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Completely clean out an older computer√ answeredREWARD $2
1606 days ago, last commented by maren
What could be causing my laptop to keep stalling when i'm playing games. Also what would be causing my CPU to run at 100√ answered
2029 days ago

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replied the topic Traveling abroad with my senior parents, what should I pay attention to? created by minice

Pay attention to pick pocketers, make sure they are up to date with their shots. never leave them alone. any meds they are on make sure they take them. if you are traveling with a group never leave the group. always if possible have a guide with you it is so much more interesting because they can share things with you that you would never have guessed or thought possible it makes everything more exciting.
never follow anyone that ask you to except for your guide. good luck and enjoy. I went to many different countries and worked in a remote village in India loved it.

1458 days ago
replied the topic Making new friends created by charlesakinney

Try friendlife you will be able to make tons of friends there hope this one works for you.

1485 days ago
replied the topic Best online games for free? created by Elderwand8

Get on face book and try vegas world it is so much fun you can meet different people party all kinds of games on there.

1485 days ago
replied the topic Help need medical advice created by youngs6

If you are having wide spread pain all over that you have had for awhile you could have fibromyalgia I think you should be seen by a doctor to find the origin of what is causing it.

1485 days ago
replied the topic What is the craziest thing you've ever done? created by hanabi

Skydiving I love it but went on a stormy day when it was starting to rain and lightening was pretty scary.

1485 days ago
replied the topic How can i remove the unwanted hair from my face forever? created by anjumskt77

If you join pinerest you can find a lot of different natural ways to get rid of hair pinterest is free to join. but in my opinion I would have to say you could go to a dermatologist and he would be able to get rid of your hair for good. you could also go on line and see what other options there could be for you.

1485 days ago
replied the topic Your favorite song created by Chienyp

I have 3 sounds of silence ,
rolling in the deep by Adele
set fire to the rain by Adele

1485 days ago
replied the topic How to reduce violence in the world? created by braz68

Hello It is a very sad thing all the violence going on these days, and I wish I had a better answer to give you, but all I can say is to be an example for others, show them through your own actions that there does not need to be violence. there will never be a true end to the hate and discontent this world has learned, between the drugs and disorders and greed, there I don't believe there will ever be peace everywhere . one thing if they would stop making criminals famous that I believe would help. and impose stiffer laws.

1524 days ago
replied the topic Completely clean out an older computer created by Chelper

Hello I will have to get the info about that computer to you a little later if that's ok. the deal with it is that I bought it from a yard sale, it is quite old I got it for my mother to play games on but it keeps freezing up and is very very very slow.

1604 days ago
replied the topic What is the most precious things you have lost? created by kathy

My 5 weeks 3 day old grandbaby

1610 days ago
replied the topic Cheater on the Prowl created by Conikay

It's really a sad thing but once a liar and cheater they will always be one. I went through pretty much the same thing you are now and let me tell you life it to short to be unhappy. they become habits sometimes the love is not there just the habit. and you should get a divorce you will find peace for yourself. He is certainly not a decent man or he wouldn't be doing the things he is doing. if I were you I would slam that door shut and then years later you will look back and think omg what took me so long. get involved with a social group so you don't get lonely. get a pet to take care of. but don't let this man tear you to pieces, stand tall and shut that door. show him you are not going to be his second choice. and if he can't appreciate you as his wife, then make him appreciate your absents. I think I would answer any of his email he is getting from them and let them know he is a married cheater, but then again that's more work than getting a divorce. who needs a man like that when there is someone out there wishing they had someone like you.

1610 days ago
replied the topic What do you want to know firstly before you travel to other countries? created by July

I have lived in Germany, Italy and worked in India. the first thing I would do is make sure you are up to date on all your shots, then make sure it is a friendly country. their customs, and try to interact with some that speak your language. for they can teach you a lot.

1610 days ago
replied the topic How to remove spots from face naturally? created by icecream

If you join pinterest , it is free and search for that topic or look me up cindy curtis I have over 300 boards on there . type in my name then type Remedies to try or Beauty to try and you will find everything plus some you ever wanted to know about this. good luck to you.

1610 days ago
replied the topic Wise folder hider - after upgrading windows10 from windows7 created by leokim

Reinstall wisecleaner and WFH on wisecleaner going up to forced delete even though you are not going to delete anything it will show you all your files. good luck I hope this helps.

1689 days ago
replied the topic The best way to lose weight, any suggestions? created by teddybear

If you start drinking a'lot of grapefruit juice , you will find that it helps to control the feeling of being hungry, as for diet pills, you lose weight while taking them but regain the weight very fast when you stop taking them, that is because diets pills as well as a'lot of other diet products only suppend fat cells it does not flush them from the body. but if you start drinking grapefruit juice instead of eating snacks drink it with your meals, drink it instead of sodas you will lose weight because it melts the fat cells and flushes them from the body. it takes a little bit of time maybe a few months, but if you stick with it you will be amazed at how the fat will just start rolling off and you will not gain it back very fast like you would with diet products. taking walks will be of great benefit to you as well. and you may feel a bit of discomfort at first and may even have some loose bowels if this happenes cut back on the juice a little, but these things will pass and your system will get use to it. being consistant will be your biggest reward. after awhile you can pretty much eat what you want in reasonable amounts, stay true to drinking the grapefruit juice even after you lose the amount of weight you want to, you can cut back a'lot on it, but still sometimes have it instead of soda and you won't gain the weight back.

1870 days ago
replied the topic What could be causing my laptop to keep stalling when i'm playing games. Also what would be causing my CPU to run at 100 created by Chelper

Thank you for replying, I don't know a lot about computers, if its not a problem could you explain to the steps of how to do think. Thank you again.

2029 days ago
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