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Installing the APP wastsAPP on my Tablet5
959 days ago, last commented by Muzammil

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replied the topic Upgrade 32 bit computer to 64 Bit? created by only_god

you need to upgrade the operating sytem to do that but before you do erase your hard drinf or reformat it and set the hard drive to except a 64 bit operating syatem and name your new pration of your hard drive ,then download windows 10 ,,, 64 bit, ,

903 days ago
replied the topic Locked out of program will not allow to install created by wippernm

if you had the program installed once before you will need to download a file unlocker such as wise file unlocker

938 days ago
replied the topic If you were an animal what kind of animal would you want to be? created by seven

An Elefent, then I could remember everything even from when I was a baby, Id also could live up to 70 years old and look out over most other amamails.

Although I may end up being a worker helping man build things and move things but the fun part is giving them rides and making lots of friends, but i would not like working for a Circus.

946 days ago
replied the topic How can I know if a account here is a legit or not? created by richkid

look at there questions and if you know there questions are invaled or if it looks like they have no idea what there talking about, or if there answers to questions are strange maybe there not here for the right reasons.

There is almost no way to tell unless you check them out and find that they hack or put fake profiles on other sites , then you would know but they may be asking real questions about there own computer so its dot possible to know what someone else it doing or thinking online.

950 days ago
replied the topic How can i unistall Anti-Porn created by azizlake

on your broswer fing in settings your extensions and find the add blocker or porn blocker and click on delet that will fix your problem if you want to see if any fils are left behind go to control pannel and click on programs and fetures that will take you to the uninstall program find and click on the program you want to remove and uninstall it by clicking powerful uninstall.

953 days ago
replied the topic Computer bluescreen after going to sleep created by garylsolodkin

if you do not have a picture set as background for the sleep screen it will show the only background it has and that is w h at ever color you make it if you did not change it its default screen color is blue, you just need to set a photo as your background screen for the sleep mode, Windows has a default background but if some updates come in that along with other programs will be changed so I sugestsugesto to settings and pick despladesplayick sleep screebscreen and set a photo you like to that screen , but if some other error caused it you can run a error scan.

953 days ago
replied the topic What can reflect today?) created by HunterTram

1st of May

953 days ago
replied the topic Installing the APP wastsAPP on my Tablet created by AskBob9118

Thank you it now works

954 days ago
replied the topic Installing the APP wastsAPP on my Tablet created by AskBob9118

I have the HUAWEI Media Pad T1 10 Model - A22L and it works great for me, so I suggested it, and it has an Android operating System

959 days ago
replied the topic Technical problem created by mohamad1122

Yes Download Advanced System care a free download not the upgrade or preminum from here is the link and run it as soon as you download it, set it to do a boot scan when restarting the internal scan along with the boot time scan will resolve your problems and I advise running it about at least once a week or more, it will clean all files on your hard disk as well as in the whole system and defrag the registry so click on select all to clean everything.

Remember to click here to go the download page, Or copy and paste it into your search bar

959 days ago
replied the topic Are you forgetful? Any methods to avoid it? created by colin

I always forget Passwords to but I have them written down but to make it easier and very secure there is a program that will save your passwords on your computer and it is very secure it is Avast Password's here is the link for the download of the free software >

I use this password keeper it works with your browser ( it will ask you to allow a plugin or extension to be installed on your browser )

There is also a Avast password kipper APP for your cellphone phone

978 days ago
replied the topic ''' System OS ''' created by BilalDz

I have Windows 10 but Windows 10 has a lot of problems to yet be worked out and I don't believe they ever will get worked out if 10 runs ok on your system or computer like mine then your ok, winndows 10 is easy if you had windows 7 they sad ,,,but what is your idea of agood microsoft system ?

983 days ago
replied the topic Buy a new smart watch... created by Novak1999

@omarwa79 yes it is very safe its the best others may have copyed after Applefirst came out with the watch but Apple stands tall for it.

985 days ago
replied the topic Which Mobile Browser do you prefer and why? created by BTW

I use Chrome it may not have the best Security but I have it protected with Avast Mobile Security and Anti Virus, I like Chrome for on my Android Tablet I like the fact that it has good Sync capitablity's a cansave passwords.

986 days ago
replied the topic The best browser for computer. created by oooo99

I have Firefox , chrome , Opera , internet exployer as well as microsoft edge Vivaldie witch is a version of Opera and an other version of Firefox called Tor its a version that most of the program is on the internet and has to download everytime it is used but out of them all my favorite is just plain FireFox because of its advanced security and how it saves passwords and all other information like the auto fill but Chrome is my second choice I use both Chrome and Firefox its up to you and what works best on your computer not all browser's work the same on all computers ,,,,,,, , Chrome use to be my favorite but iv found facebook did not run right on it for a wile but I think the bugs are out of it now so either Chrome or FireFox.

986 days ago
replied the topic How much are your Internet speed?? created by fantasticomid

download speed test says 38.22 Mbps. and upload speed test says 17.93 Mbps

987 days ago
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