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replied the topic Pakistan A wonderful country.. created by Anjum

it's not wonderful it's beautiful correction first of all.

I know that Pak is going on a verge to be divided into parts but yeah Pak is a beautiful country.✌

Girls are so beautiful there *-*
my girlfriend too ❤

life is not good in Pak because there is not even continuous light in the Karachi and there army station.

many friends from Pak whom with I talk Daily but they say there can be a Taliban attack any time u don't even know when it starts.

1391 days ago
replied the topic India is a terrorist state... created by Anjum

No bro you must be from Pak but reality is different.

India is the only country where all types of religion people lives peacefully.

just visit here once then u will come to know.

(and I know that Pak is beautiful and my girlfriend from Karachi I know

1391 days ago
replied the topic WINDOWS INSTALATION created by WAJID

go for Windows 7 or 8 bro
windows XP is not a reliable platform these days.

1391 days ago
replied the topic Get benfits from business created by khaledmus

it's not easy to to do that kind of business but you can do it if u r having a proper plan and strategies for it

1st need to create good demand
2nd then sales will increase as well as profit too

According to me first u have to give goods at maximum quality and less margin of profits and vice versa when the product has created a market demand.

1391 days ago
replied the topic Can I set a gif picture as wallpaper in Windows? created by nanna

YES you can bro

reference to ur answer :-

download them :-


1391 days ago
replied the topic Any short and interesting game with multiple levels? created by Aravi


1392 days ago
replied the topic Any one know a best short game that can be finished within 3 hours, specially for Sunday? created by Aravi

Limbo I like that game played a lot and it's fun
try it

1392 days ago
replied the topic Your favorite games created by Chienyp

my favorite games (list is big some are below) :-

Call of duty
Need for speed most wanted ( still the best)
and of course bounce (mobile game)
counter strike (in holidays I play a lot)

I'm having a huge collection of games too
(I also make them in small sizes

1392 days ago
replied the topic Why do you like to play pokemon created by thuan

hi @thuan

this game is just awesome
and when you are free and getting bored of all tech things and all that this game is something different.

According to me I play it when I am free.
and believe me it's fun and exercise both

1392 days ago
replied the topic Who is this in picture created by ZubZro

Michael Emerson

American film & television character actor best known for his roles as serial killer. worked on The Practice, Lost, The first Saw.

1392 days ago
replied the topic Anyone can suggest a good english movie to watch this week? created by Aravi

I think you should watch "YOUR NAME" anime it's awesome and the story is just great .


1392 days ago
replied the topic Speed up restart created by ptfitzy

it's because everything has it's price
and moreover I have buyed the product online and my old laptop is working just awesome .

Any queries u can text .

1392 days ago
replied the topic Girl just commited suicide, what make people commit suicide? created by selcinor

it's because of that they think it's easy to die than having daily routine problems like being in relationship , paying taxes and bills etc

they don't have any main objective or an inspiration to motivate them to "EORK HARD AND LIVE LIFE "

1392 days ago
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