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Clean Windows 10 leftover appsREWARD $25
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replied the topic USB Mass Storage Device created by Shadowjay

firstly, how long that you have been using this drive? Like 4 to 5 years probably? or even further?

secondly, you might want to get a clean usb drive for a bootable antivirus, bitdefender is a good one. There are also some open-source alternatives too.
scan through all of the 3TB drive with that, just be careful not to execute anything from the drive yet.

third, I use easeus file recovery professional too, and it did worked for me on two wd blue 1TB and one Seagate 4TB before, not sure that it didn't work on yours, it's probably your drive, what is the manufacturer of yours?


1530 days ago
replied the topic Chrome or Firefox? What do you think? created by MianhaeX

HTML5 test on each browser: (
Latest Chrome: 495 out of 555
Latest Opera: 492 out of 555
Latest Ms Edge: 460 out of 555
Latest Firefox: 456 out of 555
Latest Safari: 370 out of 555

More tests on "a bit earlier" versions:

You can set them both to clear histories, caches, cookies, etc, when you close the browser,
so they wont get slower from time to time accessing some websites.
(Don't clear cookies if you want to keep such as login information, so you don't have to re-type your username, email, or password next time)

Here's how you do that:
1. Open hamburger menu in the right top and choose Settings
2. Type "privacy" in the search
3. Press "Clear browsing data" button
4. Check things that you want to clear, close the pop up
5. Press "Content settings"
6. On Cookies section, select "Keep local data until you quit your browser", set the behavior to "Allow"
(You can manage exceptions like [*.] for example, so you don't need to re-type your google login)

1. Click the hamburger menu and choose Options
2. Go to Privacy panel / section
3. On History section, select "Use custom settings for history"
4. You can set up like this picture or you can modify yourself:
(Make sure to "they expire" on Keep until section)
(You can choose to clear history when you close firefox too)

5. If you choose to clear history, go to Settings next to it, and set up like this picture, or modify yourself:

For myself, I use either Chrome and Edge, they are both reliable and quick.
You can also make Chrome to stay on background


1544 days ago
replied the topic Which place do you never want to go to? created by speed

Chernobyl, cause you will loose one of your balls

1549 days ago
replied the topic The best antivirus created by earning

If you considering "the best" antivirus, that you might have seen in some top 10 comparison sites, it is just a marketing.

And if you ask people about what is the best one, every people will not tell you the same answer, right?

You can try to use those free editions of each manufacturers, but make sure if you want to do this, don't try to use more than one antivirus, they will "fight each other".

You can also try to combine free products of: one antivirus + one firewall security + one antimalware


1549 days ago
replied the topic Web hosting Prices created by Q

If there is a free option on their site, you can try it first to see if it is reliable or not

At least you can try it with a small group of people trying to access the site or just by yourself to see if there is some kind of sudden interruptions (that I also found on some webhostings)


1549 days ago
replied the topic video nvidia or radeon created by ruvido

AMD is for the value-minded people, but it's strong enough.

1591 days ago
replied the topic How was our personal information leaked? created by minice

Things like:
1. No firewall installed
2. Using the same password on different social medias, forums, etc..
3. Their system is just not strong enough (such as LinkedIn that got hacked by Russian guy)
4. WiFi sharing apps
5. You use Password Manager apps
6. Remote Desktop apps
7. Syncronization technologies
9. You tell your informations or you always speak when you try to input something, someone can just easily listen.
10. Phonecalls? You might tell your password to your girlfriend or boyfriend, because they really want to know about what you're actually doing online. Someone can just hack your recorded calls

And etc.... probably a lot more....

1591 days ago
replied the topic Best method for learn English??? created by only_god

Read english books, if you're not interested in reading, try to watch some of your favorite english movies or tv shows with the preferred english accent, it actually helps me a lot

Also seek some apps that you can spend to learn for around 15 to 30 minutes every day, such as Memrise or Duolingo for example, so it doesn't disturb your daily works.

1591 days ago
replied the topic Coca Cola or Pepsi created by Misha1357900

Pepsi is kinda have a weird taste for me, my mom always add some salt to turn it into a "sweet" taste.
I try that, and now it tastes like an ocean water :/

But surely there is nothing wrong with Coca Cola
No need to add anything to make it good.


1605 days ago
replied the topic Windows 10 highly compressed files created by Prerit

Even though you found the compressed one, it's mostly a compressed parts of the file.
Why dont you download Microsoft's Windows Downloader tool and select to Download ISO.
And let it run on night time?

Even tho you still want those compressed versions, I'm not with you, since there is no proof and they are not a fully trusted source.


1605 days ago
replied the topic Free ram for windows 10? created by Phillipstone38814

Hi there,

You might want to disable some windows services that you might not need:
* Print Spooler (if you don't have any printer)
* Portable Device Enumerator Service (if you don't use Windows Media Player for syncronizations)
* Smart Card & Smart Card Device Enumerator (smart card sensor, pretty big chance your computer doesn't have card sensor)
* Fax
* "HomeGroup listener" & "HomeGroup provider" (if you're not sharing your computer on the same network)
* Infrared (you can set this to manual)
* Syntpenh caller service (i've also found out that synaptics windows 10 driver is not fully compatible on some laptops yet)
* Retail Demo Service

You can disable Cortana to decrease disk usage too.
1. Open cortana's search (or WIN+S) and click gear button
2. Slide left to off of these settings:
* Hey Cortana
* Lock Screen
* Find flights and more
* Taskbar tidbits
* Send notifications between devices
* Device history
NOTE: By disabling "Location settings", you are also turning off Cortana completely and turn her into just a offline search.

Next, you might also want to setup the pagefile settings.
1. Press "WIN+S", and type "View advanced" (without quotes)
2. Click "View advanced system settings"
3. On "Performance" section, click "Settings"
4. "Performance Options" window will appear, choose "Programs" in processor schedulling section
5. On Virtual memory section, click "Change"
6. Uncheck "Automatically manage paging ...."
7. Select "C:" partition and select "System Managed Size"
8. Now click "Set".
9. Click OK on all of those windows.

Lastly, you don't want to install more than one security softwares.
It is best to just install one "Internet Security" solution OR one "Basic Antivirus" plus one "Free Firewall"

To sums up, you cant add your RAM size instantly, even using a ReadyBoost feature wont help you either.
Upgrade your RAM if you want a bigger size.

Hope that this helps your problem.


1605 days ago
replied the topic Nextbook Windows 8.1 Password Forgotten Help created by earlpeter12

Hi @earlpeter12
I know this is too late, but I'll try to answer this "unsolved" question anyway.
You can try to ask Microsoft customer service (either via Microsoft direct support chat or call center)

Tell your friend to try this method. This is still the best option since it is a Microsoft account.
If they can't help, your friend might want to backup non-bootable partitions that contains important files and anything that is still in need. (You can try Bootable Partition Manager Software such as MiniTool)

Next time, don't ever install anything on the system partition (except the OS itself). Installation (and other local files) is much better to be stored on the other non-OS partitions.


1667 days ago
replied the topic I forgot my Windows login password. What should I do next? created by PaulSharon

Hi @PaulSharon
Have you solved the issue yet? Please mark your question as answered if it is.


1667 days ago
replied the topic A whole backup of windows to ISO ? created by Abdulrahman114

@Abdulrahman114 attach the VHD to GImageX and copy the install.wim to the Windows ISO installation replacing the original WIM file.
Read more here:

Other way, i've found the article here:

1672 days ago
replied the topic Which music player to use? for windows. created by fantasticomid

Hi @fantasticomid
I don't know about that professional user thing, because you haven't mention about it.

From my preference, AIMP and Foobar2000 had a higher quality between the selections of your preference on the question.
Optional choice is to use different media players for your every different uses.

1678 days ago
replied the topic Which music player to use? for windows. created by fantasticomid

VLC is not just a video player, you can play almost music with loads of file types.
Play from Network streams, podcasts, internet radio, etc...

F Mu

1678 days ago
replied the topic A whole backup of windows to ISO ? created by Abdulrahman114

As there are loads of questions like this, you can see this "How To Geek" article that is applicable to Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10:

For more info about "System Image":

With the system image, you can also attach the .VHD file using Disk Management tool. So you can easily restore specific files from the image.
Or you can just directly restore via Windows Repair tool from the Windows ISO.

Or you can use some alternatives like Acronis TrueImage, EaseUS ToDo Backup, etc..

F Mu

1678 days ago
replied the topic How to turn off my laptop screen? created by Cheetos

If you use Windows, try the Advanced settings on the Power Options.
(*Forgot to check that you want to save some power so I've edit the steps here.)

Start > on the search box type "Power Options" and choose Power Options
Click "Change plan settings" next to the chosen power plan
On "Put the computer to sleep" part, choose a more less time (2 minutes for example).
Then save changes.

F Mu

1682 days ago
replied the topic Where to set Do Not Disturb Mode in Android phone ? created by momoko

Are you searching for the specific "Do Not Disturb" feature on the Lollipop and later updates?
This feature is introduced in the Lollipop 5.0, so you might want to upgrade/update your firmware. If your phone doesn't support the upgrade yet, you might want to search with keyword "Do Not Disturb" on the Play Store.

I'm not going to give you a specific app as is considered as a promotion.
There are lots of apps that you can try anyway. Play Store / Google is your friend.

F Mu

1686 days ago
replied the topic Best anti virus software? created by baladox

Theres nothing wrong with Bitdefender, but the thing is that you have to re-customize it to make it actually fit into Windows 10.
I've been using it for around 3 months in Windows 10.

Try to disable the profile settings. Do you need profile automation? If so then leave it on, but it is better to turn it off.

Don't ever mix two or more antiviruses. It is just an answer to overkill your computer.

If you ask about comparisons, there are tons of it in the internet, but which one would you trust?
But still, Bitdefender is on #1 on some comparison websites.

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1691 days ago
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