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jackyjacky How about a travel with cruise? answered Reward $4

Must be awesome, right?

asked by jackyjacky last answered by SausageSandwitch
ppoolwog adding exceptions

everytime i clean my system, wisecare wipes some files that run an installed library that i want to keep... so how do i add it's files as a exception so it wont touch it?

asked by ppoolwog
jackyjacky What's your next dreaming travel destination? answered

Let's talk about it to get more ideas from each other. so nice idea,right? lol

asked by jackyjacky last answered by KPridge93
jackyjacky Would you choose the cheap flight if the price is so good?

Some flights are not with big aircrafts. Some are with bad boarding time, like red-eye flights. Would you choose those when travel?

asked by jackyjacky last answered by ZzMrXzZ
norealame solviing the problem answered

code error 0x80004005

asked by norealame last answered by wirtschaft31
teddybear Which country’s chocolate is the best?

I will try . Which brand? Pls, any ideas?

asked by teddybear last answered by jonas
jerryrankin Change answered Reward $5

How do I change weather city on WC 365 popup?

asked by jerryrankin last answered by SplashStudio
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