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replied the topic Windows 10 Shares Wi-Fi Passwords With Your Contacts - Here's How to Disable It? created by Zaaib


Windows 10 Shares Wi-Fi Passwords With Your Contacts - Here's How to Disable It
Microsoft will be releasing Windows 10 later this week. The new desktop operating system comes with a number of new features including some that have been borrowed from Windows Phone, company's own mobile operating system. One such feature is Wi-Fi Sense, which has many security enthusiasts and users alike worried.

Wi-Fi Sense, for those unfamiliar, is a networking feature that lets users share their Wi-Fi credentials with friends. But it is how it does it wherein lies the rub. The app scans through a user's Facebook account and Outlook contacts, and shares the username and password with their friends.
But as you may start realising, not everyone connected to your Facebook account is a trustworthy friend. Furthermore, not everyone you've exchanged emails with is a friend either. This is precisely the point security firms are presenting before users.
In Microsoft's defence, the company says that the password it shares with one's friends is done so over an encrypted network. Furthermore, the password itself is encrypted as well. The company also says that a device connecting to a network doesn't interact with other connected devices. "They won't have access to other computers, devices, or files stored on your home network, and you won't have access to these things on their network," it notes on Wi-Fi Sense's FAQ page.
(Also see: Eight Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 10)
But that's not the only problem with Wi-Fi Sense. The feature also automatically connects you to crowdsourced open Wi-Fi networks. Security firms have repeatedly advised users to not connect to an open Wi-Fi network.
Security firm AVG, for instance, is taking some time to remind us the potential threats of open Wi-Fi networks. "As we've explained several times before, not all free or open Wi-Fi networks are secure and others can be deliberately malicious. Accessing the Internet on these hotspots can lead to your traffic being intercepted by an attacker, known as a 'man in the middle' attack."
Perhaps the biggest problem with Wi-Fi Sense is that it is enabled by default on Windows. But you can disable it by going to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage Wi-Fi settings. Here you can see all Wi-Fi Sense related settings and disable the ones you want.


If you want to prevent Windows 10 from sharing the password of a specific network - say your home network - you can do so via router settings. Open your router's configuration page. (typically found at or and append "_optout" at the end of your Wi-Fi network's name (also known as SSID). For instance, if your network's SSID is NDTV, change it to NDTV_optout.

1058 days ago
replied the topic How can I tell if my modem has a built-in wireless router? created by rfe4585

buying a wifi router
The first thing you should learn about is Wi-Fi standards. Many users have heard of terms like “802.11n” but don’t fully understand what they mean. I wrote a guide covering wireless standards last year and, despite being over a year old, it’s still entirely relevant. I suggest that you read it for the full scoop.

For the too-long-didn’t read crowd, here’s the summary. You should buy an 802.11n router no matter what. Routers supporting this standard can be had for as little as $40 and are backwards compatible with 802.11g (but Wireless-g devices will not benefit from 802.11’s increased bandwidth). In fact, many smaller retail stores no longer bother stocking 802.11g routers.

There is a new standard on the block called 802.11ac. You can buy some routers that support it today, but the standard is not out of “draft” status, which means it has not been finalized. I am not aware of any devices currently on the market with native 802.11ac support. Your router might offer it, but you won’t be able to take advantage of it without buying additional (expensive) adapters.

1069 days ago
replied the topic Window phone problems Push notifications not working created by shahab

Hi@Shahab Push Notifications Problem
Push Notifications Problem On Windows Phone 8
1. Try restarting your Windows Phone 8 device by holding the Power button for ten seconds. Then tap this button again to turn on the device.

2. Check your data connection or wifi connection. Poor coverage or a weak signal sometimes has an impact on push notifications. Open Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced, find the box next to the “Keep wifi on when the screen times out” option and tick on that box.

3. Go to Settings and see if the Battery Saver is turned off. If not, then turn it off because keeping the battery saver option on it may disconnect you to in order to save battery power.

4. If you are using your network, then check to see if your data limit has been exceeded. Furthermore, check your limits in the Data Sense app and make sure that it is not stopping you from receiving push notifications.

5. You can also try uninstalling the app with which you are having the push notifications problem. After you uninstall the app, restart your device and then reinstall the app again and see if it makes any difference.

6. Some users have found a solution for the push notifications problem on their Windows Phone 8 devices by going to Settings and turning “Location” and “Find My Phone” on or off, and then restarting the phone.

1081 days ago
replied the topic Why does my hard drive spit and shutter so much even after I defragmented it? created by walker

HI@Walker There are many possibilities:
1. Defragmentation might not have been properly accomplished.
2. You may be doing too many I/O operations at a time.
3. It may have some bad areas.
4. If you are using Windows, then this will happen when you start the machine. Since, windows stores a system image during shutdown which it has to load back. I am talking specifically about Windows 8.
5. If you are Using Linux and this is happening then surely HDD is damaged or less likely you may be using some incompatible file system.

I don't see any reasons other than this. Check out which one is more applicable. If you want any more clarifications do comment.
The best thing to do is to run a disk utility program (like Norton Disk Doctor, part of Norton Utilities). This usually fixes problems such as bad blocks or corrupted disk directories. If the utility program can't fix it, you may have to reformat the hard drive, which means erasing all your data.
There is a good chance you have some bad or corrupted blocks on your hard drive. The best thing to do is to run a disk utility program (like Norton Disk Doctor, part of Norton Utilities). This usually fixes problems such as bad blocks or corrupted disk directories. If the utility program can't fix it, you may have to reformat the hard drive, which means erasing all your data. If you have important files on the drive, make sure you back it up before you do anything.

1081 days ago
replied the topic how to go to a view in shared folder from a home folder in mvc using c? created by Zaaib

up vote
down vote
You should not be generating an anchor tag which points to the view file directly without an action method. Ideally you should create an action method throuh which you will render the view.

If you are trying to render some re-usable view. You should use Html.Partial method in your main page


Razor will include the HTML markup for the _AddBranch.cshtml when it renders your main page

If you want to pass a model/viewmodel to the partial, you can use this overload

Assuming YourModelYouWantToPass is a property of the model of your ma

1081 days ago
replied the topic Investing in Multi-networking Business created by richkid

Many self-proclaimed entrepreneurs send me invitations and accolades to join their favorite Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing company, but these all sound like “get rich quick” schemes to me.

For me, the essence of an entrepreneur is creating something new and innovative, whereas an MLM is a traditional formula on an existing product with a high premium on pyramiding.

I know there are a few companies, like Mary Kay and Lia Sophia, who have a generally positive image, but there are many more, often built around some investment scheme, which continue to give this sector a bad image.

If you scan the Internet, you will find dozens of negative articles, like “What's Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?”, but very few singing their praises.

Technically speaking, pyramiding is an illegal practice of a company that solicits their members to recruit more members, more than selling the product. In turn, the primary source of income for its members is the number of members they have recruited instead of the products they have sold over time. Clearly, not all MLMs are pyramid schemes, but it all seems like a matter of degree.

If you insist on trying one of these MLM offers, the least you can do is look for proper business registration with BBB, toll free number, and proper address (no Post Office box). Also, you will need lots of family and friends to make it work. As a final step, check the MLM materials for one or more of these “red flags” that are associated with the worst of the offerings:

Fee to "get your business started." If their business model is really from selling products, then up-front fees should be unnecessary and are inappropriate. Usually these are billed for education and training that consists of a few marketing brochures.

Promise big money with little work. There are of course things that you can do to make money without having to work all that hard. But, it's just not possible for everyone who joins a business to be able to make so much money without working. Making money takes work.

Purchases encouraged as "investment." Often times MLM companies want you to think that making purchases for products within the company will advance your status, or grow your business, more than satisfy sales.

High income projections. Many companies love emphasizing how much you will make, but rarely mention how you are going to make it. MLM opportunities have proven historically to be, at best, a little better than a side income for most people.

Money from recruiting. If they would rather have you recruit another distributor than a new customer, then their products are not what is driving the company. A company that is filled up with people but no products is still just a group of people, not a thriving company.

The Internet has made it so easy now. In the old days you had to actually visit people, or at least call them, to pitch your fabulous new opportunity. Face-to-face marketing is still practiced, but it is not so common these days. Besides, no one really loves the idea of having someone over, so they go online where everyone can be as safe as they want. They create sites with videos, testimonials, and pictures.

I will admit that I don’t like the business model of paying people to solicit other people. In fact, I’m convinced that the phrase “Multi-Level Marketing” and “Network Marketing” were invented as sanitized terms after Amway and others were charged with “pyramiding” back in the early 1970s.

Yet there must be something to the business model, since I see some big business icons like Donald Trump are joining in the MLM parade. I’ve written about these before, and I’m still looking for one that feels entrepreneurial. Who has a convincing story that will make me feel good and pure as I recommend their MLM to my best startup clients.

1099 days ago
replied the topic Can I disable virtual memory if I have 32GB RAM? created by AddisonLee

No matter how much RAM you have, you want the system to be able to use it efficiently. Not having a page file at all forces the operating system to use RAM inefficiently for two reasons:

First, it cannot make pages discardable, even if they have not been accessed or modified in a very long time, which forces the disk cache to be smaller.
Second, it has to reserve physical RAM to back allocations that are very unlikely to ever require it (for example, a private, modifiable file mapping), leading to a case where you can have plenty of free physical RAM and yet allocations are refused to avoid over-committing.

Consider, for example, if a program makes a writable, private memory mapping of a 4 GB file. The operating system has to reserve 4 GB of RAM for this mapping because the program could conceivably modify every byte and there is no place but RAM to store it. So from the start, 4 GB of RAM is basically wasted (it can be used to cache clean disk pages, but that is about it).

You need to have a page file if you want to get the most out of your RAM, even if it is never used. It acts as an insurance policy that allows the operating system to actually use the RAM it has, rather than having to reserve it for possibilities that are extraordinarily unlikely.

The people who designed your operating system’s behavior are not fools. Having a page file gives the operating system more choices, and it will not make bad ones.

There is no point in trying to put a page file in RAM. And if you have lots of RAM, the page file is very unlikely to be used (it just needs to be there), so it does not particularly matter how fast the device it is on is.

1107 days ago
replied the topic Any advice on which card would be best for a beginner? created by rio1

I say pretend like Deck Wars doesn't exist and start playing through the quests to build up your character and get cards.

Be sure to use all of the codes that are out there for free cards: BRIEF for a free Brief Power, Ghost Dog for Ghost Jake, etc.

On days when tournaments are ending go ahead and jump in, maybe you'll get lucky and win a couple cards and gems.

NEVER use a gem to refresh your hearts. Use the clock-forward glitch.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Don't rush it, and don't spend a bunch of money on gems for chests. The game is way more fun when you play through it and don't get too overpowered early on with super cards. You can very easily sap the fun from the game by buying too many cards too early, and once you do it there's no going back. I wish I could just start a fresh game sometimes but I'm in way too deep financially to even consider doing it. So play to enjoy the journey, not to get to the finish line.

1107 days ago
replied the topic Why would SSD wear out? created by Leehom

While horror stories prevail regarding SSD reliability, recent tests carried out suggest that consumer solid state drives (SSDs) can be subjected to high usage levels before they experience failure.

The testing, carried out by The Tech Report, took six consumer-grade SSDs - the Corsair Neutron Series GTX, Intel 335 Series, two Kingston HyperX 3K drives, and Samsung 840 Series, and a Samsung 840 Pro - and wrote data to them until they failed.

Four of the drives failed around the one petabyte mark (one petabyte is a thousand terabytes), which is far beyond their rated value. However, two of the drives - a Kingston HyperX 3K and the Samsung 840 Pro - have gone on to break the two petabyte barrier, and are still going strong.

To put this into perspective, the average desktop drone might do about a terabyte of writes over the course of a year, which means that, theoretically at any rate, SSDs could last around a thousand years before succumbing to wear.

However, wear is only one part of the equations, and despite not containing any moving parts, the electronics in the SSD are going to fail long before the NAND wears out.

1108 days ago
replied the topic I love Cricket. Who is the best team for you? created by Lahore

Pakistani team.

1108 days ago
replied the topic Right time to eat meal created by richkid

when you feel hungry you can eat meal.

1108 days ago
replied the topic All the Places Veterans Can Eat & Drink Free on Veteran’s Day But Why? created by rfe4585

More than 30 Veteran's Day freebies—including free beer.Veterans and active-duty military are welcomed to free coffee, donuts, burgers, pizza, ice cream, and more on Veterans Day, Tuesday, November 11.

1108 days ago
replied the topic Why have your diets failed so many times before? created by Umar12

The 3 Reasons I Kept Failing

Committing to too many new things at once.
E.g. “I’ll sign up to the gym, eat strict paleo, drink 4 liters of water a day and sleep 8 hours a night”.
I’d lose sight of the end goal and get discouraged.
What I was trying to do wasn’t sustainable.
The answer, I found, was not trying to become more disciplined, finding a new strategy or selling my soul to the 6-pack gods.

1109 days ago
replied the topic Why is it that some USB cables can charge and transfer data while some can only charge? created by Nelson1962

HI@Nelson1962 In a USB cable, there are multiple wires. Some are specifically for carrying current (to power/charge the device), some for carrying data. Cheap USB cables (esp from eBay) tend to be "charge only" cables - meaning the data wires are not connected or simply not there to save manufacturing costs. If you pay for a reasonable brand name you should be getting a proper USB cable which can and will charge as well as carry data to and from the device. Or if the cable you're using is old or damaged the wires inside could be kinked or broken which would affect how well it would work - if it would work at all.

If you are having problems connecting your MotoG to the computer, try a different cable - preferably the one that came in the box. If you have a couple spare USB cables try each one to see. You might have one that is "Charge only" - I get rid of these whenever I find them. Mostly I charge my devices using a wall charger, but occasionally I need to transfer data on or off of them - and I don't want to be messing around with cables that are built to be "charge only". If I plug it into my computer I know that it can charge as well as transfer data.

1109 days ago
replied the topic Which is worse between the two? created by beatrix

Palestinians between two phases Bad and worse.

1109 days ago
replied the topic Do hackers use antivirus software? created by Cent

How do hackers evade traditional detection?
Though we don’t want to emphasize the idea that traditional antivirus is dead, we would like to point out to a few simple techniques that are used by anyone who creates a malicious piece of code:
they install the best antivirus products and see if they detect the piece of code as being malicious
they just upload the piece of code on Virus Total and see if any antivirus product in the list detects it
they use a packer or obfuscation capabilities, which due to their polymorphic abilities evade normal antivirus detection
antivirus vendors are slow in updating the malware signatures. The same issue we have observed in releasing patches for browser vulnerabilities, but also in applications, where Internet exploits are used to deliver malicious attacks.
So, how do we stay safe from most online threats, if not all?
BONUS CONTENT: Discover the Most Important Weapon Against Cybercriminals!

10 Steps To Bulletproof Your Digital Security

1. Use a reliable antivirus product

antivirus is dead
We know, it sounds funny, but the traditional antivirus product is not dead. Or just not yet. You still need a good antivirus to catch most malware, block phishing threats and check web reputation of popular online domains.
Though it is not an easy task to find the best antivirus product from the market, it is still a very useful tool to block most malware threats.
To quote Brian Krebs and his take on this topic:
Does this mean antivirus software is completely useless? Not at all. Very often, your antivirus product will detect a new variant as something akin to a threat it has seen in the past.

2. Stick with your old firewall solution

Though the firewall has been placed lately on that list of ineffective security tools that we can forget about, there are still voices that consider the time when we still need firewalls is not yet over.
Though we admit there are limitations to its blocking capabilities, the firewall is still a good tool that you can use to filter your Internet traffic, block communication from an infected machine or online location.
In this case, we find quite a similarity between the antivirus and the firewall. They are both covering some areas of Internet security, but just not all of them.

3. Use anti-spyware solutions to protect your system

Spyware is software that monitors your Internet traffic and uses your personal information against you.
In cases where multiple issues appear, like system slow-down, pop-ups when you navigate, new toolbars and random error messages, all these indicate a possible spyware infection.
To stay safe from spyware, you can use a few popular anti-spyware products, like Malwarebytes or Spybot Search and Destroy.
Or, to prevent this type of infection, follow a few steps:
don’t click suspicious links in e-mails from unknown people
don’t click unexpected pop-ups, even from legitimate websites
don’t disclose personal information to strangers on social media platforms
pay attention to drive-by downloads that could bring spyware on your system
A Spam and Phishing Statistics Report from 2014 reveals that malicious attachments remain a popular option for spreading malicious programs that are designed to steal financial information and personal details.
Spyware monitors your Internet traffic and uses your personal information against you.

4. Use automatic update tools for your vulnerable applications

software vulnerabilities
Are you using Adobe Flash, Reader or Java on your operating system? Are you using at least one popular web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox?
99% of users respond positive to these questions and most online attacks take place by using vulnerabilities unpatched from these software programs.
computer vulnerabilities
By using security holes in unpatched applications, cybercriminals manage to spread exploits that deliver financial and data stealing malware on the affected systems.
For this reason, we always need to know we have the latest security patches available and this can only be done by using a free solution that does this automatically for you.

5. Use a password manager for your credentials

We subscribe to a great number of online accounts and websites and we tend to forget what passwords we have set. To avoid this issue, most people simply choose using only one or two passwords all the time.
But, this is exactly what hackers count on!
That’s because not all these online accounts incorporate high security standards to protect our password. And if they break just one account and find out your password, they can simply use it on all the other online locations.
To avoid all the issues above, simply use a good password manager like LastPass.
Finally, don’t forget to use different passwords for every account or you can use a password generator to have long and complicated credentials. And don’t forget to log off after every online session.
Most people simply choose using only one or two passwords all the time.

6. Back-up your system and sensitive information

We asked IT security experts their best advices and one piece of information that appeared again and again is the need to use a back-up solution for the system and the sensitive information.
So, even if your system is blocked by ransomware that stops you from accessing it, you can format the system and use your backup to be back on track.
You can use one of the available back-up solutions available or you can keep most important data in the cloud and access it from any location and any device.
Most security experts confirm you need a back-up solution for the sensitive data.

7. Maximize your data and financial protection

financial stealing malware
These security products are designed to detect online threats that normal antivirus products can’t remove.
We talk about “zero-day” attacks that a traditional signature based antivirus is not able to block from infecting your system.
Most of the time, these solutions target financial information from the system, like credit card and pin numbers or personal data that we employ on online banking accounts.
In order to get protection against data stealing malware, the solution you need should:
include a real-time Internet traffic scanner that scans all incoming network data for potential malware threats
provide malware detection and removal of malicious code from a system
contain online scanning capabilities that detect malicious software from online pages and legitimate websites
To assure financial security for banking operations and protection against zero day malware, you need an advanced scanning technology that can protect you from the latest threats.

8. Encrypt your important files

By encrypting your personal information you make sure cybercriminals can’t access your confidential data, even if they gain access to your operating system.
You can choose to encrypt files on your local disk or you can choose an online location, which makes things more difficult for any hacker.
Since this is a long topic, we recommend that you think about encryption as an important part of your online security strategy.
For example, you can use an encryption program for your files, but how useful can it be if your password for the program is not that strong?
A fast and easy solution to encrypt your files is to use Microsoft’s BitLocker software, which is now installed on most Windows systems.
To protect only the sensitive files from your system, you can use a light and easy to use program like 7Zip, which is useful also in case you want to send a file by e-mail. Just make sure you don’t include the password in the same e-mail.
Think about encryption as an important part of your online security strategy.

9. Protect your online traffic by using multiple tools

online protection
How do we keep our system safe from online threats? It is the same question we started this article with, but are we closer to the answer?
To improve our online protection, we cannot rely on a single solution, but we rather need to understand that multiple means and guidelines need to be followed:
let’s start with the browser. Are you using the latest version that contains all the available security patches?
did you know that you can improve your good old browser?
how much are you travelling and need to use public networks and computers? In case you do, don’t forget to use a private browsing session to go online or at least use a free proxy server to hide your IP address from surveillance mechanisms.
are you serious about online security and privacy? Then you need to best tools available out there. To encrypt your online connection, use a VPN solution. Choose the Tor browser to hide your Internet activity by sending your communication through the Tor network of computers.

10. Listen and learn from the best

security experts
Though you may rely on one or more security solutions to do the job for you, a set of security solutions and online safety guidelines should be followed.
That’s why learning from the best in the IT industry is an important step in improving your online safety.
And this is something we do every day, right here at Heimdal Security and we don’t mind admitting and sharing this with you.
At the same time, learning is a process and in today’s security landscape, staying up-to-date is vital, that’s why we have recommended a long list of security blogs you need to follow to find out about the latest threats in the online.

1109 days ago
replied the topic My neighbour is stealing my wifi, what am I to do? created by Monitor

Hi@ Monitor
Besides the fact that your Wi-Fi moocher may be slowing down your connection, people connected to your network may also have access to some of your shared folders (depending on what security measures you use), and if someone's using your connection to do illegal things, it could even bring the authorities to your doorstep. Don't worry, though, we can help you find out if, indeed, your Wi-Fi is being stolen and help you put an end to it. (Note: If it turns out that no one's using your Wi-Fi, you may want to check out our guide to fixing your slow Wi-Fi connection.).

Your wireless router should have indicator lights that show Internet connectivity, hardwired network connections, and also any wireless activity, so one way you can see if anyone's using your network is to shut down all wireless devices and go see if that wireless light is still blinking. The trouble with this is that you may have many other Wi-Fi devices (e.g., your TV or gaming console) to remember to unplug, and it doesn't give you much other information. It's still a quick-and-dirty method, though, that can confirm your at-the-moment suspicions; for more details, follow up with either the administrative console check or software tool suggestion below.

Network Admin Method: Check Your Router Device List
Your router's administrative console can help you find out more about your wireless network activity and change your security settings. To log into the console, go to your router's IP address. You can find this address on Windows by going to a command prompt (press Win+R then type cmd) and then typing ipconfig in the window, then find the "Default Gateway" IP address. On a Mac? Open the Network Preference pane and grab the IP address listed next to "Router:".

Next, type in that IP address in a browser window. You'll be prompted to login to your router. If you haven't changed the default settings, your router documentation will have the login information, which typically uses a combination of "admin" and "password" or blank fields. (Note: for security's sake, you should change the login as soon as you get into your router console, before a hacker does it for you.)

1109 days ago
replied the topic which in the best mobile can I say?? created by Lahore

Huawie is the best mobile.

Huawei G8 smartphone was launched in September 2015. The phone comes with a 5.50-inch touchsceen display with a resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels at a PPI of 401 pixels per inch.

The Huawei G8 is powered by octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor and it comes with 3GB of RAM. The phone packs 32GB of internal storage cannot be expanded. As far as the cameras are concerned, the Huawei G8 packs a 13-megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 5-megapixel front shooter for selfies.

The Huawei G8 runs Android 5.1 and is powered by a 3000mAh non removable battery.

The Huawei G8 is a dual SIM (GSM and GSM) smartphone Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G. Sensors on the phone include Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer.

1109 days ago
replied the topic Steam Won't Start or Reinstall created by Ryder679

I launched steam and a 37mb steam update finished downloading so i started steam again after the update but it wouldn't even show up in the docking bay when i clicked the application.

i put steam in the dock but when i click it, it just thump's once and goes back in place on the dock. when an application start's on my computer it will thump or jump up multiple times before it show's a dot next to the application showing it is launched.

i rebooted my computer and shut it down but steam still does not start up

no error
no login screen
no steam update
nothing!, it just won't start

my other application's are working fine.

it's working now, just delete the steam app (not the folder) and re-download steam and it should start up an update, after that i will open the login screen and everything should start working.....thanks

1116 days ago
replied the topic Where is the red spitting cobra found? created by Sanakmaster

Hi @sanakmaster Red Spitting Cobras

Red Spitting Cobras (pictured above) are small venomous snakes found in North and East Africa. They are one of a group of cobras that has evolved a unique way of defending itself. As well as injecting venom in a bite, these cobras can spit the venom out, spraying their attacker.

If venom is sprayed into the eyes it can cause blindness. Bites result in nerve damage to the muscles around the wound but the victim usually recovers.

1116 days ago
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