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replied the topic How to deal with an overheated laptop? created by Monitor

Keep The Laptop On A Hard & Flat Surface
Most laptops suck in cooling air through their bottoms. If the laptop sits on an uneven surface like a blanket, pillow, or your lap, the flow of air into the laptop is disturbed. Subsequently, the cooling is not optimal, heat builds up, the surface becomes hot, the temperature of sucked in cooling air increases, and eventually the laptop overheats.
This scenario is easily avoided by keeping the laptop on a hard and flat surface. You can use something as simple as a tray or get a special laptop holder or lap stand.

Invest In A Laptop Cooler
Laptop coolers are meant to provide additional cooling. However, getting the wrong cooler can actually make the problem worse. Before you purchase a cooler, you need to understand the flow of air into and out of your laptop.

1160 days ago
replied the topic WHY RENEW ? created by edward.bahr

The money was subsidized by, they do this to encourage more people to join this community. With this reward, you get faster reply, answerers may get a reward. No harm done, buddy. I got this promotion email too, since you don't need to renew, just ignore it.

1250 days ago
replied the topic What is the strongest VPN Encryption method?? created by Rockman

Perhaps because the US government is widely known for adopting 256-bit AES encryption to protect its high-sensitivity data, it is becoming increasing common to see VPN providers also offering this level or higher of encryption for their services.

128-bit encryption (such the Blowfish encryption used as default by OpenVPN) has yet to be cracked by a brute force attack, and is very unlikely to be so for at least the next hundred or so years. Just consider that a 128-bit key would require 3.4 x1038 operations to crack, which would take the fastest supercomputer in the world (in 2011, the Fujitsu K computer based in Kobe, Japan, which can reach peak speeds of 10.51 pentaflops) 1.02×1018 (approximately 1 billion years) to do.

In other words, levels of encryption higher than 128-bit are unnecessary, and can in theory slow down a VPN’s service as its servers have to dedicate more processing power to performing the extra (2128 times the length) math necessary to encrypt and decrypt the keys. However, as real-world tests such as this one demonstrate, the impact can be pretty minimal, and it is unfair to criticise VPNs for trying to match the demands of their customers.

So if 128-bit encryption can’t be cracked by brute force, and 256-bit encryption is 2128 harder than that, what of VPN companies that offer even higher levels of encryption? While the simple (and largely accurate) answer is that it is a just a marketing gimmick, the fact remains that there are those out there, who for whatever reasons, feel safer when protected by the highest levels of encryption yet devised by mankind, and where there is demand there will always be companies happy to provide.

An important thing to remember is that brute force attacks (which will almost certainly fail) are not the only means of obtaining encryption keys. A common analogy is that of a burglar faced with an impassable door. Making the door even more impassable will make no difference to the burglar (as he can’t get through it anyway), so instead he will smash the window next to it and enter that way. In the real world the means to ‘smash the window’ can range from high-tech (such as using key logging programs to spy on people’s computer input), to depressingly low tech (torture, blackmail and the like).

VPN.S gets our number 1 spot thanks to being the only VPN provider yet reviewed to offer 2048-bit as standard for its OpenVPN services including, quite impressively, its rather good free service. In fact the free service is worthy of note as we achieved great results with it, and saw none of the promised advertising, although it is monitored and limited to 600Mb per month. The premium OpenVPN service proved to be very good also, turning in excellent speed test results despite the theoretical slowdown such a high level of encryption should involve. On a technical level then, VPN.S is very good, and demonstrates that while arguably unnecessary, there is also little reason not to opt for super-high levels of encryption when available. Unfortunately, it is policy problems that lead us to recommend you avoid VPN.S, for although it advertises itself as a ‘no logs’ service, an examination of its ToS pretty much contradicts this. Add a rigorous anti-copyright stance, and we think all that fantastic work on the technical front means little.

1252 days ago
replied the topic Auto geo locator created by Bobkat

The geo locator determines your location by your IP address then get corresponding whether info from Yahoo Weather. Sad thing is you can't choose a location.

1386 days ago
replied the topic My MEmory is getting dump frequently created by vijayyajurvedi

Check this video, hope it can be of help

1387 days ago
replied the topic Check-up error created by Marlow

You can also email , the customer service will give a detailed answer on your question.

1387 days ago
replied the topic google crome created by kcans2000

Is your wifi working fine? Maybe you can try to uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome.

1387 days ago
replied the topic Program list loosing items. How do I restore this? created by SuperMax52

Could you please upload a screenshot?

1387 days ago
replied the topic My new headset/mic does not come up on playback/recording devices created by Cent

Great! it works. Thanks

1474 days ago
replied the topic Frequent loading of thumbnails or large icons created by Carlos

Try clearing the thumbnail cache.

1. Click the 'Start' Button.
2. Select 'All Programs'.
3. Select 'Accessories'.
4. Select 'System Tools'.
5. Select 'Disk Cleanup'.
6. Select your Boot drive (Usuially C:) from the drop down list and click' OK'.
7. When the scan completes, scroll down and place a checkmark in the 'Thumbnails' box.
8. Remove the checkmarks from all the other boxes.
9. Nothing should be checked at this point except for the 'Thumbnails' box.
10. Click the 'OK' button.
11. When prompted, click the 'Delete Files' button.
On your first attempt it may take a while to rebuild the cache but thereafter the thumbnails
should load quickly.

1474 days ago
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