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replied the topic Cheater on the Prowl created by Conikay


Pack your bags, and your kids and get a life that depends on no one but you! Gain your self respect and leave. RESPECT YOURSELF. These guys are LOSERS, so lose them. Stand up for YOU.

999 days ago
replied the topic Do you want to go back to childhood? created by nollore


Not for one single second. I love my life as it is now. I've lived long enough to learn that being happy is a do-it-yourself job. Never depend on others, or situations to MAKE you happy. Decide for yourself that you are in charge. If you depend on outside forces to make you happy, you are in trouble.

999 days ago
replied the topic How to transfer ebooks from computer to Kindle? created by scipio

Make sure your books are in your Library, not the download library but the other, where pictures are. Then you can call it up right on your Kindle. I do it all the time.

999 days ago
replied the topic What kind of songs do you like to listen? created by au52


Jazz, Jazz and more Jazz. Some country. I am addicted to Leonard Cohen. I love Big Band music. I like songs when I can understand what the singer is saying. That's why I like country can understand the lyrics. I also love OPERA. My tastes are a mixed bag.

999 days ago
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