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replied the topic Who are you? Discribe in 4 to 8 words created by jeetkml

Gentle, ambitious and serious adult.

832 days ago
replied the topic How to convert a lot of pictures to a pdf file? created by yoursong

Easy! First collect all your photos and open WindowsWord, then put all of them into Word File, then save as pdf file. That's all! And you don't need any other softwares!

832 days ago
replied the topic Do you read books? created by braz68

Physical books, because as programmer I don't like sitting on computer many hours that's why when I get tired I read physical books. +It's enjoyable and comfortable and it's less harmful to eyes! But sometimes I can't find the book which I look for that's why I have to read digital books at times.

832 days ago
replied the topic Is moon landing fake or real? created by sunrise

Fake! You don't have to trust someone's dream :-D

832 days ago
replied the topic Best place to live? created by MianhaeX

The best place to live in is Uzbekistan babe!
There are too much reasons!
Special reasons: the lowest crime level all over the world, fresh air and very friendly population!

832 days ago
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