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Protect my passwords from wise Reward $1
Created by johndouglas, 67 days ago, 86 views

I have wise cleaner, wise registery and wise care = each if the free version
two of these destroy the file that contains my passwords

how do i set those tools so they don't empty the folder with magic names in it ?

why would i spend $$ if i can't select what is supposed to be trashed and not ?
i don't run those three "cleaners" for that reason.

i only used wise care once yesterday because i wanted to try privacy-file shredder.
in the process wise care removed all my passwords

impressive in the wrong way

help ! make both tools NOT destroy the password !

vaporized the contents (which by the way

can you help me?
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WiseCleaner_admin67 days ago

Any of wisecleaner product won't clean browser password automatically unless you choose it.
Privacy Eraser just remove browsing history (recent opened files, images, and so on). and it is only for registered user.
In Common Cleaner, browser saved password is unchecked by default.

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johndouglas67 days ago

what you say may or may not be correct; i can't say
all i know is that the passwords are gone after using wise disk cleaner or registry cleaner, and wise care
at least two of the three deletes / deleted the folder/file that contained passwords
how something was checked or unchecked isn't the issue
fault ? blame ? is not the issue

i don't know meaning of words like cache, cookies, iis log files, etc. yet they are checked, evidently by default. more important i don't know what cache is for, what cache is, what purpose of cache is; consequences of checking/unchecking. it is all a new vocabulary to me

i don't know what "old prefetch is"; it is checked by default. what is the consequence of unchecking IT ? i don't know.
i never want the trash/recycle bin to be emptied unless i do it myself, yet it is checked by default
serendipity !
that problem solved: i discovered to uncheck "empty recycle bin" and my trash is safe

i don't know what checking or unchecking a bunch of words means or will / will not do, the consequences
"memory dump files" ? what ?
so i give up

the question, the request was stated in 2nd paragraph:

how do i set those tools so they don't empty the folder with magic names in it ?

your contribution didn't answer the question/request

let's try again:

in wise disk cleaner what should be unchecked so passwords aren't deleted
in wise registry cleaner what should be unchecked so passwords aren't deleted
in wise care what should be unchecked so passwords aren't deleted


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johndouglas67 days ago

i have the apps but i don't know if i'm a registered user

what IS a registered user as opposed to an unregistered user

here is another discovery: if i'm not careful all my words will make one long run-on sentence since i don't always punctuate

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WiseCleaner_admin66 days ago

1, If you don't know the meaning of Cache, cookies and so on, just use default settings, do not change the status.
If you tick a item means you want to remove/clean it.
Do not tick "Saved Password" and "Cookies" unless you real want to clean it.
2, Wise Registry Cleaner cannot affect browser saved passwords, but I recommend you just use default settings.
3, Registered user means Paid user, both wise registry cleaner and wise care 365 have Pro version.

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