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replied the topic Best game you ever played? created by peiresimon

Skyrim - One of the best (if not the best) games in The Elder Scrolls series. I used to play The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard, more than a decade ago, it was great at the time, but Skyrim is magnificent, great landscapes, amazing gaming experience...

Football Manager (previously known as Championship Manager) - First of this series I've played was CM 96/97 or 97/98, can't recall, it was really addictive. It grew into really complex and serious sports manager game.

Dark Earth - Post apocaliptic action/adventure game. Some kind of a revelation for me back in the '97.

Imperialism - a turn based strategy. I absolutely loved it. It had some flavour. I've played real-world campaigns and scenarios mostly.

Heros of Might & Magic II - Turn based strategy. It had its flavour. I don't play new games from this serial...

Crusader Kings - Grand strategy game, not so old like some mentioned above. I haven't tried CK II, but first game was really must have for all fans of turn based strategy and history (althought it wasn't turn based strategy, there was an option to accelerate or slow down pace of the game).

Fallout - I really wanted to play that game, but I didn't have time for that.

I intentionally left out MMOG type of games, people become kind of slaves of their own profiles there.

1854 days ago
replied the topic Which free email service is safe? created by Tadakii

@Tadakii This rule could be applied, the less known the service is, the more risk is for you to wander on some problems while you're using it. At least I think so.
Long time ago I used one of the less known e-mail service providers for my school and importat correspondence and applications. Eventually I figured out that I hadn't been receiving some messages due to server issues and bad technical support. It was a basic account, but oh well, how could you expect sombody to pay for some premium account when your basic account has some serious issues.

1877 days ago
replied the topic Which free email service is safe? created by Tadakii

What advantages offer paid ProtonMail accounts? I suppose there're some "premium" versions since you've mentioned "And the last, but not least - Basic ProtonMail accounts are always free. ".

1877 days ago
replied the topic Which is your favorite shape of mobile phones? created by Lourdes

Definitely flip models: Too bad they're obsolete now.

1878 days ago
replied the topic All in one or laptops created by ALI1300W

On the start, laptops were meant to be for the sole purpose of having your files and work while you're on a trip, and mobile. Today some people completely dumped desktop PCs out of their homes.
I'm still giving a vote to a classic all-in-one PC, but if you have some budget left you could buy a laptop, or even some nice tablet.

1880 days ago
replied the topic what will you do when you have a throat pain? created by Ann

I used to rinse my throat with salted water every morning, or optionally. It helped me when I had really bad throat pain.

1910 days ago
replied the topic i am addict to cigarettes? created by azzromyo

You should smell the ashtray often. Maybe it could create some repulsive effect to smoking. And take some beer nibbles/chewing gums in periods of smokers crisis.
Good luck!

1930 days ago
replied the topic My computer has a message saying it is missing mfc100u.dll created by utricster

Here you have direct links:
Good luck.

1930 days ago
replied the topic Would you like to teach or learn a foreign language? Which one? created by WiseCleaner_admin

French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian I guess.

1932 days ago
replied the topic Girls beauty? created by faisal21

It's human nature, people always want/strive for more after some time.

1932 days ago
replied the topic i5-6300HQ VS i7-6500U,who is stronger´╝č created by luochao

I'd go with Dell in this case. I believe it's a slightly better model, with slightly better graphic card. You can always upgrade your RAM imo.

1940 days ago
replied the topic Which sport would you choose? created by rio1

Ice-hockey probably.

1941 days ago
replied the topic Music to do hard work created by Nuttela

Brazilian Samba and Bossa nova, or some chillout compilation.

1941 days ago
replied the topic upgrade to windows 10 created by NickPinkman

Yes you can, but that Windows 10 icon in system tray look so nice, that you wouldn't want to lose it with that upgrade.

2048 days ago
replied the topic Life's too short to ___________? created by AddisonLee

Life is too short to ask that question.

2048 days ago
replied the topic Would I lose my pictures upgrading my PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10? created by KarterSmith

Putting them on a D: (or whatever the letter of your secondary partitions is) should be fine, but I'd not take a risk. My recommendation is that you find some external hard drive and backup all of your personal data on it. As you see most of the people encourage you to do so.

2048 days ago
replied the topic HELP!!!... win32/vercuser B created by dj

I'd recommend you next:
1. First thing to do is to install CCleaner and do only the first operation (under Cleaner tab), analyze files and clean them. Therewith you delete all those temporary files which would prolongue anti-malware applications' scans.
2. After that download Junkware Removal Tool from this linK:
and start it, press the key, and lay back, wait til it finishes (everything is done in command prompt window). Don't surf or keep web browsers open during that operation, normally that scan takes around 5-15 mins.
3. After that dowload and install Malwarebyte's Anti-malware from this link: update its definisions and do the full scan.
After all these steps you should be ok.

2048 days ago
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