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replied the topic What is the best Bitcoin take site?? created by sesku

Hi @sesku

It will be depended on your location. Whether your country supports bitcoin fully or not.

If your country have no restriction, some of the top bitcoin sites :-

If your country law restrict buying and selling, to find local bitcoin:-


2 days ago
replied the topic Privacy issues in red how can I get rid of them? created by Bizzle

Hi @Bizzle

If I am not work, you are asking about cleaning. It is paid feature in wise 365. But you can use c cleaner as told by @chakramed


2 days ago
replied the topic Wifi hotspot on pc windows7 created by sk24624

Hi @sk24624

Kindly tell the following details:-

1) Hotspot make and modal (if desktop).

2) Network service provider (if desktop)

3) You told it is PC. But not clear is it desktop or Laptop.


2 days ago
replied the topic Any suggestions for combo-heavy fighting games? created by MrOwnage

Hi @MrOwnage

I don't know. You may have already played this game. Few years back I tried a game called TINY TROOPERS, which is a cool game.


2 days ago
replied the topic Before launching my intranet. created by selcinor

Hi @selcinor

1) Your requirement.

2) Size of intranet vs network topology vs network running cost.

3) Installation cost you ready to bare.

4) Central system or distributed system as well as nature and size of cloud hardware.

5) Nature of users

6) Selection of hardware and background management operating system (If in case of larger network).

The first more important thing you need to decide is your network topology which will influence cost of installation, network operational cost, network reliability.

Selection of hardware :

Installation process:

For larger campus type intranet, you will need a network management team. You have to decide whether to hire experts or to buy services.


2 days ago
replied the topic Cell phone battery drain out very soon created by waqas786z

Hi @waqas786z

1) Battery could have become week : You can solve it by changing the mobile battery.

2) You are running lot of background apps : By changing setting and uninstalling unwanted or apps that runs in background can increase your battery life.


2 days ago
replied the topic Change UPS battery or buy a new one? created by KeThomas91

Hi @KeThomas91

I will suggest you to go for new UPS. Because:-

1) already 3 years are over.

2) And if a UPS goes off with few seconds, it could be more hardware issue then a battery issue.

3) Further china products come cheep, so if it runs ok otherwise not worthy to spend for repair. You may end up in repairing them repeatedly, that will leave you in more expense then new one.


3 days ago
replied the topic Формат видео многоканальным звуком created by ChessKing

Hi @ChessKing

You can use real time encoding system for 5.1 audio channel.

IEEE document 758394 for real time encoding: -

Some products based on document number 758394 : -


3 days ago
replied the topic Обязательно ли шнур питания системного блока должен быть подключен к 220в? created by ChessKing

Hi @ChessKing

It depends on your hardware. Is it inbuilt with voltage stabilizer or not.

Particular required voltage can vary depending on manufacturer design. This is in the bases of ideal input voltage standard on their country.

Some companies designs hard for 120V 60Hz ideal input. Some designs for 220v 60HZ.

To overcome this problem new designs are mostly based on auto sensing. Its idea input range is from 110V-240V 50 to 60 HZ. These devices comes with inbuilt voltage stabilizer that adjust itself depending input auto sensing.

Hence it is not required to connect to exact same prescribed voltage. You have to check for availability of voltage stabilizer.


3 days ago
replied the topic It is harnful to the computer created by Flyshield

Hi @Flyshield

Computer can be harmed by any program that can modify the operating system resource in harmful way. It could be from computer virus to bad programed software.


3 days ago
replied the topic Internal drive not showing any file created by sarwar123


I agree with @chakramed. Kindly note that any hidden file or invisible duplicates or hidden system related resource file will not have count in existing files list.

Kindly find the refer the below Microsoft articles : -


4 days ago
replied the topic Pover bank для ноутбука created by ChessKing

Hi @ChessKing

A power bank need to be selected according to :-

1) your requirement of average stand by. We have power bank range from 5000mAh to 50000mAh.

2) Prescribed make and modal by your laptop manufacture company. This will ensure longer life of your laptop.

Kindly find the below shopping link and select one as per your laptop and requirement.


4 days ago
replied the topic What telecommunicating doing in computer created by mazeal

Hi @mazeal

1) Internet as a part of telecommunication

2) Video calling clients

3) International calling services like rebtel, skipe, etc.

Many other.

Very simple to point down. Any thing that connects a computer with another computer or a web server comes or a device outside your computer falls within the branch of telecommunication.

Devices and media may differ like fiber optical, wifi, internet via phone, etc. But all are substream or branch of telecommunication.

Telecommunication system need not be a paid services all the time. Even a USB Ethernet cable that is used 2 computer forming a network is a example of telecommunication.


4 days ago
replied the topic Каким клиентом мгновенного общения вы пользуетесь? created by ChessKing

Hi @ChessKing

I use in mobile, laptop and desktop. I share and discuss my works with others which is in laptop or desktop. I share things and discuss with friends from mobile.


5 days ago
replied the topic Keyboard keys not working any suggestion created by marketsgolabl

Hi @marketsgolabl


6 days ago
replied the topic Программа для просмотра и открытия файлов телефона на компьютере через wifi created by ChessKing

Hi @ChessKing

Try dmitril.


7 days ago
replied the topic When the computer not boot. created by Flyshield

Hi @Flyshield

If you have not modified your hardware and If your windows o/s restarts by itself several time, that means your os boot up file corrupted or bad configuration.

Only 4 options possible.

Press f8 when system starts

1) user last best known configuration

2) system restore

3) windows repair option.

4) repair install or reinstall os


7 days ago
replied the topic I need help is it real or fake ! created by baladox

Hi @baladox

No ransome ware attacker will give his mobile number to call. He will give you his bitcoin account code to transfer money.

It is a malicious ads that contains trap of malware or virus. I will recommended you to use avast browser plugin that blocks such black listed website.

You may also use add blocker for protection from such ads.


7 days ago
replied the topic Стоит ли включать роутер на таймер? created by ChessKing

Hi @ChessKing

I think you want a cooler for high frequency radio emitting router.

Check evercool. Pateted cooler can give you more good results.


7 days ago
replied the topic Какое напряжение на гнезде для подключения наушников у ноутбуков? created by ChessKing

Hi @ChessKing

Thanks for selecting my answer as the best answer.


7 days ago
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