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A Baleada (Spanish pronunciation: [baleˈaða]) or "Valiada" is a traditional Honduran dish composed of a flour tortilla, often quite thick, folded in half and filled with mashed fried beans. It originates from the north coast of the country; Aside from beans, there is a whole variety of ingredients that can be added to the Baleada. The most common types of baleadas are the baleadas sencillas (simple baleada) which has crumbled cheese and crema. Other common variety of baleada is the baleada mixta (mixed baleada) which has the same as the baleada simple but with an addition of scrambled eggs

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Hah, my just old PC 2 GB, my Asus laptop 4 GB - 8 or 16 GB is for me big Dream. 4 GB RAM. I use Web developer IDE with SQL server management tool.

The amount of RAM required in PC by you depends on for what you use your PC. What kind of program running in background.

928 days ago
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