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replied the topic Transfer ringtones from iPhone to PC created by CharlesJS

So as not to lose data, right-click the mouse on Your device in ITunes and choose Save a copy.

10 days ago
replied the topic How to use the AVG For Multiple Devices? created by michealhuge

One key paid version is only suitable for one computer.But You can connect the free version of this antivirus.
You just need to upgrade to the free version on each computer.How to upgrade from the paid version of AVG to the free version (in Windows)
To switch from the paid version of AVG to the free version, you need to change the program via the control panel.
Turn on the computer by pressing the power button.
The location of the power button depends on your computer. If you are using a desktop computer, the power button is located on the front of the computer case; if you are using a laptop, look for the power button near the keyboard.
Click start (in the lower left corner of the desktop).
Image titled Downgrade Your AVG Subscription on Windows Step 3
Click "control Panel".
Click "uninstall a program". This will open a list of all installed programs on your computer.
Image titled Downgrade Your AVG Subscription on Windows Step 5
Scroll through the list and find "AVG Anti-Virus"; right-click on "AVG Anti-Virus". In the menu that opens, you can choose either "Delete" or "Edit".
Select "Edit". A window will open with the AVG options to select from.
Image titled Downgrade Your AVG Subscription on Windows Step 7
Click " Downgrade "(this button is located opposite"free protection").
Wait until the transition from the paid version of AVG to the free version is complete.

15 days ago
replied the topic Remove unwanted ads, pop-ups & malware created by Kingtomb

Remove ads in the browser can be automatically and it does not need to go into the wilds of computer settings. But such protection does not always work, nevertheless it should not be neglected. How to remove pop-up ads in all browsers extension Adblock Popular extension Adblock for browsers Google Chrome, Mazila, Opera, etc. It can be downloaded and installed from the website of the developers at: the Extension does not load most of the regular advertising on sites in General, including videos on YouTube. As a result, you can focus on viewing the main content and not be distracted by ads. With the help of simple settings Adblock, the extension is easily customizable. If you want to allow ads to appear on your favorite sites – add them to the white list. How to remove virus ads from your computer program Adguard Multifunctional Internet filter to block pop-UPS and other types of advertising-Adguard, the official website — ahhh! The tool is paid, but it has a trial period – 2 weeks (14 days). Be careful during the installation, the developers recommend (read: advertise) the products of Yandex: Yandex Elements, Manager browser, Yandex browser search and home page search engine. Therefore, in the installation window, remove the appropriate daws, so that then there are no surprises, like: "and who installed it all on my computer – a virus or not?"After installing Adguard, its shortcut will be displayed in the tray, at the bottom right, where the date and the clock are in Windows. Running the working window of the program and clicking on the "Protection" tab clearly shows the main functionality of Adguard, namely: anti-banner - protection from pop-UPS. Anti-phishing-computer protection against fraudulent advertising, viruses and other threats on the Internet. Parental controls-blocks unsafe, inappropriate and adult sites. The Settings tab displays the basic settings. Pay attention to the section" filter Settings", namely the item"Show useful ads". Useful is contextual advertising Yandex, Google, etc. There is nothing wrong with it, of course, if the site is not hung with it completely. Adguard is ready to use immediately after installation, it works at the network level, so it is not subject to the restrictions that browsers impose on their extensions. Remove viral ads from the browser program Hitman Pro Hitman Pro finds and removes rootkits, Trojans, viruses, worms, bots, spyware and malware utilities. Official download page: the site of the utility, though made in English, but when you start it is displayed in Russian, so the described parameters in the installation window should be clear. When you run the downloaded file, instead of installing Hitman Pro on your computer, check the box next to" No, I'm going to scan the system only once " so you don't have to install it. A one-time check will be enough. After selecting the desired action, click "Next". Will begin the search for" malware", this will take some time. When threats are detected, you will see a message. In this case, close the running applications and click "Next" to start cleaning the system from infections. During cleaning, the necessary programs will be closed automatically. To remove malware from your computer, you need to activate HitmanPro for free. You will be offered to choose: enter the activation key or get a free license for 30 days. Choose the second. After removing the viruses, restart your computer. Then open your browser and check if it displays annoying ads. Get rid of viruses with Malwarebytes Anti-malware Another program to remove malicious code. Official site here: you can choose between free and paid versions of Malwarebytes Anti-malware. Choose the first, the one for which you do not need to pay money, for this on its website click on the button "FREE VERSION DOWNLOAD". After you remove the viruses, you must restart your computer.

18 days ago
replied the topic Is mining Ethereum profitable? How much Ethereum could I realistically mine in one month? created by sony45

Interest in this cryptocurrency is growing every month. Most companies are already using smart contracts issued by the ETH blockchain. If this trend continues, Ethereum is able to displace bitcoin from the leading positions, then mining will reach a new level. Mining methods Ethereum mining is possible both with the investment of start-up capital, and without it. However, you need to understand that the result in the second case will be unsatisfactory. For the greatest productivity it is better to invest money in the creation of a mini-farm consisting of two or more graphics cards. According to the developers, it is preferable to produce Ethereum on Nvidia video cards. In this case, the computer equipment in the process will constantly overheat, so the additional cooling system must be taken care of in advance. Otherwise, the equipment for a couple of months will fail without repelling the initial investment. Interestingly, for the production of ether is not necessary to have or buy special computer equipment. You can rent the capacity and the necessary hashrate from large farms offering similar services. This process is called cloud mining. This option is a popular product on the Internet, as Ethereum is mined by almost all mining companies. How much can you earn? The profit directly depends on the capacity of the equipment that is involved in the production of cryptocurrency. If we are talking about a home PC, daily earnings will be $ 1-3. When using a mini-farm - $30. As a result, the average payback at current ETH prices will be 6-12 months. However, if the cost of ether during 2019 will increase, the user will repel the funds much faster. The Future of Ethereum mining developers have Recently reported that the distributed network will move from the Proof-of-Work algorithm to the Proof-of-Stake. Today, the blockchain is built around miners. For solving one block, he receives a reward in the form of a digital coin. The main drawback of PoW is the huge amount of time spent on solving a mathematical problem. When using PoS, the miner's hardware will be replaced with a virtual system. To work, the user will need to buy a certain number of coins, then the network will convert them into a digital computer for the extraction of crypto currency. As a result, energy costs, as well as initial investment in equipment will significantly decrease. In fact, a person will generate ETH from an existing balance, but these funds can not be transferred or spent anywhere, they will be available only after mining. With the advent of Proof-of-Stake, Ethereum pools will become unprofitable and will eventually simply disappear. In return, the miner will receive a large return on production immediately at the initial stage. At the moment, Ethereum looks still attractive cryptocurrency for mining in 2019. With the advent of the new mechanism of Proof-of-Stake, which promises to come out very soon, users can be assured of good profits and quick payback.

21 days ago
replied the topic Best resource for AI and data analysis created by programmer

The Hadoop platform is an open-source framework that allows you to make an application split into several fragments, and each fragment is processed on any node (computer, "node") in the cluster of the computing system.

This platform consists of modules that work together to create a single software framework. The main modules are:

Hadoop Common;
Hadoop YARN;
Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS);
Hadoop MapReduce.
All of the above forms the core of Hadoop, but there are other components that expand the capabilities of the "elephant", but more on that later.

Interesting fact. Hadup-that's how the son of one of the inventors of the framework called the yellow toy elephant.

The first block (Hadoop Common) of this tool is a set of infrastructure programs and elements, the middleware. YARN-task scheduling and cluster resource management system. On HDFS and MapReduce (in the context of Hadoop) should be discussed in more detail.

The distributed file system performs two main tasks: recording metadata and storing the actual data. The principle of HDFS is to distribute files across multiple nodes in a cluster. Since the metadata server is running the NameNode with the actual data DataNode. HDFS is a very reliable system, because in case of destruction of half of the cluster nodes, only 3% of the information is lost.

HDFS architecture

The "trick" with the local computing machine known to us with blocks of data became possible due to MapReduce. The implementation of this paradigm, in turn, is based on the disclosure by the NameNode server of information about the location of data blocks on computers. The operating principle of MapReduce consists of two steps: map and reduce. Here's how the process works:

Map: the input data master node (master node) -> separation of information into parts -> transfer data to worker nodes (worker node).
Reduce: the main node receives a response from the work nodes -> result generation.

The Hadoop framework is de facto standard software for working with Big Data Analytics technologies. However, it should be used when there is a real "Big Data problem". Is the company starting to work with the amount of data that current Big Data solutions can't handle? Need Hadoop. Do you know if the current storage capacity will be enough for future tasks? With Hadoop, you can simply add new machines to the cluster — the system will "chew and swallow" without problems. You worry about safety of information in case of failure of a number of servers? Do not: if any node "lies down", the process control is automatically transferred to another computer.

Hadoop is now effectively used by the largest company in Europe, which is engaged in targeting based on clicks (so-called "ad targeting"). The main telecommunications provider of the Old World Deutsche Telekom also uses the Hadoop framework, which turned out to be 50 times cheaper than the old platform.

But don't forget that data analysis tools based on Hadoop have their drawbacks. First, the platform is not sufficiently protected from information theft. Secondly, it is very difficult to work with Hadoop, because the framework requires knowledge of MapReduce, while most specialists use SQL-technologies. And finally, due to the huge hype around the "elephant", heated by the marketing Department of Hortonworks, this platform is changing too dynamically.

As a summary of Hadoop, we can say that it is a great option to work with huge amounts of information. With the correct architecture of applications created using Big Data technologies, the platform provides access to the analysis of an unlimited amount of information. In addition, it is fault-tolerant, and the cost of its service is ten times less than its competitors.

Spark, like Hadoop, is an open source platform. However, it is incorrect to compare them head-on. These frameworks do not perform the same tasks and are not mutually exclusive because they can work together.

Spark requires the cluster Manager and the distributed data storage system. If the issue of cluster management is solved by using native tools, Hadoop YARN or Apache Mesos (when working with MultiSite clusters), then the distributed storage system can be exclusively extraneous. It is for this reason that in most projects using Big Data technologies, Spark is installed on top of the "elephant": a bundle of advanced Analytics applications from Spark and Hadoop Distributed File System allows programs on Hadoop clusters to run up to 100 times faster in RAM and up to 10 times faster on ROM.

The Spark platform introduces an important abstraction called the Resilient Distributed Dataset (RDD), which is a set of read-only objects distributed across cluster nodes. RDD performs 2 classes of operations: transformations and actions.

Transformations do not return a single value, but change metadata and return a new RDD. Transformations include map, filter, flatMap, groupByKey, reduceByKey, aggregateByKey, pipe, coalesce operations.

Actions return a new value. When the action function calls an RDD object, all data processing requests and the result as of the current time are returned. Actions include reduce, collect, count, first, take, countByKey, foreach.

As you can see, in addition to map and reduce, which are present in the Hadoop MapReduce module, Spark offers a number of other operations. Therefore, when developing applications with Big Data technologies, Spark often replaces Hadoop MapReduce, rather than the entire Hadoop.

It is worth noting that in specific tasks, built on multiple accesses to the same data set, "clean" Spark runs faster than Hadoop up to 30 times. For example, it is an interactive data mining and iterative algorithms that are widely used in machine learning systems.

Spark architecture includes 3 main components:

data warehouse;
cluster Manager.
Spark architecture

The application programming interface allows developers to create Spark-based Big Data software using a standard API. Spark supports Java, Scala, and Python by default, so you can choose a language for writing applications.

In addition, Spark includes several libraries, such as Spark SQL (allows you to perform SQL queries on data), Spark Streaming (add-in for processing streaming data), Spark MLlib (set of machine learning libraries), GraphX (designed for distributed processing of graphs). And the execution mechanism of the directed acyclic graph (DAG) type allows the Spark framework to create efficient query plans for data transformation.

Total: Clean Spark performs best in machine learning and when working with iterative tasks. Most commonly used on top of Hadoop, replacing the MapReduce module and adding more operations.

The Storm framework can be ranked among the best Big Data solutions when it comes to open source platforms. Unlike Hadoop and Spark, which are focused on batch processing of large data sets, Storm is designed for distributed processing in real time and does not depend on the programming language.

Workflows in the Storm are called" topologies." This topology is organized on the principle of directed acyclic graph (DAG), and run until shutdown by the user or occurrence of an unrecoverable error. Storm supports the creation of topologies that transform incomplete data streams. These transformations, unlike Hadoop jobs, never stop, but continue to process data as it arrives.

Native Storm cannot be used to develop Big Data applications on top of typical Hadoop clusters. Apache ZooKeeper with its master (minion) worker is used to coordinate tasks between nodes in the cluster. However, Yahoo! and Hortonworks is working on building libraries to run Storm on top of Hadoop 2. x yarn clusters. Also note that this framework is able to read and write files from/to HDFS.

25 days ago
replied the topic Insufficient system resources to complete the service ... created by alfarra

If the error appears immediately when you start a program or game (especially of dubious origin) — it may be in your antivirus, which blocks the execution of this program. If you are sure that it is safe — add it to antivirus exceptions or temporarily disable it.
If you have a paging file disabled on your computer (even if you have a lot of RAM installed) or if you have a low disk space (2-3 GB = low) on the system partition, this may cause an error. Try to include a paging file and use the system-automatically-defined paging file size to ensure that there is enough free space.)
In some cases, the reason is really the lack of computer resources for the program (check the minimum system requirements, especially if it's a game like PUBG) or that they are busy with other background processes (here you can check the launch of the same program in the clean boot mode of Windows 10, and if there is no error — to start Sometimes it may be that in General there are enough resources for the program, but for some heavy operations — no (it happens when working with large tables in Excel).
Also, if you see a constant high use of computer resources in task Manager, even without running programs-try to identify the processes that load the computer, and at the same time to check for viruses and malware, see how to check Windows processes for viruses, malware removal Tools.

Additional error correction methods
If none of the methods above helped and did not come to your specific situation — further more complex options.

32-bit Windows
There is another frequent factor causing the error "Insufficient system resources to complete the operation" in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 — the error may appear if your computer has the 32-bit (x86) version of the system installed. Cm. how to check 32-bit or 64-bit system is installed on the computer.

In this case, the program can run, even run, but sometimes terminate with the specified error, this is due to the size limitations of the virtual memory per process in 32-bit systems.

Solution one-install Windows 10 x64 instead of 32-bit version,

Change the settings paged pool memory in the registry editor
Another way to help with this error is to change the two registry settings that are responsible for working with the paged memory pool.

Press Win+R, type regedit and press Enter to start the registry editor.
Navigate to the registry key
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management
Memory management in the Windows registry
Double-click the PoolUsageMaximum setting (in the absence of the right click in the right pane of the registry to create a DWORD value and set the specified name), select the decimal radix and enter a value of 60. Changing the PoolUsageMaximum parameter
Change the value of the PagedPoolSize parameter to ffffffff
Close registry editor and restart the computer.
If that doesn't work, try again by changing PoolUsageMaximum to 40 and don't forget to restart your computer.

I hope one of the options will work in your case and will get rid of the error. If not-describe the situation in detail in the comments, maybe I can help.

43 days ago
replied the topic Best Pc for editing after effects created by Roberthardy

Wallpaper Master is a great program to set your favorite Wallpaper on your desktop
Wallpaper Master-the Best free Wallpaper changer software on your desktop Wallpaper Master has a good user interface and contains many useful features. The program supports automatic startup when you log on to Windows and automatic closing after 30 seconds, in order to save system resources.

Wallpaper allows you to create separate categories of Wallpaper for easy switching between sets of images. Evaluating each picture separately, you will help the program to install more often those Wallpapers that you prefer. Adding files is easy and convenient.

Changing the Wallpaper on the desktop can occur during the start of Windows or at specified intervals. The order of images is also configurable-random playback, rating of images, etc. Wallpaper Also allows you to set different positions for each of the Wallpapers. You can" center"," stretch"," tile " or specify a fixed size.

Though, the free version of the program supports up to 5000 images for each category. However, this limitation will be enough for most regular users.

Wallpaper Cycler Lite with the ability to change the Wallpaper on the desktop timer
Wallpaper Cycler-the Best free programs to change the Wallpaper on your desktop Wallpaper Cycler Lite supports changing the Wallpaper when you start Windows, followed by automatic closing of the program. Change the timer, as well as the cyclic passage through the Wallpaper collection.

Wallpaper allows you to create and manage a multi-level hierarchy of categories, each of which can be associated with a specific directory. If you associate one of the categories with a certain directory, the program will automatically synchronize all the images in this folder with the list of categories. For each image, you can set the position of the Wallpaper. Place in the center, use tile, stretch to height, stretch to width, stretch to full screen, etc.

The program supports slide show display mode for Wallpaper. Cycler Lite can also monitor CPU usage. This allows the utility to change images only when the system is not loaded.

The free version of the program embeds a number of additional items in the context menu of the Explorer. Various Wallpaper layouts, tags, directory search, etc. However, most of these features are only available in the paid version.

MuralPix Manager and JBS programs to change the Wallpaper on your desktop with a calendar
MuralPix Manager is the Best free program to change the Wallpaper Staleva definitely worth a try MuralPix Manager. In addition to all its features, the program allows you to make a frame around the image. The color of this frame is calculated based on the overall tone of the image. You can also arrange a custom calendar.

MuralPix allows you to add folders with pictures, automatically synchronize files in the directory, set the time intervals for changing the Wallpaper and much more. The utility also allows you to use Wallpapers from directories as screen savers.

Despite the fact that the program is able to run in automatic mode, automatic closing is not provided, so MuralPix will have to turn off independently. The user interface is not as good as that of similar products. It should also be noted that the size and display settings apply to all files, not to each image individually.

John Background Switcher-the Best free desktop Wallpaper changer software as an alternative solution, you can use John's Background Switcher to set Wallpaper with a customizable calendar.

The program supports changing the Wallpaper on multiple monitors, setting the automatic start and close of the program, setting the time intervals, selecting images not only from directories, but also from many Internet resources such as Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, Facebook, etc.

The Wallpaper can be display in the center, stretch in the right plane, to display as a mosaic, etc. But, as in the case of MuralPix, these settings only apply to all images.

Built-in image browser will not only view local or downloaded from Internet resources Wallpaper, but also to use them in various collages. Unfortunately, the browser does not support slide show mode.

Wally and EvJO cross-platform program to change the Wallpaper on the desktop
Wally is the Best free program to change the Wallpaper столеWally is a great cross-platform program to change the Wallpaper. Win32, Linux and Mac OS x platforms are supported. The author of the program uses the ideas implemented in John's Background Switcher (JBS) and transfers them to other operating systems not covered by JBS.

As you might expect, the user interface is insanely similar to JBS. However, the functionality of the program in some places is slightly more extended. For example, display settings support automatic scaling and cropping. The settings are still applied to all images.

Like JBS, Wally supports setting time intervals, selecting images from directories and Internet resources, synchronizing files in a directory, displaying EXIF image data in the system tray tooltip, and more. But, at the same time, the program does not support automatic closing, why loses a little JBS.

Wall-the Best free desktop Wallpaper changer programs if you need a simple and reliable program that is easy to customize, then EvJO Wallpaper Changer is exactly what you were looking for. The program changes the Wallpaper every time you start, once a day, night and day, or any other time interval you want.

EvJO does not include many settings, but it is enough to solve most problems. This and the automatic launch and closing programs. And change the Wallpaper in random or sequential order. And a small selection of the installation location of the Wallpaper, namely centering, tiling, auto-scaling or stretching. But, keep in mind, as in the case of Wally, the program applies the settings to all images.

The program has a clean and intuitive user interface. EvJO is easy to use and comes complete with various additional tools such as uploading photos with Flickr, searching for images by tags, using text as Wallpaper, displaying logo and calendar on your desktop, etc.

Unfortunately, the program has a noticeable drawback. It does not support synchronization of Wallpaper list with files in directories. And also does not support slide show mode.

Other program to change the Wallpaper on your desktop
There are many other programs to change the Wallpaper on your desktop. Perhaps they will suit you better than their counterparts from the review.

Adolix Wallpaper Changer will be a good choice if you need a Wallpaper changer with a built-in screenshot creation utility. The program has a user-friendly interface and a fairly good set of functions. Supports separate display lists Wallpaper, temporal intervals, etc. Setting position location apply to all files. Does not support auto close.
Wallperizer-another good program that supports the display of a custom calendar. Runs from an executable file and collapses to the system tray. It has the function of converting pictures from bright to dark and Vice versa. Unfortunately, there is no support for automatic start, and many other features that have MuralPix Manager.
WallPaper (website unavailable) this is a small program that makes sense to try. The user interface is a bit unusual, but still quite clear. The program contains all the necessary basic settings and no more. You will not find it in the sync folder and the slide show. Portable version.
Caledos Automatic Wallpaper Changer supports adding directories with images. In addition to the basic and advanced features, the program has quite unique features. For example, the program allows you to view a list of 100 most recently viewed Wallpapers. Unfortunately, the program has its drawbacks. Caledos does not support automatic closing, directory synchronization, and setting individual settings for each image.
Cyber-D's Wallpaper Shifter uses a random display of Wallpaper from a specified folder. Supports advanced zoom and display modes such as flip, blur and others. Includes auto-close after changing the Wallpaper. Easy and simple, but does not support time slots, multiple catalogs, slide shows, individual display settings for each photo, etc.
Any Wallpaper is another simple but handy Wallpaper changer. The utility allows you to use multiple folders and set time intervals. You can also specify the order and display method that applies to all images. A number of features such as auto close are not supported.
BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Changer Lite is a free Wallpaper Manager that supports setting different Wallpapers on two screens and many other features. However, the free version will strongly encourage you to buy the commercial version (the company logo on the Wallpaper, a message at launch).

45 days ago
replied the topic site issues created by CoolCat

Usually the exchange of points for bonuses occurs within 2 weeks after the application.Click on the link to find out whether Your application.

50 days ago
replied the topic Servo Voltage Stabilizer created by selvon121

The primary characteristic of servo or Electromechanical stabilizers is directly related to their function. This is the amount of active power, which in the case of household models can be an average of 5-7 kW. Of course, if desired, you can find devices for 9, 22 or more kW. The choice depends on what devices a particular Electromechanical stabilizer should work with and in what quantity. The total load of all serviced devices is calculated and the active power is derived from it. At the same time, experts recommend to add another 20-25% to the calculated indicator. The next characteristic is the stabilization range. This is the spectrum in which the equipment will be able to control the amount of voltage, ensuring the safety of devices. In particular, the best Electromechanical voltage stabilizers cover the range from 130 to 280 V. low-Cost budget models operate in the corridors of the order of 140-260 V. important characteristics such as accuracy and speed of stabilization. In terms of accuracy, such devices can show deviations in the range from 1.5 to 3%, and the reaction rate is small – 5-10 V/sec. Reviews stabilizers ORTEA Vega Italian manufacturer, which is considered one of the leaders of the segment, but it does not abandon the traditional solutions. The family of stabilizers Vega presents models of different types of power from 2 to 15 kW – a line for domestic use and garden. The owners of these devices note the high quality of structural performance, which is manifested in the coordinated work of mechanisms with graphite rollers and durability of the filling. Moreover, if the model of the Electromechanical stabilizer is associated with slight delays in responding to fluctuations in the network, apparatuses Vega instantly respond to changes in voltage. At the same time, high accuracy and a wide range of coverage of operating values are maintained. Some models work with the limits from 123 to 314 V. However, for such advantages it is necessary to pay a considerable amount – an average of 20-25 thousand rubles.Reviews of the model SDWII-6000-L from RUCELF is Another good option from the category of Electromechanical models of stabilizers. First of all, the device deserves attention due to the convenient mounting system – as noted by users, it is enough to install it once on the wall and more to the theme of installation does not return. It does not take up much space, does not overheat and practically does not make noises. As for the performance, the voltage regulator Electromechanical modification SDWII-6000-L is highly appreciated for its high speed adjustment, accuracy and a wide range of options, including the ability to delay the start and bypass. Reviews of the model "Resanta ACH-5000/1-EM" Can not ignore the products of the most popular domestic manufacturer of stabilizers. The model under consideration is also characterized by quite attractive indicators of adjustment accuracy and, as practice shows, retains performance even in conditions of frequent voltage drops. The only drawback is the restrictions on wide voltage ranges. This Electromechanical stabilizer is not recommended just for regular differences in large spectra, since the speed of alignment of the circuit parameters is only 10 V/sec. What else to consider in the choice? If the main electrical parameters of the stabilizer is satisfied, you can go to the ergonomic qualities of the device. This applies in particular to the implementation of the interface through which the user interacts with the equipment. Modern Electromechanical stabilizer in many versions is equipped with an information display. This pane reflects all the necessary network parameters, including voltage, increased load, etc. Also need to consider the compatibility with target hardware. Not all devices and technical means are really protected, if you connect a voltage regulator to them. Electromechanical device voltage regulation, for example, is ineffective in working with heating equipment equipped with heating Elements. The same applies to equipment with high starting currents, for which voltage drops are a natural condition of operation. Conclusion there are many different aspects to consider when choosing a suitable stabilizer. And, perhaps, the most responsible decision will be the initial determination of the type of device. Which stabilizer is better – relay or Electromechanical? If we are talking about domestic use, the electrician is more profitable because of the resistance to loads and the accuracy of adjustment. As for relay models, they are well manifested in cases when you need to adjust the network parameters in unpredictable conditions. This applies to differences in wide ranges, and external influences, and other factors that may affect the operation of the device.

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replied the topic What processor good for play online game? created by vina

In matters of pure performance, gaming still relies heavily on single-threaded CPUs, but you can't just put a couple of nimble cores, hoping that they will fully load your graphics card. Despite the dominance of four or more nuclear processors, the reality is that very few game engines fully utilize the potential of powerful CPUs installed in our machines.

But things are starting to change with more and more games using DirectX 12 and Vulkan, which use CPU resources more thoughtfully. Progress is slow, but sooner or later, the CPU will again become a vital part of gaming. I've been saying that for ten years.…

AMD usurped the throne of the best gaming CPU with its line of Ryzen 2, although the fight with coffee Lake from Intel came out serious.

The best gaming processors:

AMD Ryzen 5 2600
AMD Ryzen 5 2600X
Intel Core i5 8400
AMD Ryzen 5 1600X
Intel Core i5 8600K
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
Intel Core i7 8700K
AMD Ryzen 7 1700X
AMD Ryzen 7 1700
AMD Ryzen 3 2200G
AMD Ryzen 3 1300X
Intel Pentium G4560

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replied the topic Hi...reset factory phone created by farhadgh

The easiest way to reset the IPhone to factory settings is to use a special function in the settings of the device. To do this, open the "Settings" application on the IPhone and go to the "General"section.

After that, you need to go to the settings section, which is called "Reset". This section should be at the bottom of the "General"section.

After that, you will see a list of what you can reset on the IPhone. At the very top there will be two main options to reset "Reset all settings" and "Reset content and settings".

The first option "Reset all settings" is a reset that will only affect the settings of your IPhone. In this case, all your personal data (including photos, contacts, music) will remain in the memory of the smartphone.

The second option "Reset content and settings" is a full reset of the IPhone. In this case, not only the iPhone settings will be deleted, but also all the content in Its memory. In other words, all user data will be deleted from the smartphone's memory.

In addition, in the "Reset" section, there are other ways to reset the settings: Reset the network settings, reset the keyboard dictionary, reset the Home button settings and reset the geolocation settings. These methods of resetting affect only specific settings of the IPhone.

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Google account deletion procedure
First, you will need to open a browser and enter the address in the address bar, then go through it.

In the pop-up Windows authorization, enter the username and password and log in to your account. Attention! It is necessary to specify login in Google which you want to delete.
At the top of the page of the site you will see an optional menu, select the section "data Management" and click on it.

You will see the section "account Management", you will need to click on it and click on the link"Delete account and data". Note. If you only want to remove yourself from Gmail, you'll need to select a different section in the Manage data window – Delete services. After you open a special page in your browser, where you will need to select and click on the link "Permanently delete Gmail service".

You will need to carefully examine the form of removal. Particular attention should be paid to the restriction of access, since after the complete removal of your account, the number of incoming emails that remain in the Gmail service will be completely destroyed.

Advice! In order to copy or transfer all your data from Google servers to your own computer, you will need to click on the "Download" link, which is located in the "All content will be deleted"section.

Before you at the bottom of the page will be the phrase "I recognize" and "Yes, I want" in front of these words will need to be ticked. This action you confirm your desire to delete the account in Google, and it will be deleted forever and completely. So we have dealt with the question of how to delete a google account.

Re -, judiciously weigh all the positive and negative aspects of this decision. If the decision is final and can not be discussed, then feel free to click on the icon "Delete account".

To avoid any accidents and fatal errors, Google service will require you to confirm the firmness of their actions. You just have to tick the icons " As well.."and" Required...", and then you will need to click the link"Delete". How to delete Google account on mobile devices
First of all, you need to install root-rights on your phone.
Then you should download the application "Root Explorer", you can also install a similar application.
Using the installed application, you need to open the "system" folder in the root directory, you can find it in the "data"folder.
In the opened folder you will need to delete the "accounts" file.db". In order for the removal function to become available, you will need to hold your finger on the icon for a long time.

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If we take the ASCII character table (which is an 8-bit encoding for representing decimal digits, Latin and national alphabets, punctuation marks and control characters) , we get one character - 1 byte (8 bits) . A megabyte is 1024*1024 bytes, that is, 1048576 characters. If each page has 5000 characters, then 1 Megabyte will contain approximately 210 pages.1 GB -210 000 pages

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O modalitate standard de a intra în BIOS-ul
Această metodă este cea mai comună și se potrivește cele mai multe calculatoare personale si laptop-uri cu sistem de OPERARE Windows.

Esența procedeului constă în faptul că în meniu trebuie să fii, atunci când computerul este pornit, dar de la ce a început descărcarea sistemului de operare.

Pentru a face acest lucru, opriți calculatorul și apoi porniți-l din nou. În primele 3-5 secunde după apăsarea butonului de alimentare, apăsați pe butonul F2. După câteva secunde, pe ecran va apărea meniul de sistem BIOS-ul.

F2 este cea mai comună tastă pentru a apela meniul de sistem. Cu toate acestea, în funcție de producătorul computerului și de marca de placa de baza, tasta de apel poate varia. De mai jos ne propunem atenției dumneavoastră pe scară largă în инетрнете tabelul de corespondență calde tasta de apel BIOS producătorul dispozitivului și producătorul BIOS-ul.

hotkeys bios-ul pc-makers
hotkey bios dev
Buton pentru a activa fereastra de setări se găsesc în fereastra de start a rula calculatorul personal. Dacă nu vedeți nici o informație, încercați să intrați în meniu folosind alternativ tastele Del, F10 F1 sau Esc. Ca urmare a executiei corecte, trebuie să apară o fereastră sistem de intrare-ieșire:

Aspectul meniului sistem și locația de file pot fi diferite de pe computere diferite. Totul depinde de versiunea de firmware БИОСа și în funcție de producător.

Dacă, din anumite motive, nu au putut intra în BIOS-ul, folosind metoda standard de încărcare, utilizați una dintre următoarele metode.

Utilizați advanced options
Această metodă este relevantă pentru sistemele de operare Windows a opta și a zecea versiuni. De asemenea, această metodă este potrivită pentru a începe instalarea noului sistem de OPERARE de pe stick sau disc.

Urmați instrucțiunile:

deschideți căutare de fișiere și directoare a computerului;
în caseta text, tastați cuvântul "Recuperare" și în rezultatele de căutare, deschideți obiectul specificat;
mai departe, în partea dreaptă a ferestrei care se deschide, găsiți elementul speciale de opțiuni de boot;
faceți clic pe butonul "Restart". Computerul repornește, apoi va apărea următoarea fereastră:

selectați dala de "Diagnostic";
Important! Dacă doriți pentru a intra în BIOS pentru a boota de pe usb sau disc, pentru a alege opțiunea "Utilizați un dispozitiv" și apoi – un loc de unde se va face încărcarea.

în fereastra nouă, faceți clic pe "mai multe opțiuni";
acum, selectați dala "Firmware-ul de la UEFI";

în fereastra care apare faceți clic pe butonul de repornire. La câteva secunde după efectuarea acestei acțiuni pe ecran va apărea meniul de BIOS.
Încărcarea utilizând o linie de comandă
Activați meniul de intrare-ieșire poate fi normala de linie de comandă pe computer. Această metodă este foarte simplă și nu necesită efectuarea unui număr mare de acțiuni. Este nevoie doar de a rula linie de comandă și introduceți-o singură comandă.

Pentru a deschide Command Line, apăsați simultan tastele Win + R și în caseta de text care apare fereastra de tipar "сmd" (fără ghilimele).

În câteva secunde, veți vedea fereastra Command Line:

Acum tastați comanda shutdown.exe /r /o (fig.9) și apăsați Enter:

În continuare se va întâmpla să reporniți computerul. Când încercați să re-activa, veți vedea un meniu cu toate modurile posibile de pornire. De asemenea, în meniu există o combinație de taste pentru instantanee de a intra în BIOS-ul.

Comanda Shift+Restart
Doua modalitate de a apela fereastra de BIOS – utilizarea de taste rapide a sistemului de operare. Deschideți meniul "Start" și selectați pictograma "Oprirea PC-ului". Apoi mutați cursorul pe opțiunea "Restart", apăsați și țineți apăsată tasta Shift, faceți clic pe ea. Acest mod vă permite să deschideți meniul opțiuni speciale de pornire a sistemului de operare.

Utilizarea terț DE
A intra în BIOS-ul se poate și prin aplicații de la terți. Luați în considerare unele dintre cele mai populare:

TweakBIOS – utilitar permite de a intra în BIOS-ul și modifica setările de sistem de anvelope. Caracteristică a programului constă în faptul că ea permite de a lucra cu БИОСом, fără a opri funcționarea sistemului de operare. Cu toate acestea, pentru toate modificările s-au păstrat și au intrat în vigoare, trebuie să reporniți computerul. Cu ajutorul TweakBIOS, de asemenea, puteți optimiza funcționarea unor astfel de componente, cum ar fi placa de baza PC-ul sau unitatea de procesor central. Utilitarul este compatibil cu toate versiunile sistemului de operare Windows;

C ' T de BIOS este o aplicație pentru a face upgrade БИОСА și de a vizualiza date. Emulator de sistem de intrare / ieșire permite overclock procesor și regla activitatea tuturor куллеров PC. De multe ori acest utilitar este folosit pentru a vizualiza rapid БИОСа, optimizarea jocuri și programe pentru montaj video.

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If you need to reinstall Windows and save your data, photos, etc., all this should be copied to a safe place, which is another partition of your logical drive. Two options — you are now running the system, or the computer does not start. Consider both. Option to install two Windows in one section I do not consider — inexperienced users then confusion and piling up files.

Option 1:

The computer is running

Look at what drive Windows is installed (usually C:\), that is, look where there are folders "Windows", "Program Files". Let's say on C:\.
On another disk, such as D:\, create a folder rezerv. And it rabstol folders, bookmarks, program. (If you have one disk in the system, you can save everything to a flash drive, or you can split the hard drive into disks.)
From the desktop copy all your files to D:\rezerv\робстол ahhh!
If need to the copy their bookmarks with Internet Explorer. Turn on the display of hidden files and folders. From folder C:\Users\admin\Избранное all copy in D:\rezerv\закладки (this is for Windows 7). For Windows XP off folder C:\Documents and Settings\admin\favorites. Where admin is the name of your record, you may have a different one. To save bookmarks from Mozilla you need to use the program Mozilla BackUp or go to the menu-bookmarks-import and reservation-reservation and specify where to write the file.
And now with the programs. Here everyone has their own, some can be copied, others not. For example for 1C it is necessary to copy only base: at start the window where the base is selected jumps out, and from below the path where it is located is specified. Now, if it is on the CD with windose(on C:), then it should be copy to disk D:/. Many programs have a menu item to create backups, and this should be used. Just note that Word and Excel do not need to reserve.
Save all your documents from My documents folders, they are here C:\Users\admin\Мои documents for Vin7 and C:\Documents and Settings\admin\My documents Wines of XP onto drive D:\rezerv\.
Insert the Windows installation disc and follow the installation wizard to install a new Windows. Only put it on the same disk where it was(we have on disk C), when prompted to format the partition select fast formatting in NTFS. The process takes 25 to 50 minutes, just read the installation wizard questions carefully.
After installation, we install the necessary drivers (they are on the disk that was included with the computer), if they are not recommended to use the program of automatic driver installation.
Install the programs you need from our backup folders D:\rezerv\ ... copy [rekl1] back our saved data to the appropriate folders. All Windows re-installed without losing data.
Option 2:

The system is not working

A simple stupid way: pull the hard drive from the computer and insert it into another working one. Save all data as described above, insert the screw back and install Windows. If this does not suit, then

it is necessary to boot from a special disk that allows you to work with files on your computer when Windows is not working. I suggest you download the Live CD from Dr. Web's website. It weighs just 180 MB, and burn it to a CD-R. also there is the option with the flash drive, but this drive is in the economy right. Having loaded from it you receive a working computer with Linux — you can go to the Internet and work with files. To do this, run Midnight Commander and ... nothing is clear, but where are our files??? And they are in the directory win-there Linux shoved all the good vindovs Copy all the files as in the first version-Rob table, documents, etc. Only Mozilla bookmarks can be found at C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\5w3u4xzh.default\bookmarkbackups and copy them if necessary. And then install Windows, install drivers, programs, copy back your data.[rekl2]

This is how we reinstalled Windows without losing data. If you have a problem when you start "Your copy of Windows is not genuine" here is a solution and a working activator.

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In service you can quickly create a bot for VC with different capabilities: sending files, documents, games, quests, etc. Of course, you can just create a bot responding to messages VC.

All this is done in a convenient designer and does not require special knowledge or programming. To make a bot for a group or community VC, you just need to connect your public to the service-this is done in 2 clicks.

After that, your bot for VK is ready and responds to messages. Now you can go to the editor to start building answers and adding ready-made functions from our catalog. Even a child can cope with all this.

Remember that your chat bot for Vkontakte liked by users, come up with interesting answers and make it easy to use. is a constructor, so it's not enough to just install a bot into a community.

Good examples you can see in large public. Give users the ability to interesting content (music, photo, video), connect social features (e.g., anonymous chat), fill out the FAQs in the section “Scenario”.

Once your chatbot is ready, place an advertising post in your community or other information channels, and start collecting subscribers.

The second free option to create your bot in the VC is the site

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Belki bilgisayarınıza bir virüs var, zaten Dr ile kaldırıldı.Web CureİT veya Kaspersky LiveCD, ancak sistem zaten «klasör ve arama seçenekleri " seçeneğini devre dışı bırakmak gibi bazı hoş olmayan değişiklikler yaptı ya da görev Yöneticisini açmanın bir yolu yoktu. Genel olarak, virüsden kurtulduktan sonra, sistem dosyalarını standart Windows araçları ile kontrol etmenizi öneririm. Ve siz de bunu talimatlara başlamadan önce yapmanızı öneririm.

Grup İlkesi düzenleyicisi ile geri yükleme
Win8 ve Win 7 temel sürümleri için uygun değildir.
Microsoft, Grup İlkesi düzenleyicisinin işletim sistemlerinin temel ve en basit ev sürümlerine yüklenmesini sağladığından, bu yöntem evrensel değildir. Ancak Win8 Pro, Win7 Home Premium veya daha yüksek bir sürümünüz varsa, o zaman sizin için uygundur. Yine de daha uygun bir yoldur.

Grup İlkesi düzenleyicisini açın. Bunu yapmak için, win+r tuşlarını sıkıştırın, gpedit yazın.msc ve ok tuşuna basın.Gpedit girin.msc ve OK tuşuna basın
Aşağıdaki bölümü açın: yerel bilgisayar İlkesi - Kullanıcı Yapılandırması-Yönetim Şablonları-sistem - "CTRL+ALT+DEL tuşlarına bastıktan sonra eylem seçenekleri".CTRL+ALT+DEL tuşlarına bastıktan sonra eylem seçenekleri bölümünü açın
Pencerenin sağ tarafında «görev Yöneticisini Sil "öğesi vardır ve ekran görüntüsünde görüldüğü gibi, varsayılan olarak «ayarlanmamış" durumuna sahiptir. Virüs eyleminden sonra «açık " bir durumda olacak ve bunu düzeltmemiz gerekiyor, bu nedenle özelliklerini açın ve «devre dışı» veya «ayarlanmamış»durumuna geçin. Ayarı kaydetmek için Tamam tıklayın.Özelliklerde durumu devre dışı bırakın ve Tamam'a tıklayın
Sistemimizi yeniden başlatın, böylece ayarlarını değişikliklerimize göre güncelleyeceğiz.
Kayıt defteri düzenleyicisi ile geri yükleme
Bu yöntem çok yönlüdür.

İlk olarak, tabii ki, kayıt Defteri Düzenleyicisi'ni açın. Bunu yapmak için, win+r tuşuna basın, regedit girin ve ok tuşuna basın.Regedit girin ve OK tuşuna basın
Şimdi aşağıdaki dal: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System. Ve «1» değerine sahip "DisableTaskMgr" parametresini görüyoruz. Değerini 0 olarak silmemiz veya değiştirmemiz gerekiyor. Görev Yöneticisini devre dışı bırakmaktan sorumlu olan bu ayardır.0 DisableTaskMgr seçeneğini kaldırın veya değiştirin
Güvenilirlik için, daha fazla Dalı kontrol edin: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System, çünkü aynı parametre olabilir. Varsa, o zaman da silin (bölüm yoksa, o zaman parametre de yoktur).
Bilgisayarı yeniden başlatın, herhangi bir antivirüs yükleyin (Win8 ve Windows 10'da yerleşik olan ve Win7'de indirilebilen tamamen ücretsiz bir Microsoft Security Essential olabilir)

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Wise Program Uninstaller is the perfect solution to uninstall Windows software, allowing you to quickly and completely uninstall programs using a simple and user-friendly interface. The built-in scan engine will scan and delete all left related files, folders and registry items after uninstall, making sure the software is completely removed from your computer.
Forced uninstall removes all stubborn software
For some stubborn software or software with a broken Uninstaller, they cannot be removed by conventional means. "Forced removal" option wise programs useful. It scans your system for all the files and registries that are associated with this software and removes them thoroughly, just like you have never installed the software.
Find the software you want to uninstall quickly
With its intuitive and modern interface, Wise Program Uninstaller also allows you to organize your applications according to name, size, date and overview to find the software you want to uninstall very quickly. Or you can enter a name to find the software right away.
Context menu option makes software removal more efficient
You can add the option "uninstall with Wise Program Uninstaller" to the context menu in settings, then you can uninstall the software by right clicking its icon without opening Wise Program Uninstaller.
Completely free and perfectly compatible with almost all versions of Windows
Wise Program Uninstaller is free, allowing you to completely uninstall the programs (64 and 32-bit) installed on your system. It has been designed and fully tested to run on Windows 10 and other Windows operating systems from Windows XP and above. No matter what you have-desktop or laptop.Video tutorial
download from the office site

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Download the BlueStacks helper program from the official Website and install it on your computer. This Android emulator will not only help you get all the features of the phone version but also give you access to all the games and applications from Google Play.

With it you can download WhatsApp to your computer for free and do not pay for the use of the application on your phone. Everyone knows that on the iPhone and Android after the first year of use, access must be paid, but with the computer version is not necessary. In General the thing is very necessary for any user who wants to run mobile apps on computer.

WhatsApp for computer
After installation, you need to make simple settings, which the program will report itself. All you have to do is create or enter your Google account information, and then you will have access to wasap and other applications.

WhatsApp for computer
Our virtual phone is ready to use, let's put it on a Vatsap. If the computer already has the downloaded application in .apk format, then double-click on it with the mouse to install it in the emulator. Or Search for BlueMax enter WhatsApp,
As a result of the search will be an application icon, click on it. Opens the page Watsap from Google Play with a detailed description, screenshots and Install button, which you need to click.

The successful installation will be notified in the lower right corner of the desktop.

Open WhatsApp in the emulator and start working with the messenger on your computer.

When checking your phone number, you need to wait for the SMS check time to expire and select the voice check. The mobile phone will receive a call, which will inform the confirmation code. Enter it in the appropriate field. You in the Russian language is ready for further use.

Attention! If the program you can not change the language or there are other difficulties, write about them in the comments and we will solve any problem.

The possibility of application on a PC

With the installation we have figured out, let's look at the most necessary functions that are available in vatsap on your home computer:
all the features that were available on your phone are now on your Windows;
send messages to your friends for free;
transfer photos and videos in unlimited quantity;
receive calls and communicate with the world without limits without paying a cent
a large set of standard emoticons and emojis;
Easy installation and the ability to work without using a browser (unlike whatsapp web).
If you register a computer version on a different simcard, you will receive 2 independent from each other application. We advise you to do so!
Excellent communication quality and consumption of less traffic, compared to other messengers.
The biggest audience in the world! Every 5th person on earth installed this application. Now it is very easy to stay in touch even if there is no phone.
Requires additional ON - BlueMax or other emulator Android.
It is impossible to work simultaneously on the phone and on the PC, if the registration specified the same number.
As you can see the disadvantages are not so much, but the advantages are rife. With that wrote is by no means all.

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You need to take over the "Owner" rights in the WindowsApps folder. She is C:/Program Files/WindowsApps/
if it does not help, try to check for errors and restore system files.

To do this, right-click on the start menu, click command prompt (administrator). Or " Windows PowerShell (administrator)."

In the window that opens, type Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth and press Enter.
Type sfc / scannow and press Enter.

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