробуйте сначало лицензионный диск.Потом попробуйте другой программный плеер.Если ситуация не изменилась проблема однозначно в приводе.Его не трудно самому поменять.

replied the topic You believe in life after death in other world.? created by AAA1992 426 days ago

This question from a scientific point of view, can be answered if you determine the cause by which life originated and why it exists in its current state.There are scientists believe that there are parallel worlds that are independent from each other,so the opportunity to go to another parallel world after death exists and no connection with the past of the world we physically feel will not.Only possible spiritual connection.

replied the topic says - "Please don't post frequently and continuously." created by AshutoshAgrawal 426 days ago

Система автоматически блокирует следующий вопрос на 2 часа.

replied the topic You believe in life after death in other world.? created by AAA1992 426 days ago

На такой вопрос с научной точки зрения можно ответить если установить причину по которой возникла жизнь и по какой причине она существует в нынешнем состоянии.Есть ученые считают что есть паралельные миры,которые независимы друг от друга,значит возможность попасть в другой паралельный мир после смерти существует и при этом никакой связи с прошлым миром мы физически ощущать не будем.Возможна духовная лишь связь.

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