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replied the topic What do you usually do online? created by AlexBMW

Of course, I don't use internet only for work. The Internet provides us with a great opportunity - access to the knowledge of the world. So, most people don't use it. They prefer to watch TikTok and buy views on for this app. So, this is okay but people could be more rational.

154 days ago
replied the topic Buying new laptop created by IndianoO

I prefer to avoid getting loans. Consider buying MS Surface Pro. It's not that expensive but at the same time, it's a decent laptop. Moreover, it's not costly to repair Don't burden yourself with credits.

196 days ago
replied the topic Canon EOS 80D vs Canon EOS 6D Mark-II/What digital camera to chose? created by nicki1991

Hello! As far as I see, these cameras are pretty alike and that's really difficult to make a choice. I would like to advise you to read reviews about them and in my opinion, this article is an amazing example of a review because it touches upon all the important issues.

209 days ago
replied the topic Upload video on Instagram created by Yaremda

It's definitely a malfunction. I don't think that it's a regional restriction because it applies to Instagram music and that's it (am I right?). I had the same issue and I suffer from it significantly because I promote with my profile. I buy here followers, I use the platform's recommendation tools, and so on. Ad such bugs prevent me from work!

228 days ago
replied the topic Are there good essay writing companies, that can help with official papers? created by Neww772

To be honest, this fact that I must pay for school annoys me. I think it should be free because I try to write my assignment cheap but this is not always possible, so any money is important for me. I would really be glad if the prices for writing assignments were lower because now this is a true rubbery.

322 days ago
replied the topic Screen flickering problem. created by CoCaiGiven

thanks for the help

322 days ago
replied the topic Give up the internet for a year? created by shahab

Extremely hard to choose. Revealing my browser history won't be dramatic (because cmon, we all google weird, lewd, or just disgusting stuff. why would I get ashamed of things everyone does?). But it totally breaks my right to stay anonymous. On the other hand, leaving myself without the Internet will affect my education in a bad way. I can't write essays without external help . Let alone all other different calculations and drawings. I would totally get lost.

492 days ago
replied the topic Internet help you learn English? created by shahab

Yeap, it does. I'm surrounded with English on the Web. And it helps

492 days ago
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