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replied the topic Learning English with pc created by a454545 10 days ago

10 free apps to learn English
Many of us have studied English at school, at University, some attended courses, but have not mastered the free spoken due to lack of practice. Fix the gaps in education offer a selection of useful applications.

10 free apps to learn English
Review of interesting, useful and non-standard applications for Android and iOS to learn and maintain English at a high level.

How to speak English

The application was created in 2014 by Kaplan. With it, you can get rid of the accent. This is possible thanks to three types of exercises: Challenge section, sections of Your Sounds and All Sounds. The first section is built on the principle of "question-answer", which allows you to determine the level of possession of phonetics. Your sounds will allow you to compare your pronunciation with the academic one. The third section contains not only the international phonetic alphabet, but also teach you to recognize speech errors and their occurrence.

British Council

The British Council is a global organisation with training centres in over 100 countries. Many textbooks are published under the editorial Board of this organization. It is not surprising that the eponymous application is popular.

Applications allow you to learn English through games, videos, podcasts. The student will be offered exercises of different levels of difficulty. With the help of the British Council you will learn new words, learn grammar, master the correct pronunciation.


The app is perfect for people with audiovisual memory. The whole principle of language learning is based on video: advertising, music videos, dialogues, news. Absolutely everything is built to make you hear natural English. And each video comes with interactive titles. This greatly facilitates the study of incomprehensible words – you can click on any unfamiliar word, see its image, meaning and examples of use.

FluentU remembers the words that you have passed, so the application of "likes" to recommend the video examples, including you have studied words. It turns out a kind of personalized program.

There are with oral speech you have no problems, but there are gaps in writing, the Quill application will help to cope with them. The program includes tasks of different complexity for individual and group work. Very convenient to consolidate knowledge of grammar.


One of the oldest applications for learning English. The application is an addition to the website, which stores a huge amount of useful information: training, video tutorials, training courses. There are paid and free.

As for the application, it is interesting, first of all, its competitive nature. Going from simple to complex, moving from one level to another, you compete with yourself, constantly discovering new types of training. The main goal of the program is to teach you new words, grammar. The interface is very simple and looks cartoonish.

replied the topic Which is better to use for gaming? Windows7 or Windows10? created by yukimi90 13 days ago

Both operating systems are the same if you can install both old and new games.But the graphics performance in games is somewhat different.The results of the measurements
The results of" Zdmark Fire Strike " look very logical and consistent with the age of each OS, although the "Ten" is not much ahead of its younger counterparts, but still was in the lead. However, further in the real world, it could not always hold the first position.

ЗDMark Fire Strikeи16 - test and practice the best result has shown "old" Windows 7 and "Eight" is the worst.

replied the topic Insurance websites created by GoGlass 15 days ago

What insurance is better for the car? Selection features
Today, many drivers are very concerned about the safety of their cars. Most likely, this fear is due to the fact that the driver is not always responsible for the safety of his car. It happens that other people can damage your property. Therefore, insurance is an excellent method to protect and avoid the risks associated with careless handling of the car and unpleasant accidents.

Often novice drivers do not know what kind of insurance you can choose to protect the car. They know absolutely nothing about the rules of insurance and all the subtleties of this procedure. In order to protect yourself, you just need to choose insurance. I think that now is the time to understand this and understand what insurance is needed and what it is eaten.
The first type that can be called the word insurance is CTP. CTP is a mandatory type of insurance and has some features. If the car was bought, then immediately you need to go and make CTP, in order to start a good life of the car, avoiding fines. After all, CTP is a mandatory type of insurance, which must be performed on time, I am within three days after the purchase and registration of the car.

What insurance is better for the car? Tips for choosing
This insurance will bring you a guarantee that any damage will be reimbursed. But not to you, but to the man you drove into. Yes, exactly. If the court proves that it is your fault and that you damaged the car, the person whose car was damaged by your, albeit accidental, intervention, will be paid an amount that fully compensates for the damage.

A well-executed insurance contract implies that all funds will be paid to the right people and the necessary amount will be paid. The insurance must cover all expenses related to the accident. If you enter into a contract, then carefully review all the terms, read and change (if necessary) all the items that seem incorrect to you.

The second type, which can well protect you, your money and your car – hull. CASCO on the car is not a mandatory type of insurance, rather you can choose it as an extra to know exactly what will be all right. The matter is that at CASCO the damage is compensated also to you. This is due to the fact that you choose this insurance and now have some rights.

What insurance is better for the car? Tips for choosing
A well-thought contract will help you to protect your vehicle even better. In the contract, the cost of insurance must be mandatory m clause. It is very high and accounts for four to five percent of the total cost of the car. This insurance can also pay a lot of money, so the money (in a special case) will not be wasted. The damage will be reimbursed to you and the victim. If you are the victim, only you. Remember that the owner of these funds is the insurance company that interacts directly with you.

Very well think about the benefits of insurance for your car, because insurance will help you avoid many unpleasant situations associated with road problems. Insurance is responsible for the failure of a huge financial and legal assistance, so do not forget about its importance and better make out quickly.

replied the topic Can you tell me! created by Cuongbosse 15 days ago

There is no such file in the most recent virus file database.So it's definitely not a virus.Most likely it is some kind of installation file of a secondary program that you have installed automatically when you install some application.

replied the topic Online Forex brokers created by Stardust 16 days ago

I will describe a few of BK, which traditionally holds a high ranking position, although in different rankings their sites have to be:

1. Alpari (Alpari). This name you will see in the Top of any rating, and very often it is on the top line.

It is licensed by many Central Banks, which already indicates reliability. There is a cent account Nano (has no minimum Deposit threshold), standard dollar accounts (Deposit from $ 100) and professional dollar ECN accounts.

Leverage 1: 500, lot-from 0.01. From trading platforms-MT and BinaryTrader (for BO). There is an opportunity to give (or take) money in management. A good training program, as well as a number of promotions, contests and bonuses, which should be treated with healthy skepticism, bearing in mind that everything that a broker does, he does, first of all, for his own, and not for your benefit.

2. Finam. In Russia, this office is among the leaders, has a domestic license, in addition to foreign exchange trading is available and share trading. A Forex account start with 100 bucks and ForexLite 10. Lot in the first case from 0.5, the second from 0.01.

High-quality educational program, where not only basic knowledge is available, but also the analysis of the most popular strategies. Trading terminal-MT4. There is an auto-copying service, which is very positive for beginners unsure of their own abilities.

3. Forex Club. Trading "tools" is very wide, and the number and variety, even includes a crypt. There is training, but available for free only the first 3 topics, and then either need to pay for science, or to replenish the Deposit of $ 500 (the amount, you see, not small and not all feasible) and continue to "smart" for free.

Bonuses are also available. But before you rejoice in them, carefully study the conditions for their receipt. MT4 platform, lots 0.01 (start account) and 0.1 on other types of accounts, input/output from 10 "green".

4. InstaForex. A lot of tools, they are different, so there are plenty to choose from. For beginners, the service is good because there is no minimum to open an account. But even with such a "bonus" it is necessary to remember the risks associated with trading. A good training course, you can even practice trading with professionals, which provides 3 free "lessons".

A wide variety of accounts, from cent to "Islamic". Trading platforms-MT4 and MT5, with the ability to open and close trades via WebTrader.

5. TeleTrade. The first thing I want to note is a serious attitude to the training of beginners. All clients are required to undergo a theory course, where they learn the basics of trading, and then work directly with teachers on an individual schedule (via Skype or in the office).

Leverage maximum 1: 100, lot-0,1-0,15. Trading is available not only in currencies, but also in a number of other instruments (indices, metals, stocks, etc.). You can work with MT4 or MT5, there are mobile applications.

By the way, the company has developed game applications where you can earn points on a virtual account and, being in the top ten by the number of points, get a very decent cash reward. A good way to start trading without investments, so we advise you to try.


Rating Forex brokers to find on the network is quite simple. Pay attention to those BC, which are present in the top ten of all or almost all ratings. Then read the details of each company, and choose the most suitable for themselves, based on the criteria described above.

replied the topic Flash won't load in Chrome created by LyndaLu48 30 days ago

Flash does not work in Chrome it Happens that in Chrome browser there are problems with Flash playback. Flash may not work in Chrome for several reasons. Today we will analyze the case when the user's browser displays the message “Adobe shockware Flash Plugin stopped responding”. This Flash plugin error can be caused by incompatibility of different versions of the player. The thing is that the browser from Google uses in its work two flash players: built-in and external. After installing the next update of the browser or external player, they may start to conflict with each other, as a result of which the user has to admire the known error message. To check if it is caused by incompatibility of players, you need to disable one of them. To do this, open the Chrome browser and type the following “chrome://plugins/” in its address bar and press the “Enter” key on your keyboard. Then, on the opened page, at the top right, click on the link "more". Then go to Adobe Flash Player. You will see the full path to the installed external flash plugin, in our example it is C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\NPSWF32_15_0_0_189 ahhh!dll. Disable it. That's all she wrote. If the problem is not working Flash was not compatible, then you need to install a compatible version of the external Adobe Flash Player. The second problem due to which there is a collapse of the Flash player may be its incompatibility with the installed extensions, add-ons in Chrome. To check if this is the problem, go to the “Settings” menu item and then to the “Extensions”tab. Disable all installed extensions. Try again to use the Flash player and if the problem is solved, then alternately returning to work disabled extensions find out which one interferes with the player. Then reinstall, update, or remove this Chrome extension. If not the second not the first way did not help you to solve the problem with broken Flash in Chrome, we advise you to try to start the browser with the disabled “sandbox” and with the disabled hardware acceleration. To do this, right-click the Chrome browser shortcut and select Properties from the context menu that appears. Next, in the new dialog box, click the Shortcut tab and in the Object box after chrome.exe add the parameters-disable-flash-sandbox and-disable-accelerated-video. If the third method did not help you solve the problem, then be sure to post here, telling in detail what you tried and what you did before Flash stopped working in Chrome. We will try to figure it out together.

replied the topic Laptop windows 10 created by Mwarua 30 days ago

How to return a missing Downloads folder (Downloads)
As a result of various user manipulations or after installing some programs, the "Downloads" folder may disappear.How to get her back?
All Windows downloads are saved in the downloads folder, which many users access via the start menu or desktop shortcut. If the shortcut is missing, you can open "Explorer" and go to "C:\User\your username\". Here you will most likely find the download folder.downl1

If you have done these steps, and the result did not work, then click on "run", type in the window "cmd" and confirm by pressing [Enter]. In the opened window type the command "attrib –s –h SEV username\downloads".

Restore the downloads folder. Using the command line you can restore the missing downloads folder
Restore the downloads folder. Using the command line you can restore the missing downloads folder
Replace "your username" with the name you use. Press [Enter]. Windows will restore the downloads folder again. After that, I recommend checking your computer for viruses, as their presence could lead to the removal of the downloads folder.

replied the topic Computer sleeps after one minute created by dxbus 31 days ago

The reasons why the computer does not Wake up may be different. The peculiarity of this problem is its close connection with the characteristics of a particular computer "iron". Therefore, it is difficult to recommend a single algorithm of actions for its solution. But still you can offer several solutions that can help the user to get rid of this trouble.

Option 1: Check drivers
If the computer is unable to Wake, the first thing to check is the correctness of the installed device drivers and the system. If any driver is installed with errors, or is absent at all — the system can work unstable, which can cause problems with the exit from sleep mode.

You can check if all drivers are installed correctly in the "device Manager". The easiest way to open it is through the program startup window by calling it with the "Win+R" key combination and typing devmgmt there.msc.
Open device Manager through the Windows startup window
In the list that will be displayed in the window that appears, there should not be an exclamation mark of incorrectly installed drivers, as well as records "Unknown device", denoted by a question mark.
Windows device manager

Particular attention should be paid to the driver of the video adapter, as it is this device with a high probability that can cause problems with sleep mode. You should not only make sure that the driver is installed correctly, but also update it to the latest version. To completely eliminate the video driver as the cause of the problem, you can try to enter and Wake the computer by installing a different video card.

Fix an issue with the NVIDIA video card driver flying off
Solutions to problems installing the NVIDIA driver
Driver installation via AMD Radeon Software Crimson
Fix " the video Driver stopped responding and was successfully restored»

For Windows 7 users, the cause of the problem is often the Aero theme installed. So it's better to turn it off.

Option 2: Check USB devices
USB devices are also a fairly common cause of a problem with the computer resuming from sleep mode. First of all, it concerns such devices as keyboard and mouse. To check if this is the case, you need to prevent these devices from bringing your PC out of sleep or hibernation. This requires:

Find the mouse in the device Manager list, right-click to open the context menu and go to the "Properties"section.
Opening mouse properties in Windows device Manager
In the mouse properties, open the "power Management" section and uncheck the corresponding checkbox.
Changing power settings in mouse properties in Windows device Manager
Exactly the same procedure should be repeated with the keyboard.

Attention! You cannot disable permission to Wake the computer from sleep mode for the mouse and keyboard at the same time. This will make it impossible to carry out this procedure.

Option 3: Change the power supply circuit
The various options for switching the computer to hibernation include turning off the power to the hard drives. However, when you exit it, power is often delayed, or the HDD does not turn on at all. Windows 7 users are particularly affected by this issue. Therefore, to avoid problems, it is better to disable this feature.

In the control panel under "Equipment and sound" go to "power supply".
Go to the power section of the Windows control panel
Go to sleep settings.
Go to sleep settings in the power section of the Windows control panel
In the power scheme settings, click on the link "Change additional power settings".
Go to advanced power scheme settings in the Windows control panel
Set the option "turn Off hard disk after" to zero.
Change the hard drive shutdown settings in the Windows control panel
Now, even when "falling asleep" computer, the power to the drive will be supplied in normal mode.

Option 4: Change the BIOS settings
If the above manipulation did not help and the computer still does not Wake up, you can try to resolve the problem by changing the BIOS settings. You can enter it by holding the "Delete" or "F2" key (or another option, depending on the BIOS version of your motherboard) when you start your computer.

The complexity of this method lies in the fact that in different versions of the BIOS sections on the power supply parameters can be called differently and the order of user actions may be slightly different. In this case, you need to rely more on your knowledge of English and a common understanding of the problem
Section the BIOS for power management of the computer
Entering it, you should pay attention to the parameter "ACPI Suspend Type".
Setting the sleep mode settings in BIOS
This parameter can have two values that determine the "depth"of the computer going to sleep.
Changing the value of sleep parameters in BIOS
When you go to sleep mode with the S1 option, the monitor, hard drive, and some expansion cards will be disabled. For other components, the operating frequency will simply be lowered. If you select S3, everything except RAM will be disabled. You can try to play with these settings and see how the computer will come out of sleep mode.

Summing up, we can conclude that in order to avoid errors when the computer comes out of sleep mode, it is necessary to carefully ensure that the most current drivers are installed in the system. You should not also use unlicensed software, OR software from dubious developers. By following these rules, you can ensure that all the hardware capabilities of your PC will be used in full and with maximum efficiency.

replied the topic HP ZBOOK 17 NO POWER created by kareemalyemen 33 days ago

If the laptop is completely disconnected, and when you press the power button does not want to turn on and does not show signs of life, do not light the indicators, it is definitely a hardware problem. In this case, you will have to change the individual modules of the device.
When it starts, the light is on, and then when you boot Windows fails, this problem can be software, which can sometimes be very easy to solve.
Understanding the problems, as a result of which the laptop does not turn on, is already half the way to their solution.

The laptop does not respond when you press the power button
The one that is lacking in the life of the laptop — mostly problems with the food. I can advise on just to eliminate the obvious, for example, check whether voltage is. Simply connect the power supply to the mains — most adapters have a light bulb.

If it burns, the device is working. The laptop also has indicators that light up to indicate that the device is connected to the network.

When the light does not light and shows no signs of life, it indicates a non-working power supply. Sometimes the indicators do not light because of loose connectors. To extend the life of the PSU can be quite easy-you need to turn on, first inserting a plug into the laptop from it, and then connect the device to the network. So does not light a spark when connected, causing the contacts to slowly fail.

In the case when all the lights are on, the problem may be in other devices. I can advise to continue to do the following:

Remove the battery from the laptop and connect the device from the mains via the PSU without it. If the laptop starts, the light is on, the output is the purchase of a new battery.
If the laptop does not show any signs of life, put the battery back.
Disconnect external devices.
If after switching them off the display lights up normally, the laptop is working, alternately connect external devices-so you can determine what caused the failure.

The laptop does not boot, but you can hear the noise of the fans
Sometimes the laptop does not turn on because of the non-working screen, although the device itself is booting up. Maybe the lights are off. You can use the hot keys to turn it on. Their usual combination is the Fn button pressed simultaneously with F2, F4, F5, etc.depending on the model and manufacturer of the laptop.

Sometimes it does not give hope and the monitor itself, and instead of the image on the screen can be displayed all sorts of artifacts.


To check if only it is faulty, the laptop should be connected to an external monitor.

The procedure for connecting an external monitor
To do this, an additional cable is required, it must correspond to the interfaces on the external monitor and laptop. Usually new devices no longer have an outdated VGA-interface, but there is a modern HDMI.

I can recommend the following order of their connection:

connect the laptop and monitor with a cable;
connect the devices to the mains;
the monitor should turn on first, then the laptop.
If the monitor does not load the image normally, set the transmission mode on the laptop, which simultaneously press Fn and one of the function keys F1...F12 depending on the manufacturer. It usually schematically shows a monitor and a laptop. This button is responsible for displaying the image — on a laptop, on a monitor or feeds it to both devices.

Video card issues
If the external device signs of life of the laptop could not be found, but all the lights are on, a common cause of failure — discrete graphics card. Due to the frequent launch of "heavy" applications, games, poor performance of the cooling system and a strong dustiness of the video card device overheat and quickly fails.

Therefore, to extend their life, do not work on a laptop, sitting on a sofa or bed (so you close the ventilation grille), and for "heavy" games get a special stand for a laptop with built-in additional fans.

To fix the problem, you can either replace the burned module, or simply disable it. If it is turned off, the normal work will be already built-in graphics,but serious games on the laptop will not go. Switching can be carried out in the BIOS by setting the parameter Disable for the burned card. In addition to the described faults, the device is often not loaded due to the malfunction of the processor or the system Board.

Incorrect BIOS settings
Another case-the picture of the screensaver lights up, the display can display information about the laptop, but then it shows an error message, the speaker starts beeping or nothing happens in the end, the system does not boot. The main reason for such problems is incorrect BIOS settings. You just need to reset them to default. For this:

Enter the BIOS by pressing the Del (for Award version), F2 or F10 (for AMI) button several times in a row immediately after power on, sometimes F1, F3, F10 or F12 keys are used to enter the BIOS.
Find the line Load BIOS Defaults or something similar (in different BIOS versions, the name may differ).
Exit the BIOS by saving the changed settings.

If the system does not start again, you should pay attention to other laptop modules — their malfunction can cause the same problem.

Other problems preventing the laptop from booting up
When there are problems with the fact that the hard drive has stopped working, they can also be diagnosed by some signs. To do this, simply listen to the life of the HDD — engine for too long can spin the disk in unsuccessful attempts to read the information, the heads can also be a long time to crackle cyclically. After that it all "hangs".

When the message "Error loading operating system" or something similar is displayed at startup, the problem can also be caused by a hardware or software failure of the hard disk. However, usually the reason for the inability to boot in this case — forgotten in the USB-connector USB flash drive or optical drive in the drive.

Infinite cyclic restart of the laptop before the OS boot happens due to problems with the motherboard. Specifically, it may be overheating of the South bridge or a short circuit. Their source is often a USB breakdown. Poor operation of the power supply can cause the problem of fast shutdown of the laptop immediately after the start of loading — it goes out due to the fact that the battery just stopped charging.

Solving software problems that prevent you from turning on your laptop
When the suspicion does not fall on any physical module, you can try to repair or reinstall the OS to fix the problem. This requires installation media or a recovery drive (created directly on the system).

Repair boot loader
If when attempting to load the display shows the inscription that is generally not found operating system, you just want to restore the boot loader. Usually such problems occur when installing a second, older OS. For example, when the computer already has Windows 8.1 installed, and you as an additional set "Seven", the problems with their loading are provided.

However, the solution is quite simple:

Boot from the installation media;
Start the command prompt in the initial installation window by pressing Shift and F10 simultaneously.
To resolve the problem, type the following commands:

bootrec – FixMbr-create a new boot record;
bootrec /FixBoot a new boot sector;
bootrec /ScanOS – finds all installed Windows;
bootrec /RebuildBcd — contributes to store boot information on the found OS.

After rebooting, Windows should start.

Windows Recovery
If the laptop does not work because of the "broken" Windows, you will also need an installation disk or USB flash drive for recovery. For the operation, there are different ways:

Insert the USB flash drive or boot disk into the drive, enter the laptop boot menu by pressing the corresponding function key immediately after reboot (F8, F12 or others, depending on the device).
Select the boot mode from the installation drive. In Windows 8.1, select Diagnostics, then go to the advanced settings menu.
Here, select the system restore option, check your OS in the next window, and then follow the instructions of the recovery
It will be able to return the state of the system to a certain recovery point, that is, until there were no problems with booting at all. If you want to completely reinstall the OS, in the diagnostics menu, select the OS restore to original state section.

And most importantly, do not panic. If yesterday you turned off the laptop and today he "died", deal with the problem on a cold head and do not act abruptly — so you are sure to find ways to eliminate the fault.

replied the topic Pc it's too slow created by hutopobd 34 days ago

Before talking about specific actions that can be taken to speed up the computer, it makes sense to note some basic aspects that affect the speed of the operating system and hardware.

All marked items are the same for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and 7 and belong to those computers that used to work fine (so I do not mark in the list, for example, a small amount of RAM, hoping that it is enough).

One of the main reasons that the computer is slow is all kinds of background processes, that is, the actions of those programs that the computer performs "secretly." All those icons that you see (and some of them are not) at the bottom right in the Windows notification area, processes in the task Manager — all this uses the resources of your computer, slowing it down. The average user almost always doesn't need more than half of the programs running in the background there.
Hardware problems-if you (or another person who installed Windows) didn't make sure that official drivers were installed for your graphics card and other hardware (and not the ones that the operating system installs itself), if some computer hardware behaves strangely, or the computer is showing signs of overheating — it's worth doing if you're interested in a fast-running computer. Also, do not expect lightning-fast action from outdated hardware in new conditions and with new software.
Hard drive-a slow hard drive, heavily filled or failing HDD can lead to slow operation and system freezes. If the computer's hard drive is showing signs of improper operation, for example, making strange noises, you should think about its replacement. Separately, I note that today the purchase of SSD instead of HDD provides perhaps the most obvious increase in the speed of your PC or laptop.
Viruses and malware — you may not know that something potentially unwanted or harmful is installed on your computer. And it, in turn, will be willing to use free system resources. Naturally, it is necessary to remove all such things, but how to do it — I will write more in the appropriate section below.
Perhaps, all the main listed. We turn to solutions and actions that can help in our task and remove the brakes.

Remove programs from Windows startup
The first and the main reason why the computer takes a long time to boot (ie, until the moment when you can finally run something in Windows), as well as wildly slow for novice users — a huge number of different programs that run automatically when you start Windows. The user can even know about them, but consider that they are needed and do not attach much importance to them. However, even a modern PC with a bunch of processor cores and a significant amount of RAM can begin to seriously slow down, if you do not follow what is in the startup.

Almost all programs that run automatically when you log on to Windows continue to run in the background during your session. However, not all of them are needed. Typical examples of programs that should not be kept in the startup, if you are important speed and need to remove the computer brakes:

Programs of printers and scanners — if you print from Word and other document editors, scan through some own program, the same Word or graphic editor, not all programs of printer manufacturers, MFP or scanner in the startup are not needed-all the necessary functions will work without them, and if any of these utilities will need, just run it from the list of installed programs.
Torrent clients-it's not so simple, but in General, if you constantly do not have a lot of files to download, do not need to keep uTorrent or another client in the startup: when you decide to download something, it will start itself. The rest of the time, it interferes with the work, constantly works with the hard drive and uses traffic, which in total can have an undesirable effect on performance.
Utilities for cleaning your computer, USB scanners and other service programs — if you have an antivirus installed, it is enough in the list of automatically downloaded programs (and if not installed — install). All other programs that are designed to speed up everything and protect the startup is not needed in the vast majority of cases.
To remove programs from startup, you can use standard OS tools. For example, in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, you can right-click on "start", open task Manager, click "more" (if displayed), and then go to the "startup" tab and see what there is and there to disable programs in startup.

Disable startup programs in Windows 10

Many of the programs you install can automatically add themselves to the startup list: Skype, uTorrent, and others. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad. A little more bad, but more frequent situation-when you quickly install the desired program by pressing the " Next "button, agree with all the points" Recommended " and, in addition to the program itself, acquire a certain amount of software stuff that is distributed in this way. This is not a virus-just different software that you do not need, but still appears on your PC, runs automatically and sometimes it is not so easy to remove

More on this topic: how to remove programs from startup Windows 8.1, startup programs in Windows 7

Remove malware
Many users do not even realize that they have something wrong on their computer and they do not know what it slows down because of the malware and potentially unwanted programs.

Many, even excellent, antivirus do not pay attention to this kind of SOFTWARE. But it is worth paying attention to you if you are not satisfied with downloading Windows and running programs for a few minutes.

Scan your computer for unwanted programs

The easiest way to quickly verify whether malware is causing your computer to run slowly is to run a scan using the free AdwCleaner or Malwarebytes Antimalware utilities and see what they find. In many cases, simple cleaning with these programs already significantly improves the visible performance of the system.

Programs to speed up your computer
Familiar to many different kinds of programs promising to speed up the performance of your Windows. These include CCleaner, Auslogics Boostspeed, Razer Game Booster — there are many similar tools.

Is it worth using such programs? If the latter, I'll say no more about the first two — Yes, it is. But in the context of speeding up the computer only to manually perform some of the items that have been described above, namely:

Remove programs from startup
Remove unnecessary programs (for example, using the Uninstaller in CCleaner)
Speed up your PC in CCleaner
Most of the other options and functions of "cleaning", do not lead to acceleration, moreover, in the wrong hands can lead to the opposite effect (for example, clearing the browser cache often leads to slower loading sites — this function does not exist to speed up, as well as a number of other similar things). You can read more about this, for example, here: using CCleaner to your advantage

And finally, programs that "speed up your computer", are in the startup and their work in the background leads to a decrease in performance, and not Vice versa.

Remove all unnecessary programs
Add or remove programs in Windows 8
For the same reasons as described above, your computer may be a large number of completely unnecessary programs. In addition to those that were accidentally installed, downloaded from the Internet and long forgotten as unnecessary, on the laptop can also be programs that are installed there by the manufacturer. Do not think that they are all necessary and useful: various McAfee, Office 2010 Click-to-Run and various other pre-installed SOFTWARE, except that is designed directly to control the hardware of the laptop, you do not need. And it is installed on the computer when buying only because the manufacturer receives money from the developer.

To see the list of installed programs, go to the Windows control panel and select "Programs and features". With this list you can delete everything you do not use. In some cases, it is better to use special programs to uninstall programs (Uninstallers).

Update Windows and video card drivers
Automatic Windows updates
If you have a licensed Windows, I would recommend installing all updates automatically, which can be configured in Windows update (although, by default, there is already installed). If you continue to use an illegal copy, I can only say that this is not the most reasonable choice. But you're not gonna believe me. Anyway, in your case, updates, on the contrary, are undesirable.

As for the update of drivers, it should be noted the following: almost the only drivers that should be regularly updated and that significantly affect the performance of the computer (especially in games) are video card drivers. Learn more: how to update your video card drivers.

Install the SSD
If you are wondering whether to increase the RAM from 4GB to 8GB (or other options), buy a new video card or do something else to make the computer run faster, I strongly recommend that you purchase an SSD drive instead of the usual hard drive.

You may have seen phrases like "SSD is the best thing that can happen to your computer"in publications. And to date, this is true, the increase in speed will be obvious. Read more-what is SSD.

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The best games of 2000-2017

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Ways to start the game on a discrete graphics card
Before proceeding to the methods and fine-tuning, you should have an up-to-date video driver installed (at least not the ones that are installed by default with Windows). I recommend using one of the drivers managers to automatically update and install new "firewood" (link below).

Snuppi looks for drivers
Update drivers in Windows 10

Method #1 / / using the video driver settings menu

If you have the drivers installed, then right-clicking anywhere on the desktop, in the pop-up context menu, you should see a link to their settings (in my case, a link to the "NVIDIA control Panel"). Go to the configuration of discrete graphics card drivers.

The NVIDIA control panel // how to open

Next, in the menu on the left, select "Manage 3D settings", then in the" Preferred graphics adapter "select" high-Performance NVIDIA processor", then save the settings.

The preferred graphics adapter

After that, you can try to run the game-should run on a discrete graphics card.

By the way, in the NVIDIA settings you can also specify a specific video card for a particular game. To do this, do the following:

open the graphics card settings, then the Manage 3D settings tab";
next, open the "Program settings" tab";
add the desired program (in my case, added the game Civilization 4);
and set the preferred graphics processor for this application
save settings!
Setting the adapter for a specific game
Setting the adapter for a specific game

Method №2 / / through a conductor

If you set certain settings in NVIDIA settings, you will be able to run any games and programs on the adapter you need in manual mode.

To do this, open the NVIDIA settings, then in the "desktop" (menu at the top) put a couple of checkboxes:

Add to desktop context menu;
Add the "Run with GPU" item to the context menu.
Add choice of graphics card in context menu

If you have included the previous couple of ticks, the most obvious and easiest way to start the game on the desired video adapter - is to open the file Explorer, that is, the desired folder, which is the executable file with the game, and click on the game file with the right mouse button (by the way, you can do it on the icon on the desktop).

Next, select "Run with GPU --> high-Performance NVIDIA processor"from the context menu. Cm. the screen shot below.

Selecting a video card to start the game

Actually, the game should run on your chosen adapter. Now below I will consider a way to check whether this is so...

How to check if the game works on a discrete graphics card
First, go to the NVIDIA graphics card settings and open the "desktop"menu. In this menu you need to enable one option "Display GP activity icon in the notification area". This icon will allow you to see when the NVIDIA adapter is loaded, in fact, what we are looking for...

Turn on the icon in the activity of GP NVIDIA

By the way, please note that after enabling this option, you will have an icon in the tray next to the clock (see screenshot below).
Icon activity GP - near the clock

Now run the game. If the game is in full-screen mode, use the WIN or Alt+TAB buttons to minimize the game.

Note that the icon with NVIDIA GPU has become colored (on the screenshot below). I.e. NVIDIA started work after you start your game - that means he's involved!

The icon has become a color psle game launch

Just by clicking on this icon you can see which games (applications) are currently using this adapter.

What applications use NVIDIA GP

In General, this is the most relevant and reliable way to determine whether a discrete graphics card is involved.
By analyzing FPS

Also indirectly involved to determine whether you have a discrete graphics card how many FPS (frames per game). In a discrete graphics card, it is usually higher.

To see the number of FPS in games, install one of several applications, such as Fraps, PlayClaw, Overwolf. Then, intentionally run some game on the built-in and discrete graphics cards, and see the difference

fps increase

Program for viewing FPS and how to increase it, you can learn in this article:

If necessary, add the graphics settings to the maximum to use the resources completely (for a more obvious difference).

The difference in FPS between the discrete and integrated graphics

And one more thing! Pay attention to the noise and temperature of your laptop. If you will be involved discrete video card, many models of laptops starts making noise much higher. As well starts to rise the temperature of the video card (it can be found by using the spec. utilities, for example, Speccy).

The temperature of the CPU and GPU // Speccy



Why the game may not run on a discrete graphics card

Some games stubbornly refuse to run on a discrete graphics card. In the driver settings, all set in the manual indicate how to run, but still - the game runs on a built-in, lag, and slows down. In this case, I recommend a few things (encountered it myself, many times)!

1. Try another OS, such as Windows 7

The story is simple. On one laptop for a long time could not understand why one old game persistently did not run on a discrete graphics card (it, by the way, was installed Windows 10). Then I decided to create another partition on the hard drive and install a second OS - Windows 7. Surprisingly, in Windows 7, the game started without problems on a discrete graphics card.

Conclusion: Windows 10 does not work correctly with two graphics cards (built-in and discrete) and old games. Also, perhaps the reason for that and the driver-which is not yet fully optimized for the" new " Windows 10.

Update from 3.08.2018: in Windows 10 appeared parameter responsible for the how to work video cards: in energy saving mode or high performance. How to set it up-see here:
High performance!

2. Try enabling compatibility mode and disabling scaling

To do this, simply open the properties of the desired EXE file. Next, in the "Compatibility" tick "Run the program in compatibility mode with such and such Windows" (example below).
Compatibility mode

3. Try installing an older version of the driver (on your graphics card)

And, the last. Not always the newest driver is the best. It is possible that some error occurs in the new driver and the discrete card is not activated when the game starts. Therefore, you should try an older version of the driver, which has already been worked out for months (years)

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Adobe Flash CS5 + Adobe Flash Builder — common projects

As you know, these two products get along well. What is surprising-many do not know about it. They choke, spit, but write the code in Flash CS 5.
This article tells how to cross these two products and how to overcome minor troubles in the process.

Why do we need Flash Builder if there is Flash?
The answer is quite obvious:
1. Normal Debug (condition breakpoints and other delights)
2. Normal code editor with at least some, but refactoring
3. Version control
4. Integration with bugtrackers
5. Other Eclipse Goodies

1. Absolute path
2. Version control
3. Flex library projects and their connection

Below the cut is a description of a soft way to create a project in which there will be no problems with either svn or absolute paths.


1. Open Flash CS5 and ActionScript 3.0 create a project.
2. Save it to a folder Workspace-Flash Builder and
For example:
/Users/alex/Documents/Adobe Flash Builder 4/labs/TestFlashProject.fla
/Users/alex/Documents/Adobe Flash Builder 4/labs/
The path to the workspace

This is an intermediate step, it will allow us to fight with the fact that when you create a project Flash Builder connect raw as an external folder.

3. Open Flash Builder, select the desired workspace (File> Switch workspace)
4. Back in Flash Professional. Go to the document properties (clicking on the frame with the mouse and going to Properties). We need to assign a Document class. Click on the Edit class definition:

Enter the class name and select Flash Builder from the list of applications to edit:

We press OK. Flash Builder opens with the new project dialog:

We do not need to change anything, just press Finish.

We got the TestFlashProject project. The main class is NOT CREATED and that's just fine.
5. Close the FLA file (must be saved)
6. Transfer the FLA file from the Workspace folder to the project folder
7. Switch to Flash Builder, open the project properties go in the properties in Flash Professional:

Select the path to the FLA and press Edit. Specify a new path to FLA. It will turn out like this:

We press OK.

Next, Flash Professional will open by itself (if you closed it), and Flash Builder will open a dialog for creating the main class:

Create and rejoice. The first stage is over.
the fla file is in the folder of the project. Flash project builder is associated with it by a relative path. No problems with the transfer.
In Flash Builder-e you can now press Cmd(ctrl) + Enter to build, debug and run and enjoy life.
Actually, after all the files of the project were in the project folder and disappeared all External folder-s, no problem. We work as with the usual Flash Builder project.
(If interested, I can tell you how to hook to svn, but everything is quite obvious and simple)

Flex library projects

The connection of Flex library projects may cause a slight difficulty.
Why connect them? If you are still dragging the source code of the core of the same type of applications as files copy-paste from one to another, I have bad news for you.

So, there is a Flex Library Project. For simplicity - it lies in the same workspace. For example:

Simply connecting it through the project properties in Flash Builder will cause trouble: Flash Professional will not see it when compiling.
(However, it is necessary to connect it, so that Flash Builder normally saw the classes)

Go to Flash Professional, open our TestFlashProject.fla
File -> ActionScript settings:
Add the path to swc and then edit it to relative (we want version control to be good, don't we? ). Get the following:
Press OK, and then Cmd(Ctrl)+Enter…
All compiles, works and, most importantly, yuzaet relative path!
When I start the debug in Flash Builder, it can produce an error that installed Flash Player is not a debugger says that you need to install debug version, etc. Although the debug version of the player is worth and the same excellent FlashDevelop debug the application. There's one way I've used it.:
1) come here C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash and delete made there all files, will remain only file Flash10g.ocx
2) then copy from folders with flash cs3-cs5 (..\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS5\Players\Debug) all the files and copypaste them to the folder of item 1 of
3) unpack the InstallAX files.exe and InstallPlugin.exe directly in the folder of item 1, and launch the Flash Builder, launching a debug USB

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Types of black screens
Solutions will be different, depending on what you see on the screen, there are 2 options:

black but with mouse pointer;
one black, no mice.
When there is
Here we will determine when the problem appears:

Black screen after upgrading to Windows 10 and then booting.
When you restart the computer with the "Ten"already installed.
When coming out of sleep mode.
Black screen on Windows 10 startup.

Causes and solutions of the " black screen»
Having determined your version of Windows 10 black screen, you will choose the solution that is suitable only for you.

Redirecting the video signal to another video card slot.
Symptoms: before you completely black screen, without any signs of life. In this case, everything is simple. Disconnect the monitor from the main video output connector and connect it to the second one. After that, go to the video card settings and make the desired settings. That is, force a check mark, depending on what video output you want to use.

A device that conflicts with the system.
Here, as a hypothesis, a device with old "firewood"is connected to the system. A black screen appears after you upgrade to Windows 10. Decision:

Disconnect all devices connected to the computer.
Connect them one by one, constantly rebooting the system.
If you detect a buggy device, update the drivers on the manufacturer's website or in automatic mode.

The result-a fully functional "Ten", without any there Windows 10 black screen.

New drivers for the graphics card have been installed.
To show this after installing Windows 10, long time to load black screen. Here, as a solution, we will need to roll back to the old drivers. To do this, we need a device Manager, in which we will return to the previous version of "firewood". How to get into it, if you see only "black hole", without any signs of the photons in the shape of the mouse cursor, see below.

Another option to revert to previous driver versions, when a black screen appears after upgrading to Windows 10, is to roll back the system completely, to the previous restore point:

enter safe mode (to do this with a completely black screen, you need to read the recipe below);
select "Diagnostics" (in the safe mode window);
go to "advanced settings»;
here choose " system Restore»;
in the window of the restore, you need to select the previously created point;
confirm the system restore action;
wait for the recovery to complete.
Voila, Windows 10 black screen as unprecedented.

Infecting your system with viruses.
We will not consider the causes of infection. Just solve the problem. We need again the same safe mode (instructions to get into it-later in the article). Then:

fully scan your computer with antivirus;
we remove the detected bloodsuckers.

Reboot our computer. Enjoy the results.

Incorrect screen resolution.
As an option the appearance of the evil black the wrong screen resolution. Correct:

enter Windows safe mode (how to enter into it, read the article below);
change the screen resolution to a lower one;
restart the computer.

If that's the reason, the cure will help.

A software glitch.
Sometimes a software failure occurs during the upgrade process. But here everything is simple. The cure would be to restart the update process, after which the black screen on booting Windows 10 would disappear.

Conflict of old drivers installed earlier, with the video card updated to Windows 10.
The cause of the problem should be allowed only if all previous methods have been tried. The solution here is a little more complicated than in previous cases, but with my help you can do it.

If you have a black screen, after upgrading to Windows 10 and none of the above did not help, you need to at least log in, but be sure in safe mode.

Enter the operating system in safe mode.

There are two ways:

using the Windows 10 installation disc;
with the help of manipulations similar to the dance around the fire (helps to not all, not always and not everywhere, but you necessarily will help. Why? I will answer all well-known meme: I guarantee it!)
I think with a disk everything is clear. Let's stop at the tambourine dance. So you have after installing Windows 10 for a long time to boot the black screen, turn on the computer and run in order:

In the process of booting the OS, press and hold Shift while spamming the F8 key. This will not always work, but you need to try. (This is actually the dance itself).
Then you should open a window where select and go: "Diagnostics "and go to"Advanced options".
A window opens where you select Command prompt.
In the line window, paste the lines copied from here: "bcdedit / set {globalsettings} advancedoptions true", then click on the Enter button.
In the window that opens after these manipulations, select: "Continue".
Finally, in the final window, select "Enable safe mode", using the F4 key on the keyboard, and then press Enter.
The result of all actions — restart the computer and start in safe mode.

Next, the sequence is as follows:

Follow the chain: Icon: start Menu - > Next: control Panel - > Next: power supply - > After that: System settings".
Remove the bird in front: Turn on fast startup.
Save the settings.
Then go to your desktop. Place the arrow on the computer icon (My computer), then use the properties control button with the mouse and in the dropped menu go to "Properties".

In the window that POPs up, do the following: Go to: Hardware -> Follow in: device Manager -> Go to: video Adapters. Opens a line with your installed video card, which click the right mouse button. In the drop-down menu, select "Update driver software". Here are 2 options:

in normal automatic mode;
pre-downloading new drivers from the hardware manufacturer.
After updating the drivers, reboot the system. The black screen will disappear when you start Windows 10.

To get rid of the persecution of such an unpleasant phenomenon as a black screen after upgrading to Windows 10, or when it loads, go from simple to complex. Do not immediately roll back the video card driver, for a start, just try to change the connectors on the video outputs. And if simple steps do not help, only then go to safe mode and do more complex manipulations.

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This collection provides a list of books, websites, and online courses that provide insights into both simple and advanced algorithms.

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How to fix inet_e_resource_not_found error
So, despite all efforts of developers to deprive us of Microsoft Edge, this failure can be corrected. Immediately note, the option of self-diagnosis in this case does not help. Depending on the severity, different options can help you, so follow all of the solutions in turn:

So, the first and most obvious solutions will restart the browser, computer and network router. Perhaps the failure is isolated and will be solved by such simple resets.
Try to use secure DNS public Google. Write in the settings of your connection, these two DNS values: and Save, restart your PC and network, and then try.
Change DNS to public Google
Separately check whether or not you have the option of TCP Fast Open in the browser Edge. This function is similar to turbo mode and is responsible for faster page loading. To deactivate type in the address about: flags, then at the bottom look for the option "Enable TCP Fast Open" and remove the check mark. Everything is confirmed by restarting the browser.
You can also try to reset the DNS resolver cache. This is done through the console (running from the admin), which fits the command: ipconfig / flushdns. Attention (!) to perform such a reset, the DNS client service must be started. You can find and activate it in the list of services.
Additionally, it is possible to execute another command-ipconfig/registerdns. This is a dynamic logging option, which is also used for similar errors.
Commands-for-reset-and-settings-DNS screens
Commands to reset and configure the DNS screens
Often the solution is to update the configuration for the network card and Wi-Fi, through the banal reinstallation of the drivers on the computer. It is advisable to download them from the official website of the developer of your hardware.
Cardinal decision
If all of these half-measures do not help you fix the failure of "DNS name does not exist", then the correct solution is to reinstall/reset the Microsoft Edge or return the computer to its original state.

The reinstallation of this browser is a system utility for Windows PowerShell. Here is a visual video instruction, the reset code is tied to the description of the video:

The second option is to reset the system itself but keep all your personal data on the PC. For this reason would be useful here is this video lesson:

The idea is that the fix error code INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND is a matter for the optimizers Windows 10. As the history of such bugs shows, it takes from a month to six months to solve such problems. We have described options to help most users. If you are unlucky, then wait for the next updates. Otherwise, you can use more stable Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Yandex.

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When you realize that you want to sell a certain product or service, and created your store, it's time to start their promotion. In this article, we will offer you effective ways to advertise and promote products that exist at the moment, as well as tell you how to use them.

But first, let's find out what tools most ecommerce marketers use. According to the research results, the most effective marketing tools are email, social networks and speeches at events.
Personal site
In order to show and tell about your product on the Internet, you need your personal website. If you have no idea about site building, there are many companies that will help to create a business card site for a fee. You can also create a website on the free hosting using the online designer.
On the Internet there are many video tutorials on creating sites, and in a few hours, you can create your first site. It is quite suitable for a young company. But, if you are set on the rapid promotion of products or services, we advise you to develop a quality website with your domain name, unique design, easy navigation and quality content. Yes, it will not be cheap, but over time it will help you earn much more than it was spent.
The site is created. Now you need to bring traffic to it. Let's look at the main channels that will help us in this.

1. Email marketing
This is the most effective method of promotion based on the survey of marketers above. It is universal, as it not only advertises the product in an email, but also helps to bring traffic to the website, blog, social networks.
First, you need to find a suitable mailing service based on the criterion of "price-quality". Pay attention to the free features of servers: test drive, special offers, ready-made templates.
Email marketing does not require much money and can be automated. All you need to do is to prepare the text and set the date and time of sending emails in the mailing planner.

Types of email messages for product/service promotion:

Letters with a presentation of a new product or a new collection
Notification letters about discounts, promotions, sales

Newsletters are digests that provide links to interesting articles, the topics of which are related to your activities. In the newsletter you can add photos of products, as well as mention it in the articles.

Don't forget to add social media buttons to each email.
2. Social network
Social networks are first of all a meeting of a live audience, which likes not only to communicate, but also to make purchases. The most popular social networks among the Russian-speaking audience are:
Basic rules for promoting your business in social networks:

Create your own group, community or page;
Attracting an audience to it using the website or newsletter (adding social media buttons);
Publishing useful content;
Constant updating of group materials;
Organization of competitions, the winners of which will receive a discount on your product or the opportunity to test it for free;
Comments in other groups of your business area;
The use of advertising in social networks.
Let's talk more about advertising. Why place it in social networks?
Every day millions of users visit social networks;
The audience is in a psychologically comfortable state, and advertising is perceived as advice from a friend;
The largest number of ads is placed in Vkontakte and Facebook. It can be set up quickly enough and choose for your budget.

Advertising Vkontakte

To place your ad, scroll down and click " ads»:
Next, set the settings to attract the target audience: location, gender, age, birthday and marital status. Also, try to find interests or groups in which the target audience may be located.
After setting all the settings, you will see the recommended bid in your target group. Note: the lower the bid, the less ads are displayed.

Advertising in Facebook

To create an ad on Facebook, follow the link from the screenshot and click " Create ad»:

Next, choose the desired goal of the campaign, then your page, add images for the ad (from 1 to 6), write the title and text of the ad and set the parameters of the target audience (location, age, gender, interests, preferences, marital status, education, languages, places of work). At the very end, you set the budget, schedule, and price for your ad.

3. Push notifications

This is a relatively new tool that is suitable for different purposes, including advertising products and/or services. Google Chrome and Safari support push notifications, which appear instantly on subscribers ' desktops even when the browser is turned off.

The benefits of push notifications:

When clicked, the user goes directly to the site;
To subscribe, just click " Allow»;
Users do not receive spam;
Price push several times lower than SMS;
You can unsubscribe from the newsletter in one click.

All you need to do to install push on your website is copy and paste the code before the closing tag . Now you can push absolutely free with email SendPulse!

4. Articles

Advertising in articles is quite simple. Do you find thematic areas to embed. Write an advertising article about your product or service with links to the site and for a fee published.
If you're on a budget, try writing cool and practical non-promotional material on a product-related topic. This will also serve as a powerful advertising, as users are very fond of useful information.
5. Video channel

Today, users from all over the world spend thousands of hours a month watching different videos. On average, more than 2.4 million unique users visit YouTube per Day. Video channel is a good ground for drawing attention to your product or service. The main thing is a quality video. To create it, you can contact the professionals or remove yourself (sometimes it also works). The video should not so much inform users how to engage. It should please people and cause the desire to share. Thus, they create viral videos, as in the example below:

This campaign was called "do us a favor." In the video, the company LAES asked users to offer a new taste of chips and win a million dollars. As a result, the audience offered 4 million ideas, and the video gained 12 million views. Thus, the company has significantly increased the loyalty of their customers to the brand and once again effectively advertised its product.
Link to your website and a detailed description of the product you can leave under the video.

Any video you make can be sent in an email. It always attracts the user's attention, and brings you additional traffic to the video channel, brand awareness and its products.
6. Events

Various online and offline events are a good way to showcase your brand and introduce products and/or services to your audience. The main thing-to accompany advertising relevant and useful information. Modern users do not like advertising in its pure form. During the conference or forum, you can organize various competitions and reward the winners with free provision of their services or products.7. Contextual advertising

This is the ads that appear in search engines and on the pages of thematic websites. It depends on the search query or the topic of the page on which it is displayed.

Two major ad networks are Yandex ("Yandex") and Google ("Google Adwords"). In order to start using contextual advertising, you need to register in one of these systems, set up an ad, choose the queries that users will find you, select a region and replenish the balance.
You only pay for clicks. The cost of a click depends on many factors: subject, competition, region, ad location, etc.
8. Teaser ads

These are text ads with pictures. So often advertise questionable services, often with payment via SMS, but there are also ads that advertise real products and services. Pay – per-click.
9. Banners

Banners are pictures that contain links to the site. They come in several types:

static (one picture without movement);
GIF (several images that replace each other);
flash (contain animation effects).

In order for banners to bring you new customers, you should place them on thematic resources. For example, if you are a mailing service, then select sites for Internet marketing.

The cost depends on the size of the banner, its type, placement, theme and of course from the site on which you want to place the banner.

You can make and place a banner yourself. To do this, use Photoshop, contact the administrator of the desired site and agree with him about placing the banner. You can request from him the statistics of the site on attendance, learn about traffic (gender, age, region, etc.) If you do not want to do everything yourself, please contact the special services.

10. Bulletin board

There are many message boards and most of them are free. Most often, users pay only to somehow highlight your ad among others, that is, to make it more visible.

You can also apply to various services that will place your ad immediately on most of the existing message boards with the help of automatic programs. It is inexpensive. On the part of the customer you need a description of the product or service, create a header and specify the contact details.
By the way, this is the only way to advertise without creating your own website.

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What can cause a black screen after booting the system
If you have an unlicensed version of Windows installed on your PC, then there is nothing surprising. After installing updates, this situation can occur on many pirated.
Registry settings have changed. Most likely, the software installed on the computer has changed or deleted system files.
The error could occur due to incorrectly installed video card driver.
Sometimes a black screen occurs when the hard drive is faulty.
How to get rid of the black screen
Method 1. Boot recovery
Let's start with the simplest method. When you turn on your computer, you must open the advanced boot menu. To do this, at the beginning of the boot quickly press F8, sometimes F9. You can try to boot Windows with the last known good configuration. If helped, then the problem solved. If the black screen does not disappear, try selecting "Troubleshooting your computer".

What if I see a black screen instead of my desktop?

Method 2. Explorer process.exe
Black screen can also be displayed in the case if you are not running the process explorer.exe. This is the conductor, which is the desktop. You can press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to switch to the task Manager.

In the first tab "Applications" click at the bottom of the item "New task" where we enter explorer.exe. If you have a desktop again, then everything is fine. Just need to add this process to the startup.

To do this, open the registry (prescribe a new task named regedit). Moving on to the next branch:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon].

Find the Shell parameter and look at its value, it should be explorer.exe. If it is wrong, change.

Method 3. Reinstall video card drivers
When you start the OS again call the advanced boot menu and run in Safe mode. Remove the video card driver, after which the black desktop should disappear. Next, reinstall the necessary drivers.

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The need for flashing the router can be caused by several reasons, among the most important are the following: the Need to update the firmware. Manufacturers often give users the opportunity, thereby increasing the stability of the Internet connection, adding new features. If the selected Internet service provider is not supported by the device or is not supported correctly, the situation can be corrected by flashing. If the router is unstable or too slow. A few General rules should be remembered that before flashing the router, you need to make sure that there are no problems with the power supply. A sudden power outage during the flashing process may cause the unit to malfunction. In addition, you need to remember that you can not flash any router through a wireless Wi-Fi network. This can be done only by connecting the router to the computer. You need to download the update files either from trusted resources or from the official websites of manufacturers. You also need to remember that before flashing the router, you need to remove the WAN cable (provider cable) from the socket. You also need to know the current firmware version. Usually it is indicated on the device itself, on a paper label. Should find the writing species: Ver 2.0. The numbers will indicate the current firmware version. Conduct a rollback to a previous version is not recommended except in case of emergency. Compliance with these simple rules will allow you to perform flashing quickly and painlessly, as well as get rid of unnecessary headaches as a result of unsuccessful operation. This model of routers is quite well known in the market and is widely distributed, and therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that many users are often interested in how to reflash the router TP-Link. The procedure here is as follows: first you need to download the firmware file and place it in any convenient folder; then you need to turn on the router and attach it to your PC via an Ethernet network cable; then you need to open any available browser and type in its address bar IP-address:; if this address is not working, you can try: work; on the proposal to enter the authorization parameters must be typed in the appropriate fields login and password: admin and admin; open the standard settings window, where you will need to go to the system Tools tab and select Firmware Upgrade; at the top of the window you need to find the item File, you can type the local address of the location of the downloaded firmware file manually, but the easiest way is to click on the "Browse" button and in the dialog box that opens specify the already unpacked firmware file; next, you will need to click on the Upgrade button and OK; you will only have to wait until the status bar of the download and firmware is filled to 100%, and then the router will either reboot itself, or it will need to be done manually. Attention! All settings of the router will be reset to the factory, so before flashing the router TP-Link, you need to either remember or write on a separate sheet all the settings. If you have previously installed the software, you can save the configuration file in advance.First of all, it is important to know that routers of this revision model B1, B2, B3 are incompatible with routers of revisions B4, B5, B6 and B7. But because you can not download the version of the firmware intended for B1, B2, B3, and use them on the routers B4, B5, B6 and B7, or Vice versa. Failure to do so will result in failure of the device. Router D-Link Dir refers to several old models, and therefore the need to change its firmware can be caused by many objective reasons. And, quite naturally, many owners of this device will be interested in how to reflash the router Dir. However, the process of flashing and in this case will not be somehow fundamentally different from changing the firmware of other models of routers: first you need to download and unzip the firmware file. In unzipped form it should have an extension .bin. Turn on the router itself and connect it to the computer using an Ethernet cable (the WAN cable from the provider must be removed). Next, in the browser you need to type: or The router will then prompt you to save your password and username for security. They are standard for these cases: admin and admin. In the preferences window you need to select the tab "System" and then – click the "software Update". In the next step, click on the "browse" button, specify the downloaded firmware file and click OK. If everything is done correctly, an updated interface window with the current firmware version will appear after the reboot.Update router D-Link as to how to reflash D-Link router, here the sequence of actions is the same: download the firmware file, connect the router to the computer, dialed the above numbers the address in the browser. Then you will need to click on the "Advanced settings" button in the settings window to get access to the necessary items "System" and "software Update". Further actions will be similar to those described above-click on the "Browse" button and specify the downloaded firmware file, then click on OK and wait for the installation process to finish. The last step in the flashing will also reboot the router. If "everything hung" it is Possible that those who were puzzled by a question of how to reflash the router Dir 300 from D-Link, will face in the course of flashing that the browser or the router "hung". However, you should not be afraid of this, just during the installation of updates, the router loses connection with the computer for a while, but restores it. Interrupt time can be different, it depends on the speed of the computer and the router, but on average takes no more than one or two minutes. undefined Of course, if the interruption continues for too long, it is possible that serious problems have occurred or that this update version is incompatible with the router model. You can try to force a reboot of the router and perform the installation again, before making sure that you install a really suitable version of the firmware. Under no circumstances should you turn off or pull the router at this time from the socket! ASUS Routers Are also common in the market of network equipment and also require a systematic software update. Because everyone who is interested in how to reflash Asus router, you need to do the following: connect the router to your computer using an Ethernet cable; enter in the address bar: or; specify the desired username and password; now you need to start back to factory settings, it will need to go to the items: "Advanced settings" - "Administration" - " Save/Load / Restore settings"; here you need to first make a backup copy of the existing settings and only then reset to the factory; then you will need to go back to the browser settings window and go to the items: "Advanced settings" - "Administration" - "firmware Update"; specify the downloaded firmware file; after installing the new file, you will need to go to the settings page for the third time and reset them to the factory.

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The most essential travel apps that works well on adroid and iPhone 1. Search for tickets
The first thing you should start any conversation about travel-is the search for tickets. And, perhaps, the best mobile application in this area boasts the largest in Runet search engine cheap flights — the legendary Aviasales. Price calendar, voice search, building complex routes, low price map and many other useful and convenient features in one app! This is a great app developed for both Android and iPhone .

We remind you that when we are looking for information about promotions, special offers and just suddenly appeared cheap tickets for our readers, in most cases we use the services of Flights and Skyscanner. See also our tips: how to buy cheap tickets >>

2. Hotel search
When tickets are found, you need to take care of how to find a cheap hotel. A great helper in this case will be an application for searching and booking hotels Hotellook (available for Android and iPhone). The application is not just looking for accommodation in the right city, its main feature is that it compares the prices offered by dozens of the world's leading reservation systems (, Expedia, Ostrovok, and others.), and finds the user the most profitable option. Be sure to download this extremely useful assistant on your gadget, and you can always quickly find a cheap hotel anywhere and at any time. Find a hotel at the best price will help our tips for booking >>

3. Search tours
Prefer to relax on a ticket? You do not need a travel agent — you can find and buy a tour using your smartphone. Recommended application mmm. The service compares the prices of 120 tour operators and shows you the best deals. Book a tour on your smartphone is convenient, fast and secure. The application has excellent user reviews, every couple of months it is updated. Download the version for your iOS or Android. Learn also how to book tours cheaper >>

4. Search for free Wi-Fi
If you urgently need access to the Internet, you will be rescued by a very useful application for travelers Wi-Fi Map — it is easy to find for you Wi-Fi point, wherever you are (except for very small settlements). The application is a social network where users share passwords from Wi-Fi points, so even if the network is closed, with it you can find out the password and connect! It works in offline mode. You can install the application for Android and iPhone (for the iPhone there is a paid version with advanced features wifi Map PRO).

5. Search of food
Any independent traveler knows that the food in the local restaurants is much tastier than in the restaurants advertised in the brochures for tourists. Find a good place to eat, will help the famous Foursquare or free Yelp. Here you will find the recommendations of the brick and mortar food service establishments.

6. Offline maps
What is always needed by any traveler? Of course, in the map! But the problem is that the paper card is not always on hand, and access to the Internet is sometimes unavailable. In this case, MAPS applications will come to the rescue.ME and OsmAnd — both work on the basis of OpenStreetMap and are almost identical, but MAPS.Me intuitive design. We travel a lot and have tried various applications with offline maps, so we can surely recommend them.

Note: on AliExpress you can buy any accessories for mobile phones at a much lower price than in stores in Russia. There you can find a lot of useful things that will be useful in the journey.
7. Lost in translation
Another essential item of any self-traveler translator. We always use a useful application Google Translate (for Android and iPhone), it helped us more than once. Another option is ABBYY Lingvo dictionaries, one of the most popular mobile applications in this field.

8. At the airport
Very useful in traveling mobile Android application GateGuru will easily show you all the public catering establishments and shops located near you at the airport. The app also shows and reviews of other travelers about all these places.

9. Guide
Another indispensable tool in your trip will be extremely useful application Redigo (available for Android and iPhone). Thanks to him, you do not need to search, buy and carry thick guides — the application has all the necessary information for the traveler: a General summary of the country, PhraseBook in 6 languages, maps with marked attractions, information about all current events in this place and much more. For the application does not require an Internet connection, which is very convenient when you are in another country.

In addition, as an analogue, you can use TripAdvisor — it is not so convenient, but in the service you can read reviews, find ratings of institutions and other useful information.

10. Communication
Viber and Skype will help you to keep in touch with your friends and family during the journey (and also save your money, because phone calls in roaming are very expensive). By the way, with Skype you can call to regular landline and mobile phone numbers (the service is paid, but inexpensive) — for example, once, being in Vietnam, we called the support service of Sberbank to unlock the card during the trip.

11. Finance
Calculate how much you spent money on the trip and specifically what will help Finance PM. Just remember to add your expenses to the program. Very convenient to analyze costs using the split into categories.

12. Organiser
TripIt — is a convenient planner of your journey. All e-tickets as well as hotel and hostel bookings can be stored in the free TripIt app. For it share this information on Inbox and your reservations and tickets will appear in your smartphone. As an alternative method, you can simply send all your tickets to your own e-mail. Do not be amiss to do the same with copies of documents — in case of loss, you will always know that your mail is stored rescue copy.

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There are situations when the user has forgotten his PIN on Windows 10, or it is no longer necessary. In such cases, you can always delete the code. To do this, in the settings "login Settings" in the "PIN" you need to click on the line "I do not remember my PIN".

After that, a dialog box will appear where you will be prompted to enter the password for your current Windows 10 account:

After you have successfully set password, You will be prompted to set a new PIN, or click "cancel", after which the lock out mode, Windows 10 PIN, you will be disconnected. In addition, sometimes the system requires the user to enter a special security code to unlock the protection system, as a rule, this code comes to an additional e-mail address that was specified when registering an account with Microsoft.

It is worth noting that when you boot your PC in safe mode, the login pin code will not be available, you will need to enter the password of the user account.

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Выполнять обновление всех клиентов и серверов с помощью обновления для Autodesk хранилище 2015.0.9 следует одновременно.
Все дальнейшие исправления или обновления для программы Autodesk Vault 2015 и могут быть выполнены только при наличии этого обновления.
В зависимости от настройки контроля учетных записей в ОС Windows 7 или в более поздних операционных системах пользователям может потребоваться отключение управления учетными записями пользователей (ОАК) для установки обновления.
Для установки пакетов обновления необходимы права администратора.
Установка обновления тонкого клиента 2015.0.9 входит в установку обновления для сервера.
Устанавливать обновление следует под тем же именем пользователя, под которым устанавливался тонкий клиент тонкий клиент 2015.
Перед установкой этого обновления убедитесь, что для всех приложений САПР были установлены последние обновления или исправления.
В ОС Windows 7 установка обновления может занять больше времени. Во избежание этого установите следующее исправление корпорации Майкрософт:


Обновление хранилища 2015.0.9 может быть установлено для любого клиента Аутодеск хранилище клиента 2015.

Запустите файл 2015.0.9_Client.МСП на каждой рабочей станции, где установлен клиент Аутодеск хранилище.
Можно также использовать приложение для Autodesk для настольных компьютеров, чтобы установить обновление хранилища 2015.0.9 на каждой рабочей станции.


ВНИМАНИЕ! Несоблюдение этих инструкций может привести к появлению непригодных для использования узлов.

ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ. Перед установкой любых обновлений необходимо убедиться в наличии резервной копии.


Установка исправления

Веб-службу Перезапустите на сервере Аутодеск данных сервера управления (АСУД), введя в командной строке команду iisreset.
Запустите файл 2015.0.9_Server.msp на сервере для установки исправления.
Откройте консоль консоль adms и перенесите все неперенесенные базы данных и библиотеки, перед тем как продолжить.
ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ: если обновление содержит исправления для функций переноса, может потребоваться отсоединить неперенесенные базы данных.
Закройте консоль ЗРК.
Обновление базы данных

Откройте командную строку и перейдите к местоположению установки подключения.ADMSConsole.исполняемый.
Запустите операцию ЗРК b2bmigrate в режиме командной строки:
Пример: Подключение.ADMSConsole.Ехе -Ob2bmigrate -VUadministrator -VPadmin_password -DBUsql_user -DBPsql_password
ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ: замените администратора для параметра -ВП на соответствующий пароль администратора.
Последние два параметра командной строки необходимы, только если пароль системного администратора не является паролем по умолчанию.
По завершении операции переноса b2bmigrate отобразится диалоговое окно "Перенос выполнен успешно".
Если необходимо, откройте консоль консоль adms и подсоедините отсоединенные ранее базы данных.
МНОГОСЕРВЕРНАЯ СРЕДА (репликация файлов)

Установка исправления: применяется к каждому серверу Аутодеск данных сервера управления (АСДУ).

Перезапустите веб-службу, введя в командной строке iisreset.
Запустите файл 2015.0.9_Server.СМП АСУД на сервере для установки исправления.
Повторите предыдущие шаги для каждого сервера ЗРК.
Откройте консоль ЗРК и перенесите все неперенесенные базы данных и библиотеки, перед тем как продолжить.
ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ. Если обновление содержит исправления для функций переноса, может потребоваться отсоединить неперенесенные базы данных.
Закройте консоль ЗРК.
Обновление базы данных: применяется ОДНОКРАТНО для ОДНОГО сервера Аутодеск данных сервера управления (АСДУ).

ПРЕДУПРЕЖДЕНИЕ: НЕ ПРОДОЛЖАЙТЕ до тех пор, пока исправление не будет применено ко всем серверам ЗРК.

Откройте командную строку и перейдите к местоположению установки подключения.ADMSConsole.исполняемый.
Запустите операцию ЗРК b2bmigrate в режиме командной строки:
Пример: Подключение.ADMSConsole.Ехе -Ob2bmigrate - VUadministrator -VPadmin_password -DBUsql_user -DBPsql_password
ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ. Замените администратора для параметра -ВП на соответствующий пароль администратора.
Последние два параметра командной строки необходимы, только если пароль системного администратора не является паролем по умолчанию.
По завершении операции переноса b2bmigrate отобразится диалоговое окно "Перенос выполнен успешно".
Если необходимо, откройте консоль консоль adms и подсоедините отсоединенные ранее базы данных.
СВЯЗАННАЯ РАБОЧАЯ ГРУППА (репликация файлов и в SQL)

Установка исправления: применяется к каждому серверу Аутодеск данных сервера управления (АСДУ) в каждой рабочей группе.

Перезапустите веб-службу, введя в командной строке iisreset.
Запустите файл 2015.0.9_Server.СМП АСУД на сервере для установки исправления.
Повторите предыдущие шаги для каждого сервера ЗРК в каждой рабочей группе.
Откройте любую консоль консоль adms в рабочей группе источника и перенесите все неперенесенные базы данных и библиотеки, перед тем как продолжить.
ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ. Если обновление содержит исправления для функций переноса, может потребоваться отсоединить неперенесенные базы данных.
Закройте консоль ЗРК.
Обновление базы данных: применяется ОДНОКРАТНО для ОДНОГО сервера Аутодеск данных сервера управления (АСДУ) ТОЛЬКО в рабочей группе источника.

ПРЕДУПРЕЖДЕНИЕ! НЕ ПРОДОЛЖАЙТЕ УСТАНОВКУ до тех пор, пока исправление не будет применено ко ВСЕМ серверам ЗРК каждой рабочей группы.

Перед продолжением установки убедитесь, что все рабочие группы находятся в онлайн-режиме и доступны. Не продолжайте до тех пор, пока в диалоговом окне «Статус репликации | Сведения объединения» не отобразится сообщение «Ожидайте 60 с для запроса дальнейших изменений». для каждой реплицированной библиотеки и хранилища.
Откройте командную строку и перейдите к местоположению установки подключения.ADMSConsole.исполняемый.
Запустите операцию ЗРК b2bmigrate в режиме командной строки:
Пример: Подключение.ADMSConsole.Ехе -Ob2bmigrate - VUadministrator -VPadmin_password -DBUsql_user -DBPsql_password
ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ. Замените администратора для параметра -ВП на соответствующий пароль администратора.
Последние два параметра командной строки необходимы, только если пароль системного администратора не является паролем по умолчанию.
По завершении операции переноса b2bmigrate отобразится диалоговое окно "Перенос выполнен успешно".
ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ: процесс переноса может занять некоторое время, так как обновления базы данных должны быть применены к рабочим группам получателя.
Если необходимо, откройте консоль консоль adms и подсоедините отсоединенные ранее базы данных.

Файловый сервер Autodesk VAULT (репликация файла)

Установка исправления: применяется к каждому серверу Аутодеск хранилища файлового сервера (AVFS).

Запустите файл 2015.0.9_AVFS.МСП на сервере AVFS для установки исправления.
Повторите предыдущие шаги для каждого сервера AVFS.
ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ. После установки данного обновления сервера необходимо внести следующие изменения в файл веб.конфиг, чтобы завершить обновление функции отправки ссылки на документ из AVFS.
С помощью Проводника Windows и перейдите к расположению файла веб.конфигурация. Обычно этот файл находится в папке C:\Program файлы\программы Autodesk\хранилище файловый сервер 2015 сервер\\веб\услуги.
Откройте веб-файл.config с помощью текстового редактора.
Найдите раздел <подключение.сеть.перехват.>
Перед подключением.сеть.перехват> добавьте следующий текст.

<перехватывать URL-адрес="/AutodeskDM/услуги/EntityDataCommandRequest.aspx "factory=" Подключение.Сеть.Перехват.InterceptionHanderFactory+Прокси, Подключение.Сервер.Общий>/ "
Выполните команду iisreset /перезапуск из командной строки.

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And even if you just want to transfer your system from an HDD to SSD by copying the disk it is very convenient to use the program EaseUS Partition Master 10.2. Just copy the disc and all. The only disadvantage is that you need to do it on another computer and connect to it and HDD and SSD

replied the topic Disk cloning for a future possible restauration created by DenisLesage 55 days ago

Step 1. We take a backup of the system.
We begin by creating a starting point to which we, if that, suddenly break, can always come back. For the backup is responsible, a simple program Acronis True Image Home, which is easy to find on the Internet.
when we run the label on the desktop and already in the program click on the section "Backups" , where we see the following:
creating an acronis backup
T, e, or your old backups, or just an empty space (if you have never created backups through this program).

Not very long after this, we click on the button "Backup partition", where, if it is possible (ie space allows), then make a clone of the volume with the system as a whole. If something does not work, you can read the article: "Acronis as a tool for creating backups. We learn how to make disk images and restore the system from them. [Acronis]".
While waiting for the end of the backup, in General, you can drink coffee (or whatever you drink or smoke), and then move on to the next item.
Step 2. Building the Foundation.
Perhaps, the most simple point. It involves creating additional folders (or a separate disk volume) to store our programs.
In General, here you can do it yourself. Handle what? It's simple, for example, on volume D:\ create two new folders: Program Files 2 and Program Files Old (or with any other names you understand).
The first folder we need to install there all the new programs that we do not want to keep on the SSD, and the second folder for those programs that are now installed on our computer and that we, again, do not want to see in the future on the SSD-drive.
In General, now, not very long thinking, brew more tea and stomp on.
Step 3. Clean the system.
Here at this point, we "stick" for a long time. As, actually, at the time of moving within this article, my disk with:\ was 160 GB in size (from which it was free slightly less than 60 GB) so will not will it was necessary to take a broom in hand and to begin General uninstallation.
Let's start with a simple, namely CCleaner, which clean all temporary files and other stuff. If you do not know how to do all this, then we have a special article for that: "Cleaning the registry, temporary files and "traces" after removing the programs [CCleaner + RegSeeker]". On top of CCleaner'a can also walk utilities company Wise
Then of course more difficult, namely we need to run Driver Sweeper and they have to kill all the old and unnecessary drivers.

uninstalling drivers using driver sweeper
The main thing here is not to overdo it and not to remove excess.
Further – more. Go to the path "control Panel – Programs and features" and there is a long+tedious, but also mercilessly the three all not very needed programs (they are understood, roughly speaking those that You have not run it for a month, ie the first program is not necessary). In my experience I would say that such software is "garbage" is the place to be on virtually any computer.
programs and features, uninstall programs
Naturally, even after destroying all the garbage, we will most likely not reach the cherished 45 GB (and our goal, at least for the SSD declared above for 60 GB, is just that, because it is impossible to completely clog the disk). But.. Here we resort to our "secret" weapons, namely the wonderful utility SteamMover.
The program is completely free, does not require installation and generally very easy to manage.
Installation, again, is not required - just unzip the downloaded archive and run the program from its folder.
As for the use, the left side, three points, choose where to transfer, and the right side, three points, where to transfer.

transfer programs
Next from the list is to choose what it will carry and click on the arrow in the lower left corner.
transferring apps using Steam Mover
However, not everything can be transferred safely, and consequently it is not necessary. For example, browsers and drivers is better not to touch, as all other programs to which plug-ins are connected-extensions and other appendages. The same applies to, say, office from Microsoft (Microsoft) and such heavyweights as anti-viruses+firewalls. But even with these restrictions, we try not to touch too much and there is nothing not constipation can achieve good results.
In case this is not enough for you, there is something else that you can and should do, namely move the contents of your desktop, my documents, downloads and all this kind of folders to another drive.
I think that you will cope with this procedure independently, the benefit is not necessary even any specific software and everything can be made hands, the benefit the desktop, downloads, documents and other are perfectly available and open for Your intervention.
If you do not get into the goal, you have something to remove.. You know better than that.
That's the longest paragraph is finished, and I hope that everyone passed without much trouble, because this is the stage where here to destroy the normal operation of the system, but.. It's not for nothing that we made a backup with You ;)

Step 4. Copy or move the system volume.
It happened, there was a little, namely: long-awaited copying / moving of a volume of a disk.
After the installation, which will not be a big deal for You, we are launching "Acronis Disk Director 11 Home":
Next, do all the items, and then the program will execute them all in turn:
Initialization of the SSD. When we just connected our drive (when off, of course, the computer) it is not ready to work and it must first be initialized. There is nothing complicated there-just click the right mouse button and select "Initialization" if it did not happen automatically;
Change the size of the system volume. This is done very simply: select the disk and, in the appropriate menu on the left, select the desired item, and there is already customize our volume to the size of the SSD;
Moving Tom. All the same menu on the left, but this time a different item. It's simple, and if difficult, you can rely on the screenshots below, though you only need to choose where to move anything;
Create a new volume from the free space on the previous system disk or expand it with, say, the same disk D:\.

That's all she wrote. And now click the button " Run " in the upper left corner and, with patience, wait, because the process is quite long. If suddenly for some reason will give an error, it means that something you did, when you cleaned the system and will likely have to roll back to the backup, and then repeat the process a little more accurate.

Step 5. Optimize SSD performance.
Feel how the system has become loaded faster? Roofing felts still will be, when we optimize our SSDS. How to do this, I will not tell, because there is already a great article on this topic "Optimizing the system to work with SSD drive. Windows settings."We read, do and enjoy the result.
Step 6. Install the necessary programs.
I think this paragraph needs no comment :)
Step 7. We make a backup copy of the working system.
You have come this hard way, and therefore we have only to secure the result of creating a backup of the system, so you can always deploy it in working order without unnecessary movements.. Well, how to do it, you already know.

Summing up, I want to say that:
Yes, it was difficult for someone;
Yes, it was wise;
Yes, it was a long time and it is possible that for many this was a painful series of trial and error.
But, anyway, it was useful.
After all thanks to this experience we, hope, all understood that to take and establish-to adjust something from scratch, most likely it would be much easier and less wasteful from nerves and time. On the other hand, we are not always looking for easy and simple ways, because in the process we learn, gain irreplaceable experience and so on.

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Trial trial the latest official version You can download here

replied the topic Buying things online. created by GoGlass 58 days ago

I want to share my experience. I'm not going to write about buying clothes, and write about committing to larger purchases via the Internet.

Of course I have the advantage, I live in the capital. And in order to see the selected product with my own eyes I just go to any hardware store. You may ask, why then buy on the Internet? That's the question I try to answer.

Well, first, the biggest advantage is saving money. In online stores products are much cheaper.

Third, I came across such a" non-Intrusive service " as connection.
In particular, the washing machine. Some conventional stores do not give a guarantee if the washer does not connect their specialist. The cost of connection varies from 150 UAH to ... how much conscience is enough.

What is there to connect? Cold water and draining? We hooked it up just fine. When buying over the Internet, this problem is not worth it. Warranty card issued and all.

However, some types of household appliances are completely absent in stores. For example, the technique of "Kaiser". I really wanted a gas stove of this brand, but in an ordinary store could not find. I had to take risks and buy on the Internet on the picture. However it is not mounted, but so beautiful.
For me, the most important advantage of this brand is the grill on the cooking surface. They are cast iron and densely spread. You can put the dishes of any size. For example, ditocco for coffee... Or a small saucepan for baby food.

But it happens that not everything can be bought cheaper via the Internet.
While searching for a hydromassage box, I first looked on the Internet. But how can you see something in one little picture?

I had to go shopping to see it with my own eyes. And as a result, the hydrobox was bought in a specialized store and is much cheaper than a similar model on the Internet.That kasaetsya other purchases on the Internet they are fully justified.I successfully bought all smartphones,tablet and laptop, which serve me for a long time.First, I looked at the real user reviews who have already bought this product, and secondly, I was in no hurry to buy electronics until I was convinced of its full functionality.In any case, you need to know your rights in each online store.This is useful to return the money in case of failure of the goods, as well as guaranteed repairs.Not be lazy to look on the Internet whether there is a firm serving and carrying out guaranteed repair of your future goods.

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how to properly and competently remove Ubuntu from your computer. I hope you are removing not because you decided to give up Linux at all, but because you are interested in some other distribution, for example-Gentoo Linux.
So, let's start. Consider two options-Ubuntu is functional and not functional.
1) Removal of a healthy how to properly and correctly remove Ubuntu from your computer. I hope you are removing Ubuntu not because you decided to give up Linux at all, but because you are interested in some other distribution, for example-Gentoo Linux.
So, let's start. Consider two options-Ubuntu is functional and not functional.
1) working Here is also 2 options - a) in addition to Ubuntu you have installed some other operating system, like Windows. b) Ubuntu is the only operating system on your computer
a) first we need to boot into it. Then execute the command
sudo gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg
and delete it the entry for Ubuntu
Reboot and see-Ubuntu is missing from the list of available operating systems. Consider, you've removed it. To use the space it occupied, you need to format the disk on which it was installed in the NTFS file system. After formatting, you will need to restore the Windows bootloader. This can be done, for example, as follows:
-- Run Windows Recovery Console (for Example, as described on the Microsoft website
-- Run the fixmbr and fixboot C: commands .
b) if Ubuntu is the only system, you just need to install, for example, Windows on your computer. Here, too, 2 options-A) in addition to Ubuntu you have some other operating system, such as Windows. b) Ubuntu is the only operating system on your computer
a) first we need to boot into it. Then execute the command
sudo gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg
and delete it the entry for Ubuntu
Reboot and see-Ubuntu is missing from the list of available operating systems. Consider, you've removed it. To use the space it occupied, you need to format the disk on which it was installed in the NTFS file system. After formatting, you will need to restore the Windows bootloader. This can be done, for example, as follows:
-- Run Windows Recovery Console (for Example, as described on the Microsoft website
-- Run the fixmbr and fixboot C: commands .
b) if Ubuntu is the only system, you just need to install, for example, Windows on your computer

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You will not be able to recover unsaved data in case of power outages.Therefore, a simple way not to lose data by turning off the power supply of your computer is to feed it through uninterrupted power supply.Purchase a separate uninterruptible power supply.It will protect your computer from voltage fluctuations in your power supply and will give the opportunity to finish your work even in case of complete absence of power.In General, the recovery is possible only saved pages using -this is a service that stores cached copies of almost all Internet projects. If the resource is not young, it should be there.

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To create a root directory in the virtual machine settings you need to remove the hard drive with the old path and then Add a new hard drive -> Select an existing one and specify the location of the new hard drive.

replied the topic VirtualBox / VirtualDisk / Root Partition Missing created by DenisLesage 61 days ago

A virtual hard disk is a special type of file that is stored in the file system of your computer's OS.You can choose from three options in this program:

Do not mount the virtual hard disk — you can mount the virtual hard disk after you create the virtual machine
Create a new hard disk-a new virtual hard disk will be created
Use an existing virtual hard disk-a previously created virtual hard disk will be attached to the virtual machine
VirtualBox recommends the size of the hard drive for a particular operating system.
To create a new virtual disk, click on the "Create"button.

In the next window, you will need to select the virtual hard disk type. You can choose from the following disk formats (virtual containers):

VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) — a disk format VirtualBox
VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk) disk format VMware
VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) — format disk Microsoft
HDD (Parallels Hard Disk) — format disk Parallels
QED (QEMU enhanced disk) is a format for QEMU/KVM
QCOW (QEMU Copy-On-Write) format for QEMU (qcow2)
If you only use VirtualBox to create and run virtual machines, you can leave the default selection: VDI format. Disks of this format will be opened in the Virtual Box program.

The VMDK format is suitable if you will be using a VMware Player virtual machine, or VMware Workstation. By creating a virtual machine in VirtualBox, selecting the VMDK virtual disk type, you will be able to run this virtual machine with the operating system installed in the future, not only in VirtualBox, but also in another VMware production program.

After selecting the disk type, click on the "Next"button.

hard disk type

Next, you will need to choose the storage format: dynamic or fixed.

A dynamic hard disk file will take up little space on your computer's physical hard disk. As the data is filled in, it will increase to the limit.

A fixed hard disk file will take up the entire size of the virtual hard disk at once.

storage format

In the new window, you will need to specify the name and file size of the virtual hard disk.

In the name field, you will need to write the name of the virtual hard disk. I always specify meaningful names for the virtual machines in order to have the ability to easily distinguish files of the virtual containers from each other.

By default, all virtual machine files will be saved in the user profile on the "C" drive of your real computer. I recommend doing something else: create a special folder in another (non-system) partition of your computer's disk (I have it called Virtual Machines), where you can store virtual machine files.

If the virtual machine files are stored in the user profile on the system drive, then if you reinstall the operating system, the previously created virtual machines will be lost. You will need to re-create the virtual machine and then install the operating system there.

Files saved on another partition of the hard drive or on another hard drive will be saved if the system is reinstalled. After installing the virtualization software (VirtualBox or VMware) on the computer, you will only need to connect and run previously created virtual machines with operating systems.

To select the virtual machine storage folder, use the icon with the folder button. In the Explorer window, select the disk and folder where you want to store the virtual machine data.

Then, on the scale, specify the size of the virtual hard disk in megabytes. To do this, drag the slider to the desired location that suits your needs. After selecting the settings, click on the "Create"button.

The virtual machine is created. This will open the main window of "Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager" with the newly created virtual machine.

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