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Windows 10 Desktop Black Screen Reward $1
Created by Felixisthebest, 295 days ago, 410 views

Hi Guys,

I have a problem with my Windows 10 Desktop, it has gone black ever since I installed Rainmeter. Although, I took it off the Startup StartMenu list, it has all gone black on my desktop. Please help!

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Davidoff_11294 days ago

Do you have the icons appear on your screen. And can you see the pictures in your icons?

No matter what it can be too much system programs and memoeries loading. The best quick tool is the Ccleaner. You can try going on, and it should clean all your cache, files, db files, registry ..

And then restart and try ccleaner again

Please try and choose me. It is the best solution and i do not write 10 pages for simple task

Good Luck,

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ChessKing295 days ago

Types of black screens
Solutions will be different, depending on what you see on the screen, there are 2 options:

black but with mouse pointer;
one black, no mice.
When there is
Here we will determine when the problem appears:

Black screen after upgrading to Windows 10 and then booting.
When you restart the computer with the "Ten"already installed.
When coming out of sleep mode.
Black screen on Windows 10 startup.

Causes and solutions of the " black screen»
Having determined your version of Windows 10 black screen, you will choose the solution that is suitable only for you.

Redirecting the video signal to another video card slot.
Symptoms: before you completely black screen, without any signs of life. In this case, everything is simple. Disconnect the monitor from the main video output connector and connect it to the second one. After that, go to the video card settings and make the desired settings. That is, force a check mark, depending on what video output you want to use.

A device that conflicts with the system.
Here, as a hypothesis, a device with old "firewood"is connected to the system. A black screen appears after you upgrade to Windows 10. Decision:

Disconnect all devices connected to the computer.
Connect them one by one, constantly rebooting the system.
If you detect a buggy device, update the drivers on the manufacturer's website or in automatic mode.

The result-a fully functional "Ten", without any there Windows 10 black screen.

New drivers for the graphics card have been installed.
To show this after installing Windows 10, long time to load black screen. Here, as a solution, we will need to roll back to the old drivers. To do this, we need a device Manager, in which we will return to the previous version of "firewood". How to get into it, if you see only "black hole", without any signs of the photons in the shape of the mouse cursor, see below.

Another option to revert to previous driver versions, when a black screen appears after upgrading to Windows 10, is to roll back the system completely, to the previous restore point:

enter safe mode (to do this with a completely black screen, you need to read the recipe below);
select "Diagnostics" (in the safe mode window);
go to "advanced settings»;
here choose " system Restore»;
in the window of the restore, you need to select the previously created point;
confirm the system restore action;
wait for the recovery to complete.
Voila, Windows 10 black screen as unprecedented.

Infecting your system with viruses.
We will not consider the causes of infection. Just solve the problem. We need again the same safe mode (instructions to get into it-later in the article). Then:

fully scan your computer with antivirus;
we remove the detected bloodsuckers.

Reboot our computer. Enjoy the results.

Incorrect screen resolution.
As an option the appearance of the evil black the wrong screen resolution. Correct:

enter Windows safe mode (how to enter into it, read the article below);
change the screen resolution to a lower one;
restart the computer.

If that's the reason, the cure will help.

A software glitch.
Sometimes a software failure occurs during the upgrade process. But here everything is simple. The cure would be to restart the update process, after which the black screen on booting Windows 10 would disappear.

Conflict of old drivers installed earlier, with the video card updated to Windows 10.
The cause of the problem should be allowed only if all previous methods have been tried. The solution here is a little more complicated than in previous cases, but with my help you can do it.

If you have a black screen, after upgrading to Windows 10 and none of the above did not help, you need to at least log in, but be sure in safe mode.

Enter the operating system in safe mode.

There are two ways:

using the Windows 10 installation disc;
with the help of manipulations similar to the dance around the fire (helps to not all, not always and not everywhere, but you necessarily will help. Why? I will answer all well-known meme: I guarantee it!)
I think with a disk everything is clear. Let's stop at the tambourine dance. So you have after installing Windows 10 for a long time to boot the black screen, turn on the computer and run in order:

In the process of booting the OS, press and hold Shift while spamming the F8 key. This will not always work, but you need to try. (This is actually the dance itself).
Then you should open a window where select and go: "Diagnostics "and go to"Advanced options".
A window opens where you select Command prompt.
In the line window, paste the lines copied from here: "bcdedit / set {globalsettings} advancedoptions true", then click on the Enter button.
In the window that opens after these manipulations, select: "Continue".
Finally, in the final window, select "Enable safe mode", using the F4 key on the keyboard, and then press Enter.
The result of all actions — restart the computer and start in safe mode.

Next, the sequence is as follows:

Follow the chain: Icon: start Menu - > Next: control Panel - > Next: power supply - > After that: System settings".
Remove the bird in front: Turn on fast startup.
Save the settings.
Then go to your desktop. Place the arrow on the computer icon (My computer), then use the properties control button with the mouse and in the dropped menu go to "Properties".

In the window that POPs up, do the following: Go to: Hardware -> Follow in: device Manager -> Go to: video Adapters. Opens a line with your installed video card, which click the right mouse button. In the drop-down menu, select "Update driver software". Here are 2 options:

in normal automatic mode;
pre-downloading new drivers from the hardware manufacturer.
After updating the drivers, reboot the system. The black screen will disappear when you start Windows 10.

To get rid of the persecution of such an unpleasant phenomenon as a black screen after upgrading to Windows 10, or when it loads, go from simple to complex. Do not immediately roll back the video card driver, for a start, just try to change the connectors on the video outputs. And if simple steps do not help, only then go to safe mode and do more complex manipulations.

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Felixisthebest293 days ago


Yes the icons everything are appearing and loading very slowly, but there was only black screen until I ran Ccleaner, with your settings, and then restarted and screen background image appears

Thanks for keeping it simple.


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