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XBox 1 or Playstation 4?√ answeredREWARD $25
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replied the topic How to make running more enjoyable? created by bluemoon

Try listening to music

1655 days ago
replied the topic How to find the best resolution of monitor? created by beststar

If it doesn't say recommended, just try them all out and see which one looks the best. Also, if you know what model your PC is, go online and search "[Model Name] best screen resolution"

1684 days ago
replied the topic Do you use the same password on all sites? created by hanabi

Try just making small changes to your password. For example:
Start with: hanabi135
Facebook: facehanabi123
Snapchat: hanabisnap531
Google+ hanabi321+

Whatever you can remember, but don't use the same password for everything! Also, make passwords for things like PayPal and other banking things VERY secure. Don't even make it related to other passwords. A good thing to do is a really long complex password that you right down and put somewhere that it wont be found easily.

1685 days ago
replied the topic Are you good at your second language? created by ross

Not at all ;p
I only speak a second language at school, and I don't intend to ever go to a francophone country (I speak french) so I don't try very hard to remember it. I know other people that remember second languages easily, but it's not something I can do. If you really want to speak a second language, I'd just practice a lot. Every day, whenever you can, before bed, when you wake up, after school/work. Try looking up tutorials, get a tutor even. Whatever works for you!

1685 days ago
replied the topic Do you Love Counter Strike ? created by hak1wr

I haven't played CS before, but I've watched a bit of it. I personally like COD more, but it seems to be going downhill. I may switch to CS:GO if COD 2016 isn't good. It's all personal preference though, so try both if you can't decide ;)

1685 days ago
replied the topic What are the best one-handed mobile games? created by 1633

Flappy Bird :P
Into the Dead is a good game, but to play one-handed you must have it on tilt control.
Crossy Road.
No Humanity is a very challenging game.
Hyper Swiper is a cookie-clicker type game.
Smash Hit is a very very beautiful and fun game as well, probably my favourite mobile game (may be a struggle to play one-handed though).

1685 days ago
replied the topic BDSM relationship created by Nur_iffah

A BDSM relationship is totally healthy, and it defiantly exists. I myself am not into BDSM, but I don't think there is a problem with it. As long as your friend isn't in a relationship with someone who is unwilling, and it's legal where you are, it should be find.

1685 days ago
replied the topic How to make my brother quit Internet? created by bling

I know it sounds harsh, but if you have to start disabling your wifi when he is online for too long.

And @alvindgreat he is talking about his brother, not son ;)

1686 days ago
replied the topic I wanna buy account twitter/instagram created by Nur_iffah

Try this site -

1686 days ago
replied the topic Can someone make me laugh? I dont laugh almost 1 year.. created by ZezuZaza

I don't laugh much at things online, I'd recommend go out with your friends to somewhere you might find funny. If not though, you can try watching vines. Very few of them are funny, but there are some good ones (David Lopez is one of the best viners)

1686 days ago
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