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replied the topic Which tablet or phone is designed for gaming created by marketsgolabl

omg!! nnoooo!! that link is horse dung!! best tablet on the market to date is the invidia sheild tablet K1!!

1. its controller and the remapping option it gives you!!
2. its specs!! and features!!
and finally here is the big drum roll!! you can hook it upto your tv using HDMI cable! put all three together and you can play android games on your big screen!!

498 days ago
replied the topic Which is the best Xbox 360? created by danielhflores

my advice would be to just not buy a 4gb Xbox... as the memory will tend to run out, towards the end mircosoft brought out a few new versions of the 360, I've had the second gen (white and big... with a hard drive the size of a small island) which red ringed after about 5 years, and then brought myself a new gears of war console... which made fancy noises lol

I'd say it doesn't really matter they a run the same just choose one that looks nice!! :)

498 days ago
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