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replied the topic Xbox live msbill.i take from my wallet but I cancelled subscribe? created by karim2033

Hi @karim2033

You should cancel auto renewal as mention in the above article.

Log billing complaint here:


1 day ago
replied the topic How do I fix the problem? ...ReleaseSRWLockExclusive... created by KinkyNika84

Hi @KinkyNika84

The error ReleaseSRWLockExclusive is a critical program related error at lethal level. This means the release chrome version have unfixed bug. So try other or previous Version.


2 days ago
replied the topic Both VGA and DVI Suddenly stopped working created by AnPeter90

Hi @AnPeter90

It is quite usual that some times the components stops to working after removing components. Check wheather the RAM is reinserated properly and all cables are fitted properly in their socket.

If still problem presist you have to reset the CMOS. Just remove the CMOS battery for a 10 seconds and replace it. You monitor should start working properly.


4 days ago
replied the topic How to fix sfc /scannow not working created by philcas

Hi @philcas

You have to manually fix the error which are not fixed by sfc/scannow.

But 1st we should know what are the errors.

1) Open CMD as admin > run sfc/scannow

It will log a report to debug the same

2) Paste the below code in the command prompt

findstr /c:"[SR]" %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log >%userprofile%\Desktop\sfcdetails.txt

This will generate all the SR in the cbs log in your desktop file named as sfcdetails.txt.

3) Try to fiilter out results with cannot

This will give you the actual resource that are currupted and that are not fixable.

4) This is the hard part. You have to search for the fixes manually from google search, relating the text.


4 days ago
replied the topic Cortana is not working with edge. created by vistaboy

Hi @vistaboy

Thanks for selecting my answer as the best one.


4 days ago
replied the topic How to decrease alexa rank? created by NiteshPundhir

Hi @NiteshPundhir

If I am not wrong, you are looking for the below article:-


5 days ago
replied the topic Editing Registry in Windows created by sid75

Hi @sid75

1) What is registry in computer?

A registry is set of entries of all the files and programs; and what is dose in your computer.

2) What is register error?

Left over entries of uninstalled software and wrong entriey keys by softwares.

3) What is safe to delete and unsafe to delete?

Register error are safe to delete. Entries of software installed in computer and system register keys are unsafe to delete.

4) What is the best way to delete?

Manual procedure: Only if you confirmly know that the entry is with error. Or a malware entries and safe to remove.

Malware entries: I will suggest you to use anti virus software and malware removal tool. Because it is not safe to delete most of the cases.

Unknown error or third party softwares and system tools: Using reputed tools is more recommended. They uses strong data base and knoledge base collection of such errors.

System files and Nfts related entry errors: Microsoft provide some builtin tools that can be run via cmd to clear such errors. But not assures you that it will fixs them all the time.

(a) CHKDSK /r/f/x

(b) sfc/scannow


5 days ago
replied the topic Malwarebytes scan picked up Wise Registry Cleaner as potential harmful pup created by ylidor

Hi @ylidor

Kindly find the below discussion:-

It is a false alarm. Kindly add the program in the list of Malware Exclusions:-

Currently, Wise team is working with malwarebyte team regarding the same problem.


8 days ago
replied the topic Android IMEI restoring created by simokar

Hi @simokar

Kindly check the below video.


8 days ago
replied the topic This computer suddenly freezed created by selcinor

Hi @selcinor

Run wise 365.

Try to turn off unwanted background program.

Try to install microsoft hotfix for freezing issue.

If fails, When your computer slow down. Press esc + shift + ctrl > in process tab find which tab is eating your resource.

If it is a microsoft process you have to download memory leak hot fix for the same.

I hope this should fix your problem.


8 days ago
replied the topic Cortana is not working with edge. created by vistaboy

Hi @vistaboy

Sfc will not work fix cortana. If I am not wrong it should be after installing last update. Because I too have the same problem.

I have decided to wait for release of new update with fix.


8 days ago
replied the topic Передача файла через проводник created by ChessKing

Hi @ChessKing

We have various option like dropbox, yandex disk, mega files, g drive, etc.

Kindly find the below link.

You have to upload the file in cloud. The cloud allow you to share file to other user who have account.But method may vary slightly.


8 days ago
replied the topic How to reset CMOS or BIOS settings created by mazeal

Hi @mazeal

It is very easy to do:-

1) at boot time press

F12 or esc or del ( according to your bios framework) > you will get bios settings page. > select restore default setting. > save and exit.

2) If your pc fail to boot, then

Open cabinet of your pc. You will find battery like in wrist watch. It is called cmos battery. Remove it and replace it after a minute.


9 days ago
replied the topic Возможно ли конвертировать презентацию? created by ChessKing

Hi @ChessKing

Yes it is possible. Kindly find the tool list in below url.


9 days ago
replied the topic Классы microSD флешек created by ChessKing

Hi @ChessKing

Only some possiblilities:-

1) Your operating system have poor support to supported file formate of your Micro SD. Common example is old windows phones.

2) Your SD card have bad memory sector that affects the preformance.

3) Supported file read and write speed of your hardware with respect to external storage device. for a program if time to live of some files are lesser then retrival time taken to execute then this problem is highly possible.

4) Possible bug in the program. Even the place where meta data stored by program matters.

Good pratice of program stores meta data in internal harddisk and heavy main program in SD card. This will help speed up the process of execution. But some program store everything in SD card which creates problem due to speed of execution.

Broken file links. while following the above said good pratice some poor code may be broken due to which programatical errors.


10 days ago
replied the topic [...]le téléchargement et l'installationde created by Flyshield

Hi @Flyshield

If I understand your question right, to validate source of information :-

1) validate Digital signature:

2) validate checksum:


11 days ago
replied the topic The first computer was invented in what year? created by Flyshield

Hi @Flyshield

Name of the first computer : ENIAC

By : J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly

Location: University of Pennsylvania

began construction in 1943 and completed at 1946.

Many people confuses themself the first computer was by Charles Babbage. Mr. Babbage Built a machine (ALU) which is more a calculator machine then a computer; but laided down the first stone or building block of computer. Hence he is called as father of computer.

11 days ago
replied the topic Did you know an event created by mazeal

Hi @mazeal

Sorry, Looks like it went into sub link.

Please mark me as @Aravi . Because @name is call key which send message about your replay.


11 days ago
replied the topic Problems with WiseCare365 Disk Defrag created by shotokan1

Hi @shotokan1

The simple example is:- any file that is currently running can not be moved from its place. Any background program's files which are currently running can't be defregemented due to the same reason. It is called "not safe to move". The best way is to defreg in safe mode.

I was too using wise defregement tool previourly. I have switched and used Wise365 for past 3 years in windows 7 PC. It is just one click to optimize your entire PC. What I will suggest you about WiseCare365 is that we need to wory about how it works and defregment larger files. The major advantage is that I will not have many tools in background for same purpose, so my backgroud program load is also lowered.

I have experemented many tools but I feel WiseCare365 is the best. I just do the work that all required by you. Just we have to use it in recommended mode.


11 days ago
replied the topic Какая пропорция экрана компьютера и телефона наиболее подходящая? created by ChessKing

Hi @ChessKing

16:9 is the best resolution for computer. Most company focus GUI for this ratio. It is the most commently used ration from 2012. Hence, tool look more good in this ratio.

Even in recent mobiles 16:9 is most common:-


11 days ago
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