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Какое животное из домашних агресивное больше всего?√ answered5
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Politicians are going crazy√ answeredREWARD $2
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Заработок в интернете?√ answeredREWARD $2
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replied the topic Appeared when the computer is shut down, switch user, hibernate. What is the mode? created by vladimir13

winding of your data along with the question memory into a temporary coma, by tapping on any key will turn on whom, and with preserving the fact that was

1795 days ago
replied the topic What exercises to do ,if you are spending a lot of time komputerem? created by alekscruglow

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replied the topic I welcome You all ladies and gentlemen !!! created by alekscruglow

Everyone on this site is excited about this new acquaintance,so welcome you to our team.

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replied the topic Which zodiac sign do you want to make friends with? created by nanna

I would like to make friends with the zodiac sign of Gemini..I'm a Gemini this is a full pipets )))
And imagine TWO Pipets IN a HEAP )))

1795 days ago
replied the topic Where to buy peace of mind created by richkid

LOVE - marry (marry) have the child and gain peace of mind...
mines and money on education ...

1795 days ago
replied the topic What is the most intelligent animal created by zizou

of course Dolphin

1795 days ago
replied the topic What is a FOOD? It is a necessity or a pleasure? created by alikol

Food – a necessity or a pleasure?

When it comes to food, people know little enough about the true needs of your body: something is dictated by the habits, upbringing (in the family had taken holidays with abundant feasts), cannot be discounted and social behavior, when man takes food for company.

One of the true indicators of physiological needs of man is hunger.

Hunger follows the exhaustion of reserves of the organism, when nutrients necessary for the human body over.

Appetite is something else. He is described as the emotional impulse to the intake of certain foods in the form of deliberate feelings of pleasure from forthcoming food. It follows that most of the appetite is called not a true physiological need for food, and aspects such as the flavor of food or its appearance.

If you delve into history, in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece it was customary to eat one or maximum two times a day. The Greeks and Romans was a model in physical and mental respects. You can also cite the example of other and ancient cultures.

In modern society, eating habits are assimilated from childhood, cultivated and even be inherited.

Uncontrolled absorption of food, for example, while watching TV, a force of habit to absorb a larger quantity of food than is necessary, does not meet the physiological needs of the organism. In addition to the above reasons, it is already known that psychological issues, such as the inability to cope with negative emotions: anxiety, worry or guilt, which also lead to "jamming".

"Jamming" is the most simple solution in stressful or conflict situations, because the fridge is always there, unlike people who can be trusted with their problems. The roots of this behavior extends into childhood, when ignorant parents, for the trouble arising from the child offered a candy or ice cream and not trying to support it in other ways. So food becomes such a sleeping pill since childhood. And at an early age is especially dangerous to overfeed children. It is proved that such children have in the body increases the number of adipocytes (fat cells) and develops the most severe, difficult to treat obesity.

Lack of sleep is also a stress factor, due to which weight increases. When sleep deprivation reduces leptin. Leptin is the hormone regulating energy metabolism. It is believed that it acts on the hypothalamus, regulating hunger.

In addition to leptin decreases the production of melatonin, which also reduces food intake and stimulates physical activity. Proteins and the production of ghrelin and neuropeptide Y, excitatory insatiable appetite that causes one to store fat unnecessarily, on the contrary, increases. Weight gain may appear after a week of lack of sleep.

If we talk about sexual life, the centre of saturation and the center for sexual pleasure are very closely linked. So the appetite is often hiding sexual frustration. And again a vicious circle is formed – a little sexual pleasure, more appetite and, consequently, more excess weight.

Also gluttony, people often compensate for their lack of implementation. When a person has some skills, but he does not believe in them as a result of unrealized replaced energy absorbed by the food, increasing the body weight.

In which case, you should consult a doctor (therapist or psychiatrist)

If you have never experienced the feeling of satiety
If, as a result of overeating you have to resort to laxatives or forced vomiting
If you think that eating a lot but losing weight
In chronic depression.

1795 days ago
replied the topic How to reset the android tv box ? created by azzromyo!
look there video.and gradually

1795 days ago
replied the topic how to put ps3 game in pc created by YOLO

1795 days ago
replied the topic Who will win the champions league 2015-16? created by findgood

FC Barcelona
Lionel Messi handsome

1795 days ago
replied the topic ram of computer hp compact created by omarwa79

1795 days ago
replied the topic Best site for downloading games created by Danny
another good site

1795 days ago
replied the topic Any 1 know the funny www site created by shahab
this is if you want the highlights)))

1795 days ago
replied the topic Getting lost!!!! created by Khan477

Samsung 100000 %

1795 days ago
replied the topic How Do I Lose Weigh Fast created by Nac

Mono diets Start to sit on the mono-diet. Mono-diet will help to lose a few extra pounds in record time. The basis for these diets is eating one or two products. The mono diet include buckwheat, kefir, Apple, cottage cheese and other diet. During the application of the mono-diet, you must drink plenty of water and take vitamins. The composition of these diets, as a rule, plunges into the horror of nutritionists, and therefore to sit on, say, buckwheat diet is recommended not more than 12-14 days for which it is possible to lose up to 8 kg of weight. The same goes for other dairy, kefir, cottage cheese, applesauce, etc.
Dialysate protein on protein diet. Based protein diet is the rejection of carbohydrate food. To protein diets include the Atkins diet, the Kremlin diet, Japanese diet, and others. Each of them involves their diet, but the basis of each of them – refusal of carbohydrates. While sitting on the protein diet prohibits starchy vegetables, fruits, sweets, flour products and alcohol. The authors of each of the diets promise to lose at least ten pounds a month. Protein diet is quite ambiguous. Man needs a balanced diet. In the diet the same protein diet there is a very large bias in favor of high-protein food, poor in carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber and other substances needed by the human body.Thus the protein diet refers to a low-calorie (for example, the caloric content of the daily diet in the Japanese diet is about 1000 calories). This, of course, contribute to slower metabolism and, therefore, more rapid the subsequent weight gain after you quit the diet

1795 days ago
replied the topic What is the most beautiful place in the world? created by AbdelMtw

Ионическое море, Средиземноморье
Юсуповский дворец, Россия
Беловежская пуща, Беларусь
Водопад Анхель, Венесуэла
Фарерские острова, Исландия-Норвегия
Водопады Игуасу, Бразилия-Аргентина
Ниагарский водопад, США-Канада

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replied the topic Is teeth cleaning necessary? created by kathy

Зубы нужно чистить ,только хорошей пастой не стирающее вашу зубную эмаль.
чистить их нужно как минимум 2 раза в день.

1796 days ago
replied the topic What's the best Italian dish? created by moonlight

simply yum Ossobuco and risotto Alla Milanese

1796 days ago
replied the topic Do you like eating fish? What is your favorite fish to eat? created by Lisaly

here is all delicious - The sturgeon family Sturgeon, Beluga, sterlet, stellate sturgeon...

1796 days ago
replied the topic Does pure friendship exist between men and women? created by snoopy

there is 100% .I have this friend,really was thought of something more than friendship,but I chose not to cross that line
Переводчик Google

1796 days ago
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