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replied the topic What are the best corporate gifts ideas? created by TrevorKith 37 minutes ago

buy a book as Gift ,,,

replied the topic Byte Fence Software created by paulwestlake1944 5 days ago

use Revo Uninstaller

replied the topic Where can i find a free text-editor? created by Teresita 8 days ago

Use Word Pad in windows

replied the topic How to fix icm2.dll error in windows 7 created by makin 12 days ago

Free Download esicm.dll to your computer.
Copy the file to the install directory of the program that missing the dll file.
If that doesn't work. you have to move the dll file to the system directory.
(Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7) - C:\Windows\System32
(Windows NT/2000) - C:\WINNT\System32
(Windows 95/98/Me) - C:\Windows\System
If you use a 64 bit version of Windows, The System Directory in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\

Reboot computer

replied the topic Microphone problem created by ikinovo 13 days ago

install your sound driver ,,
go manufacturer site of your device and download driver ,and install , will be solve your trouble

replied the topic How to hide my i.p address created by rehan05 19 days ago

use A Vpn software
same this:
Hotspot shield

replied the topic User name change created by 1ric2flx 20 days ago

I think ,impossible .you must make new account for change it
.or ask euask support .

replied the topic DO I NEED A LIC. CODE created by dvit4u 23 days ago

It depends on you
I use Wise care 365 . for clean Junk files and Registry. is enough for me , however Pro version have useful tools ..
and use Wise system monitor for monitor bandwidth and CPU and RAM...

replied the topic BEST free App for international Calls ? created by AAA1992 25 days ago

I use text now for receive Sms from sites .but ,for international call need buy credit

replied the topic Big problem with labtop battry created by lybwrsh 33 days ago

use your system in Power Saving Mode ..

replied the topic Automatic repair created by lesterb123 35 days ago

Reinstall Windows or repair Windows with installation DVD or Flash Driver .

replied the topic Best site for online researcher? created by Teresita 40 days ago


replied the topic Hard drive use at 100% created by JohnAdam6619 41 days ago

step 1 .
go to this site .and use this methods .
step 2.
Press "Windows +R" and run Run tools .and type"gpedit.msc"

and Run Group policy

apply same this picture .

and restart Your computer .
Good luck .

replied the topic How can you easily monitor CPU temperature on Windows 10. created by Jamez 41 days ago

hello you can use this software .
easy to use
see Scren Shot

replied the topic Errore JAVA 74 ad ogni accensione created by Frsciuto1948 42 days ago

Update Java

replied the topic WOW WHAT A MISTAKE created by geraldjones 42 days ago

if you did not pay .is not Problem .
you money is on your account ...

replied the topic Upabta windaws 10 created by Oumixa 43 days ago

Go to Start ===> Setting


replied the topic Update my windows 10 created by ilyamossss 48 days ago

Go to Setting >>Update and Security

step 2

replied the topic My balance account created by yousifalnaier2 62 days ago

no ,you earn 5 point for ask a question.
for cash out to your paypal use this link
they pay to your account between 7 till 14 days .

replied the topic Create Virtual Phone number any country?? created by AAA1992 63 days ago


replied the topic Make my laptop charge faster created by lybwrsh 64 days ago

do not charge faster , maybe Hurts your device

replied the topic Closing cortana on windows 10 created by drjensen 65 days ago

Go here

replied the topic Wise folder hide created by JeongDaeYoon 76 days ago

tell your trouble with English, We will able to help you for solve your Problem

replied the topic My driver is totally full . how to clean and gain some space created by baladox 77 days ago

step 1
use big file manger same "RidNacs" for find big files in your drive.

First go to file===> choose directory==>

3-you can see folder with big files

you can Remove files From Users Folder ,
But for do not remove files from Windows and Program data ..these folder are system folder ..
and for remove files from Program files(x86) and Program files use a uninstaller software
Good Luck...

replied the topic How can i earned good money on line created by ronnadeau 78 days ago

Go to forex
see this guidance video

replied the topic IDE for Compile C++ comand line ? created by Peggy2 80 days ago

there is a few ide for compile c++ codes .
you can use this IDEs.
or Borland C++
or Falcon C++
or Dev c++

replied the topic If I want an App just to edit videos what is the best computer to do it? a PC, a Laptop or a Tab. Let me know all about it. Thanks! created by LiViOlRi 81 days ago

I suggest to buy a Workstation Laptop , because ,they have special hardware for rendering and professional works.
Go to this link and see a few model of workstation laptop..

replied the topic I exchange 150 point to 5 dollar cash, but they Did not apply its ?? created by AAA1992 81 days ago

usually they exchange after 1 day

replied the topic I exchange 150 point to 5 dollar cash, but they Did not apply its ?? created by AAA1992 82 days ago

@WiseCleaner_admin answer ...

replied the topic Where can I find a free Autoresponder? created by Teresita 82 days ago

Go to here

Get free dollars by installing euask App.