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replied the topic What's some good games for a young child can you recommend? created by termezo

First of all, how old are your kids? For kids I think the best games is that helps them to develop some kind of skills. My kids (13, 15) recently have started to play They are learning there the basics of trading and every evening in our house is bragging of the successful investments

382 days ago
replied the topic Making money online created by raza49712

Well, it is not so easy to earn money online, in my opinion. There are a lot of platforms that is supporting this kind of incomes. You can start in investing, but for that you have to have deposit and knowledge. You know what they say- money makes money and if you do not have any deposit, than you have to train your investing and trading skills, for example in the Trading game This will help you to gain knowledge for investment. Then you can try online paid surveys, this is a great way to earn money with only your experience.

382 days ago
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