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Created by Mwarua, 249 days ago, 464 views

My windows10 laptop download location has been removed what can i do?
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ChessKing248 days ago

How to return a missing Downloads folder (Downloads)
As a result of various user manipulations or after installing some programs, the "Downloads" folder may disappear.How to get her back?
All Windows downloads are saved in the downloads folder, which many users access via the start menu or desktop shortcut. If the shortcut is missing, you can open "Explorer" and go to "C:\User\your username\". Here you will most likely find the download folder.downl1

If you have done these steps, and the result did not work, then click on "run", type in the window "cmd" and confirm by pressing [Enter]. In the opened window type the command "attrib –s –h SEV username\downloads".

Restore the downloads folder. Using the command line you can restore the missing downloads folder
Restore the downloads folder. Using the command line you can restore the missing downloads folder
Replace "your username" with the name you use. Press [Enter]. Windows will restore the downloads folder again. After that, I recommend checking your computer for viruses, as their presence could lead to the removal of the downloads folder.

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ha14249 days ago


which browser?

Change the downloads folder location in Microsoft Edge

Interner Explorer

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