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replied the topic Rio olympics boring created by attie

Hi, I too think the same because of expectations that major Countries will always win and will take more medals. Not too tight competition. It is somewhat not too hype of a climax where the viewers would remember for ages.

Or maybe you are bored because your country lost a game unfairly? :)

820 days ago
replied the topic What home-workout equipment would you recommend? created by finefin

Hi, towel and yoga mats if you wanted yoga exercises plus CDs or DVDs of different yoga exercises. Enjoy yoga at home :)

820 days ago
replied the topic What is something you'd recommend everyone try at least once? created by edge

Hi, maybe you could try this one.

Forgive and forget the unforgivable person who did unforgettable bad things to you. Whom you think was not worthy of your forgiveness. Whom you admit to never ever in your life wanted to meet, to know, to think ever again. No vengeance.

820 days ago
replied the topic Black net adress??? created by Pasechnik

If you mean the dark web, you can just download the "Tor Browser" and install it afterwards. Once the installation was finished. Run the app and type "hidden wiki" on the search bar. It will give you different websites that have list of different links or addresses.

820 days ago
replied the topic Which app changed your life? created by MyWay

facebook app :)

820 days ago
replied the topic What is the most powerful malware removal too and anti virus tool you have ever used? created by Aravi

You can also try Dr.Web and HitmanPro it's best working with RKill, ComboFix, AdwCleaner, Malwarebytes and RogueKiller. Cheers!

820 days ago
replied the topic Speed problem of my laptop created by nadeem

Hi, you can try doing the following steps:

1. Perform disk clean up to clean up some unnecessary files.
2. Run Disk Defragmenter to optimize your disk for better performance.
3. Also run chkdsk to check your OS files and repair your disk bad sectors.

If after doing all of the above and your laptop still slow.

1. Do antivirus scanning. There are some free downloadable antivirus out there :)
2. Uninstall unnecessary apps. Games maybe?
3. Back up and delete old files if not needed any more. Maybe your running out of space.
3. Try using registry cleaner like ccleaner and adware cleaner like AdwCleaner.

For slow boot up/start up

1. Try to disable system starting apps like non windows related apps.

If you are a gamer

1. Its your ram and video card don't meet the game's system requirements :)

820 days ago
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