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Promotional products. Reward $1
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Where can I order some computer-related promotional products? I am opening a store and wanted to surprise my first customers with some gifts. Is it a good idea?
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ChessKing107 days ago

When you realize that you want to sell a certain product or service, and created your store, it's time to start their promotion. In this article, we will offer you effective ways to advertise and promote products that exist at the moment, as well as tell you how to use them.

But first, let's find out what tools most ecommerce marketers use. According to the research results, the most effective marketing tools are email, social networks and speeches at events.
Personal site
In order to show and tell about your product on the Internet, you need your personal website. If you have no idea about site building, there are many companies that will help to create a business card site for a fee. You can also create a website on the free hosting using the online designer.
On the Internet there are many video tutorials on creating sites, and in a few hours, you can create your first site. It is quite suitable for a young company. But, if you are set on the rapid promotion of products or services, we advise you to develop a quality website with your domain name, unique design, easy navigation and quality content. Yes, it will not be cheap, but over time it will help you earn much more than it was spent.
The site is created. Now you need to bring traffic to it. Let's look at the main channels that will help us in this.

1. Email marketing
This is the most effective method of promotion based on the survey of marketers above. It is universal, as it not only advertises the product in an email, but also helps to bring traffic to the website, blog, social networks.
First, you need to find a suitable mailing service based on the criterion of "price-quality". Pay attention to the free features of servers: test drive, special offers, ready-made templates.
Email marketing does not require much money and can be automated. All you need to do is to prepare the text and set the date and time of sending emails in the mailing planner.

Types of email messages for product/service promotion:

Letters with a presentation of a new product or a new collection
Notification letters about discounts, promotions, sales

Newsletters are digests that provide links to interesting articles, the topics of which are related to your activities. In the newsletter you can add photos of products, as well as mention it in the articles.

Don't forget to add social media buttons to each email.
2. Social network
Social networks are first of all a meeting of a live audience, which likes not only to communicate, but also to make purchases. The most popular social networks among the Russian-speaking audience are:
Basic rules for promoting your business in social networks:

Create your own group, community or page;
Attracting an audience to it using the website or newsletter (adding social media buttons);
Publishing useful content;
Constant updating of group materials;
Organization of competitions, the winners of which will receive a discount on your product or the opportunity to test it for free;
Comments in other groups of your business area;
The use of advertising in social networks.
Let's talk more about advertising. Why place it in social networks?
Every day millions of users visit social networks;
The audience is in a psychologically comfortable state, and advertising is perceived as advice from a friend;
The largest number of ads is placed in Vkontakte and Facebook. It can be set up quickly enough and choose for your budget.

Advertising Vkontakte

To place your ad, scroll down and click " ads»:
Next, set the settings to attract the target audience: location, gender, age, birthday and marital status. Also, try to find interests or groups in which the target audience may be located.
After setting all the settings, you will see the recommended bid in your target group. Note: the lower the bid, the less ads are displayed.

Advertising in Facebook

To create an ad on Facebook, follow the link from the screenshot and click " Create ad»:

Next, choose the desired goal of the campaign, then your page, add images for the ad (from 1 to 6), write the title and text of the ad and set the parameters of the target audience (location, age, gender, interests, preferences, marital status, education, languages, places of work). At the very end, you set the budget, schedule, and price for your ad.

3. Push notifications

This is a relatively new tool that is suitable for different purposes, including advertising products and/or services. Google Chrome and Safari support push notifications, which appear instantly on subscribers ' desktops even when the browser is turned off.

The benefits of push notifications:

When clicked, the user goes directly to the site;
To subscribe, just click " Allow»;
Users do not receive spam;
Price push several times lower than SMS;
You can unsubscribe from the newsletter in one click.

All you need to do to install push on your website is copy and paste the code before the closing tag . Now you can push absolutely free with email SendPulse!

4. Articles

Advertising in articles is quite simple. Do you find thematic areas to embed. Write an advertising article about your product or service with links to the site and for a fee published.
If you're on a budget, try writing cool and practical non-promotional material on a product-related topic. This will also serve as a powerful advertising, as users are very fond of useful information.
5. Video channel

Today, users from all over the world spend thousands of hours a month watching different videos. On average, more than 2.4 million unique users visit YouTube per Day. Video channel is a good ground for drawing attention to your product or service. The main thing is a quality video. To create it, you can contact the professionals or remove yourself (sometimes it also works). The video should not so much inform users how to engage. It should please people and cause the desire to share. Thus, they create viral videos, as in the example below:

This campaign was called "do us a favor." In the video, the company LAES asked users to offer a new taste of chips and win a million dollars. As a result, the audience offered 4 million ideas, and the video gained 12 million views. Thus, the company has significantly increased the loyalty of their customers to the brand and once again effectively advertised its product.
Link to your website and a detailed description of the product you can leave under the video.

Any video you make can be sent in an email. It always attracts the user's attention, and brings you additional traffic to the video channel, brand awareness and its products.
6. Events

Various online and offline events are a good way to showcase your brand and introduce products and/or services to your audience. The main thing-to accompany advertising relevant and useful information. Modern users do not like advertising in its pure form. During the conference or forum, you can organize various competitions and reward the winners with free provision of their services or products.7. Contextual advertising

This is the ads that appear in search engines and on the pages of thematic websites. It depends on the search query or the topic of the page on which it is displayed.

Two major ad networks are Yandex ("Yandex") and Google ("Google Adwords"). In order to start using contextual advertising, you need to register in one of these systems, set up an ad, choose the queries that users will find you, select a region and replenish the balance.
You only pay for clicks. The cost of a click depends on many factors: subject, competition, region, ad location, etc.
8. Teaser ads

These are text ads with pictures. So often advertise questionable services, often with payment via SMS, but there are also ads that advertise real products and services. Pay – per-click.
9. Banners

Banners are pictures that contain links to the site. They come in several types:

static (one picture without movement);
GIF (several images that replace each other);
flash (contain animation effects).

In order for banners to bring you new customers, you should place them on thematic resources. For example, if you are a mailing service, then select sites for Internet marketing.

The cost depends on the size of the banner, its type, placement, theme and of course from the site on which you want to place the banner.

You can make and place a banner yourself. To do this, use Photoshop, contact the administrator of the desired site and agree with him about placing the banner. You can request from him the statistics of the site on attendance, learn about traffic (gender, age, region, etc.) If you do not want to do everything yourself, please contact the special services.

10. Bulletin board

There are many message boards and most of them are free. Most often, users pay only to somehow highlight your ad among others, that is, to make it more visible.

You can also apply to various services that will place your ad immediately on most of the existing message boards with the help of automatic programs. It is inexpensive. On the part of the customer you need a description of the product or service, create a header and specify the contact details.
By the way, this is the only way to advertise without creating your own website.

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Mattmyname107 days ago

It's definitely a good idea and I myself order promotional products from so I can recommend this company to you. They have a wide range of different products but if I were you, I would order some mouse pads and some mugs. You may say that mugs are not computer-related but people always drink coffee while working so I think that it's a proper product in your case.

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