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Netio sys blue screen error Reward $1
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Keep getting error message
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ha14225 days ago


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ChessKing225 days ago

Netio.sys is a kind of SYS file associated with Windows 7 Professional SP1 32-bit, which is developed by Microsoft for Windows. The latest known version of Netio.sys:, designed for Windows. This SYS file has a popularity rating of 3 stars and a security rating of "Unknown".

What are SYS files?
SYS files such as netio.sys are third-party (such as Microsoft) device drivers or important system files that are shipped as part of the Windows operating system. Most SYS files allow internal PC hardware or attached hardware, such as a printer, to communicate with third-party programs (such as web browsers, word processors, Windows 7 Professional SP1 32-bit ) and operating system (e.g. Windows).

Other SYS files are important system files called "kernel mode device drivers" that are used to run the Windows operating system. Files such as "CONFIG.SYS " contain configuration parameters and specify which device drivers should be loaded by the operating system. No driver files such as netio.sys, you might not be able to perform simple tasks like printing a document.

Why do I have errors in files like SYS?
SYS file errors are typically caused by hardware failures or damage to device driver files. Because of the importance of Netio.sys in Windows 7 Professional SP1 32-bit and other Windows features, any damage to this file can lead to critical system errors in the form of a "blue screen of death" (BSOD). For more information, see " causes of Netio errors.sys " below.

In some cases, errors appear in the files of type SYS?
SYS errors, such as those related to netio.sys, most often occur during computer startup, program startup, or while trying to use a specific function in your program (eg print).
Common error messages in Netio.sys
Most of the %% knowledgebase_file_name%% errors that you will have to face are due to "blue screen" type errors (also known as "BSOD" or "STOP error") that appear in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10:

"Was a problem has been detected and Windows has been unloaded to prevent damage to your computer. Obviously, the problem is caused by the following file: Netio.sys."
": (Your computer has encountered a problem and needs to restart. We will gather the necessary information and perform a reboot. If you need more information, you can search the Internet later for the error name: netio.sys."
"STOP 0x0000000A: IRQL_NOT_LESS_EQUAL – netio.sys"
"STOP 0x0000001E: KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED – netio.sys"
"STOP 0×00000050: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA – netio.sys"
In most cases you encounter errors like "blue screen" netio.sys after installing new hardware or software. Blue netio screens.sys may appear when you install a program if you are running a program that is associated with netio.sys (for example, Windows 7 Professional SP1 32-bit) when the Microsoft driver is loaded or when Windows starts or shuts down. Tracking when a STOP error occurs is important information

Recommendations: Scan your computer for registry damage in netio.sys
Install optional products-WinThruster (Solvusoft) / License | privacy Policy | terms And conditions | Uninstall

Causes of errors in the Netio file.sys
Errors such as the "blue screen" of the Netio file.sys can be caused by many hardware, firmware, driver, or software problems. They, in turn, can be associated with either Windows 7 Professional SP1 32-bit software or Microsoft hardware , but this is not always the case.

More specifically, these are netio errors.sys can be caused by the following reasons:

Incorrectly configured, old or damaged Windows 7 Professional SP1 32-bit device drivers (very often).
Windows registry corruption due to a recent software change (installation or removal) associated with netio.sys.
A virus or malware that damaged a netio file.sys or Windows 7 Professional SP1-related 32-bit program files.
Hardware conflict after installing new Microsoft hardware, or hardware associated with netio.sys.
Damaged or deleted system files after you install the software or drivers that are related to Windows 7 Professional SP1 32-bit .
Blue screen netio.sys is caused by damage to the hard drive.
Error stopping netio file.sys in connection with damage random access memory (RAM).

Recommendations: Scan your computer for registry damage in netio.sys
Install optional products-WinThruster (Solvusoft) / License | privacy Policy | terms And conditions | Uninstall

How to fix errors in Netio.sys
The following is a sequence of Troubleshooting steps to resolve netio problems.sys. This sequence is in order from simple to complex and from less time to more expensive, so we strongly recommend that you follow this instruction in order to avoid unnecessary time and effort.

Please note: Click on the [ Open] image to expand Troubleshooting instructions for each of the steps below. You can also use the [ Close] image to hide statements as they are executed.

Orashi 1: Update the device drivers on your computer
Orashi 2: Repair registry entries associated with Windows 7 Professional SP1 32-bit
Orashi 3: run a full scan of your computer with malware
Orashi 4: Use Windows system Restore to "Undo" recent system changes
Orashi 5: Uninstall recently-installed program associated with Windows 7 Professional SP1 32-bit / Netio.sys
Step 6: run Windows system file check ("sfc /scannow")
Orashi 7: Install all available Windows updates
Orashi 8: Check the hard disk for errors ("chkdsk /f")
Orashi 9: Check random access memory (RAM) for errors
Orashi 10: Perform a clean installation of Windows
Recommendations: Scan your computer for registry damage in netio.sys
Netio error messages.sys can appear on any of the following Microsoft Windows operating systems:

Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP

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VikasSharma219 days ago

1. Remove and install the hardware-compatible driver
Before uninstalling and installing the hardware driver, you must start the Windows computer in Safe Mode.

See also: Boot problems in Safe Mode

After accessing the computer through Safe Mode, open Control Panel => Hardware and Sound => Device Manager.

You can also open Device Manager by right-clicking the My Computer icon, selecting P roperties => Device Manager.

On the Device Manager window, find any driver that has a yellow icon and proceed to uninstall that driver. Then download the new driver and install.

Finally proceed to restart your computer and return to normal mode.

2. Scans and fixes system files
In some cases, the system files may be the cause of the error BSOD (blue screen death error). To fix this you need to do a scan and repair of Windows system files.

You can usually use the sfc / scannow command to scan and fix corrupted system files.

3. Remove incompatible programs or hardware
Let's say that you have recently installed some new software or hardware and a BSOD error has occurred. In this case, the software or hardware that you are installing is not compatible with the Windows operating system.

To fix this you can remove the software, or the hardware incompatible with the Windows operating system is done.

4. Uninstall the Windows Update KB2778344 package
The Windows Update package can be one of the causes of System Service Exception. In this case, you must uninstall the Windows Update package on Windows.

To completely remove the Update package, first restart your computer and access Safe Mode.

Go to Control Panel => Program and Features.

In the Program and Features interface, click Installed Updates in the left pane list.

On the Installed Updates window, right-click Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB2778344) and then select Uninstall.

After the uninstall process is complete, restart your computer is complete.

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