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replied the topic And what do you prefer? created by D_I_M_A_N58

warships its the best free to play mmo ive ever played

1626 days ago
replied the topic For whom all, this Oct made your life hell? created by Aravi

This October has been hands-down the worst of my entire life. Everything has progressively gotten worse and worse since early last December when an arsonist decided set my house as well as all of my posessions ablaze effectively rendering me, my mother, and our one year old puppy homeless. I was 17 at the time, staying in our 2001 dodge durango during the winter months. Eventually, we started renting a room at a friend of my mom's house and things started, however briefly, to look up. October begins and not soon after there is a raid at the place we rent conducted by the DEA, SWAT, Washing State Patrol, etc. What seemed like 45 soldires stood screaming directions one after another, all while i was blinded by an equal number of flashlights, left only able to see the countless amount of assult rifles all pointing in my direction. They got our roomate who is now looking at 15-35 years. Luckly, my mother was at the casino when it happened so after explaining it to her, we made a plan to go on vacation in our rv for a little while, just in case. the next morning i am woken up by a knock on the door, I opened it to find a row of police officers telling me to get my mom. I close the door, tell my mom and she is taken without incident. I am now left with the task of taking care of our dog, finding a place to store her belongings so they are not stolen, find somewhere to live because i cant pay rent, get a drivers license, get a new trip permit and register the RV in my name, and put money on her books for commisary, all while working not enought to afford anything that I need. On top of ALL that, since it is already the first of November, I need to either pay rent or do it all today and I dont have a single dollar to my name until my bi-weekly payday on friday. UGH...

1626 days ago
replied the topic Please help me to choose a Walkman's color. created by yoursong

gotta go with black. no matter who you are black goes with everything.

1626 days ago
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