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Installation of Adobe Flash Reward $1
Created by JanetteCestVrai, 167 days ago, 347 views


I am trying many times aready, and Adobe Flash Builder cannt install? Someone please help me. It was my dream.

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ChessKing167 days ago

Adobe Flash CS5 + Adobe Flash Builder — common projects

As you know, these two products get along well. What is surprising-many do not know about it. They choke, spit, but write the code in Flash CS 5.
This article tells how to cross these two products and how to overcome minor troubles in the process.

Why do we need Flash Builder if there is Flash?
The answer is quite obvious:
1. Normal Debug (condition breakpoints and other delights)
2. Normal code editor with at least some, but refactoring
3. Version control
4. Integration with bugtrackers
5. Other Eclipse Goodies

1. Absolute path
2. Version control
3. Flex library projects and their connection

Below the cut is a description of a soft way to create a project in which there will be no problems with either svn or absolute paths.


1. Open Flash CS5 and ActionScript 3.0 create a project.
2. Save it to a folder Workspace-Flash Builder and
For example:
/Users/alex/Documents/Adobe Flash Builder 4/labs/TestFlashProject.fla
/Users/alex/Documents/Adobe Flash Builder 4/labs/
The path to the workspace

This is an intermediate step, it will allow us to fight with the fact that when you create a project Flash Builder connect raw as an external folder.

3. Open Flash Builder, select the desired workspace (File> Switch workspace)
4. Back in Flash Professional. Go to the document properties (clicking on the frame with the mouse and going to Properties). We need to assign a Document class. Click on the Edit class definition:

Enter the class name and select Flash Builder from the list of applications to edit:

We press OK. Flash Builder opens with the new project dialog:

We do not need to change anything, just press Finish.

We got the TestFlashProject project. The main class is NOT CREATED and that's just fine.
5. Close the FLA file (must be saved)
6. Transfer the FLA file from the Workspace folder to the project folder
7. Switch to Flash Builder, open the project properties go in the properties in Flash Professional:

Select the path to the FLA and press Edit. Specify a new path to FLA. It will turn out like this:

We press OK.

Next, Flash Professional will open by itself (if you closed it), and Flash Builder will open a dialog for creating the main class:

Create and rejoice. The first stage is over.
the fla file is in the folder of the project. Flash project builder is associated with it by a relative path. No problems with the transfer.
In Flash Builder-e you can now press Cmd(ctrl) + Enter to build, debug and run and enjoy life.
Actually, after all the files of the project were in the project folder and disappeared all External folder-s, no problem. We work as with the usual Flash Builder project.
(If interested, I can tell you how to hook to svn, but everything is quite obvious and simple)

Flex library projects

The connection of Flex library projects may cause a slight difficulty.
Why connect them? If you are still dragging the source code of the core of the same type of applications as files copy-paste from one to another, I have bad news for you.

So, there is a Flex Library Project. For simplicity - it lies in the same workspace. For example:

Simply connecting it through the project properties in Flash Builder will cause trouble: Flash Professional will not see it when compiling.
(However, it is necessary to connect it, so that Flash Builder normally saw the classes)

Go to Flash Professional, open our TestFlashProject.fla
File -> ActionScript settings:
Add the path to swc and then edit it to relative (we want version control to be good, don't we? ). Get the following:
Press OK, and then Cmd(Ctrl)+Enter…
All compiles, works and, most importantly, yuzaet relative path!
When I start the debug in Flash Builder, it can produce an error that installed Flash Player is not a debugger says that you need to install debug version, etc. Although the debug version of the player is worth and the same excellent FlashDevelop debug the application. There's one way I've used it.:
1) come here C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash and delete made there all files, will remain only file Flash10g.ocx
2) then copy from folders with flash cs3-cs5 (..\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS5\Players\Debug) all the files and copypaste them to the folder of item 1 of
3) unpack the InstallAX files.exe and InstallPlugin.exe directly in the folder of item 1, and launch the Flash Builder, launching a debug USB

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Felixisthebest167 days ago

@ Janette,

You mean you cannot install Adobe Flash Builder or Adobe Flash CS, right?

1. Can you check what Operating System your version of Windows is?
2. Is it 32 Bit or 64 Bit? (Please make sure you have the specific version of your Windows)
3. What version of Adobe Flash is it that you are trying to Install?
4. What does the Installation Framework Manager say when you are attempting Install of Adobe Flash Builder
5. Make sure Direct X SDK and QuickTime latest Versions are all installed from the Official Websites
6. Make sure you have Updated you Windows Version, and Service Packs (If you are running Windows 7)
7. Update; .NET Framework 4.5, Visual C++ Runtimes, Visual basic Runtimes, Visual J Runtimes,
8. Install Macromedia Shockwave
9. Install Adobe Flash
10. Uninstall any other Adobe Flash Pro +Adobe Flash Builders that you might see in Control Panel 'Add or Remove Programs'
11. Install your 'Adobe Flash Builder' again
12. Reboot your Computer and try again
13. If none of these methods work, please Backup your Data
14. Then reinstall new copy of Windows 7 or Windows 10 Operating System. And do not panic. Think calm and positive!
15. Try to Install Adobe Flash Builder again, if none of the instructions above have completed your problem.

Good Luck! And if you get anymore problems, please send me screenshots or upload video link to cloud drive. And we can tell you exactly what the problem is.

I hope this helps you to install :)


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JanetteCestVrai165 days ago

Thank you guys but please try and keep it simplement!!!!! I am not specifically favor any of you... I think your answer both helpful . Felix was more simple he knows how to simplify, unistall/reinstall and know what the system platform needs.... And ChessKing knows about loading Adobe Flash CS that maybe can load the Flash builder...

So I flip coin for Felix and ChessKing 50:50. Good Luck! I have chosen heads for Felix and tails for ChessKing.

i got (Tails)

Thank you so much guys x

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24techsupport165 days ago

I found a complete tutorial on adobe flash builder installation which is thought might help you . and you can also find artcles on installation of other softwares at

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erwin1971164 days ago


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manojp57 days ago

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