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How to run a high memory game without a GPU graphics card? Reward $1
Created by Mattie_AA, 314 days ago, 513 views

Hello, does anyone know how to run a fast high memory game without a graphics card installed? I am on at least 2GHz Computer running Windows 7 and Windows 10 on the same hard disk, and I want to be able to run at least some of the latest games without it slowing down too much... I don't mind it slowing down a little bit though!

Please give me the best solutions!


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PeteLFX313 days ago

Hello Matt,

Yes you can use the Direct X Control Panel known as DXCPL.exe, and dowload it from many websites that support shareware.

Normally, you need to copy your DXCPL.exe file into your game directory. And then you can load it and tweak the settings to the specs of the video card, and the game. Don't worry, it can be used on almost any type of graphics card (NVidia,Intel,AMD,GEForce,MSI,...)

It might still will be e bit delayed until you debug the settings properly. Though, keep trying restarting the app until the loading processes are perfected as much as possible.

You can download here

And make sure your drivers are up to date with the latest firmware and drivers versions fro best performance.

Good luck with your gaming journey!


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ha14313 days ago


you will always be limited by the graphic capabilities

you can check here which games you can play

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sarahwilliam313 days ago

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ChessKing313 days ago

Ways to start the game on a discrete graphics card
Before proceeding to the methods and fine-tuning, you should have an up-to-date video driver installed (at least not the ones that are installed by default with Windows). I recommend using one of the drivers managers to automatically update and install new "firewood" (link below).

Snuppi looks for drivers
Update drivers in Windows 10

Method #1 / / using the video driver settings menu

If you have the drivers installed, then right-clicking anywhere on the desktop, in the pop-up context menu, you should see a link to their settings (in my case, a link to the "NVIDIA control Panel"). Go to the configuration of discrete graphics card drivers.

The NVIDIA control panel // how to open

Next, in the menu on the left, select "Manage 3D settings", then in the" Preferred graphics adapter "select" high-Performance NVIDIA processor", then save the settings.

The preferred graphics adapter

After that, you can try to run the game-should run on a discrete graphics card.

By the way, in the NVIDIA settings you can also specify a specific video card for a particular game. To do this, do the following:

open the graphics card settings, then the Manage 3D settings tab";
next, open the "Program settings" tab";
add the desired program (in my case, added the game Civilization 4);
and set the preferred graphics processor for this application
save settings!
Setting the adapter for a specific game
Setting the adapter for a specific game

Method №2 / / through a conductor

If you set certain settings in NVIDIA settings, you will be able to run any games and programs on the adapter you need in manual mode.

To do this, open the NVIDIA settings, then in the "desktop" (menu at the top) put a couple of checkboxes:

Add to desktop context menu;
Add the "Run with GPU" item to the context menu.
Add choice of graphics card in context menu

If you have included the previous couple of ticks, the most obvious and easiest way to start the game on the desired video adapter - is to open the file Explorer, that is, the desired folder, which is the executable file with the game, and click on the game file with the right mouse button (by the way, you can do it on the icon on the desktop).

Next, select "Run with GPU --> high-Performance NVIDIA processor"from the context menu. Cm. the screen shot below.

Selecting a video card to start the game

Actually, the game should run on your chosen adapter. Now below I will consider a way to check whether this is so...

How to check if the game works on a discrete graphics card
First, go to the NVIDIA graphics card settings and open the "desktop"menu. In this menu you need to enable one option "Display GP activity icon in the notification area". This icon will allow you to see when the NVIDIA adapter is loaded, in fact, what we are looking for...

Turn on the icon in the activity of GP NVIDIA

By the way, please note that after enabling this option, you will have an icon in the tray next to the clock (see screenshot below).
Icon activity GP - near the clock

Now run the game. If the game is in full-screen mode, use the WIN or Alt+TAB buttons to minimize the game.

Note that the icon with NVIDIA GPU has become colored (on the screenshot below). I.e. NVIDIA started work after you start your game - that means he's involved!

The icon has become a color psle game launch

Just by clicking on this icon you can see which games (applications) are currently using this adapter.

What applications use NVIDIA GP

In General, this is the most relevant and reliable way to determine whether a discrete graphics card is involved.
By analyzing FPS

Also indirectly involved to determine whether you have a discrete graphics card how many FPS (frames per game). In a discrete graphics card, it is usually higher.

To see the number of FPS in games, install one of several applications, such as Fraps, PlayClaw, Overwolf. Then, intentionally run some game on the built-in and discrete graphics cards, and see the difference

fps increase

Program for viewing FPS and how to increase it, you can learn in this article:

If necessary, add the graphics settings to the maximum to use the resources completely (for a more obvious difference).

The difference in FPS between the discrete and integrated graphics

And one more thing! Pay attention to the noise and temperature of your laptop. If you will be involved discrete video card, many models of laptops starts making noise much higher. As well starts to rise the temperature of the video card (it can be found by using the spec. utilities, for example, Speccy).

The temperature of the CPU and GPU // Speccy



Why the game may not run on a discrete graphics card

Some games stubbornly refuse to run on a discrete graphics card. In the driver settings, all set in the manual indicate how to run, but still - the game runs on a built-in, lag, and slows down. In this case, I recommend a few things (encountered it myself, many times)!

1. Try another OS, such as Windows 7

The story is simple. On one laptop for a long time could not understand why one old game persistently did not run on a discrete graphics card (it, by the way, was installed Windows 10). Then I decided to create another partition on the hard drive and install a second OS - Windows 7. Surprisingly, in Windows 7, the game started without problems on a discrete graphics card.

Conclusion: Windows 10 does not work correctly with two graphics cards (built-in and discrete) and old games. Also, perhaps the reason for that and the driver-which is not yet fully optimized for the" new " Windows 10.

Update from 3.08.2018: in Windows 10 appeared parameter responsible for the how to work video cards: in energy saving mode or high performance. How to set it up-see here:
High performance!

2. Try enabling compatibility mode and disabling scaling

To do this, simply open the properties of the desired EXE file. Next, in the "Compatibility" tick "Run the program in compatibility mode with such and such Windows" (example below).
Compatibility mode

3. Try installing an older version of the driver (on your graphics card)

And, the last. Not always the newest driver is the best. It is possible that some error occurs in the new driver and the discrete card is not activated when the game starts. Therefore, you should try an older version of the driver, which has already been worked out for months (years)

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jp3311 days ago

You can looad ready boost for windows ( with your usb drive)

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