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Created by Mattmyname, 113 days ago, 223 views

What are some good online services that you guys always use? I mean something like apps for travelers, food delivery apps, etc.
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ChessKing113 days ago

The most essential travel apps that works well on adroid and iPhone 1. Search for tickets
The first thing you should start any conversation about travel-is the search for tickets. And, perhaps, the best mobile application in this area boasts the largest in Runet search engine cheap flights — the legendary Aviasales. Price calendar, voice search, building complex routes, low price map and many other useful and convenient features in one app! This is a great app developed for both Android and iPhone .

We remind you that when we are looking for information about promotions, special offers and just suddenly appeared cheap tickets for our readers, in most cases we use the services of Flights and Skyscanner. See also our tips: how to buy cheap tickets >>

2. Hotel search
When tickets are found, you need to take care of how to find a cheap hotel. A great helper in this case will be an application for searching and booking hotels Hotellook (available for Android and iPhone). The application is not just looking for accommodation in the right city, its main feature is that it compares the prices offered by dozens of the world's leading reservation systems (, Expedia, Ostrovok, and others.), and finds the user the most profitable option. Be sure to download this extremely useful assistant on your gadget, and you can always quickly find a cheap hotel anywhere and at any time. Find a hotel at the best price will help our tips for booking >>

3. Search tours
Prefer to relax on a ticket? You do not need a travel agent — you can find and buy a tour using your smartphone. Recommended application mmm. The service compares the prices of 120 tour operators and shows you the best deals. Book a tour on your smartphone is convenient, fast and secure. The application has excellent user reviews, every couple of months it is updated. Download the version for your iOS or Android. Learn also how to book tours cheaper >>

4. Search for free Wi-Fi
If you urgently need access to the Internet, you will be rescued by a very useful application for travelers Wi-Fi Map — it is easy to find for you Wi-Fi point, wherever you are (except for very small settlements). The application is a social network where users share passwords from Wi-Fi points, so even if the network is closed, with it you can find out the password and connect! It works in offline mode. You can install the application for Android and iPhone (for the iPhone there is a paid version with advanced features wifi Map PRO).

5. Search of food
Any independent traveler knows that the food in the local restaurants is much tastier than in the restaurants advertised in the brochures for tourists. Find a good place to eat, will help the famous Foursquare or free Yelp. Here you will find the recommendations of the brick and mortar food service establishments.

6. Offline maps
What is always needed by any traveler? Of course, in the map! But the problem is that the paper card is not always on hand, and access to the Internet is sometimes unavailable. In this case, MAPS applications will come to the rescue.ME and OsmAnd — both work on the basis of OpenStreetMap and are almost identical, but MAPS.Me intuitive design. We travel a lot and have tried various applications with offline maps, so we can surely recommend them.

Note: on AliExpress you can buy any accessories for mobile phones at a much lower price than in stores in Russia. There you can find a lot of useful things that will be useful in the journey.
7. Lost in translation
Another essential item of any self-traveler translator. We always use a useful application Google Translate (for Android and iPhone), it helped us more than once. Another option is ABBYY Lingvo dictionaries, one of the most popular mobile applications in this field.

8. At the airport
Very useful in traveling mobile Android application GateGuru will easily show you all the public catering establishments and shops located near you at the airport. The app also shows and reviews of other travelers about all these places.

9. Guide
Another indispensable tool in your trip will be extremely useful application Redigo (available for Android and iPhone). Thanks to him, you do not need to search, buy and carry thick guides — the application has all the necessary information for the traveler: a General summary of the country, PhraseBook in 6 languages, maps with marked attractions, information about all current events in this place and much more. For the application does not require an Internet connection, which is very convenient when you are in another country.

In addition, as an analogue, you can use TripAdvisor — it is not so convenient, but in the service you can read reviews, find ratings of institutions and other useful information.

10. Communication
Viber and Skype will help you to keep in touch with your friends and family during the journey (and also save your money, because phone calls in roaming are very expensive). By the way, with Skype you can call to regular landline and mobile phone numbers (the service is paid, but inexpensive) — for example, once, being in Vietnam, we called the support service of Sberbank to unlock the card during the trip.

11. Finance
Calculate how much you spent money on the trip and specifically what will help Finance PM. Just remember to add your expenses to the program. Very convenient to analyze costs using the split into categories.

12. Organiser
TripIt — is a convenient planner of your journey. All e-tickets as well as hotel and hostel bookings can be stored in the free TripIt app. For it share this information on Inbox and your reservations and tickets will appear in your smartphone. As an alternative method, you can simply send all your tickets to your own e-mail. Do not be amiss to do the same with copies of documents — in case of loss, you will always know that your mail is stored rescue copy.

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Mattmyname112 days ago

Services which can help you to find cheap flights are also worth being mentioned. I mean something like . These days it's not cheap to travel by plane but if you spend some time searching for cheap tickets, you can find a really good offer and save some money easily.

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GoGlass112 days ago

Here is another really useful website - . It's quite convenient to use such services when you need to rent a car. All the needed information is on the website, the only thing you need to do is to choose the most suitable car.

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OliverOld111 days ago

About a year ago I started to actively use the essay writing service . It helps me to study well and to pass academic tasks on time which I cannot cope with myself. The service is inexpensive and it is very convenient in my opinion.

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shawnjasper110 days ago

I appreciate it!. I really like it when people get together and share ideas. Great website, continue the good work!. Either way, great web and I look forward to seeing it grow over time. Thank you so much.

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Henryshaffer110 days ago

I know it is extremely difficult to trust a firm online to have your work completed. Be that as it may, I just have one trusted in online administration. It is Fast, solid and genuine. They have been my article assistant for quite a while now. As a working understudy, I do not have a ton of time to manage articles, film survey, and lab report, or even theory. It is fortunate, I have their site. Everything I do is send them the directions and sit tight for it to be completed!

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vivaladiva22107 days ago

I can tell you everything about English courses. My nephew went to London to learn the language. First of all, it's really the most effective way and it's kind of trip. That's why I'd love to share a good website with you. Check out this link

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Revan106 days ago

Quora is the best ever

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emmaferris93 days ago

I arrange a lot of automatic payment of bills through the services provided by the company I pay. Some things I still pay with checks, or most of my credit cards, if I have credit, I'll arrange a one-time payment on their website. I never
had a problem

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TimTor76 days ago

There are many different useful sites for life. For me it's a trader It helps me make a living and I can call it useful

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Mattmyname69 days ago

Do you really earn by trading? I've tried such way of making money a few times but wasn't able to reach success...

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MeGusto69 days ago

Well, I'm a risky man. Hence my favourite online service is where I can test my luck by betting on different sports and not only them. Actually, there are lots of things and opportunities to make a pretty penny out of it.

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