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Perhaps you have incorrectly trimmed your Android console.How to set up IPTV on Android smart console
In order to set up IP-TV on the smart console you will need to download one of the applications in the Play market:

P. S. In our opinion, this is the most easy to configure and most stable program of IPTV.
If your console was purchased in our online store, the above-mentioned applications are already installed on it.
I want to note that different providers may be different way to install IPTV list. For some, the sheet is set by entering a URL link, while others-download the file through the program. With the installation of the file is easy-download the file from your computer to a flash drive and transfer to the console, or download directly from the Android box. The URL link is a bit more complicated. You can manually enter it into the program, and you can send a link to your e-mail, open mail on Android console and copy it from there.
Consider each program separately.
How to set up the IPTV program on a smart console?
Open the program
IPTV settings
Click on + and choose the appropriate way - enter a link or add an IPTV file.
smart iptv setting
We will choose a way through adding a URL-link-enter the link and enter the name of the IPTV-list and click OK.
IPTV hd setting
We see that our list is loaded - all channels are sorted by categories.
iptv smart tv setting
Select the channel you are interested in and click on it - you will be asked which player to play it, select MX Player
setting up IPTV set-top boxes
Ready! You got to set up IPTV on Android smart console!
Now consider how to set up IPTV in Kodi, aka Kodi or Qodi.
Yes, would not face unexpected errors, before we recommend to remove the one that was installed by the manufacturer, and then download the original version of KODI from the Play Market.

Go to the program and repeat all actions.

iptv m3u setting
Now, in the item location, select :
Remote path (Internet) - and enter the location address of your IPTV-list.
iptv smart tv setting
Turn on the add-on, and restart the program.
Ready! IPTV setup in Kodi is complete!

Setup Lazy IPTV on Android console:
Open the program and add a new IPTV-list-click on + in the upper right corner

Select the method of adding IPTV-list (in our method - link)

Enter the link and click save.
Ready! The Lazy IPTV setup on the smart set-top box is complete-we see the list of channels.If it's not about the settings, try this test playlist here -180 channels, downloaded file insert in player.

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In this store, the game is designed for the average computer that bulky,requiring large resources of the game in it do not exist.You can further optimize the game by playing it offline.As we know, in the past to run games from the Windows Store required a mandatory active Internet connection.
And here's to happiness of gamers, Microsoft has eliminated the functional deficiency of the store, yielding to popular demand and given the opportunity to play favorite toy offline.
What games support offline mode? Only those that do not include multiplayer, that is, pass in single mode.
But at the same time, Microsoft still imposes certain restrictions.
you will not be able to make additional game purchases in the store;
you will not be able to expose your achievements until the connection is restored;
you can only use one computer as a " stand-alone device»;
you can only change the setting 3 times in 365 days (year).
Attention, before you start to change the settings, make sure that you have an active Internet connection and installed all system updates! Begin.
Open the Store and sign in to your account if you haven't done so before or sign up.
Windows Store account
Once you're signed in, select the icon for your account that appears in the top right corner of the search box. Then select "Settings".


Set the switch to the active position in the "Offline Permissions" position and close the window that appears indicating the number of changes to this parameter in the next 365 days.

Offline Permissions

1 time in 365 days

After you do everything, you need to run each game separately and pass the authorization to Xbox Live. If you want, you can cancel the changes at any time.

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You do not have to re-install this program.To show hidden files and folders, do the following:

Windows 10

In the search box on the taskbar, type folder, and then click Show hidden files and folders in search results.
Under advanced settings, click Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and then click OK.

Windows 8.1
Swipe left from the right edge of the screen, and then click Search (if you're using a mouse, point to the upper-right corner of the screen, move it down, and then click Search).
Type folder in the search box, and then select folder Options in the search results.
Click the View tab.
Under advanced settings, click Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and then click OK.

Windows 7
Click the start button, and then click control Panel > Appearance and personalization.
Select folder Options, and then click the View tab.
Under advanced settings, click Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and then click OK.

replied the topic How to contact norton antivirus technical support customer service phone number ? created by tecask 9 days ago

Free Call: + 1-855-675-0083

There is also a form,filling in which you will call the specialist responsible for this category of your problem,after checking your license for anti-virus in the official database.

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Document scanning software for Android-TOP 5
CamScanner-the most downloaded scanner app in Google Play stands out for its rich and thoughtful functionality. The scanning process is simplified as much as possible. For example, a photo of a document can be imported from the gallery, or shot using the camera's own interface, supplemented with special functions. Among them: grid, level, flash switch to flashlight mode. Both single-page document scanning and batch mode are supported. which allows you to take multiple pictures in a row. In addition, presets for scanning identity documents and presentations are available.
Once the image is captured, CamScanner automatically detects the document's boundaries and adjusts the perspective. To correct uneven lighting and paper texture, 5 filters and automatic mode are offered. Manual correction of scan brightness and contrast is available. The finished document can be saved as an image or as a PDF. The original image is stored in memory and is available for reprocessing. The application also supports recognition of text, but any formatting program takes disgusting.

In addition, the application is equipped with the means of organizing documents: notes, tags, password protection and its own cloud storage for backup and synchronization of documents between devices. After registration, 200 MB of storage is available, which can be expanded free of charge by inviting friends to join CamScanner.
The free version of CamScanner adds a "Scanned by CamScanner" footer to PDF documents and shows unobtrusive ads. The premium version disables advertising and adds the following features: editing recognized text, creating collages from multi-page documents, additional 10 GB in the cloud, support for third-party cloud storage and other additions.
Office Lens is the pocket scanner for your smartphone from Microsoft. It uses its own camera interface, which determines the boundaries of the document on the fly-it looks impressive! You can import a pre-taken photo from the gallery.
I would like to note the good work of automatic detection of the boundaries of the scanned area and the perspective corrector. Office Lens supports four modes: document, presentation Board, business card, and photo. And the latter does not imply the processing and correction of perspective, and retains the original image. In General, the filters work correctly, but there are no additional settings and b/W presets.
You can save the finished scan as an image or PDF file to your device's memory, or export it to your OneNote note. In addition, Office Lens can upload the result in Word or PowerPoint format directly to the onedrive cloud. Also declared support for text recognition, but the function does not work correctly.

Office Lens is a light free scanner. There is no built-in advertising, the service is designed to promote other Microsoft products. Let the functionality of the application lags behind the competition with a paid subscription, but the interface is not overloaded and the speed of work on top.

Scanbot is a good alternative to previous services. The developers went further. In addition to determining the boundaries of the document on the fly, the application gives tips during shooting, for example, that you need to adjust the horizon or bring your smartphone closer. Shutter release is also automated-guided, aligned on the tips and got a ready frame! The image can be imported from the gallery, however, we are faced with a strange limitation. For multi-page documents, the application does not allow you to capture part of the documents using the built-in camera interface, and the second part is exported from the gallery.
The free version offers 4 types of filters: two color and two black and white. There is no possibility to manually adjust the contrast, saturation or intensity of treatment. The finished document is saved in PDF or JPG format.
The main advantage of Scanbot is the synchronization of scans between devices using Google-account. In addition, the application can automatically upload documents to cloud storage or note-taking. The list of supported services is unexpectedly wide: Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, Yandex Disk, Evernote, Todolist, OneNote and many others. Synchronization with a remote FTP server is also available.
An unusual feature is the ability to send faxes directly from the application. One shipment will cost 129 rubles, however, the purchase of a subscription helps to save significantly.

The list of free options is limited by this. The developers offer several paid versions at the disposal of the buyer will be the following features: editing documents after saving, additional filters, file name templates, themes and reminders. For 590 rubles, the developers offer two copies of the Pro version of Scanbot, one of which can be shared with a friend.

Adobe is one of the most competent companies in the creation and promotion of graphic editors. And recently, a team from California is actively developing mobile platforms, Adobe Scan is one of the latest developments. As well as other scanners from the collection, the application uses its own camera interface. Auto-shooting is supported, however, the document search speed is inferior to competitors in the face of Office Lens and Scanbot. However, the developers have provided to disable automatic shooting and added the ability to import ready-made images from the gallery. The quality of automatic document boundary detection is also lame
With post-processing, Adobe Scan is in order-you can feel the company's many years of experience in creating graphics editors. The choice of 3 modes: Board, automatic color, or black and white. If you want, you can save the frame with the corrected perspective, but without additional processing. Quality filters on top, the scans look quite natural. The finished document is saved in PDF format. You cannot add, delete, or reorder pages in a saved document, and the actions listed are available only at the file creation stage.
Like other company products, Adobe Scan uploads documents to its own cloud. You can log in with your Adobe Cloud account, Google account, or Facebook. After registration, the program will ask you to specify the date of birth. Be careful, synchronization with the cloud via mobile data is activated by default! To disable this option, you need to uncheck the appropriate box in the application settings. The service also supports text recognition. The Russian language is in the list, but the recognition quality is poor — instead of the associated text, you get a set of characters. With Latin letters Adobe Scan copes much better - after recognition is enough to fix a tolerable number of errors.
Adobe Scan is free, there is no banner advertising in the application. Only there are references to Adobe Acrobat Reader-an application for viewing and editing PDF-files, which complements the capabilities of Adobe Scan. For example, adds the ability to insert comments or select text using a virtual marker. Available, including sorting pages in the finished PDF-file, but only with a paid subscription Acrobat PRO DC for 1643 rubles per month.

Tiny Scanner.
One of the most popular camera scanning apps for Android is Tiny Scanner. Its main advantage is maximum simplicity and only the most popular functions. In the built-in camera interface only flash control is available and nothing more. At the same time, Tiny Scanner correctly defines the boundaries of the document in automatic mode.
Post-processing modes allow you to work with images and text in color or grayscale. The filters for processing the text according to five levels of contrast. Any additional sliders for fine-tuning of the finished result are not provided, however, automation works out as expected. The result is saved in PDF or as pictures. The choice of three compression ratios. You can re-sort, add, or delete scan pages at any time, even after saving the PDF file
The organization of documents in the application menu is carried out using the usual folders, instead of tags that use other scanners from the collection. The application interface can be protected with a pin code, no fingerprint scanner support.
There is no support for cloud services, as well as synchronization between devices. Instead, Tiny Scanner allows you to deploy a local disk that can be opened from the browser of any device connected to the same network. A good bonus for users who don't want to trust important data to cloud storage!
Tiny Scanner — a free app built-in is in the time of testing was not detected.

The quality and clarity of the scanned image depends on the resolution of the camera-the higher it is, the better the scanned image will be.
To improve the image quality, you need to photograph the entire document and keep the camera smoothly, without tilting.
The document should be placed on a flat surface with good lighting. If the light is low – turn on the flash.

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How often you clean the registry depends on how often you install new programs.It is enough to clean after 5-10 such installations.Windows registry this database, which contains all the settings of your operating system from MicroSoft. In addition, the registry displays the necessary data for the operation of the installed software. Any changes that the user makes in the control panel of your PC, immediately displayed in the Windows registry.

Unnecessary information accumulated in the registry due to frequent installation and reinstallation of programs may eventually lead to unstable operation of the Windows operating system. Therefore, cleaning the registry is a necessary procedure to restore the normal operation of the PC.

Frequent software installation can cause some program modules to conflict with each other. Programme conflicts can sometimes lead to serious consequences. And if the system accumulates a lot of such conflicts, the operating system may lose up to 80% of its previous performance.

To clean the registry, you can use both paid and free utilities. The most popular free programs for this work are Easy Cleaner, CCleaner, Wise Registry Cleaner and many others. The difference between these programs is largely in the interface. Choose the one that you have to taste and improve the performance of your computer.

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The reason may be due to the following factors:
the user does not have permission to access the share.
These rights are configured on the Access tab and are only relevant for network access.
the user does not have permission to access the folder at the NTFS rights level
Configured on the Security tab. This setting controls access rights for both the network and the local area.
the user has no access permissions on the network or NTFS rights.
How to share a network folder with all users
You must make the settings on the computer where the network resource is located.
Go to the computer Control
Open the Shared folders section. Allocate the sub-section Shared resources and find out the local path to the folder that is open to the network.
In our example, we see that the network share temp corresponds to a local path C:\temp

Find the local folder, click on it with the right mouse button and call the Properties:

1 the First thing to check is permissions for network access. Open the Access tab and click the Advanced setup button

Click the Permissions button:

We check who is allowed to access the network, and also check the rights.
To allow all users to access the network resource, you must add the Everyone group to the Permissions for the share list.
In our case, full access for the All group is opened. So, with network permissions everything is in order:

2 the Second thing to check is NTFS rights. Go to the Security tab and check the global permissions to access the folder.
In our example, we see that only users and administrators on the local computer can see and log on to this folder. This means that if we try to log on to a network resource under a user who does not have an account on the local computer, we will be denied access.

To allow access to the folder for all users, even those who do not have an account on the local computer, you must add the same group to the All list. To do this, click the Change button:

Click To Add:

Add the Everyone group and click OK.

Attention! You do not have to search for a group in the list of groups and users. You can just write the word "All" with your hands — always with a capital letter.

Now we specify which operations Are allowed for the all group. To access and download files over the network, you only need to allow:

Read and execute;
List the contents of the folder.
After you set the permissions, click OK to save the permissions settings:

OK again

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In order to find out the history of browsing, you can use a special program. For Example: DiscDigger, Easy File Undelete, Recuva. After downloading and installing the program you need to run and find a special file called Places, which has the extension sqlite. This is the history of browsing Internet projects. It is necessary to know that if the user has deleted such a list with the help of specialized programs, it will be very difficult to restore it. In this case, the browsing history will be lost forever. To view it in the browser, press Ctrl+H. The entire history is stored in the PC memory as files. When you delete it, you, in other words, delete certain files from the hard drive. You just need to know where they are. If you are using the Explorer browser, this file is located here: C:\Users\пользователь\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\History in Firefox: C:\Users\пользователь\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ in Google Chrome, the file is located here: C:\Users\пользователь\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default here you need to replace the "user" in the name of the one whose history we need. Another interesting program to view the history Consider another option, with which you can see the history. To do this, you can use a program called Punto Switcher. This program has a very convenient function. It's called keeping a diary. It is there that there is a record of everything that the user did on his PC. To ensure that only you have such access, you can set a password for it. It is necessary to remember that this file should be periodically cleaned, otherwise the program may not work correctly. Any browser installed on your computer keeps a history of visits and movements of users on the Internet. This is the default behavior and can be viewed by anyone. If you want to delete these records, the browser itself provides this opportunity. Consider how to do this in the most popular browsers If you want to clear the history in the Opera browser, you should perform these steps. Open the browser menu and find the "Settings"section. Here you need to select the option "Delete personal data". In the settings window, the default settings are hidden. They must be expanded by clicking on the "Detailed setup" link. You need to check the box next to the"Clear browsing history". You also need to look carefully, so as not to remove something necessary. In Firefox, we do this. Find the section called "Tools", and there we will need the line"Settings". A new window will open and we will need the "Privacy"tab. In it click on "Clear immediately". Next, you will open a window called "Delete unnecessary data". In it, check that there is a mark on the item of the visit log. Select what you want to remove, and click on the "Delete"button. If you have Explorer installed, the history is named"browsing History". To get there, you need to find the menu section called " Tools "and there select the line"Delete log". After that, a new window will open, and there we find "Delete history". In Google Chrome, you can do this: use the combination of Ctrl+Shift+Del. And you can do it differently. Go to the "Tools" section and find the "Delete data on viewed documents"button. The browser deletes the history to a depth that you can specify yourself. You can do this from the drop-down list. Put a tick at the item "Clear history" and click on the delete button. If you're using Safari, there's a separate section called History. It is located in the browser menu. How to delete history in "Yandex" Yandex " also provides many opportunities for users. It saves every Internet project visited. If necessary, you can see both the history of visits and download history. To remove the visited web pages open the browser and click on the icon that looks like a wrench. It is located at the top right after the address bar. Here we find the item "History", and there will be a list of all visited pages. Put a tick on the pages that you want to remove, and remove them.

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How to recover an EDB file
Recovery Toolbox for Exchange Server is specifically designed to recover all types of Exchange Server data file corruption (*.edb,*.stm). Recovery tool reads the corrupted Exchange Server EDB file and saves recovered data in PST files. Recovery Toolbox for Exchange Server creates one PST file per user email account.

Microsoft Exchange server recovery utility features:

Supports data recovery from all versions of Microsoft Exchange Server
Automatic detection of the Exchange Server database version
Restores emails
Recovers attached files
Restores Contacts
Restores The Calendar
Restores Tasks
Saves the recovered data as PST file, to later open in Microsoft Outlook
Saves recovered data as separate MSG files. The utility creates one MSG file for each restored object. And also the program recreates the folder structure on the disk.
Possibility of selective recovery. You can select the objects, folders, and mailboxes to restore
Full restoration of the original properties of objects (font size, color scheme, location, attachments, etc)
Restoring the folder tree
Each recovered mailbox is saved in a separate PST file
The preview of recovered data
Support Unicode format
Easy-to-use interface based on step-by-step wizard
How to restore Exchange Server
Steps to restore the Exchange Server database:

Download Recovery Toolbox for Exchange Server from here:
Install Recovery Toolbox for Exchange Server on your computer
Start Recovery Toolbox for Exchange Server
On the first page of the Exchange server recovery utility, you are prompted to select the version of the Exchange Server file(2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016), which you will correct.
Depending on the version specified in the previous step, you must enter one or two fields. You must enter the path and file name to one ( EDB) or two ( EDB+ STM) files. Once you have entered the name (s) of the corrupted files, click Next and the program will start reading and analyzing their structure.
On the next page, you can view the structure and content of the corrupted Exchange database with mailboxes, folders, and tree views. You can view email accounts and folders in the left pane. And view emails, contacts, tasks, and more in the right pane.
In the preview, the user can select email accounts, folders, and objects to save.
On the next page, the user must specify a folder to save the recovered data.
Pressing the Recover button will start the process of saving the recovered data. The length of this step depends on the size of the Exchange Server data file and the performance of the computer.

The DEMO version of Recovery Toolbox for Exchange Server has limitations and saves only the first 5 objects from each folder. To remove the restriction, you must purchase a Business or Site License for the program.

EDB recovery program can read "suspended", bad and unreadable databases. Recovery Toolbox for Exchange Server is not literally an EDB file repair program – it is a utility to extract data from EDB to PST files.

Recovery Toolbox for Exchange Server is distributed on the Try before you buy. You can download and test the DEMO version of the program for free before purchase.


Microsoft Outlook 32-bit must be installed on the computer where you are recovering corrupted files
Notes: Do not save data to Microsoft Outlook PST files on a computer that has Microsoft Exchange Server installed. The versions of the MAPI Protocol for Outlook and Exchange Server are different.

replied the topic How can I reset my Google account password if I forgot my password and recovery number? created by tecask_support 16 days ago

Open the Chrome browser (or the one you usually use) on your computer and on the main Google search page, click the "Sign in" button to log in to your account.

Search page

Then enter your username-or a phone number or email address. Click "Next".


That's the next step, and there is a hitch. Here you need to click " Forgot password?"to reset.

If you have recently changed this combination to another one, just enter the old set of symbols into the suggested field and click the "Next"button. This method is relevant if you have recently changed it – a new one has not yet been remembered, but the old one still remember.
Old symbol
now the system needs to make sure that it is really you. A notification will be sent to your device. If it is, or do you not have clicked, choose "Send again".


In the notification sent, click Yes.

The old password will be reset and a window will appear where you need to enter a new character set and confirm it. Then click "Change". Now you can go to your profile

Recover without password
Now we'll figure out how to restore access if you do not remember the password. To do this, in the step where you are asked to enter the old character set, you need to select "Another way".

Other option
You will receive a notification on your phone. If it is not (or as you write it forgotten) then press again the button below.

Check your phone

For those users who have specified their number in the profile, you will be able to recover the password by phone number, a window will appear. You can call or send SMS with code. Enter it in a specific field (it will appear) and you will be taken back to the page to change the password. If this does not fit, click "I have no access to the phone."

No access to or forgot the number

This time, you may be able to save a backup email address, which, again, should have been listed in your account. Click in the "Send" window.

Go to this box and open the Inbox message from Goolge. If it's not there, check your Spam folder. There will be a confirmation code. Remember it and type in the account recovery window in the proposed field.

The fields for changing the access symbols will appear again. Think of their combination, confirm it and click "Change".

No attached number and mail
If none of the above does not fit, then restore your Google account without a password, you can answer additional questions. In the password window, click " Forgot...".

Wrong combination

Then choose"Another way".

No old combination

Again click on the button with the same name.

Repeat actions

At this step, you will be asked: When did you create your Google account? Choose the month and year, then click "Next". If everything is correct, the window for changing symbols will appear again.

When you select "Other method" in this step, you will need to enter the e-mail address to which you have access.

I, for example, guessed my profile I created when I got the first phone on Android and had to register to go to the Play Store. You may have created it when you registered in Gmail or Google Drive.

Enter the year

Forgot username and password
Well, the last will consider what to do if you do not remember anything, and whether you can restore the username and password from the Google account. To do this, in the very first step of login, select "Forgot email address. mail?"

Forgot login

Then try to enter your number, provided that you have not changed it for a long time and it was recorded in the profile as a backup. Also try to specify all the mailbox addresses that you have (in turn. naturally.) Perhaps one of them you have listed in your profile as a backup. Click "Next".

If you guess right, you will receive a message on the mail or phone with the code. Enter it and change your password.

Backup address

Remember, what were the first and last name. They can be real, it can be a nickname – try all possible options. Please note, this is the value of each letter. For example, Olya and Olga are different options.

If you remember, you will get access again, if not-you will see the message: "this Google account does not exist."

If you have tried everything and did not work, you can use my instructions and create a new Google account from your phone or PC.
Name and surname
Clearly follow the instructions and answer the questions as correctly as possible and recover your password from Google account will be a couple of steps. When you go to the profile, I recommend immediately specify a backup phone number and mail – this is to the next similar situation, everything went easier and faster. Also don't forget to write the password in a safe place.

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it is necessary to establish fonts in Windows. then restart Korel and you will be happy)
to install the font in Windows:
start-settings-control panel-fonts (folder appears)
there: file - install font-choose the path where the font is to be installed.
in the font list select the desired and click "OK". everyone restart Corel!)

replied the topic Where can i find and install CorelDRAW X8 free trial? No virus created by johanmoe888 17 days ago

Try CorelDRAW for 30days for free from your browser!
Just paste the email address above and you can try CorelDRAW Graphics Suite x8 to access the Internet in your browser.

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Causes of Windows update error 80072efe or 80072f76:
Low Internet speed, because of this update Center can not download updates and gives one of these errors.
Microsoft servers are overloaded with updates, they do not respond to the request and an error occurs.
Third-party programs that interfere with the operation of the system, and lead to errors in the update Center.
Solutions apply to errors:

What to do if the Windows 10 setup program gives error 0x80072f76 0x20017: according to the official information on the company's website, there is no cause for concern, almost all cases of errors associated with short-term interruptions of communication between the user's PC and the update Center. Almost all the problems associated with error 0x20017 when upgrading are easily eliminated if you take simple steps.

So, if there is an error when you update windows 10 0x80072f76 0x20017, then the recommendation of Microsoft can:

Exit the Windows update Center, and pause for ten to fifteen minutes, and then start the update process again.
If you do not have time or desire to wait, you can turn on the updates automatically, and then the computer will connect to the Center on its own, and if the server works well, download the updates.
Fix for Windows update error 80072efe or 80072f76:
Check the availability of the Internet and its performance, and try to re-install updates later, if the problem was in the absence of communication with the update servers then the error will be solved by itself, no additional action is required from you.
If in addition to the problems with the update, you have problems with other programs, then check the list of installed applications, and remove those that you do not use, if you remember the date after which the problems began, you can quite accurately determine the harmful application.
Download the Windows update Troubleshooter. run it, click "next" and wait for the error correction report, try to install updates.
After you complete all the steps, errors 80072efe or 80072f76 will be resolved.

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How to make a 32-bit system 64-bit?
There are several tools for so-called virtualization. They emulate the operation of some platform with certain software and hardware. If you need to figure out how to run Hurtworld on a 32-bit system, use one of these utilities.

These programs create a "guest" OS. But in any case it is necessary to install and purchase a licensed version, if it is paid. To do this, you must have a disk (or disk image) with the operating system that you need.

Oracle VirtualBox
A universal program for such tasks.

Install it and run. On the left is a list of installed OS and toolbar. On the right — information about the selected system.
Click the "Create"button. An information window will appear. Click "Next".
Select OS type and version. There are many options to choose from: not only Microsoft Windows but also Linux.
Then you will need to decide how much RAM to allocate to the "guest" system.
After that, you need to create a virtual disk (which will be written to the OS files). You can choose an existing one or make a new one. And check the box next to the option"Boot disk".
In the next window, check whether the disk will have a fixed volume or a dynamic (changing) volume. Each item has a detailed explanation. Boot better to do fixed. You can add more disks later.
Configure the size of the virtual storage. Usually 10 GB is enough. It is better to create it in a separate place-not in the place where the main system is installed.
Wait for the process to finish. A new one will appear in the list of available.
Oracle Virtual Box Manager interface
One way is to use virtualization utilities

Then you can configure the hardware:

Select the guest OS, and click "Properties".
In the General section-in Addition, change the folder to save images to the one that is convenient to you.
There you can also configure the clipboard. It defines how information will be transferred between different operating systems.
In the "System" tab you can choose the characteristics of the virtual motherboard and processor.
Point "Network" is needed to configure access to the world wide web. You can keep the default settings.
In the Media section, specify where you want to get the OS from. If the installer is on a CD, insert it into the drive. To download from .ISO click on the "Open" button next to the "Drive"list. It looks like a yellow folder.
You can also add other images to quickly switch between them: databases, applications, games.
When the setup is complete, click "OK". To start the guest OS, click on it and on the "Start"button. The installation will be performed. And you can switch between systems: play in 64-bit, and work in 32-bit.

Other virtual machines
There are also utilities for working with virtual machines:

VMware Workstation. A serious professional program for complex tasks. It is distributed for a fee.
A simple utility for hardware emulation. It is open source.
Windows Virtual PC. Works only with Windows-systems. You can set the priority of processes — so the online machine will be automatically allocated resources if it performs a specific task.
Virt-Manager. Provides wide opportunities for setting up hardware — the virtual hardware available to suit any taste.
Cloud computing (remote servers)
If you still don't have enough performance to run the game, you can do so on a remote server. All calculations, all information will be processed on it. So you will not interfere with any restrictions related to x32. After all, in fact, applications will be "opened" on suitable systems. Not on your computer.

For this purpose, the Microsoft Azure program is suitable. It can be used to create multiple operations for different purposes. Fans of games will also need a dedicated service virtualization NVIDIA GRID. These utilities need high-speed Internet.

Working with 64-bit applications on a 32-bit system is quite possible. But you need to install additional software or, in General, go to a remote server. This is quite difficult to do. If you want to fully play Overwatch, Hurtword and other popular games, it is better to install x64 OS. So there will be no compatibility problems. And there will be no need to configure anything.

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How to check a new laptop when buying?
Appearance and kit
Ask the seller to show you the device. Very often it happens that the store does not show the device until it is received after payment. Of course, you can buy and see it on the issue of goods, but why arrange yourself an additional adventure? If you can not see the laptop that you are going to buy, then what, in General, can we talk?
So, if you are given the goods, we check that it in any case was not dents, no scratches, no other signs of defect. This is only allowed if the store warns the buyer. How does he do it? Surely you have seen products with a discount, having some problems, due to which you get a certain discount. That is, if the laptop is discounted due to external damage, you can not blame the seller for the fact that the case has scratches or dents. But it is necessary to understand that such devices are best not to take.
Laptop check for defect

Often in stores on display is a sample of the goods. That is, this model is designed for the user to see the work of the device. And then on the results will give you a whole new machine that has never been opened even. Now we're back to the question that you can not see the laptop, which you really will be given at the end. But it is worth remembering that most of the products are under warranty, which we will talk about in the end. That is, I want to say that one should be wary only if there is no showcase sample.
A showcase sample allows you to demonstrate the operation of the device. And since you get to issue a brand new laptop, you can not worry about its safety. But it is highly recommended to check its appearance and kit on the spot with the seller. If you come home and find that there is no charger included (after unpacking, of course), then no one will believe you and you will stay with your nose.
What should be included? Undoubtedly, the laptop itself, the user manual, the charger. It is worth noting that there may be additional attributes, but if it is not the main, you can safely return the goods on the spot. There are no legal reasons not to take your device back from the store.
Picking a new laptop

Work laptop
Check the laptop before buying-then look at it at work. To help you come, again, display the sample, of which we spoke earlier. If you don't have one, you won't get one from the warehouse for testing. You will get a "pig in a poke". It is also worth noting a very important point: all these checks should be done with the final product, which you will make on the issuance of goods.
It is desirable to see the process of on-off device. Sellers of good stores will be happy to help you check.
To test the keyboard go to any text editor (preferably Microsoft Office Word)and alternately press all the keys. It often happens that there is a certain defect in a particular model, so do not belittle any of the stages of verification. For example, the x-series laptops from manufacturer XYZ have a non-working x key because the factory forgot to do something. We hope the meaning is clear.
Check the operation of the laptop keyboard

Next, without any doubt, it is worth checking the touchpad. This is the touch pad below the keyboard. It should simulate the left and right mouse button click, move the cursor around the workspace. Some laptops may also have a number of features, such as multi-touch. That is, you can change the scale of the images, quickly switch between tabs and so on.
Look carefully at the laptop screen: there should be normal color, there should be no broken pixels. But even if the showcase sample will be broken pixels, it does not mean that the issue you will have to wait for the same product.
If possible, look at the ports and inputs on your laptop to make them all work. You can take with you flash drives or any other devices for testing.
Laptops without OS
So, how to test a laptop without an OS when buying? This is much more difficult than with the OS (operating system) installed, as you will not be able to test the keyboard, camera and other services. But what then? It is recommended to just run it and see the following:

At least some image should appear on startup.
Look at the work of the lights on the notebook.
If you see a set of cubes, strips, symbols of different colors instead of a picture or a command line, then most likely, the end of the video Board has come.
Light bulbs on the laptop body

This, of course, does not guarantee you a full-quality laptop test without an OS, but for the first stage you will have enough. You can only buy a laptop without OS and home thoroughly check everything after installing OS. If there is something wrong with it, you can refer to the law on consumer protection. Next, we will consider the main points that can be claimed by the user after buying a laptop with a factory defect.

What to do after purchase?
So, if for some reason you still bought a laptop with a defect or you just want to return the goods, then let's find out what the Law "on consumer protection" can offer us in this case. But, first of all, it is worth noting that in the kit you should have: a check, a box, a laptop, a warranty card (not always) and a full set.

You can return the product, if you do not like the color, size and other attributes within 14 days from the date of purchase, the Device should not have traces of use, that is, it can not be activated, install the program, use ten days, and then say: "Oh, I want white." Factory seals and packaging must be preserved.
According to the same point, you do not have to have a cash receipt: any document confirming the purchase of a laptop from this seller will be suitable.
When returning the goods, you can exchange it for a new one or return the money. And you can buy a similar laptop with or without a fee.
It is worth remembering that laptops are classified as technically complex products, so some defects are forgivable. For example, the same broken pixels are allowed in a certain ratio. Therefore, we recommended that you watch it right in the store before activating the product, so that it can be returned immediately. Do not talk about the pixels, but tell me that you want a different model or a different color. In any case, you have the full right to replace.
Laptop repair warranty

The manufacturer is obliged to repair the laptop for a certain time and offer another product to use at the time of repair. Why should you lose your job due to a manufacturer or store error, for example, if you are working on a laptop? This applies to the warranty period that follows after 14 days. It should be noted that the repair period can not exceed 45 working days, which is a violation of the law on consumer protection.
All claims must be in writing and take a second copy of yourself, where there is your signature and the signature of the seller. This is necessary so that if anything happens, you can press charges.
It is highly recommended to study your rights at the stage of purchase, so that there are no problems.

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It turns out that the Windows Troubleshooter checks the computer, and if at the time of the scan some of the shortcuts does not work, then this shortcut is automatically removed

You can turn off this Troubleshooting service in the following ways:

Start-control Panel-System and security-Fix typical computer problems- (left in the column) settings-computer Maintenance (Windows will search for common problems and indicate if the system maintenance tool is able to fix them) - Disable

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Often, Gmail users activate the two-step authentication feature to improve the security of their Google account. From the moment it is enabled, the active email account on the iPhone and iPad stops working, giving the error "Wrong username or password". At the same time, re-entering the password or checking the user name (just in case) does not bring any benefit.

In this case, you should do the following:

Step 1. Go through the browser to your Google-account and go to the "Security".

Step 2. Look for the line " two-Step authentication "and go to"Settings".

Step 3. You will be prompted to enter the password from your Google account, and then you will be taken to the settings of this function. We need the second tab "application Passwords". Click on the button "manage application passwords" and enter the password again

Step 4. We will open a list of all applications that have access to your Google account and mail including.Here you can give access to the Mail app on your iPhone and iPad. To do this, click on the "Applications" menu, select "Mail", and on the right, clicking on the "Device" menu, select iPhone or iPad and click "Create".

Step 5. After all the manipulations immediately open instructions containing a new password to set up an account on your device.

Following the instructions, go to "Settings" - > "Mail, addresses, calendars". select the Gmail account in the list and change the password to the one that will be specified in the instructions. Ready!

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How to increase torrent speed-Step 1: enable Protocol encryption
Encryption Protocol will protect the download speed (bandwidth) from the intervention of your provider, which can set a limit on the speed of downloading torrent files or their number.

For uTorrent users: Select "Settings"; "program Settings", in the window that appears, select BittTorrent. The most important thing in it is "Protocol encryption".

Make sure that the value is set to "enabled" and check "Allow incoming connections". utorrent-encryption-Protocol

Other torrent clients: in the settings (most likely in "connection settings"), there will be something like "encryption Protocol, encryption, or Traffic Shaping."Turn them on and allow incoming connections.

Increase torrent download-Step 2: Bandwidth
Setting these parameters usually leads to a sharp increase in the torrent download speed. (Note: but there is a small probability of speed drop.)

So, let's start the most interesting.

Keep "Maximum upload speed" and "maximum download speed" unlimited. (In the picture, 0 means unlimited time.)

It happens that the "download Speed" is reduced if you limit these options. Settings-Utorrent

Number of connections: your "total maximum number of connections" should be 2500, and "maximum number of connected peers per torrent" should be set to 500. increase-speed-torrent

After that you should see a gradual increase in download speed.

Boost torrent speed — Step 3: "Advanced" settings
Now it's time to change some "Advanced" settings. Settings-Utorrent

In the settings, click on Advanced. It will be written: "Attention: do not change if you are not sure!"but don't worry, everything will be fine if you follow the steps below. This can be done in any torrent client, but you have to understand what the settings mean, as they can be formulated differently.

uTorrent: you can use the filter (search box) to quickly find specific parameters.

Find " bt.allow_same_ip", click on it, set the value to "True" (see figure.) additional-settings-torrent

Install " gui.show_notorrents_node" to 'False'.

Set to " rss.update_interval " value '20' (make sure you click on 'Install' button after you enter 20)

Then click "Apply" and "close" settings.

Restart the uTorrent or torrent client.

How to increase torrent speed — Step 4: how many seeders?
Check the number of seeders on the torrent file.

Siders (SIDS) are those who continue to share a file after it has been downloaded. The more seeders the faster the download.

Try to find the file you need on the tracker, where there will be a lot of SIDS and download it there. If you can connect to a large number of seeders, you can easily get the maximum connection speed. the number of seeders in torrent

Increase the speed of torrent Step 5: You have turned off other programs?
Make sure that no other programs that use the Internet connection are working. If the Internet connection is used exclusively by your torrent, the download will go faster.

Make sure YouTube and other download managers are closed. Also check that your computer does not download any automatic updates. Closing-all-programs

Increase the speed of torrent Step 6: the Problem with Wi-Fi?
Try connecting your computer directly to a modem or router instead of using Wi-Fi.

Many connected devices can interfere with your Wi-Fi connection, thus affecting Internet speed and download in uTorrent. Connection-modem-to-laptop

How to increase torrent speed-Step 7: is the queue Worth it?
Check the queue settings in uTorrent. Every file that you are downloading in Utorrent will take part of the bandwidth of the channel. If you download more than one file at maximum speed, the download will last longer.

Try downloading the files one by one. Watch the first movie while you wait for the others to download! priority-speed-in-torrent

Click options, and then click Settings.

Select - "Priority", on the left side, and set the maximum number of active downloads to 1.

the all-in-torrent
Click apply and then OK.

Enable UPnP port forwarding. This will allow uTorrent to bypass the firewall and connect directly to the LEDs. This ensures you get the best transmission speed.

To enable UPnP run:

Click Options, and then click Settings. Settings-Utorrent
Select-Connection, from the left menu.
Check the box next to the redirection of UPnP.
Click apply and then OK. setting-UPnP
How to increase torrent speed-Step 8: Check for updates
Make sure you are using the latest version of uTorrent. Check for updates regularly. You can check them by clicking the Help button and selecting "check for updates". check-update-torrent

To change the Internet provider or tariff plan.You can change the terms of your tariff plan or choose a more profitable provider, the Internet speed will be higher.

Add more trackers. This can lead to excellent speed if the tracker has more LEDs.

How to increase torrent speed — Step 9:change download speed
Double-click on the torrent. A menu appears. In the menu you see "maximum download speed" (or something similar). For example, there will be something like 0.2 KB/sec.

Change the quantity. Change it to 999999999999999999999999 or other large number. torrent properties

Click "OK".

Watch as the download speed reaches at least 500 Kb/s.

It may take some time until it reaches the 500 mark, but after, the download will go a little faster than before. increase-horse racing-and-speed-torrent

How to increase torrent speed-Step 10: ensure priority
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del at the same time. Or, type start task Manager. task manager
Click the Start control Panel button.
Go to the "Details" tab.
Scroll down until you find uTorrent.
Right click on it.
Change priority to high. priority-speed-in-utorrent-torrent
And finally ... how to increase the speed of torrent upload
Almost all torrent trackers there is a rating, the fall of which, you can not download files. To maintain the rating you need to distribute files. This system exists so that the hands do not remain empty.

If your Torrent client and the Internet are automatically turned on with the download of the computer, then you almost do not have such problems. You just need not to delete the last few downloaded files from the client and the hard drive, and they will automatically stand on the distribution.

If you can turn on the torrent only sometimes, you can also use the "Priorities", setting for the files distributed high priority, as well as check whether the speed limit.

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To show hidden files and folders, do the following:

Windows 10

In the search box on the taskbar, type folder, and then click Show hidden files and folders in search results.
Under advanced settings, click Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and then click OK.

Windows 8.1
Swipe left from the right edge of the screen, and then click Search (if you're using a mouse, point to the upper-right corner of the screen, move it down, and then click Search).
Type folder in the search box, and then select folder Options in the search results.
Click the View tab.
Under advanced settings, click Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and then click OK.

Windows 7
Click the start button, and then click control Panel > Appearance and personalization.
Select folder Options, and then click the View tab.
Under advanced settings, click Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and then click OK.

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If you are using Windows 8 and 8.1, you probably noticed that the system starts the process of automatic maintenance without any notifications and in a completely arbitrary way.

This process takes up a lot of RAM, and if your computer's hardware configuration is average or even lower, you will definitely notice huge delays in performing simple tasks. If you have a powerful PC, there should be no problem and most likely you have never even noticed the maintenance process. However, if I'm wrong, you probably would like to fix this issue.

The need for automatic maintenance is justified: during this process, the system checks for updates to Windows, defragments the hard drive, and scans for viruses. Often, however, this process significantly reduces the performance of the computer.

You may prefer to perform these tasks on your own and with third-party software. Thus, you can solve this problem by disabling the automatic maintenance process. Let's see how to do it.

1. On the keyboard, press Win + R to open the Run dialog. Then enter the command taskschd.msc and press Enter to open the "task Scheduler".

2. From the left menu, go to Library [...] > Microsoft > Windows > TaskScheduler".

3. Right-click on the "Regular Maintenance" task (see screenshot) and select "Disable"in the context menu.

Task scheduler in Windows 8.1

Now automatic maintenance will no longer bother you, but you will have to take care of your system yourself.

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Если вы ищете хороший видеоредактор, чтобы начать обучение монтажу или найти новое применение уже полученным навыкам, обратите внимание на эти программы.

1. Lightworks
Платформы: Windows, macOS, Linux.
Стоимость: бесплатно или 25 долларов в месяц.
Русский интерфейс: нет.
Программы для монтажа видео: Lightworks
Создатели Lightworks называют его профессиональным видеоредактором, доступным каждому. Вы можете использовать программу бесплатно, но количество форматов и разрешений для сохранения ваших видео будет ограничено. Плата за подписку на полноценную версию составляет 25 долларов в месяц.

Среди ключевых особенностей Lightworks более сотни различных эффектов, удобные инструменты для нарезания видео и аудио, небольшой размер и простой интуитивный интерфейс. Если вы владеете английским, то для освоения редактора вам может пригодиться форум пользователей и база обучающих роликов на официальном сайте проекта.

Lightworks →

2. Shotcut
Платформы: Windows, macOS, Linux.
Стоимость: бесплатно.
Русский интерфейс: есть.
Программы для монтажа видео: Shotcut

Полностью бесплатный видеоредактор с открытым исходным кодом. При этом Shotcut предлагает множество базовых инструментов и эффектов, которые могут пригодиться для любительского монтажа. Кроме того, программа поддерживает большое количество форматов.

Интерфейс Shotcut нельзя назвать простым. Зато вы можете настроить его под свои нужды, оставив в рабочем окне только необходимые инструменты.

Редактор быстро работает даже на слабых машинах. Кроме того, у Shotcut есть портативная версия, которую можно использовать, не устанавливая программу.

Shotcut →

3. Corel VideoStudio Pro X10
Платформа: Windows.
Стоимость: 6 300 рублей, есть бесплатная пробная версия.
Русский интерфейс: нет.
Программы для монтажа видео: Corel VideoStudio Pro X10

VideoStudio Pro X10 — мощный всеядный редактор для профессионального видеомонтажа. Среди прочего в этой программе вы найдёте более 1 500 самых разных эффектов и фильтров, специальный режим для комбинирования видео с нескольких камер, инструменты для создания покадровой анимации (stop motion) и отслеживания движений (motion tracking), а также библиотеку бесплатных звуков.

Благодаря наглядному интерфейсу, наличию шаблонов и простым принципам редактирования VideoStudio Pro X10 могут успешно использовать и новички. У программы есть 30-дневная пробная версия, с помощью которой можно пощупать редактор бесплатно.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X10 →

4. CyberLink PowerDirector 16 Ultra
Платформа: Windows.
Стоимость: 99 долларов, есть бесплатная пробная версия.
Русский интерфейс: нет.
Программы для монтажа видео: CyberLink PowerDirector 16 Ultra

Этот редактор не уступает по возможностям VideoStudio. Как и конкурент, PowerDirector подойдёт как профессионалам, так и новичкам в монтаже. Программа может похвастать поддержкой всех популярных форматов, богатейшим арсеналом эффектов, инструментов и режимов редактирования. К примеру, в PowerDirector есть режим умной цветокоррекции видео и набор функций для монтажа 360-градусных роликов.

С помощью этой программы вы также можете создавать видеоколлажи, совмещая разные ролики по заданному шаблону, или накладывать один видеоряд на другой. А специальный режим Storyboard Mode позволяет быстро монтировать простые короткие фильмы для близких и друзей.

В течение месяца пользоваться CyberLink PowerDirector 16 Ultra можно бесплатно.

CyberLink PowerDirector 16 Ultra →

5. VEGAS Movie Studio
Платформы: Windows.
Стоимость: 50 долларов, есть бесплатная пробная версия.
Русский интерфейс: нет.
Программы для монтажа видео: VEGAS Movie Studio

VEGAS Movie Studio — ещё один продвинутый видеоредактор, до недавнего времени известный под брендом Sony Vegas. Movie Studio с лихвой хватает для любительских и большинства профессиональных задач. К услугам пользователя стильные эффекты и переходы, поддержка распространённых форматов, мощный инструментарий для работы с аудио и много других возможностей.

И всё же программа немного отстаёт от конкурентов в лице PowerDirector и Corel VideoStudio по количеству функций. Ей не хватает фишек вроде редактора 360-градусных роликов и отслеживания движений, в которых могут быть заинтересованы требовательные пользователи. Зато VEGAS Movie Studio дешевле. Желающие могут бесплатно протестировать программу в течение месяца.

VEGAS Movie Studio →

6. Adobe Premiere Elements
Платформы: Windows, macOS.
Стоимость: около 4 500 рублей, есть бесплатная пробная версия.
Русский интерфейс: есть.
Программы для монтажа видео: Adobe Premiere Elements

Возможно, этот редактор не лучший выбор для сложных профессиональных задач. Зато разработчики постарались, чтобы запустивший Premiere Elements новичок смог превратиться в мастера монтажа в кратчайшие сроки. Дело в том, что в программу встроены пошаговые интерактивные инструкции, которые подробно объясняют пользователю азы работы с видеоконтентом.

В Premiere Elements есть три режима создания роликов. Первый максимально упрощённый: вы просто выбираете исходные видеофайлы и выполняете с ними простые действия, следуя подсказкам. Многое программа делает за вас. Второй режим предоставляет больше возможностей и показывает инструкции для более сложных задач. Третий режим — почти полная свобода действий без наставлений, вы наедине с инструментами редактора.

Дополнительные знания можно почерпнуть в русскоязычной базе знаний Adobe или на форуме проекта. Но даже если вы не заинтересованы в обучении, то Premiere Elements предложит вам массу возможностей для создания роликов, близких по качеству к профессиональным. У программы есть пробная 30-дневная версия.

Для более продвинутых пользователей Adobe предлагает Premiere Pro — профессиональную версию видеоредактора с дополнительными инструментами для монтажа.

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When can I create an app myself
Do you remember what visitors need? They come because of the content or functionality of the resource. People want to get information, buy something, see and comment on friends ' photos and so on. Mobile app users need the same. They search for information or make any transactions.

Do you remember when you can make a website for your business? That's right, when there is no money for cooperation with professionals yet, and the time and desire to deal with WordPress or "Jumla" is. The same situation with applications. Created independently programs for iOS and Android can be compared with sites on "engines" with open source.

It's about what: you can open an online store, a cool portal, or a corporate website on 1C-Bitrix or "self-written engine". The same problem can be solved with Drupal, Joomla! or OpenCart. With applications as well: you can pay a lot of money to top developers, and you can meet the needs of the audience with the help of online designers.

Try to make the app yourself if:

You take the first steps in business and adhere to the principles of bootstrapping. The audience will forgive insignificant defects to the beginning businessman, but will peck because of them a large enterprise. Therefore, do not make the application yourself, if you own a business scale "Euroset".
Bootstrapping is the development of business with the help of available resources without attracting loans and investments.
Your customers need a program for smartphones and tablets with very simple functionality. For example, you can do without developers if you want to convert a site to an application.
You and your audience are satisfied with the template design of the application. This point can be formulated as follows: if the content and functionality of the program at the height, few people will pay attention to the design.
A successful or unsuccessful application launch will not have an immediate and significant impact on the business. For example, if you attract and serve most of your customers offline and develop your application for the future, there is room for experimentation.
You need the app yesterday. Here you have to choose one of two options: pay developers for ready-made sample code or use the designer.
You don't want to depend on developers. If you are afraid that the Studio will charge you too much for the support and updates of the program, use ready-made solutions. Just remember that they also need to be kept up to date.
Decided to do program on their own? Move on.

Create an application with your hands: what you need to know
You'll have to start with a theory. You need to understand the anatomy of mobile applications at a basic level, as well as plan the basic functionality of the program.

What is a mobile application
A mobile application is a program that runs on tablets and smartphones. With the help of programs, the device owner solves practical problems: connects to the Internet, publishes photos in social networks, edits text or images, destroys virtual orcs, listens to music.

The application consists of front and back-end. Front-end are the components of the program with which the client interacts. Back-end or back — end are the components with which the developer interacts. Relatively speaking, the front-end is located on the user's device, and the back-end on the personal or rented server of the program owner.
Smartphone and tablet users download apps from the developer's websites or from the stores. The most famous stores are Google Play and App Store. The audience considers apps from the stores to be safe, as moderators check the apps before publishing.

How to convert theoretical knowledge about anatomy of mobile applications into practical actions? When choosing a constructor, pay attention to two positions. First, the service must provide application hosting. Second, the selected resource should provide the ability to manage the application and its publication in Google Play, App Store and other popular stores.

How to determine the required functionality of the application
At this stage it is necessary to formulate the purpose and tasks that the application solves. In other words, you need to understand why you create a program for mobile devices. Please note that this issue should not be considered from the point of view of business. Everyone knows that behind the wording of the type "to improve the quality of service" and "to provide comfort to smartphone owners" hides a specific business goal: to stimulate sales. But it will not help to plan the functionality of the program.

Consider the purpose and objectives of the application from a client perspective. Determine for what purpose the audience representative will install and use the application. Find the tasks that achieve this goal.

To plan the functionality of an application, you need to answer a global question
To plan the functionality of an application, you need to answer a global question
For example, if you have an online store, the purpose of the mobile app can be formulated as: to provide customers with the opportunity to choose and buy products from a smartphone or tablet. Achieving the goal should provide the following tasks:

The application must be easy to navigate. The customer should be able to search for products by categories, parameters, manufacturers.
The program should have a convenient block of shopping: shopping cart, payment system, tracking the status of the order.
The application needs a personal account. It will have sections "purchase History", "Wishes", "favorites".
With push notifications, the client will receive messages about new product arrivals and promotions.
In the" Information " section the user will be able to read news and reviews.
Have you already guessed that the formulation of goals and objectives determines the functionality of the future application? By the way, do not waste time on measurability and achievability of the goal. At this point, you are planning the functions of the program, not the SMART analysis.

Also, don't waste time planning the design, appearance of icons and buttons, screen layout. You will use template solutions. Application designers allow you to choose one of the ready-made layouts and fill it with content.

Independently practice to formulate the purpose and tasks of creation of applications of different types. For example, write down the language for programs created for content projects, forums, services.

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To distribute the Internet, it must be connected to your computer, and must work. Also, you must have a Wi-Fi adapter. In the laptop it is built-in, and on the PC you can use USB adapters. It needs to be connected, the driver installed, and there should be a "Wi-Fi" section in the settings and a button on the notification bar. If you have problems with Wi-Fi, see this article.
Distributing Wi-Fi via "Mobile hot spot" in Windows 10
First of all, open the parameters. Since we have detailed instructions, then show how to do it:

"Settings" in Windows 10

Go to the section "Network and Internet".

Windows 10: network and Internet

Open the section "Mobile hot spot". There will be immediately set the standard name of the Wi-Fi network, which will broadcast the computer and also set the standard password that you want to use to connect to this network. You can leave them, or you can change them. To do this, click on the "Edit"button.

"Mobile hot spot" in Windows 10

Set your network name and password. The password must be at least 8 characters long.

Changing the access point name and Wi-Fi password

In the drop-down menu "Internet connection Sharing" you need to select the connection through which you have Internet connected. It doesn't have to be "Ethernet". There may be a connection with the name of your provider. To start the mobile access point, click the switch next to"Allow my Internet connection on other devices."

A simple way to set up an access point in Windows 10

That's all, the computer distributes the Internet on Wi-Fi. You can connect your devices to the mobile network using the set password. A maximum of 8 devices can be connected at the same time. Information on the mobile hotspot clients will be displayed in the same window.

How to share an Internet connection over wifi in Windows 10 standard

I have tested that the device worked perfectly. I didn't notice any disconnections.

Launch access point when Internet via 3G modem (mobile network)
I decided to connect my 3G USB modem to my laptop, and try to run a "Mobile hot spot". After all, many people use the Internet through 3G/4G modems, and want to distribute it to their mobile devices, without buying a router. This method will suit you, everything works.

Here's what it looks like:

Mobile hot spot: we distribute Internet from 3G / 4G modem

I can not say for sure that this method will work on all computers and all modems, but everything works for me.

Connect to the Internet via Wi - Fi, and distribute over Wi-Fi network
Strange, isn't it? Decided to test and this way to. Meaning there is not a lot, but still, maybe useful to someone. It turns out that you can get the Internet wirelessly, start the access point and distribute it over Wi-Fi on your device. It may be useful in the case when you, for example, allowed to connect to Wi-Fi only one device. Connect a laptop, and already distribute the Internet through the "Mobile hot spot".

How to connect to the Internet via Wi - Fi and distribute via Wi-Fi network

Here is a strange feature, but it works. It turns out that the laptop acts as an access point with a wireless network connection.

Control of a "Mobile hot spot"
Disable the function itself and stop the distribution of the Internet, you can simply set the switch to "Off."in the settings window.

Disabling an access point on a laptop

Or by clicking on the button that appears when you click on the connection icon in the notification bar.

Turn off " Mobile hot spot"

All conveniently and at hand.

Possible problems when configuring the access point, and their solutions
If you have problems with setting up Wi-Fi distribution in Windows 10 (you can't start the hot spot, devices are not connected, or the Internet is not working), see a separate article with solutions:
As I already wrote above, in the process of launching the access point, you can face different errors. When I tried to run a mobile hot spot on a desktop computer with a TP-LINK TL-WN721N adapter, I also encountered an error "I can't configure a mobile hot spot. Turn On Wi-Fi". What I did not do, and could not start a virtual network. At the same time, on the same computer, with this adapter you can easily start the Internet distribution via the command line. I wrote about it in the instructions: setting the access point via Wi-Fi adapter.

Error " unable to set up mobile hot spot. Turn On Wi-Fi"
This error looks like this:

Unable to set up mobile hot spot. Turn On Wi-Fi

According to my observations, this error appears due to problems in the driver of the Wi-Fi adapter, or due to the fact that it is disabled virtual adapter. At the same time, as I wrote above, I could not win this error on one computer. Though, there in device Manager were all necessary drivers, and they worked. Even if you have Wi-Fi disabled button, the mobile hot spot everything runs smoothly.

If you think logical, then the problem is definitely not lack of wireless adapter driver, if the driver was not, then the tab "Mobile hotspot" did not have to. Just like the "Wi-Fi" tabs in the settings.

You should look for the problem in device Manager. First, try updating the Wi-Fi adapter driver. Reinstall it by downloading from the manufacturer's website. If that doesn't work, go to device Manager and check if there's a "Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter"there. It can be with a number at the end. It is through this adapter laptop distributes Wi-Fi in this way.

To do this, you first need to enable the display of hidden devices. If there is an icon near the adapter "Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter", then right-click on it and select "Enable".

Windows 10: Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter

If this does not help, you can still try the tips from this article.

A few more solutions
1 Error "it is Impossible to share the Internet connection, since no connection to the mobile network".

Mobile network sharing issues in Windows 10

I have such an error jumped out when trying to start the distribution of the Internet when connected via a 3G modem. Everything was solved simply by restarting the Internet connection. Make sure that the Internet on your computer is working. You can restart your computer, connect to the Internet, and start all over again.

2 Error: "mobile hotspot setup Failed because your computer does not have an Ethernet, Wi-Fi or cellular connection."

It is impossible to set up a mobile hot spot due to lack of Internet

This error you are likely to see only when your computer is not really connected to the Internet. Check your connection.

Also this error appears when you have Internet connected via PPPoE (high-speed connection). Mobile hot spot does not see such connections to the Internet. Read more here wrote:

3 devices are not connected to a running Wi-Fi network. I have not faced such a problem, but everything can be. Most often, connection is blocked by anti-viruses and firewalls. Turn them off and check your network connection.

Since the problem was very popular, then prepared a separate article: devices are not connected to the access point in Windows 10. Getting an IP address.

Finally, Microsoft has made a simple solution to configure such a useful and popular function as an access point. This is much easier than typing in obscure commands from the command line. Everything works, but of course not without problems. I think the errors are most often due to old drivers. After all, not all manufacturers have released drivers for Windows 10. And for many devices, these drivers will be gone.

If the "Mobile hot spot" feature in Windows 10 doesn't work for some reason, try running an access point through the command line. Reference to the instructions I gave in the beginning

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Vous êtes en train de chercher ce fond d'écran, vous pouvez également télécharger d'autres semblables ici sélectionnez la résolution souhaitée et enregistrez l'image avec le bouton droit de la souris sur votre ordinateur.

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Usually, Xbox does not connect to the Internet and WiFi because it does not see the network or can not connect to it. We will deal with the basic questions and settings.
First you need to determine the nature of the problem:

Xbox doesn't find any Wifi networks at all.
Xbox doesn't see your WiFi.
The console sees the network, but does not connect to it.
The console connects to the desired network, but there is no Internet.
1. Xbox doesn't see a WiFi network (none).
In most cases, this is physical damage to the wireless module or antenna of the game console. Since in today's world it is extremely unlikely that anywhere near there is no router with WiFi

Just in case, look at the presence of networks on any other device (phone, tablet, laptop). If they really do not, then check your own modem-whether it is enabled WLAN mode.
Simple tips and solutions for Xbox One:

Restart your Xbox in different ways.
Restore the factory settings.
Flash The Xbox.
If none of the above methods did not help, you should contact the service center for repair. Of course, you can disassemble the Box, check the antenna and even replace the wireless card, but it is worth doing only with direct hands.

The WiFi card in the Xbox One
2. Xbox not finding a Wi-Fi mesh.
This phenomenon occurs when the game console and the router have different support for frequency channels.

The Xbox One has a WiFi card (A/B/G/N) for two 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands.

At home, the most common routers with a range of 2.4 GHz, which operate on channels 1-13. So it is in these channels often lies the RUB, as not all devices can find the network on 12 and 13 channels.

Go to the settings (admin) of the router, in the section WiFi.
Put your preferred region
Set the channel number by hand (1-11) or AUTO.
Save the settings and restart the router/modem.
Due to the wrong channel, the Internet can become unstable, as there are mutual interference between adjacent modems. Use special programs for analysis, for example inSSIDer.
3. Xbox sees the network, but does not connect to the WiFi router.
9 times out of 10 this happens because of a mismatch of the password, or "shoals" with encryption.

Go to the admin panel of the modem / router.
In the security section of Wi Fi, check the password, and better install a new one (English letters and numbers).
Set the wireless encryption to WPA2 Personal (PSK) + AES.
After you change the encryption type, you may need to remove the network from your device settings.
Do not use WiFi without a password and with WEP and TKIP encryption (easy to crack)!
4. There is a connection, but the Internet does not work.
Make sure that the Internet is generally on the modem, for example on a laptop over Wi-Fi.
Check out the opening pages in the browser (Microsoft Edge) on the Xbox.
Enable automatic IP and DNS in network settings on XBOX.
Enter the IP and DNS manually, if the modem is not handing out the settings for DHCP.
Enable UPnP or DMZ in modem/router settings: how to open NAT on Xbox.
For network games, I recommend using an Ethernet cable or WiFi in the 5GHz range, since the 2.4 GHz range is highly "noisy" and often has large pings.

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The second way is to Fix the access violation exception error when you run an application in Windows DEP helps to protect our computer by controlling programs that are running to ensure the use of system memory in a protected manner. Therefore, if any application that tries to run the memory code incorrectly, the DEP tool automatically closes access to that program, the application. Thus, disabling it can help us in solving this "access violation" error that provided this program or application is safe and will not be able to embed the virus code into the system.

To disable data execution Prevention or DEP, press Windows +R and type control system into the execution bar.
Next, in the window that opens, click on the left on the item Advanced system settings.
Entering the Win+r control system properties

1. Click the Advanced tab, and under performance, click Settings.
2. Click the data execution Prevention tab and select Enable DEP for all programs and services except those selected below.
3. Select your program or application on the specified executable."exe " file that throws an "access violation exception"error.
4. Click Apply and OK and run your program or game again that gave the error.

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A similar message may pop up and when you exit a Windows Form (WinForm) program that was created in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (2002) or Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (2003), you may receive one of the following error messages:
Unhandled exception at 0x77f87e4b (NTDLL. DLL) in [application name]: 0xC0000005: access violation when reading location 0x00000324.
The instruction at "0x77f87e4b" referenced memory at "0x00000324". The memory could not be read. Click OK to terminate the program.
This can occur if both of the following conditions are true:
Color quality is set to 256 colors.
WinForm contains the Microsoft Office XP web components control.
A temporary solution that may solve your problem
To work around this issue, use one of the following methods.Changing display settings
Change the screen settings to work in a mode that is greater than 256 colors (8 bits). To do this, follow these steps:
Click start, and then click
Control panel.
Click Appearance and themes.
Click Display.
On the Options tab, change the color quality, set a higher value (for example, the highest value (32 bits)).
Click OK to close The properties: screen dialog box .

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After resetting your smartphone using Hard Reset, the next time you turn on your phone, you need to enter your Google account credentials.
In General, this is something similar to the Apply ID, which has long been used in devices manufactured by Apple. Since many complained that the Android data is not protected, and hack any password on the phone can be a normal hard reset, Google decided to modify several aspects of this protection.

How to bypass verification of FRP Googke account after a factory reset

As a result, starting with a series of firmware Android 5.1.1, began a hard binding to the Google account. That is, even after you reset the settings, you will not be able to fully use your smartphone until you enter the credentials of the account that was tied to it when you first turn on the device.

Of course, the user who addressed me about such protection did not suspect and quietly reset the settings without thoughts. Of course, the account data someone does not remember, because it was created in a hurry just to have access to the Play Market'u.

So, after another such smartphone, I decided to share my experience and show how I managed to bypass the protection of the Google account confirmation after resetting (Hard Reset).

Reset your smartphone to factory state via phone settings
Very often, the normal reset directly from the standard settings menu helps. This is due to the fact that the type of reset occurs directly from the phone and the protection system recognizes it as if the user has done it himself, respectively, and does not ask for confirmation of the Google account (FRP).

Of course, the most difficult thing that we have to do is to get to the same settings menu, but we still try to do it. This method has been tested by me on android 6.0 and 6.0.1.

Restart the phone, skip the welcome window and connect to the Wi-fi network; Send SMS
By clicking on the input field e - mail, write a few letters and select them; Dial 112
Above the selected letters a menu of the type "Select all, copy, send"will appear. In it, select the item "Send (Share) »;
When choosing an application, click on the standard program SMS\MMS (Messenger);
In the "To" specify "112", and the message again enter any letters or word;
A notification will appear that the message was not delivered, this is exactly what we need. Open this sms and opposite the recipient's number click on the icon "Call"; Set the service number
Thus we should throw to the dial pad, where we erase " 112 "and dial" *#*#4636#*#*»;
Return to the settings menu will Appear where we should select the second item (I do not remember its exact name, I think something related to statistics). After going to the next window, in the left, top corner, click on the return to the previous menu;
As a result, we should throw in the menu " Settings»;
Go to" Reset and restore " and run the reset settings to delete your Google account.
After resetting to the factory default, the handset will reboot and will turn on with a disconnected account.

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When you log out of Windows all applications are closed, but the computer does not shut down and you can log in under another user without restarting the computer.There are various ways to log out in Windows 10.

Log out from the start menu"
Open start menu => click on your user icon and select "Exit".

To log out using Alt+F4
When you are on the desktop press the Al+F4 keys on your keyboard and you will be taken to the computer shutdown menu. From this menu, you can turn off your computer, restart it, put it into sleep mode, change the user and log out. Select Exit and click OK.

Log out of Win+X
Click on the keyboard keys Win+X and click on "shutdown or logoff" in the appeared submenu click on "Exit".

To log out using Ctrl+Alt+Del
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del on the keyboard together and press Exit.

Log off at the command prompt
Open a command prompt, type shutdown /L, and then press Enter.

Instead of the previous command, you can enter the Logoff command to log out of your account. To throw any other user out of the system in the command line - first, you need to enter the query user command and press Enter, remember the user ID, which you want to throw out of the system and enter logoff ID (replacing the highlighted in red with the user ID, which you want to log out), then press Enter.

Throw another user out of the system in the task Manager
Open the task Manager: right-click in the empty space of the taskbar and select "task Manager" from the menu that appears, or press Ctrl+Alt+Esc on the keyboard. After that, go to the "Users" tab, click on the name of the user you want to throw out of the system, right-click and select "Log out".

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