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replied the topic Update my windows 10 created by ilyamossss

go to click support and type speak to live person. ask them to show you bc there are settings that may come back on to prevent that update, and when you ask the tech to direct connect with you, you will be able to watch what the person does, monkey see monkey do...

812 days ago
replied the topic Is someone accessing my laptop remotely? created by adamjohnson

turn off wifi and dont allow remote connections to pc. or call his punk a&& and ask him whats the deal. Being direct is the best way most times.

812 days ago
replied the topic Blue Screen of Death created by BuddyStud

get a 4 gig or better usb drive, or sd card... and then download a trial copy of windows 10 in an ISO format. And boot. Um, but you'll have to either use ur phone and save it to a mini sd card or some other way if you only have the pc and nothing more. might try changing your bios settings to.

812 days ago
replied the topic Having trouble with using external storage on USB port created by ab1936

just download the device drivers again from the device manf.

812 days ago
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