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replied the topic What websites do you use for betting help, guys? created by jackfr

The best online bookmakers.
There are a number of foreign operators that are not among the legal resources and are not a partner of the MCC, but are characterized by high decency and elegant conditions of the game. The above mentioned guys should look at such bookmakers as:

William Hill;
These are 5 foreign offices which honesty and decency is checked by time. Here you will not be deceived for sure, you will be able to withdraw the winnings always and even large, but only under one condition, if the player himself uses honest methods of playing.

6 hours 21 minutes ago
replied the topic Music-related websites created by GoGlass

To begin with, it is necessary to determine what kind of help a smartphone can provide to a musician, in particular, a guitarist. First, tuner. I have a tuner for the guitar, and I must say that the quality of the application it does not concede.

Second, the metronome. If you consider yourself a cool musician who doesn't need a metronome anymore, I have some bad news for you. It is possible and necessary to work with the metronome for a long time to develop a sense of rhythm. Again, you can buy a real metronome, but why do you need it if you have a smartphone?

Finally, a variety of music applications such as Garage Band and Ultimate Guitar. They are difficult to classify into one category, but they are definitely worth your attention and money spent on them. By the way, many of them are free.

My main device is iPhone. Despite the fact that the latest Android smartphones have already overtaken and even surpassed the iPhone in terms of functionality, the iPhone is still number one in the music industry. You can't argue with that. Therefore, the quality of many music applications for iPhone is much higher than for Android. But let's not start a war iOS vs Android and get down to business!

Guitar Tuner2
A great tuner that does its job excellently. I tried a lot of tuners from the App Store, and this one seemed to me the most accurate, fast and easy to use.

Silvertune: Guitar Tuner
Developer: Codewise Systems SRL-D
Price: 149 rubles(2.5 dollars)

Tuner — gStrings
Great tuner for Android. It is worth saying that there is no sense to describe such applications for a long time. From tuner the accurate and quick tuning of the guitar. And gStrings handles it well. A nice bonus is the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone. Very useful in connection with the huge range of phones on Android and different microphones.

Tuner-gStrings Free
Price: Free

HardWire HT-6 FastTune
The coolest app from the world-famous music company Harman. The peculiarity of this tuner is that it can tune 6 strings at the same time. Put the phone next to the guitar, hold the six strings at once, and Hardwire shows the structure of all the strings at the same time. Very convenient, and most importantly — really works! There is a version for iOS and Android.

HardWire HT-6 FastTune
Developer: Harman Professional, Inc.
Price: Free

HT-6 FastTune
Developer: Harman Professional
Price: Free

A great choice for iPhone owners. Minimalistic design, fine tuning of tempo, rhythm and dynamics, as well as sound selection. The only downside is that the metronome turns off when the screen is locked. Playing standing in headphones, you want to put your smartphone in your pocket. With this metronome it will not pass.

Metronome by Musicopoulos
Developer: SpartanApps
Price: 75 rubles(1 dollar)

Mobile Metronome
Despite the variety of metronomes in Google Play, the appearance of each of them is simply terrible. Mobile Metronome stands out at least by the fact that its terrible interface does not deceive with the pace, and does not suffer from the problem of asynchronous sound and flashing lights.

Guitar Kit+
A huge base of chords that will satisfy even the most demanding jazzman. In addition, there is a training mode: the application gives a list of chords that you want to play from memory. Convenient exercise for memorizing chords.

Guitar Kit+ for Chord Search, Save and Training
Developer: Doyoung Gwak
Price: 149 rubles(2.5 dollars)

Not a bad app for Android with similar functionality. Contains a large database of chords and chord progressions.

GChord (Guitar Chord Finder)
Developer: Asoft
Price: Free

Drum Beats
Drum Beats is a great replacement for your drummer. It contains a lot of drum bits of different styles. In total Drum Beats offers about 100 different drum parts. The Android app is on sale now .
Drum Beats+ Rhythm Machine
Developer: Ninebuzz Software LLC
Price: 379 rubles ($5

Drum Beats+ Rhythm Metronome
Developer: Ninebuzz
Price: 349,00 ₽
Lick of the day
Lick of the Day is a collection of video tutorials that teach you how to play guitar in different styles. Blues, rock, jazz, country, RnB and others. Several collections are available for free, and the rest will have to buy $2.99 for each. Only for iOS.

Lick of the Day
Developer: Agile Partners
Price: Free

Ultimate Guitar
Let's finish our top app, which any guitarist has heard about. Ultimate Guitar is a website and app for iOS and Android that contains the largest database of guitar chords and tabs. 400 000 different songs. Think about this number. If you learn 5 songs every day, it will take you 200 years to learn everything.

Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs
Developer: Ultimate Guitar
Price: Free

5 days ago
replied the topic Backup Solutions created by brijeshjoshi

Why do I need backup? The answer is simple – to "hedge", protecting yourself from losing the site. In critical situations, the loss or corruption of data web resource backup will restore them. If the "spare" copies will not have to start from scratch. And if the site had a huge attendance? If a large number of content has been added to it, copies of which have not been preserved? If the development of the resource was spent a lot of time?

Unfortunately, even the most reliable hosting providers can not provide 100% protection of the file system of the site. As a rule, hosting services perform backups and store them on separate servers (separately from the main copy), but this does not save-some natural phenomenon (flood, power surge, earthquake, etc.) can disable all the equipment of the hosting center. If you store backup data on your computer (or somewhere else), the risk of losing the site will be significantly reduced.

1.2 types of backups
Backup of a web resource implies the preservation of all information of which it is composed, all its contents. This includes internal linking of pages, design, navigation, images, and media files-in General, everything.

Copying files "on which" a web resource works is only part of the job. The site can be used for its work and database.

1. For static sites that do not work on content management systems (CMS) – engines (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.) – or using "special" CMS, really just copy all the files and folders.

2. For those resources that work on CMS that use databases (such as WordPress), the process of saving backups is complicated. In this case, it is divided into two stages:

saving the site file system (all folders and files required for the site operation);
back up the database used by CMS for its correct operation.

Also, individual CMS allow you to create backups of certain data (records, categories, tags, menus, etc.), so that they can be transferred to another site running on the same CMS.

Therefore, before you make a backup, you should understand whether your site works without a database (for example, a static resource) or still uses it (for example, a blog on WordPress). The first case is less common, because such web resources to create (and manage) more difficult than those that work on the CMS.

2. Copying the file system of the website
This operation must be done regardless of whether your portal uses the database for work or not. In addition to the site itself, auxiliary data (favicon, logo, sitemap and robots files, identification text documents of search engines, etc.) are copied.

You can copy the files in many ways, I will describe here the two most popular: manual copying of data to your computer, copying using an ftp client.

For example, it will be shown how to create a backup site running on TimeWeb hosting. But even if your site is supported by another hosting provider, the backup procedure will be similar.

2.1 Ftp client
Ftp-client is a special program that helps to operate files and folders over the Internet. Works on Ftp-Protocol (data transfer over networks), as the name implies.

The first ftp client that comes to mind is Total Commander, which will be an example of how to create a backup of site files. Also popular among webmasters is another program – filezilla-working on the same principle. Both clients are not much different from each other.

1. First, you need to create a connection to the ftp-server (hosting), which stores your website. To do this, press "Ctrl+F", and then a window will appear:

Create a new connection in Total Commander

I already have a connection (TimeWeb), and you need to create your own, which you need to click on the "Add ..." and fill in the parameters:

Filling out the fields (you create the connection)

You need to fill in only 4 fields:

Connection name-any at your discretion. Will be displayed in the first connections window (I have this, for example, TimeWeb).
Server [Port] is the IP address of the port, which is determined by the hosting (it can be found in your account). I have this " THESEUS (".
The account is your login that you use when logging in to your personal hosting account.
Password the password for your login.
By the way, hosting providers allow you to create several ftp-accounts (combinations of login passwords), with which you can manage your site. This is useful if you want to allow restricted access to the site via ftp to a "stranger".

2. The connection has been created,now you can proceed to the site backup. To do this, press "Ctrl+F" again and double-click on the name of the desired connection. Now you need to select the folders you want to copy. If the site is hosting one, then there will be no problems – just copy everything that is (most often it is one folder public_html). But if your hosting account has several sites, you need to copy only those that relate to the resource, backup of which is created.

For example, I have 4 web resources on my account, each in a separate folder. And I need to make a backup of only one of them – the one that is in the "public_html"folder.

Copying files via ftp client

The selected folder should be selected (its name will turn red) and then dragged to the right window (local drives of your computer). An information window appears with information about the download address (for example, " e:\*.* " ). By clicking on the "OK" button, you will confirm the start of the backup.

IMPORTANT! Before you copy the site data, it is advisable to archive them on the hosting, which will reduce the amount of files and allow you to copy them faster. Information on how to do this is given in [2.2 manual copying] below.

Copying files with Total Commander

The main drawback of using total Commander FTP client is that copying is very slow.

2.2 manual copying
As already mentioned, "Total Commander" copies the site files for too long. Sometimes it is much faster to do it by copying files and folders of a web resource to your computer manually.

To do this, you need to do the same, as in the first case.

1. First you need to go to the hosting site and enter your username and password, go to your personal account.

2. Now you need to go to the file Manager (or to the panel with the same name in your hosting). This panel is available on any hosting.

Personal account at the hosting provider

3. After that, you will be taken to the file control panel, where again you need to find the folders and files that you want to backup. In my case it is again "public_html".

Select the required folder

4. Before copying files, it is advisable to archive them. This is done using the functions of the hosting provider. Timeweb offers a very convenient way to archive files and immediately download them. If your hosting does not support this, then you will first need to archive the folders, then select the archive that appears and download it to your computer.

Manual backup, backup and copying

3. Copying database
Almost always, for sites running on engines (CMS), in addition to the backup file structure of the resource, it is necessary to create a backup copy of the database.

The database is a table containing addresses of various files (pictures, media files, plain text, etc.) necessary for the operation of the site.

The database allows you to organize the information so that you can quickly access it if necessary. This is true if your site consists of a huge number of pages containing a bunch of pictures and videos. Simply put, a database allows you to quickly process web resource files.

Special operators – commands are used to manage the database. But to make it easier for people to work, database management systems (DBMS) are used. As the task of the WordPress engine-to simplify site management, and the role of the database – to simplify the work with databases. The most popular now is The MySQL database management system. It is supported by leading hosting providers, so the process of creating a database backup will be shown on its example.

So, the first thing you need to go to your personal account on the hosting and go to the database control panel.

Database control panel

Now with the help of a convenient tool "phpMyAdmin" you can edit the information in the databases.

Login to phpmyadmin

The tool "phpMyAdmin" allows you to perform various actions on databases, in particular – to do their backup.

First, you need to select the desired database, their list is on the left side of the screen (the interface of your hosting provider may be slightly different), and then click on the "Export"button.

Export database

In the next window that appears, you will only have to click on the "OK" button (you do not need to change the basic settings), and then you can download the database backup to your computer.

IMPORTANT! Some hosting providers automatically make backup files of the site and its database. In this case, you can immediately download ready-made backups.

Manage BackUp

Ready backups of database and site files

Backup of site data should be done as often as possible, because there is always a risk in seconds to lose the web resource. Only periodic creation of backups of files and databases will protect you from this. Also view more on this website are more details about backing up your website.

6 days ago
replied the topic How to get more followers on the Instagram? created by GoGlass

How to get a lot of followers on Instagram? The first thing you need to do is create a really interesting account with a specific theme or purpose. Secondly, you need to start making beautiful, interesting and funny photos and learn how to mark them correctly. Third, and most importantly, you need to learn some clever marketing techniques that will rapidly increase the number of subscribers. Where to start? Cheat subscribers in "Instagram" begins with the evaluation of other people's photos. One of the best ways to get followers is to start liking the pictures associated with your messages as much as you can. Scroll down your home channel and like many photos of your friends. It is likely that many of them will follow you. Go to the Explore page and take a look at the most popular photos. Like them, as these accounts usually have a lot of followers, and some of them may subscribe to you. Then find photos of people, things or places you are interested in using hashtags. For example, if you want to see pictures of the Eiffel tower, type #paris, #loveparis, or just #Eiffel tower. Choose a hashtag that has a lot of posts and start liking the pictures you like. This may help you get subscribers. How fast can I get a lot of followers on Instagram? This option is best for users who want to wind up a lot of subscribers in a short time. It consists of searching for some of the most popular tags such as #followme #like4like or #instadaily. Just scroll through all the photos in this channel by double-clicking on each of them to put a mark. Repeat this with a few tags until you like a thousand photos. This may seem like a lot of work, but if you do it every day, you will be guaranteed that the number of your subscribers will grow quickly. Start commenting on people's photos. Not only should you like other users ' photos, but you should also start commenting on them. This provides more personal contact, and if people like your posts, they will be more likely to subscribe to your account. You won't be able to comment on all the photos you like, but try to do it as much as possible. It doesn't have to be an essay, a simple enough phrase like "a good place." Even "love it" can work just fine. However, a more personal comment is more effective, something like "I really like the lighting in this picture-good job!". Or "I like your hair-wish I could make my hair look like this!"Remember that compliments bring people together. Importance of descriptions Add comments, questions, or geotags to your photos. Despite the fact that Instagram is 90% composed of photos, it is important not to forget about the power of words. Accompanying your pictures with funny, smart, or unique comments or questions can be a great way to interact with your followers, as well as an opportunity to get new ones. Can you tell how much money there is in the world? 8 mental steps that will make you rich Effective methods to earn on a credit card For example, give a small explanation of what is your picture, or what inspired you to it. Or you can simply specify where the photo was taken. Try to keep within a couple of sentences because people are lazy and will probably miss the description if it's too long. Correct descriptions are a good way to increase your Instagram followers. Ask questions as they will encourage other people to comment on your posts, which is good for potential subscribers. It could be something simple, like a picture of a new coffee shop in town asking, " Has anyone been here?"Or you could post a picture of two different pairs of shoes and ask what is better to wear today. This is also a good method, how to get a lot of subscribers in "Instagram". Include calls to action in your messages. For example, if you posted a picture of your cat in a funny pose, you could sign something like, "I want to see all your crazy cats, use the #awkwardcats tag." This will encourage your followers to take their own photos and use the hashtag. What else needs to be done? How to gain a lot of followers on Instagram, drawing attention to himself? Post photos regularly, but not too often. It's useless to expect users to follow you if you never post any photos, so it's important to be really active on Instagram and stay up to date with current trends. Upload 1 to 3 photos per day, this should keep your audience interested, and make sure that there is always something unique on your channel. This will allow you to constantly increase the number of subscribers in "Instagram". However, you should not post pictures just for the sake of a new post, they should all be beautiful and unique. Don't upload too many photos a day and avoid posting more than one photo at a time. This can clog up your subscribers ' news feed, which many don't like. If they get tired of your regular posts, they may decide to unsubscribe from you. Remember that deleted instagram followers won't do you any good. These 10 habits will allow you to get rich Really working method: how to repay the debt on credit cards Profession with the highest salary in Russia How best to do the publication? Publish pictures at the right time of day. You can take the most interesting, funny or beautiful photo, but if you post it at a time when no one is online, you limit the number of people who will see it, and it greatly reduces your chances of getting new subscribers. Most users check their Instagram in the morning and in the evening, on the way to work or school and home. So if you're sending a message at this time (in the appropriate time zone), you're more likely to pay attention to your photos. Cheat subscribers in "Instagram" can be carried out with the help of some services. You can also use applications (such as Statigram) to find out when Instagram is being used to the maximum by your subscribers, and based on this, determine when it is best to publish content. Remember that any post has a window of about four hours to collect likes, comments and followers before it moves down in the news feed. Mention of the challenges of Other equipment of the set of followers is to get a mention, and the best way to start to do them yourself. However, it will also cause some users to ignore you. Basically it draws attention to the other person's account if you mention it in a message and ask your followers to follow it. This provides the user with a whole new group of potential subscribers that he would never have found otherwise. This way of how to increase followers on Instagram is that after you do it for someone, they will repeat it with you. The ideal situation would be if it is performed by celebrities, a major brand or someone with thousands of followers. Unfortunately, this happens quite rarely, but with websites such as QuickShouts and Klout, you can pay to promote your page.

6 days ago
replied the topic Programs not responding created by sudisue54

Most likely the reason is the lack of Internet or router problem.You can restart the router first.

7 days ago
replied the topic Not get My Questions Answer! created by shahab

It's simple.Some users do not mark the best answer, moreover their next questions get fewer answers.

12 days ago
replied the topic I can't add custom domain for azure web app created by JamieD

See the solution to this problem described in this article

13 days ago
replied the topic Why my mobile Internet is slow created by Sajad12

When using the mobile Internet, there are difficulties in accessing Internet resources:

loading pages in the browser, downloading files, and updating data in mobile apps over the Internet are too slow;
often stops or is severely delayed playback of audio and video online.
mobile device with mobile data support;
a computer or laptop connected to a USB modem or mobile device that is used as a modem.
mobile device works in low-speed 2G network instead of high-speed 3G / 4G;
low network signal;
the cellular network is overloaded with other users nearby;
daily quota of high-speed traffic on mobile unlimited is spent;
downloading files or updating the system on the computer is running;
the Internet resource you are accessing is overloaded.
Low speed in cellular networks is possible for the following reasons:

The mobile device operates on a low-speed 2G network.
Check what type of network is displayed in the status bar of the mobile device or in the "MTS connect"window. If the display shows "e" (EDGE), "G" (GPRS) or "2G" — this means that the device is working in a 2G-network in which high data rate is not possible.
To obtain a stable high speed, try to find and activate in the device settings the network type "3G only" ("UMTS Only", "WCDMA Only", etc.) or "4G only" ("LTE Only", "LTE Only", etc.) — this will prevent the device from switching to a low-speed 2G network.
Low network signal.
Check the signal level on the corresponding indicator in the status bar of the mobile device or in the "MTS connect"window. If the signal level is low (2 divisions or less), it is possible to reduce the access speed up to the suspension of all downloads and downloads.
To increase the network signal strength, try to place the mobile device in the least shielded place (for example, near a window). Use a quality USB extension cable to place the USB modem.
The base station of the cellular network, serving you is overloaded.
If the base station that is currently serving your mobile device is heavily used by other mobile Internet users who may be close to you, you may be able to reduce the speed of access to Internet resources.

The daily quota of high-speed traffic has been used up.
If you have a service with unlimited access ("mini-Bit", "BIT", "super-Bit" or "Unlimited VIP"), check whether the daily quota provided by the rules of these services is spent, see how to check the balance of the high-speed traffic quota. If the quota is spent-the maximum speed will be limited according to the rules of these services.
If the daily quota is used up, you can remove the speed limit by paying for additional traffic without limiting the Internet speed.
The file download or update of the system or program is started.
Check that the programs that initiate Internet traffic are not active on the computer. Active downloads (torrent downloads, OS components or anti-virus database updates, etc.) running in the background also use the Internet channel to slow down other programs on the Internet.

The Internet resource you are using is overloaded.
Try to download any file or start playing audio/video on another Internet resource. If you do not have any difficulties-most likely, the first Internet resource is heavily loaded by other users.

15 days ago
replied the topic I have not been able to update Windows for a long while. created by tpsracic

This is a Windows update Error 80080005
Cause: Problems with the Windows Update module libraries.

There are four ways to try to fix the error code 80080005.
Method 1. Check the C:\ drive file system for errors

To check the local drive C:\ go to its properties, on the "Tools" tab, click on The "run check" button, then select "Start - > disk check Schedule" and restart the computer to start analyzing the computer disk and fix the detected errors. If you wish to schedule a scan of removable media by typing in the console command chkdsk /f c:, and confirming the volume check at the next reboot of the system.
Method 2. Install the latest version of the Windows update agent

To install the latest version of agent Windows update, it is recommended to visit the web site of Microsoft Corporation at the following address:

When you visit this site, the system will automatically prompt you to install the latest version of the Windows update agent. After installing the updated version of the program, it is recommended to restart the computer.
Method 3. Perform a reset of the Winsock LSP component

To reset and restore the initial configuration of the Winsock LSP, type netsh winsock reset catalog at the Windows command prompt, and then restart the computer to make changes.
Method 4. Rename the SoftwareDistribution directory

To do this, follow these steps: restart the computer in safe mode, locate and rename the system folder To: \Windows\SoftwareDistribution (for example, SoftwareDistribution.old) and restart the computer again in normal mode.

You can do without restarting the system in safe mode. To do this, right-click on the Windows taskbar, open the task Manager, go to the "Services" tab and click on the button of the same name at the bottom. In the list that opens, find the Windows update service and stop it. Then rename the system folder to: \Windows\SoftwareDistribution and restart the stopped service.

20 days ago
replied the topic Windows screens open very slowly created by meesigrt

Look at how freely you have RAM,which processes and apps are using it,then look at the startup,maybe some sort of third-party program slows down Windows.Then you can try to change the hard drive to a newer one.If after optimizing the computer, changing the hard drive problem persists then most likely your problem with the North bridge of the motherboard.

29 days ago
replied the topic Windows screens open very slowly created by meesigrt

Look at how freely you have RAM,which processes and apps are using it,then look at the startup,maybe some sort of third-party program slows down Windows.Then you can try to change the hard drive to a newer one.If after optimizing the computer, changing the hard drive problem persists then most likely your problem with the North bridge of the motherboard.

29 days ago
replied the topic Learning English with pc created by a454545

10 free apps to learn English
Many of us have studied English at school, at University, some attended courses, but have not mastered the free spoken due to lack of practice. Fix the gaps in education offer a selection of useful applications.

10 free apps to learn English
Review of interesting, useful and non-standard applications for Android and iOS to learn and maintain English at a high level.

How to speak English

The application was created in 2014 by Kaplan. With it, you can get rid of the accent. This is possible thanks to three types of exercises: Challenge section, sections of Your Sounds and All Sounds. The first section is built on the principle of "question-answer", which allows you to determine the level of possession of phonetics. Your sounds will allow you to compare your pronunciation with the academic one. The third section contains not only the international phonetic alphabet, but also teach you to recognize speech errors and their occurrence.

British Council

The British Council is a global organisation with training centres in over 100 countries. Many textbooks are published under the editorial Board of this organization. It is not surprising that the eponymous application is popular.

Applications allow you to learn English through games, videos, podcasts. The student will be offered exercises of different levels of difficulty. With the help of the British Council you will learn new words, learn grammar, master the correct pronunciation.


The app is perfect for people with audiovisual memory. The whole principle of language learning is based on video: advertising, music videos, dialogues, news. Absolutely everything is built to make you hear natural English. And each video comes with interactive titles. This greatly facilitates the study of incomprehensible words – you can click on any unfamiliar word, see its image, meaning and examples of use.

FluentU remembers the words that you have passed, so the application of "likes" to recommend the video examples, including you have studied words. It turns out a kind of personalized program.

There are with oral speech you have no problems, but there are gaps in writing, the Quill application will help to cope with them. The program includes tasks of different complexity for individual and group work. Very convenient to consolidate knowledge of grammar.


One of the oldest applications for learning English. The application is an addition to the website, which stores a huge amount of useful information: training, video tutorials, training courses. There are paid and free.

As for the application, it is interesting, first of all, its competitive nature. Going from simple to complex, moving from one level to another, you compete with yourself, constantly discovering new types of training. The main goal of the program is to teach you new words, grammar. The interface is very simple and looks cartoonish.

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replied the topic Which is better to use for gaming? Windows7 or Windows10? created by yukimi90

Both operating systems are the same if you can install both old and new games.But the graphics performance in games is somewhat different.The results of the measurements
The results of" Zdmark Fire Strike " look very logical and consistent with the age of each OS, although the "Ten" is not much ahead of its younger counterparts, but still was in the lead. However, further in the real world, it could not always hold the first position.

ЗDMark Fire Strikeи16 - test and practice the best result has shown "old" Windows 7 and "Eight" is the worst.

45 days ago
replied the topic Can you tell me! created by Cuongbosse

There is no such file in the most recent virus file database.So it's definitely not a virus.Most likely it is some kind of installation file of a secondary program that you have installed automatically when you install some application.

47 days ago
replied the topic Online Forex brokers created by Stardust

I will describe a few of BK, which traditionally holds a high ranking position, although in different rankings their sites have to be:

1. Alpari (Alpari). This name you will see in the Top of any rating, and very often it is on the top line.

It is licensed by many Central Banks, which already indicates reliability. There is a cent account Nano (has no minimum Deposit threshold), standard dollar accounts (Deposit from $ 100) and professional dollar ECN accounts.

Leverage 1: 500, lot-from 0.01. From trading platforms-MT and BinaryTrader (for BO). There is an opportunity to give (or take) money in management. A good training program, as well as a number of promotions, contests and bonuses, which should be treated with healthy skepticism, bearing in mind that everything that a broker does, he does, first of all, for his own, and not for your benefit.

2. Finam. In Russia, this office is among the leaders, has a domestic license, in addition to foreign exchange trading is available and share trading. A Forex account start with 100 bucks and ForexLite 10. Lot in the first case from 0.5, the second from 0.01.

High-quality educational program, where not only basic knowledge is available, but also the analysis of the most popular strategies. Trading terminal-MT4. There is an auto-copying service, which is very positive for beginners unsure of their own abilities.

3. Forex Club. Trading "tools" is very wide, and the number and variety, even includes a crypt. There is training, but available for free only the first 3 topics, and then either need to pay for science, or to replenish the Deposit of $ 500 (the amount, you see, not small and not all feasible) and continue to "smart" for free.

Bonuses are also available. But before you rejoice in them, carefully study the conditions for their receipt. MT4 platform, lots 0.01 (start account) and 0.1 on other types of accounts, input/output from 10 "green".

4. InstaForex. A lot of tools, they are different, so there are plenty to choose from. For beginners, the service is good because there is no minimum to open an account. But even with such a "bonus" it is necessary to remember the risks associated with trading. A good training course, you can even practice trading with professionals, which provides 3 free "lessons".

A wide variety of accounts, from cent to "Islamic". Trading platforms-MT4 and MT5, with the ability to open and close trades via WebTrader.

5. TeleTrade. The first thing I want to note is a serious attitude to the training of beginners. All clients are required to undergo a theory course, where they learn the basics of trading, and then work directly with teachers on an individual schedule (via Skype or in the office).

Leverage maximum 1: 100, lot-0,1-0,15. Trading is available not only in currencies, but also in a number of other instruments (indices, metals, stocks, etc.). You can work with MT4 or MT5, there are mobile applications.

By the way, the company has developed game applications where you can earn points on a virtual account and, being in the top ten by the number of points, get a very decent cash reward. A good way to start trading without investments, so we advise you to try.


Rating Forex brokers to find on the network is quite simple. Pay attention to those BC, which are present in the top ten of all or almost all ratings. Then read the details of each company, and choose the most suitable for themselves, based on the criteria described above.

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Flash does not work in Chrome it Happens that in Chrome browser there are problems with Flash playback. Flash may not work in Chrome for several reasons. Today we will analyze the case when the user's browser displays the message “Adobe shockware Flash Plugin stopped responding”. This Flash plugin error can be caused by incompatibility of different versions of the player. The thing is that the browser from Google uses in its work two flash players: built-in and external. After installing the next update of the browser or external player, they may start to conflict with each other, as a result of which the user has to admire the known error message. To check if it is caused by incompatibility of players, you need to disable one of them. To do this, open the Chrome browser and type the following “chrome://plugins/” in its address bar and press the “Enter” key on your keyboard. Then, on the opened page, at the top right, click on the link "more". Then go to Adobe Flash Player. You will see the full path to the installed external flash plugin, in our example it is C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\NPSWF32_15_0_0_189 ahhh!dll. Disable it. That's all she wrote. If the problem is not working Flash was not compatible, then you need to install a compatible version of the external Adobe Flash Player. The second problem due to which there is a collapse of the Flash player may be its incompatibility with the installed extensions, add-ons in Chrome. To check if this is the problem, go to the “Settings” menu item and then to the “Extensions”tab. Disable all installed extensions. Try again to use the Flash player and if the problem is solved, then alternately returning to work disabled extensions find out which one interferes with the player. Then reinstall, update, or remove this Chrome extension. If not the second not the first way did not help you to solve the problem with broken Flash in Chrome, we advise you to try to start the browser with the disabled “sandbox” and with the disabled hardware acceleration. To do this, right-click the Chrome browser shortcut and select Properties from the context menu that appears. Next, in the new dialog box, click the Shortcut tab and in the Object box after chrome.exe add the parameters-disable-flash-sandbox and-disable-accelerated-video. If the third method did not help you solve the problem, then be sure to post here, telling in detail what you tried and what you did before Flash stopped working in Chrome. We will try to figure it out together.

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How to return a missing Downloads folder (Downloads)
As a result of various user manipulations or after installing some programs, the "Downloads" folder may disappear.How to get her back?
All Windows downloads are saved in the downloads folder, which many users access via the start menu or desktop shortcut. If the shortcut is missing, you can open "Explorer" and go to "C:\User\your username\". Here you will most likely find the download folder.downl1

If you have done these steps, and the result did not work, then click on "run", type in the window "cmd" and confirm by pressing [Enter]. In the opened window type the command "attrib –s –h SEV username\downloads".

Restore the downloads folder. Using the command line you can restore the missing downloads folder
Restore the downloads folder. Using the command line you can restore the missing downloads folder
Replace "your username" with the name you use. Press [Enter]. Windows will restore the downloads folder again. After that, I recommend checking your computer for viruses, as their presence could lead to the removal of the downloads folder.

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The reasons why the computer does not Wake up may be different. The peculiarity of this problem is its close connection with the characteristics of a particular computer "iron". Therefore, it is difficult to recommend a single algorithm of actions for its solution. But still you can offer several solutions that can help the user to get rid of this trouble.

Option 1: Check drivers
If the computer is unable to Wake, the first thing to check is the correctness of the installed device drivers and the system. If any driver is installed with errors, or is absent at all — the system can work unstable, which can cause problems with the exit from sleep mode.

You can check if all drivers are installed correctly in the "device Manager". The easiest way to open it is through the program startup window by calling it with the "Win+R" key combination and typing devmgmt there.msc.
Open device Manager through the Windows startup window
In the list that will be displayed in the window that appears, there should not be an exclamation mark of incorrectly installed drivers, as well as records "Unknown device", denoted by a question mark.
Windows device manager

Particular attention should be paid to the driver of the video adapter, as it is this device with a high probability that can cause problems with sleep mode. You should not only make sure that the driver is installed correctly, but also update it to the latest version. To completely eliminate the video driver as the cause of the problem, you can try to enter and Wake the computer by installing a different video card.

Fix an issue with the NVIDIA video card driver flying off
Solutions to problems installing the NVIDIA driver
Driver installation via AMD Radeon Software Crimson
Fix " the video Driver stopped responding and was successfully restored»

For Windows 7 users, the cause of the problem is often the Aero theme installed. So it's better to turn it off.

Option 2: Check USB devices
USB devices are also a fairly common cause of a problem with the computer resuming from sleep mode. First of all, it concerns such devices as keyboard and mouse. To check if this is the case, you need to prevent these devices from bringing your PC out of sleep or hibernation. This requires:

Find the mouse in the device Manager list, right-click to open the context menu and go to the "Properties"section.
Opening mouse properties in Windows device Manager
In the mouse properties, open the "power Management" section and uncheck the corresponding checkbox.
Changing power settings in mouse properties in Windows device Manager
Exactly the same procedure should be repeated with the keyboard.

Attention! You cannot disable permission to Wake the computer from sleep mode for the mouse and keyboard at the same time. This will make it impossible to carry out this procedure.

Option 3: Change the power supply circuit
The various options for switching the computer to hibernation include turning off the power to the hard drives. However, when you exit it, power is often delayed, or the HDD does not turn on at all. Windows 7 users are particularly affected by this issue. Therefore, to avoid problems, it is better to disable this feature.

In the control panel under "Equipment and sound" go to "power supply".
Go to the power section of the Windows control panel
Go to sleep settings.
Go to sleep settings in the power section of the Windows control panel
In the power scheme settings, click on the link "Change additional power settings".
Go to advanced power scheme settings in the Windows control panel
Set the option "turn Off hard disk after" to zero.
Change the hard drive shutdown settings in the Windows control panel
Now, even when "falling asleep" computer, the power to the drive will be supplied in normal mode.

Option 4: Change the BIOS settings
If the above manipulation did not help and the computer still does not Wake up, you can try to resolve the problem by changing the BIOS settings. You can enter it by holding the "Delete" or "F2" key (or another option, depending on the BIOS version of your motherboard) when you start your computer.

The complexity of this method lies in the fact that in different versions of the BIOS sections on the power supply parameters can be called differently and the order of user actions may be slightly different. In this case, you need to rely more on your knowledge of English and a common understanding of the problem
Section the BIOS for power management of the computer
Entering it, you should pay attention to the parameter "ACPI Suspend Type".
Setting the sleep mode settings in BIOS
This parameter can have two values that determine the "depth"of the computer going to sleep.
Changing the value of sleep parameters in BIOS
When you go to sleep mode with the S1 option, the monitor, hard drive, and some expansion cards will be disabled. For other components, the operating frequency will simply be lowered. If you select S3, everything except RAM will be disabled. You can try to play with these settings and see how the computer will come out of sleep mode.

Summing up, we can conclude that in order to avoid errors when the computer comes out of sleep mode, it is necessary to carefully ensure that the most current drivers are installed in the system. You should not also use unlicensed software, OR software from dubious developers. By following these rules, you can ensure that all the hardware capabilities of your PC will be used in full and with maximum efficiency.

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If the laptop is completely disconnected, and when you press the power button does not want to turn on and does not show signs of life, do not light the indicators, it is definitely a hardware problem. In this case, you will have to change the individual modules of the device.
When it starts, the light is on, and then when you boot Windows fails, this problem can be software, which can sometimes be very easy to solve.
Understanding the problems, as a result of which the laptop does not turn on, is already half the way to their solution.

The laptop does not respond when you press the power button
The one that is lacking in the life of the laptop — mostly problems with the food. I can advise on just to eliminate the obvious, for example, check whether voltage is. Simply connect the power supply to the mains — most adapters have a light bulb.

If it burns, the device is working. The laptop also has indicators that light up to indicate that the device is connected to the network.

When the light does not light and shows no signs of life, it indicates a non-working power supply. Sometimes the indicators do not light because of loose connectors. To extend the life of the PSU can be quite easy-you need to turn on, first inserting a plug into the laptop from it, and then connect the device to the network. So does not light a spark when connected, causing the contacts to slowly fail.

In the case when all the lights are on, the problem may be in other devices. I can advise to continue to do the following:

Remove the battery from the laptop and connect the device from the mains via the PSU without it. If the laptop starts, the light is on, the output is the purchase of a new battery.
If the laptop does not show any signs of life, put the battery back.
Disconnect external devices.
If after switching them off the display lights up normally, the laptop is working, alternately connect external devices-so you can determine what caused the failure.

The laptop does not boot, but you can hear the noise of the fans
Sometimes the laptop does not turn on because of the non-working screen, although the device itself is booting up. Maybe the lights are off. You can use the hot keys to turn it on. Their usual combination is the Fn button pressed simultaneously with F2, F4, F5, etc.depending on the model and manufacturer of the laptop.

Sometimes it does not give hope and the monitor itself, and instead of the image on the screen can be displayed all sorts of artifacts.


To check if only it is faulty, the laptop should be connected to an external monitor.

The procedure for connecting an external monitor
To do this, an additional cable is required, it must correspond to the interfaces on the external monitor and laptop. Usually new devices no longer have an outdated VGA-interface, but there is a modern HDMI.

I can recommend the following order of their connection:

connect the laptop and monitor with a cable;
connect the devices to the mains;
the monitor should turn on first, then the laptop.
If the monitor does not load the image normally, set the transmission mode on the laptop, which simultaneously press Fn and one of the function keys F1...F12 depending on the manufacturer. It usually schematically shows a monitor and a laptop. This button is responsible for displaying the image — on a laptop, on a monitor or feeds it to both devices.

Video card issues
If the external device signs of life of the laptop could not be found, but all the lights are on, a common cause of failure — discrete graphics card. Due to the frequent launch of "heavy" applications, games, poor performance of the cooling system and a strong dustiness of the video card device overheat and quickly fails.

Therefore, to extend their life, do not work on a laptop, sitting on a sofa or bed (so you close the ventilation grille), and for "heavy" games get a special stand for a laptop with built-in additional fans.

To fix the problem, you can either replace the burned module, or simply disable it. If it is turned off, the normal work will be already built-in graphics,but serious games on the laptop will not go. Switching can be carried out in the BIOS by setting the parameter Disable for the burned card. In addition to the described faults, the device is often not loaded due to the malfunction of the processor or the system Board.

Incorrect BIOS settings
Another case-the picture of the screensaver lights up, the display can display information about the laptop, but then it shows an error message, the speaker starts beeping or nothing happens in the end, the system does not boot. The main reason for such problems is incorrect BIOS settings. You just need to reset them to default. For this:

Enter the BIOS by pressing the Del (for Award version), F2 or F10 (for AMI) button several times in a row immediately after power on, sometimes F1, F3, F10 or F12 keys are used to enter the BIOS.
Find the line Load BIOS Defaults or something similar (in different BIOS versions, the name may differ).
Exit the BIOS by saving the changed settings.

If the system does not start again, you should pay attention to other laptop modules — their malfunction can cause the same problem.

Other problems preventing the laptop from booting up
When there are problems with the fact that the hard drive has stopped working, they can also be diagnosed by some signs. To do this, simply listen to the life of the HDD — engine for too long can spin the disk in unsuccessful attempts to read the information, the heads can also be a long time to crackle cyclically. After that it all "hangs".

When the message "Error loading operating system" or something similar is displayed at startup, the problem can also be caused by a hardware or software failure of the hard disk. However, usually the reason for the inability to boot in this case — forgotten in the USB-connector USB flash drive or optical drive in the drive.

Infinite cyclic restart of the laptop before the OS boot happens due to problems with the motherboard. Specifically, it may be overheating of the South bridge or a short circuit. Their source is often a USB breakdown. Poor operation of the power supply can cause the problem of fast shutdown of the laptop immediately after the start of loading — it goes out due to the fact that the battery just stopped charging.

Solving software problems that prevent you from turning on your laptop
When the suspicion does not fall on any physical module, you can try to repair or reinstall the OS to fix the problem. This requires installation media or a recovery drive (created directly on the system).

Repair boot loader
If when attempting to load the display shows the inscription that is generally not found operating system, you just want to restore the boot loader. Usually such problems occur when installing a second, older OS. For example, when the computer already has Windows 8.1 installed, and you as an additional set "Seven", the problems with their loading are provided.

However, the solution is quite simple:

Boot from the installation media;
Start the command prompt in the initial installation window by pressing Shift and F10 simultaneously.
To resolve the problem, type the following commands:

bootrec – FixMbr-create a new boot record;
bootrec /FixBoot a new boot sector;
bootrec /ScanOS – finds all installed Windows;
bootrec /RebuildBcd — contributes to store boot information on the found OS.

After rebooting, Windows should start.

Windows Recovery
If the laptop does not work because of the "broken" Windows, you will also need an installation disk or USB flash drive for recovery. For the operation, there are different ways:

Insert the USB flash drive or boot disk into the drive, enter the laptop boot menu by pressing the corresponding function key immediately after reboot (F8, F12 or others, depending on the device).
Select the boot mode from the installation drive. In Windows 8.1, select Diagnostics, then go to the advanced settings menu.
Here, select the system restore option, check your OS in the next window, and then follow the instructions of the recovery
It will be able to return the state of the system to a certain recovery point, that is, until there were no problems with booting at all. If you want to completely reinstall the OS, in the diagnostics menu, select the OS restore to original state section.

And most importantly, do not panic. If yesterday you turned off the laptop and today he "died", deal with the problem on a cold head and do not act abruptly — so you are sure to find ways to eliminate the fault.

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Before talking about specific actions that can be taken to speed up the computer, it makes sense to note some basic aspects that affect the speed of the operating system and hardware.

All marked items are the same for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and 7 and belong to those computers that used to work fine (so I do not mark in the list, for example, a small amount of RAM, hoping that it is enough).

One of the main reasons that the computer is slow is all kinds of background processes, that is, the actions of those programs that the computer performs "secretly." All those icons that you see (and some of them are not) at the bottom right in the Windows notification area, processes in the task Manager — all this uses the resources of your computer, slowing it down. The average user almost always doesn't need more than half of the programs running in the background there.
Hardware problems-if you (or another person who installed Windows) didn't make sure that official drivers were installed for your graphics card and other hardware (and not the ones that the operating system installs itself), if some computer hardware behaves strangely, or the computer is showing signs of overheating — it's worth doing if you're interested in a fast-running computer. Also, do not expect lightning-fast action from outdated hardware in new conditions and with new software.
Hard drive-a slow hard drive, heavily filled or failing HDD can lead to slow operation and system freezes. If the computer's hard drive is showing signs of improper operation, for example, making strange noises, you should think about its replacement. Separately, I note that today the purchase of SSD instead of HDD provides perhaps the most obvious increase in the speed of your PC or laptop.
Viruses and malware — you may not know that something potentially unwanted or harmful is installed on your computer. And it, in turn, will be willing to use free system resources. Naturally, it is necessary to remove all such things, but how to do it — I will write more in the appropriate section below.
Perhaps, all the main listed. We turn to solutions and actions that can help in our task and remove the brakes.

Remove programs from Windows startup
The first and the main reason why the computer takes a long time to boot (ie, until the moment when you can finally run something in Windows), as well as wildly slow for novice users — a huge number of different programs that run automatically when you start Windows. The user can even know about them, but consider that they are needed and do not attach much importance to them. However, even a modern PC with a bunch of processor cores and a significant amount of RAM can begin to seriously slow down, if you do not follow what is in the startup.

Almost all programs that run automatically when you log on to Windows continue to run in the background during your session. However, not all of them are needed. Typical examples of programs that should not be kept in the startup, if you are important speed and need to remove the computer brakes:

Programs of printers and scanners — if you print from Word and other document editors, scan through some own program, the same Word or graphic editor, not all programs of printer manufacturers, MFP or scanner in the startup are not needed-all the necessary functions will work without them, and if any of these utilities will need, just run it from the list of installed programs.
Torrent clients-it's not so simple, but in General, if you constantly do not have a lot of files to download, do not need to keep uTorrent or another client in the startup: when you decide to download something, it will start itself. The rest of the time, it interferes with the work, constantly works with the hard drive and uses traffic, which in total can have an undesirable effect on performance.
Utilities for cleaning your computer, USB scanners and other service programs — if you have an antivirus installed, it is enough in the list of automatically downloaded programs (and if not installed — install). All other programs that are designed to speed up everything and protect the startup is not needed in the vast majority of cases.
To remove programs from startup, you can use standard OS tools. For example, in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, you can right-click on "start", open task Manager, click "more" (if displayed), and then go to the "startup" tab and see what there is and there to disable programs in startup.

Disable startup programs in Windows 10

Many of the programs you install can automatically add themselves to the startup list: Skype, uTorrent, and others. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad. A little more bad, but more frequent situation-when you quickly install the desired program by pressing the " Next "button, agree with all the points" Recommended " and, in addition to the program itself, acquire a certain amount of software stuff that is distributed in this way. This is not a virus-just different software that you do not need, but still appears on your PC, runs automatically and sometimes it is not so easy to remove

More on this topic: how to remove programs from startup Windows 8.1, startup programs in Windows 7

Remove malware
Many users do not even realize that they have something wrong on their computer and they do not know what it slows down because of the malware and potentially unwanted programs.

Many, even excellent, antivirus do not pay attention to this kind of SOFTWARE. But it is worth paying attention to you if you are not satisfied with downloading Windows and running programs for a few minutes.

Scan your computer for unwanted programs

The easiest way to quickly verify whether malware is causing your computer to run slowly is to run a scan using the free AdwCleaner or Malwarebytes Antimalware utilities and see what they find. In many cases, simple cleaning with these programs already significantly improves the visible performance of the system.

Programs to speed up your computer
Familiar to many different kinds of programs promising to speed up the performance of your Windows. These include CCleaner, Auslogics Boostspeed, Razer Game Booster — there are many similar tools.

Is it worth using such programs? If the latter, I'll say no more about the first two — Yes, it is. But in the context of speeding up the computer only to manually perform some of the items that have been described above, namely:

Remove programs from startup
Remove unnecessary programs (for example, using the Uninstaller in CCleaner)
Speed up your PC in CCleaner
Most of the other options and functions of "cleaning", do not lead to acceleration, moreover, in the wrong hands can lead to the opposite effect (for example, clearing the browser cache often leads to slower loading sites — this function does not exist to speed up, as well as a number of other similar things). You can read more about this, for example, here: using CCleaner to your advantage

And finally, programs that "speed up your computer", are in the startup and their work in the background leads to a decrease in performance, and not Vice versa.

Remove all unnecessary programs
Add or remove programs in Windows 8
For the same reasons as described above, your computer may be a large number of completely unnecessary programs. In addition to those that were accidentally installed, downloaded from the Internet and long forgotten as unnecessary, on the laptop can also be programs that are installed there by the manufacturer. Do not think that they are all necessary and useful: various McAfee, Office 2010 Click-to-Run and various other pre-installed SOFTWARE, except that is designed directly to control the hardware of the laptop, you do not need. And it is installed on the computer when buying only because the manufacturer receives money from the developer.

To see the list of installed programs, go to the Windows control panel and select "Programs and features". With this list you can delete everything you do not use. In some cases, it is better to use special programs to uninstall programs (Uninstallers).

Update Windows and video card drivers
Automatic Windows updates
If you have a licensed Windows, I would recommend installing all updates automatically, which can be configured in Windows update (although, by default, there is already installed). If you continue to use an illegal copy, I can only say that this is not the most reasonable choice. But you're not gonna believe me. Anyway, in your case, updates, on the contrary, are undesirable.

As for the update of drivers, it should be noted the following: almost the only drivers that should be regularly updated and that significantly affect the performance of the computer (especially in games) are video card drivers. Learn more: how to update your video card drivers.

Install the SSD
If you are wondering whether to increase the RAM from 4GB to 8GB (or other options), buy a new video card or do something else to make the computer run faster, I strongly recommend that you purchase an SSD drive instead of the usual hard drive.

You may have seen phrases like "SSD is the best thing that can happen to your computer"in publications. And to date, this is true, the increase in speed will be obvious. Read more-what is SSD.

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