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replied the topic Best modem router??? created by Izeli1865

To get high-quality Internet in the absence of fast wired connection (when the cable network is not at all or it is too slow), you can use wireless routers that support the 4G format. However, such a device can only be connected to one computer or laptop. And, if you want to provide access to the network to users of several gadgets – from PC to smartphone with Wi-Fi.

The 4G wireless modem accesses the network by means of the phone SIM card installed in it. And, if your area has 4G coverage, it can be used not only to surf the Internet, but also to listen to music, watch movies and work with resource-intensive applications online.

In conjunction with a router that allows you to connect a 4G modem via USB input, this device provides a speed not only not less, but even better compared to a conventional wired network.

It should be noted that even the absence of 4G coverage does not always become an obstacle to the purchase of a modem that supports this technology and a suitable router. Over time, high-speed communication will appear almost everywhere – in any locality and district.

And, while there is no 4G coverage, the same set of equipment is quite suitable for stable operation with 3G-connection. After all, although it is noticeably inferior to the capabilities of the new generation, but also provides a speed of up to 1-2 Mbit/s.

4G modem + Wi-Fi router
4G Internet connection at home, office or any room.

Popular routers with 4G modem support
Now on the market you can find a lot of routers that support 4G-modem connection and thus allow you to use to transfer mobile Internet to devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets without SIM-cards. And even give it to mobile gadgets, providing high-speed communication surrounding.

However, some models are in great demand than others: some, thanks to decent technical characteristics, others – at the expense of affordable prices.

TP-LINK TL-WR1045ND is an inexpensive device with good signal amplification
Model TL-WR1045ND is a device that has the feature and functionality of both wireless routers and conventional 4-port switches. The device is able to provide data transfer at speeds up to 450 Mbit/s and connects to both printers and storage devices (external HDD and flash drives). And it is easy to configure with the supplied drive to the router.

The router allows you to protect information by pressing just one button – WPS. With its help, data becomes protected by WPA2 technology. And, thanks to the ability to determine the priority of the downloaded information, the bandwidth is evenly distributed among the most important data.

While downloading less valuable information, such as app updates, is partially limited.

Technical parameters:

operating frequency: 2.4 GHz;
transmission speed (wifi/LAN) Mbps: 450/1000;
gain: 15 dBi;
number of antennas: 3;
price: from 3000 rubles.
Router with 4G modem support

D-Link DIR-825/ACF – functional and reliable
Connecting to a 4G network using a d-Link router DIR-825/ACF and a modem that supports this technology makes it possible to:
get Internet access at speeds up to 1167 Mbps (300+867);
use any media connected to the router as a network drive;
print from the network by connecting a printer to the device (one of the models supported by DIR-825/ACF);
protect information on security technologies such as WPA, WPA2, and WEP);
create a so-called "guest" Wi-Fi network with individual settings and speed limit.
The model is equipped with a network screen that allows you to minimize the likelihood of hacking your network and other fraudsters. While the intuitive settings and the function of automatically searching for software updates on the D-Link server make it easier to work with the router.

The parameters of the device:
data transmission: wireless from 1167 Mbit/s, wired – from 1 Gbit/s;
operating frequencies: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz;
number of antennas: 2;
gain: 10 dBi;
Router with 4G modem support
D-Link DIR-825/AC – good speed at affordable cost
The router DIR-825/AC/G1, manufactured by a well-known router manufacturer, provides an impressive 867 Mbps speed for wireless connections. No less speed is obtained for wired devices – sharing is provided at the level of 1 Gbit/s. This is more than enough for watching video on the network, and for video conferencing, and for games – and, from several devices.

In fact, thanks to this device, you can easily connect to the Internet at least 10 users, providing them with enough traffic for any purpose.

It is worth noting such a possibility as working in 2 bands – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. As a result, the device can transmit information at a total speed of 300+867 = 1167 Mbit/s.

At the same time, the router, like most other popular models, connects to both the printer and USB-stick, supports several security protocols and is equipped with a network screen.

And still able to disconnect from the Internet devices connected via Wi-Fi, leaving a wired connection. The only drawback of the model can be called a relatively small signal gain, despite the presence of 2 antennas.

Device settings:

Wi-Fi data transfer rate: up to 1167 Mbps;
LAN speed: up to 1000 Mbps;
operating frequency: 2.4 GHz and 5GHz;
gain: 4-6 dBi;
number of antennas: 2;
Router with 4G modem support

ASUS RT-AC51U – technology for high-speed wireless connection
Another router, operating in 2 bands, supports data transfer rates up to 733 Mbit/s – 433 of them at a frequency of 5 GHz, and 300 at 2.4 GHz. The model is characterized by an increased area of action, almost complete absence of "dead zones" and stable operation. The printer and external drives can be connected to the router.

A small drawback could be called the maximum speed of data transmission over a wired connection of only 100 Mbit/s. On the other hand, this is more than enough for simultaneous operation of 4 devices (a larger number of connect via wires will not work).

Main parameters:

data transfer rate: wireless – up to 733 Mbit/s, wired – 100 Mbit/s;
frequency: 2.4 GHz and 5GHz;
gain: 10 dBi;
number of antennas: 2;
Router with 4G modem support

ASUS RT-AC1200G+– stylish design at high speed
Router ASUS RT-AC1200G+ – a device that provides information transfer speed over Wi-Fi up to 1167 Mbit/s – 867 in the range of 5 GHz, another 400 – at a frequency of 2.44 GHz. Thanks to the technology of AiRadar, the router has a significant coverage area, so it provides Internet access to large rooms and even entire houses.

The device is equipped with a parental control function that allows you to limit access to unwanted resources is not a separate device connected to ASUS RT-AC1200G+, and all at once. And, thanks to the built-in media server, the router transmits media files to all connected devices – so you can organize, for example, broadcast a movie.

Device features:

data transmission: wireless – up to 1167 Mbit/s (867+300), wired – 100 Mbit/s;
device operating frequency: 2.4 GHz and 5GHz;
signal gain: 20 dBi;
number of antennas: 4;
Router with 4G modem support

ASUS RT-AC87U – the most stylish and fast model
High speed of information transfer RT-AC87U combined with the original appearance and good gain, due to the configuration of 4 antennas. The maximum performance of the device is 2334 Mbit/s, as a result of which it can be called the most powerful router on the market today.

The coverage area of the device reaches 465 sq. m. – more than 30% more than standard routers. This allows you to build a wireless network even in a fairly high and long multi-storey building.

Another unique feature is the support of 300 thousand connections at the same time. Due to this, the router provides not only the connection of a significant number of users, but also the download of any number of files.

Technology Time Machine provides a backup of information from Apple devices. And for the convenience of data storage, you can connect icloud 2.0 cloud storage to the router.

The main parameters of the router:
speed: Wi-Fi – up to 1734 Mbit/s, LAN – 1000 Mbit/s;
a signal gain: 20 dBi;
number of antennas: 4;

16 days ago
replied the topic PowerPoint does not open ppt file created by Yaremda

If the program flatly refuses to open it, gives errors and so on. You need to understand.The reasons for the failure of

First, you should consider the list of reasons for the failure of the document to prevent subsequent relapses.

Error when extracting
The most common cause of document failure. Usually occurs if the presentation was edited on a flash drive, which is in the process or was disconnected from the computer, or just moved away from the contact. However, the document was not saved and closed properly. Very often the file is broken.

Carrier failure
The similar reason, only with the document everything was normal, but the device carrier failed. Many files may be lost, inaccessible, or broken, depending on the nature of the problem. Repair stick rarely allows you to return the document to life.

The virus
There is a wide range of malware that targets certain types of files. Often these are simply MS Office documents. And such viruses can cause global damage and malfunction of files. If the user is lucky, and the virus only blocks the normal operation of the documents, after healing the computer, they can earn.

System error
No one is immune from the banal failure of the process of running PowerPoint, or something else. This is especially true for owners of pirated operating system and MS Office package. Be that as it may, in the practice of each PC user there is an experience of such problems.

Specific problem
There are a number of other conditions under which a PPT file may be damaged or unavailable. As a rule, these are specific problems that occur so rarely that they relate to almost isolated cases.

One example is the failure of processing media files inserted into a presentation from an online resource. As a result, when you start viewing the document, everything just snapped, the computer froze, and after restarting the presentation stopped running. According to the analysis of experts from Microsoft, the reason was the use of overly complex and incorrectly formed links to images on the Internet, which was supplemented by the incorrect functioning of the resource itself.

As a result, it all comes down to one thing – the document either does not open in PowerPoint, or gives an error.

Document recovery
Fortunately, there is specialized SOFTWARE to bring the presentation back to life. Consider the most popular of all possible list.

The name of this program is PowerPoint Repair Toolbox. This SOFTWARE is designed to decrypt the content code of the damaged presentation. You can also apply to a fully functional presentation.
The main disadvantage is that this program is not a magic wand that will just bring the presentation back to life. PowerPoint Repair Toolbox will simply decrypt the document content data and provide the user for further editing and distribution.

What the system is able to return to the user:

Restored main body of the presentation with the original number of slides;
Design elements used for decoration;
Text information;
Created objects (shapes);
Inserted media files (not always and not all, as usually they suffer from damage in the first place).
As a result, the user will be able to simply re-compose the data and Supplement them if necessary. When working with a large and complex presentation, this can save a lot of time. If the demonstration contained 3-5 slides, it is easier to do everything again yourself.

The use of PowerPoint Repair Toolbox
Now it is necessary to consider in detail the process of restoring a damaged presentation. Previously, it is necessary to say that the full version of the program is required for full operation – the basic free demo version has significant limitations: no more than 5 media files, 3 slides and 1 chart are restored. The restrictions apply only to this content, the functionality and the procedure itself are not changed.

When starting, you need to specify the path to the damaged and broken presentation, and then click "Next".
The beginning of recovery-PowerPoint Repair Toolbox

The program will analyze the presentation and analyze it in pieces, after which you will need to click on the "Submit" button to go into data editing mode.
Send a presentation to work

The document will be restored. Initially, the system will try to recreate the main body of the presentation – the initial number of slides, the text on them, the inserted media files.
Restoration example of a slide

Some images and video sequences will not be available in the main presentation. If they survived, the system will create and open a folder where all additional information is stored. From here you can again make their placement.
As you can see, the program does not restore the design, but it is able to compensate for almost all used in decorating files, including background images. If this is not a critical issue, you can choose a new design. Also, it's not terrible in a situation where the built-in theme was originally used.
After manual recovery, you can save the document in the usual way and close the program.
If the document was massive and contained a significant amount of information, this method is indispensable and makes it convenient to resurrect the damaged file.

It is worth Recalling once again that the success of the recovery depends on the degree of damage to the source. If the loss of data was significant, even the program will not help. So it is best to observe the basic safety-it will help to save energy, time and nerves in the future.

16 days ago
replied the topic Disable hibernate in windows created by Professor13

Disable hibernate on Windows 7
There are three ways to disable hibernation on a Windows 7 computer.

The simplest of these is to shut down via the command line. For this:

Go to the "start" menu, enter in the "Command line" and open it. If by default it opens without administrator rights, you need to close the window and find the Command line select " Run as administrator "in the settings. Or call a string by pressing Win and R at the same time. Command line W7
In the corresponding line write "powercfg -h off" and finish the process by pressing Enter on the computer.To Run W7
The second way is to remove hibernation using the control panel.

Go to the "start" and through it to the desired section — "control Panel".The control panel of W7
Select the tab "power supply".Power Supply W7
From the menu, select "power plan setup".The select a power plan W7
Click "Change additional power settings" and go further by pressing the Sleep button.Configuring the W7 power plan
On the contrary both options (on battery and plugged in) put a 0 and press OK.Additional options W7
The third way is to disable hibernation through the registry.

Open the registry and write "regedit". Go to the next step by pressing OK button.The opening of the registry
There is a large window where you must select "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" and then "System".Opening System
Select "CurrentControlSet" — "Control".Control Selection
Next we find "Power".Choose Power
Select the file "Hiberfilesizeperkent" and enter 0 in the opened line.Changing the HiberFileSizePercent parameter
Select the file "HibernateEnabled" and just enter 0.
We confirm the performed actions by pressing OK. It is better to restart the computer for the changes to take effect.
Remove hibernation on Windows 8
On a PC with Windows 8 installed, you can also remove hibernation in 3 ways.
The first and fastest of these is disabling via the command line.

By pressing Win and R or through the "start" open a command prompt window.
Enter "powercfg.exe -h off" and click OK. (See screenshots for Windows 7)
Hibernation is disabled. If for some reason this method is not available or you cannot disable the mode, you can use the second method — using the control panel.

Go to the desired section through the "start" panel and select the "System and security"tab.W8 control panel
Click on the item "power", where you can also configure the sleep mode.Power Supply W8
The next step is to select "Power button actions".Selection of power buttons
Click "Change settings that are currently unavailable".Setting the power buttons
At the bottom of the window in the window "hibernation" put a tick and click Save changes.System settings
Now, in addition to sleep mode and shutdown in the start menu, hibernation is also available.
The third method is the removal of the regime through the registry. To do this, do the same operations as for Windows 7.

Disable hibernation on Windows 10
You can disable hibernation on Windows 10 in the same way as on other operating systems.

Similarly, Windows 8 open a command prompt and enter a familiar command and click OK.

The control panel opens similarly to Windows 7, and all steps are the same as on both previous operating systems.

Registry in Windows 10 open simultaneously pressing Win and R. Here, each step is similar to the process carried out with Windows 7 and 8.

If you delete the hibernation mode on a laptop or PC with Windows 10 or earlier versions did not work, you should recheck the correctness of the performed operations. Perhaps the sequence of steps was inaccurate or you used the wrong operating system. If the steps are correct, you should check the BIOS settings. The problem may be in the function settings turning off the computer using hibernation hibernation by the full completion of the work. If the settings are incorrect, you must correct them. But since the BIOS on computers of different manufacturers is different, you should get acquainted with the principle of this program on the right computer.

If hibernation is enabled on the laptop, no matter which version of Windows is Windows 7, 8, or 10, the hiberfils folder will be present on the system.sys, which takes up a large amount of disk space. If you use only sleep mode or turn off the computer completely and there is no need for hibernation, it is optimal to turn off this mode. This will free up a large amount of memory that can be used more usefully.

The hiberfils folder.sys is located on the hard disk and usually takes up to several gigabytes of space. Having come across a file with such size, any user asks questions — what is it and what is it for? Those who use hibernation know that the folder should occupy this space. Typically, the file size is the same as the RAM size. So, if the memory is 2 GB, the file size is hiberfils.sys will be the same. You can delete a folder if you use sleep mode most often.

Remember that simple deletion of the file hiberfils.sys will not disable hibernation on the computer.

19 days ago
replied the topic How do you payout on this very platform? created by FoggyLight Click here to download the app. Link for transfer of funds is the same.

19 days ago
replied the topic Update BIOS ACER created by Zizi

In my opinion, it is best described here You only need to enable your translator on your browser.if the text is not in English.

20 days ago
replied the topic Tool for Create logo created by Alexanderas237

20 free tools for creating logos

1 oberlo
This simple and intuitive online service offers a rich selection of icons, four layout options, 13 fonts and the ability to change the color of the text. You can get the finished logo by e-mail.

Language: English

2 logaster

In Logaster you can create a logo in 4 simple steps. First, enter the name of your company and specify the industry. After that, select the design you like, edit the colors, text or icon. Save the resulting logo. The small size picture can be downloaded for free, the high resolution image will cost $9.99.

Language: Russian

3 canva
You've probably already heard about Canva. With this great tool you can create not only pictures for social networks, but also logos. Understand the interface of the program is not difficult. Canva offers more than 100 templates: there are plenty to choose from. Another great news – you can download the finished logo in high resolution for free. And if you are uncomfortable to work on the computer, use the mobile application.

Language: Russian

3 logomaker
Ucraft is a website Builder that offers a free tool for creating logos. Here you will find a wide selection of icons, shapes and fonts. To download the finished design in high resolution, you need to register.

Language: Russian

Find out which logos bring success to companies.

4 logomakr
This free logo creation tool features an intuitive interface. However, it does not boast the same broad functionality as the tools described above. Only the low-resolution logo can be downloaded for free.

Language: English

6 hipsterlogenerator
In 5 easy steps Hipster Logo Generator will help you create a stunning logo. It doesn't offer many icons, so it's better to choose this tool for text design. Picture 600 x 500 pixels, you can download for free. For high resolution images you need to pay $5.00.

Language: English

7 logomakermarkmaker
Enter your company name and MarkMaker will offer you many logo options. Like the options you like and the tool will offer you only the most suitable designs. Once you find what you're looking for, edit the logo and download it to your computer for free.

Language: English

8 freeonlinelogomakertool
Just enter your company name and choose an industry. The tool will offer you logo templates. You can also start developing your design from scratch. To do this, click the “start”button. Only a small image can be downloaded for free.

Language: English

9 freeonlinelogomakervectr
Vectr is the basic version of GIMP. It is not necessary to be a designer to create a logo in this editor, but it will be more difficult to understand it than in the options described above. The main advantage of this program – you can work with it online, as well as free download to your computer. The tool also offers a live editing function, thanks to which you will be able to work on the project together with other team members. The finished design in high resolution can be downloaded for free.

Language: English

10 freeonlinefoundrytool
With Logo Foundry you can create a logo directly on your iPhone or tablet. The application is aimed at both professionals and people with no experience. It offers a choice of more than 3000 characters and icons and wide text customization options. You can download the finished logo in PNG or JPG formats.

Language: English

11 logojoy
With Logojoy you can create a stunning logo. The tool offers many styles to choose from. To see the maximum number of options, you need to enter your contact information.

Language: English

12 logo3d
Design Free Logo is a tool for creating 3D logos. You can choose from a variety of templates and customize the design to your needs. This service will allow you to stand out from the competition and attract attention.

Language: English

13 logocreativemarket
If you are unable to find a suitable tool, you can create a logo in Photoshop using ready-made templates. On Envato and Creative Market, you can choose from a huge range of designs. However, you can't do without image editing skills to work with templates.

Language: English

That's exactly how not to do it. Examples of the most unsuccessful logos we have collected here.

14 design-hill-1024x571
With Designhill you can create a professional logo for your business for free. Thousands of companies and designers use this crowdsourcing platform every day. Choose the right logo and customize the colors, fonts and text as you like. The main advantage of this site – here you can organize a competition to create a logo for your company, bringing together as a result of the unique work of professionals.

Language: English

15 Free-Logo-Maker
Graphic Springs is another handy tool for creating logos. Just enter the company name and slogan, specify the category and choose the appropriate logo. The service also gives you the opportunity to create a design from scratch. You can use the tool for free, but to download the finished logo, you will need to pay $19.99.

Language: Russian

16 Logo-Design
Founded in 2011, Logo Garden is a free logo creation tool. It offers hundreds of templates for a wide variety of industries. Here you can create a logo design for business cards, websites, t-shirts, mugs, smartphones and any other placement options.

Language: English

17 Logo-design-logo
Another creative logo designer is Logo Genie. It has a clear interface and a wide range of settings. You can work in the program for free, but you will have to pay $19.90 to download the logos.

Language: English

18 logotypemaker
With Logo Type Maker you can create a logo in minutes. Just enter the name of your company, choose your favorite option and adjust the settings to your liking. You can download the finished design for $24.99.

Language: Russian

19 Logo-Design-_-Free-Logo
LogoYes is easy to use. With this tool you will be able to create a professional logo. You will have to pay only when you are completely satisfied with the result. The cost is only $0.99, quite affordable.

Language: English

20 logo
This IOS app is free, clear and convenient. With it, you can create professional logos on the go.

Language: English

5 logomaker
In this editor, you can create logos from text and symbols. Its main advantage is the ability to upload your own images. Logo up to 500 pixels can be downloaded for free, for a file in high resolution will have to pay.

Language: English

Additional tool
Paletton is a great tool for finding the perfect color combinations. You can also use a Chrome extension that helps you identify colors on web pages.

Learn how to choose the best colors for your brand from this article.

Noun Project is a website that offers many icons for free download.

Pay attention to the collection of text logos and 30 stunning logos with cats.

Also take note of 13 logo design trends and 9 leading graphic design trends 2018.

With the tools listed above, you can create a professional logo in a couple of minutes and save a lot of money

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replied the topic Reduce the size of images created by Boraki

23 days ago
replied the topic Error xapofx1_5.dll created by Izeli1865

Step 1: Register XAPOFX1_5.dll manually with the server registration in the Microsoft
Orashi 2: Fix incorrect registry entry for XAPOFX1_5.dll
Step 3: Delete or restore the XAPOFX1_5 file.dll from the Windows Recycle bin
Orashi 4: run a full scan of your computer with malware
Orashi 5: Update the device drivers on your computer
Orashi 6: Utilize Windows system Restore to "Undo" recent system changes
Step 7: Uninstall and reinstall the Microsoft® DirectX for Windows® program associated with XAPOFX1_5.dll
Step 8: Run the Windows system file checker ("sfc /scannow")
Orashi 9: Install all available Windows updates
Orashi 10: Perform a clean installation of Windows

More about it is written here

23 days ago
replied the topic Dark mode in windows 10 created by Pele233

Night mode for Windows is enabled in the operating system settings.

Enter the start menu, then settings, then System. The Display option appears first in the list.

Here, in the "Color" setting, you can immediately turn on the "Night light", or click on the link in the "night light settings" for further settings of the night light monitor.

How to configure night mode

In tinctures "Night light settings" there is a button "Turn on now" to turn on the night mode. Screens emit a blue color, which makes it difficult to sleep at night. When the "Night light" is on, warmer tones are displayed.

By default, night mode is disabled until sunset (21:00) and then turns on and will run until sunrise (7:00).

With the slider, moving it on the scale of "Color temperature at night", empirically adjust and select the most appropriate option for a night light monitor.

The user can independently schedule the time when night mode is turned on and when to turn off night mode in Windows 10. To do this, in the "Schedule" setting, you need to turn on the "night color Planning"switch.

If your computer is running a location service, the system may automatically turn on night mode at certain hours, depending on the user's place of residence.

Many users, for greater security, disable the operating system configuration to determine the location. In this case, the user sets the time to turn on and off the night mode.

Click the mouse cursor on the numbers, select the appropriate hours and minutes to turn on and off the "Night light".

How to disable night mode
Night mode is disabled in the "Screen"settings. In the night light setting, turn the switch to Off.

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replied the topic Laptop control with phone created by Zlatane735

10 computer management applications from your Android phone Microsoft allows users to access your computer running Windows 10 through your phone. Remote connection to the office PC — a great opportunity at any time and from any place not just to connect to a working computer, but also to do with it remotely anything. And not getting out of bed, sitting behind the wheel of a car or in a tent on the river Bank. There are several programs on Android with which you can control your computer via your smartphone via WiFi, Bluetooth or any available Internet connection. In this review we have collected the best of them! PC Remote PC Remoteотличается a large number of useful features. In addition to the usual keyboard and mouse, you can work with Powerpoint and Excel, control the camera and music. The application uses Windows remote desktop to transfer the contents of the system screen to the display of your smartphone. PC Remote integrates more than 25 console games that can be played with a touchpad. Supports different types of game consoles. TeamViewer is probably the most popular and reliable program to work with. There is also a desktop version with which you can access from one computer to another. It has rich functionality. It is very easy to copy files from the gadget to the PC and back. To connect your smartphone to your desktop using TeamViewer, use your existing user ID and password. Setting up is very simple, even poorly versed in computer technology people can easily cope with all the stages of installation and launch of the application. The download link is located at the top of the official TeamViewer page. Once the app is installed and running, a window appears with the user ID and password to enter this data in the app on Android. The user who controls the computer transmits the ID and then the password to the person who wants to access the PC remotely. After a couple of seconds, a virtual bridge will be created and the smartphone display will display the desktop interface. At this point, you can move the cursor around the screen, select and open files, in a word, fully control the computer at the other end. Microsoft Remote Desktop How could we forget the good old Microsoft Remote Desktop? At least Windows 10 users will clearly not have compatibility issues, since the application is from the same company as the operating system. Despite the fact that you do not need to install a client server on your computer, you still need to perform some simple manipulations. On Windows 7 and 8, go to control Panel, select the System and security category, then system. Here in the left panel click on the line "remote access settings". Check "Allow remote assistance to connect to this computer". You can set the "Allow connections only from computers that are running a network-authenticated desktop" option, and create a list of users that you want to allow access to. In case of failures during the communication session, you can try to disable authentication at the network level. Chrome Remote Desktop chrome Remote desktop is an administration tool from Google. To control your Windows 10 PC from a distance, you'll need an additional chrome browser plug-in and a Google account. One of the most interesting features of the utility is the presence of perfectly debugged screen sharing function. Many people consider Chrome Remote Desktop a very useful tool, as it is very practical and user-friendly. You can work in the application with a touchpad or mouse. To get started, you need to log in to your Google Crhome profile. VNC Viewer VNC Viewer is often used in commercial structures for remote work with different operating systems. Most IT professionals working with a remote desktop of an office computer using a phone do it in VNC Viewer. Unified Remote Unified Remoteсвязывается with a PC via Bluetooth or WiFi. Includes support for over 75 programs. Not only supports Windows, but also Linux and Mac. Essentially, Unified Remote turns your phone into a universal remote. Additional keyboards such as SwiftKey and Swipe are supported. You can download the free version with limited functionality or access all the features of the utility after a one-time payment. Linkдля Remote Link Remote connect to the computer uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It has a large number of additional features. For example, the Joystick Mode allows you to use your phone as a joystick for games, you can use one button to restart your computer or turn off completely. For beginners, the application may seem quite complicated, so it is recommended to choose a more experienced users. Splashtop 2 Splashtop 2— high-performance program has a number of advantages, including a high degree of protection. Great for games, especially racing simulators. Splashtop 2 is also popular among IT professionals. Administrators and software engineers often use it to access client machines. A free trial is available, but a paid version is recommended. DroidMote DroidMote— another great development, especially if you want to treat yourself to desktop games on the device. DroidMote supports Android, Linux and Windows. The program is very friendly to gamers. Compatible with Android TV. This system has already been appreciated by professional gamers. Although for ordinary manipulation she not so good, there is options and better idea. KiwiMote KiwiMoteактивируется via WiFi. The computer and the phone must be connected to the same access point or router. You may need a QR code or Pin to connect. For the correct operation you will need to install Java. Users claim that kiwimote has the most sensitive gamepad and mouse. You can even control the Media Player from your phone and print text.

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View this forum where this issue is addressed

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Service it will help to quickly remove vocals from the song directly in your browser. This can be useful if the backing track of the desired song is not yet available, and you want to sing it right now.

To make it work, the audio recording should be of the highest quality, and the voice of the performer should not merge with the instruments.
How it works?
The entire sound spectrum is first divided into three bands. The low frequency band is passed unchanged. At medium and high, the left channel is subtracted from the right channel, resulting in vocals that are usually recorded at the same volume disappearing.

To obtain stereo sound using your own algorithm ShapeImager. From the original track volume envelopes are allocated, and after removal of vocals with their help the stereo image is restored.
It's not working?
If the vocal is not removed, try another song.
Too slow?
close unnecessary tabs/programs;
choose mono instead of stereo or wav instead of mp3;
reduce the sample rate;

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Most problems with installing updates you can resolve using the Troubleshooting Tools of Windows update (in English) from Microsoft. If that doesn't work, go to the section on Troubleshooting manually below.
NOTICE. Go to Microsoft error Message "failed to configure Windows updates. Changes are undone."(in English) when this error message is displayed.

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To reset the password or change it in the Windows system is easy — students had filmed their video a zillion how to do it.

Advanced students use the PRO version of ElcomSoft System Recovery, which "for half a minute to crack the password" (in fact, looking at the dictionary of the most popular passwords, compares them with previously calculated hashes and if the student has set a password something like "1", "1111", "123", "admin", "password", the program displays it).

Advanced users shoot video how to reset password using Kali Linux. Moreover, Kali Linux is used for 1) mounting a disk with Windows, 2) renaming a single file to run the command line... I think in their spare time, these people prick nuts with iPhones.

I'm actually joking. In 99.99% of cases, this is exactly what you need — to reset the password of a schoolboy or accountant, who for some reason put it and safely forgot it.

If that's what you need, boot from any Live disc (it could be Linux – anything). In the C:WindowsSystem32 directory, rename the cmd file.exe to sethc.exe or OSK.exe. It is clear that you need to make a backup of the file sethc.exe (or osk.exe) and cmd file.exe copy with new name assignment.

If you renamed the file to sethc.exe, the next time you boot Windows, when you are asked for a password, press five times the SHIFT button, and if OSK.exe, then call the on-screen keyboard. In both cases, you will open a command prompt (cmd.exe) in which you need to type:

net user username *

That is, if the user name is admin, then you need to type:

net user admin *

Learn Windows password using Kali Linux
Theory: where does Windows store its passwords?
Windows places the passwords in the SAM registry file (System Account Management) (system management accounts). With the exception of those cases when you use Active Directoryis. Active Directoryis is a separate authentication system that places passwords in an LDAP database. The SAM file lies in C:System32config (C:sys32config).

The SAM file stores passwords as hashes, using the LM and NTLM hashes to add security to the protected file.

Hence, an important note: obtaining a password is a probabilistic character. If you manage to decrypt the hash — the password is ours, and if not — then no…

The SAM file cannot be moved or copied when Windows is running. The SAM file can be dumped (dump obtained), the password hashes obtained from it can be subject to brute-forcing for offline hacking. A hacker can also get a SAM file by booting from another OS and mounting C:. You can boot from a Linux distribution, such as Kali, or boot from a Live disc.

One common place to look for a SAM file is C:repair. By default, a backup of the SAM file is created and usually it is not deleted by the system administrator. The backup of this file is not protected, but compressed, which means you need to unzip it to get the file with hashes. You can use the expand utility to do this. The command is: Expand [FILE] [DESTINATION]. Here is an example of the disclosure of the SAM file to a file with the name uncompressedSAM.

C:> expand SAM uncompressedSAM

In order to improve security from offline hacking, Microsoft Windows 2000 and later versions include a SYSKEY utility. The SYSKEY utility encrypts hashed passwords in the SAM file using a 128-bit encryption key that is different for each Windows installation.

An attacker with physical access to Windows can obtain a SYSKEY (also called a boot key) using the following steps:
Boot from another OS (e.g. Kali).

To steal the SAM and SYSTEM HIVI (C:System32config (C:sys32config)).
Restore boot key from system highways using bkreg or bkhive.
To dump the password hashes.
Hack them off-plan using a tool such as John the Ripper.
Another important point. Every time you access files on Windows, your MAC (modification, access, and modification) changes, which guarantees your presence. To avoid leaving forensic evidence, it is recommended to copy the target system (make a disk image) before launching attacks.

Mount Windows
There are tools available to capture Windows SAM files and the SYSKEY key file. One method of capturing these files is to mount the target Windows system so that other tools have access to these files while Microsoft Windows is not running.

The first step is to use the fdisk -l command to identify your partitions. You must identify Windows and the partition type. The fdisk output shows the NTFS partition, for example:

Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System

/dev/hdb1* 1 2432 19535008+ 86 NTFS

/dev/hdb2 2433 2554 979965 82 Linux swap/Solaris

/dev/hdb3 2555 6202 29302560 83 Linux

Create a mount point using the following command mkdir /mnt/windows.

Mount the Windows system partition using the command as shown in the following example:

mount -t /mnt/windows


Now that the target Windows system is mounted, you can copy the SAM and SYSTEM files to your directory to attack with the following command:

cp SAM SYSTEM /pentest/passwords/AttackDirectory

Tools are available to dump the SAM file. PwDumpand Cain, Abel, and samdump are just a few examples.

Note that you need to recover both the boot key and SAM files. The boot key file is used to access the SAM file. The tools used to access the SAM file will require a boot key file.

bkreg and bkhiveare are popular tools to help you get a bootloader file

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The noise level of the hard drive depends on many factors: the speed of its operation, the age and condition, the materials of the body and the build quality, as well as some others. Accordingly, there are software and hardware ways to reduce the noise level of the hard disk during operation. A HARDWARE device to REDUCE NOISE of HARD DISK WHEN WORKING Normally, the older the hard drive, the more it starts to make noise. This is due to the wear of its elements, and a strong crack from the drive indicates its imminent failure. However, if you still don't have a replacement hard drive, you might want to run a vibration in the housing of the computer. There are two options how to do it: Buy and install a special cooler for your hard drive. This allows you to solve two problems at once – overheating and high noise. HDD cooler is a small case with radiators for cooling. This solution is suitable if the hard disk has problems not only with high noise during operation, but also with overheating; Beat the hard disk mount with sound-proof material. A much more budget-friendly solution to the problem. All that is required is foam, which is necessary to beat the place of attachment of the hard drive, often to reduce the noise level simply put a piece of foam under the drive, not even fixing. The disadvantage of this option is that if there are problems with overheating the hard disk, there is a high risk of its failure. Another solution to the problem with the noisy operation of computer components is to replace the housing with an option that has good sound insulation. HOW to PROGRAMMATICALLY REDUCE the NOISE of the HARD DRIVE AT WORK If your hard disk is bursting, buzzing or knocking badly at work, you can try to fix software. As mentioned above, when the hard drive inside it moving mechanical heads that are looking for information on magnetic disks. Accordingly, to reduce the noise from their movement in two ways: to Reduce the distance that they need to overcome to get to the desired partition with the disk and request information from it. This can be done by defragmenting the disk. This procedure orders the clusters from the information to minimize the distance between them. Disk defragmentation can be performed both by means of the system and by third-party applications; Reduce the speed of movement of mechanical heads, thereby reducing the noise from their movement. Drives connected to the motherboard via ATA and SATA interfaces can be adjusted using the noise level variation tool, which is abbreviated as AAM. By default, this option is disabled in the system, and to enable it you will need to download from the Internet a free program WinAAM (or similar). When the application is loaded, do the following: Run it, the program does not require installation on the hard drive; Then click "Continue" in the window that opens; In the next window you will see a message that the AAM function is currently disabled in the system. To enable it, click "Quiet/standard"; Then the application will make the necessary changes to the system settings and automatically closes. If necessary, you can run the program again and put a loud mode of the hard disk or check the speed at which the head moves around the drive. Important: Please note that reducing the noise level of the hard drive involves reducing the speed of movement of the head, respectively, reducing the speed of the drive. However, in normal user tasks such a decrease is almost invisible.

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You can find a friend only by knowing his login.Detailed instructions for this are here

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Blocking ads in the Google Chrome browser is necessary, probably, for everyone, because how else to get rid of constantly pop-up Windows and banners with all sorts of "useful" recommendations from the treatment of all diseases to the ways of instant enrichment? If you too are tired of seeing it every day, then blocking ads in the browser Google Chrome — this is exactly what you need! In this article we will tell you how to block ads in Google Chrome browser using the settings or by installing a special plugin.

Three ways to block Intrusive ads
So, you can get rid of advertising banners in your browser in three main ways.

Method 1: Disable the display of advertising messages in the browser settings.
This method is the easiest and everyone can use it. The only disadvantage of this option — it does not guarantee complete freedom from annoying ads. You may still need to use method 2 to remove ads later.

Method 2: Install ad blocker for Google Chrome.
This option is quite a bit more complicated than the first, but much more effective. If you install an ad blocker for Google Chrome, you will almost certainly remove the Intrusive banner ads and be able to enjoy an Internet space free of unnecessary information.

Method 3: Scan your device with antivirus. This method should be used if the previous two did not bring visible results. The reason for their alleged uselessness may well be a malicious virus that accidentally got into the SOFTWARE and has infected your computer, built into its system. In this case, even if the advertising on the sites is blocked, the virus can independently show you advertising banners.

Pay attention to this point, especially if your browser opens tabs with advertising — this is a sure sign of the virus.

And now we will talk in more detail about each of the methods listed here and give instructions that will allow you to perform any action easily and without problems.

Instructions for blocking ads
Here's how to block ads in Google Chrome using settings:

Open any new tab on your browser.
Open the menu by clicking on the icon in the top right corner in the form of three dots.
In the list that appears, go to "Settings".

Find the "Advanced"item. It is located almost at the end of the list.

Open the "content Settings"section.

Among the items in the section, select "Block pop-UPS on all sites" and put a check mark in the box next to it.

Click the "Done" button at the bottom of the page and close the settings.
Extensions for Google Chrome
This is a reliable ad blocking on your computer. (There are also many other browser extensions for various purposes.) For this purpose, usually load one of the following plugins.

This is one of the most effective extensions-blockers. According to statistics, it will save you from 83.33% of Intrusive ads and protect you from constantly pop-up ads. Also, its strengths include low memory consumption and the ability to filter many programs installed on your device. AdGuard has a more simple and intuitive interface, so even a beginner in the field of computers can work with it.

AdBlock Plus
This is the most common plugin to get rid of advertising, almost the number one among blockers. A huge number of people thanks to the extension AdBlock forgot about constantly pop-up Windows and no longer encounter obstacles to surf the Internet space. The most significant advantage of this extension is that even after the test period, which usually lasts from fourteen to thirty days, or any of its functions will not be paid, which can not be said, for example, about AdGuard.

You can choose any extension to block ads in Google Chrome to your liking, the more that you can download for free and one and the other blocker. Here's how to do it:

Run Google Chrome and find in the upper right corner of the three points located vertically. Click on them.
Before you open the browser settings menu. Click on the "Additional tools"column. Among the proposed items find the section "Extensions".

Click on the three horizontal bars in the left corner of the screen labeled "Extensions", click on "Open online store»

The main page of the plugin store opens. Enter the name of the extension you want to download into the search box.
When the desired plugin is shown on the screen, click on the "Install"button.

You may see an additional window that will require additional confirmation of your actions. Give consent to the installation by clicking on the appropriate inscription.

Wait for the download to finish.
When conventional methods do not help…
If you have installed a block of advertising for Chrome in the settings, and downloaded AdBlock or AdGuard, but advertising banners still appear with an enviable constancy, then it's time to check your computer for viruses.
Surely, on your device is already installed high-quality antivirus software and you are constantly using it — now you need to open it and run a full scan of your computer.

This may take some time, in some cases, such a check lasts up to several hours, but, of course, it's worth it — the antivirus program will check all the contents of your device file by file and, if it detects malware, it will destroy it.

What to do if you somehow still have no antivirus on the laptop? Of course, in a hurry to install it! Here are the antiviruses, which, according to users of the set , have the greatest functionality and are considered the most qualitative.

Kaspersky Free Antivirus
This program is considered one of the most popular products in the world to protect users from virus attacks. To date, the programs released by Kaspersky lab, uses more than four hundred million people around the globe. On the official website of the company you can download Kaspersky Free Antivirus for free.

Avast Free Antivirus
If you want to always feel safe with malicious viruses, Avast Free Antivirus is your best choice! The application has a two-level protection, and also blocks the possibility of unauthorized access to the webcam of your computer or laptop. By clicking on this link on the official website of the company, you can download to your device Avast Free Antivirus.

360 Total Security
360 Total Security provides its users not only with virus protection and secure Internet space, but also speeds up the computer. And this application has such an important function as cleaning system garbage. So, you will not regret if you decide to download 360 Total Security for free!

Now that you have selected and downloaded the anti-virus that seemed to you the most suitable, go to its settings and run a full scan of the device. The result will not be long in coming!

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It is convenient to look for this on this site.Here are the search results for April 26 You can set a different date on this page

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Labor productivity — productivity, productivity of production activities of people, i.e. the ability of a particular labor to create a unit of working time a certain amount of production.

Performance management includes the following processes:

• performance measurement and evaluation;

• planning for monitoring and improving productivity based on information from the measurement and evaluation process;

• implementation of control and productivity measures;

• measuring and assessing the impact of these measures.

As an example, to clarify the terms used in the management of productivity, can be the use of time cards (time as a sign) to measure the cost of labor (cost variable) for various work (process or transformation). These works can be measured in terms of quality, timeliness, etc. (these are all signs). The work results in products (variable products), which in turn can be measured in terms of quantity, quality, timeliness and total costs.

Forms of performance control are closely related to the methods of its measurement. Productivity measurement is the selection of physical, time and other indicators to estimate costs and final products and the calculation of the quantitative relationship between them.

The components of calculation and productivity improvement, as well as planning, are feedback elements. Feedback is used at least twice in the performance management process. First, as a result of the evaluation of the measurement system, the system itself can be modified — perhaps the measurements are made incorrectly or the composition of the indicators is unsatisfactory. Second, evaluation of the measurement system can stimulate performance planning. In other words, the results of the evaluation can encourage management to anticipate and implement productivity improvements.

There are two main groups of performance meters
• statistical productivity factors. It is a product meter divided by a cost meter for a certain period of time;

• dynamic performance indexes. This is a statistical coefficient of productivity for a certain period divided by a similar coefficient for a certain previous period. A dimensionless coefficient characterizing the dynamics of productivity is obtained.

Within each group, there are three types of performance meters. Each of the meters characterizes the ratio of production to costs, but they differ in how many cost elements are taken into account:

1) private factor — one cost element (labor, materials, etc.));

2) multi-factor meter — takes into account several cost elements;

3) total factor — all cost elements are taken into account.

Labor productivity is measured by three methods: 1) cost, 2) natural, 3) normative.

The most common cost method in which the number of products is taken into account at the estimated cost or contract price. The level of labor productivity is characterized by the estimated cost of work per worker.

The natural method of labor productivity allows to determine the production of workers by professions in physical terms by type of work (in cubic meters of brickwork) or in General in units of the final product per worker (in kilometers of the pipeline). By types of work the natural indicator (production of the worker in natural indicators) can be defined as the ratio of volume of the separate type of work in natural measurement (in cubic meters , kilometers) to number of workers on this type of work.

Natural production is the most objective and reliable indicator of labor productivity. Indicators of production in natural meters allow you to determine and compare the productivity of individual workers, plan their number, professional and qualification composition.

Normative method of measuring labor productivity shows the ratio of actual labor costs for a certain amount of work with labor costs, relying on the norm. The normative indicator is the ratio of the labor intensity of work according to the norm (man-days) to the actual labor intensity of work (man-days). The indicator of labor intensity is not affected by extraneous factors for each particular process, so the actual labor intensity of the work more correctly characterizes the level and dynamics of labor productivity than the indicator of cost production.

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Both long-term and short-term strategies have their pros and cons. Long-term investments give you the best guarantee for future profits, and the money you get can be significant!

If you're a panic seller, don't even choose long-term purchases. Instead, examine the market and the cryptocurrencies in question and make predictions based on your own analysis. Never invest money you cannot afford to lose!

Before placing a bet on any cryptocurrency, ask the following questions:

Their technology is superior to competitors?

Is there enough of a consistent team of developers and developers? Who is behind the project?

Do they have a good road map?

Decides whether the blockchain is the real problem?

These four issues explain why today we looked at Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ripple Lickin. You decide how to spend your $ 100. The chances are equally high if you choose the right strategy.

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