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Why my windows 10 most of the time shows me the blue screen ? Reward $1
Created by Mwarua, 227 days ago, 282 views

Windows 10 laptop
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ChessKing227 days ago

Blue screen of death. What to do? You don't need to reboot your PC. Look up the error code. On it you will understand that "broke". And you can eliminate the cause of the failure.
When BSoD appears, pay attention to the sections:
"The problem seems to be caused". It contains the file that caused the crash;
Just below is the name of the error;
"Technical Information". Technical information. The error number must be written after the word "STOP". For example, "0x0000007E" or " 0xC0000135»;
Next is the driver name and the address of the error.
All these data should be saved.
Cause of error
Remember what happened before the "Blue screen of death"appeared. So you can figure out what to do with it. For example, you connect a new device, install a program, update the system, or download unlicensed drivers for Windows. If after that problems began, then you found the culprit. You can also determine the cause if you look at the error codes.
This is what causes the failure:
Hardware defect. The hard drive, RAM, network card, video card may be damaged;
Computer hard drive
The cause of the problem may be a hard disk failure

An incompatible device or hardware is connected. Let's say you decide to put new RAM boards or attach an external hard drive. And after that Windows began to " fly " in BSoD;
The software conflict, in particular, drivers;
Not enough free memory on your hard drive;
Crashes in the BIOS or a bad firmware;
Update Windows or individual services. Along with this, you can download a huge number of errors. Even licensed programs are not insured against them. If the BSoD appeared after the system update, just roll it back. And wait until the update is corrected and optimized;
Contact of wires and internal equipment. For example, the cable fell into the blades of the cooler;
Malicious software that damaged important files;

User action. Someone tried to "overclock" the computer. Or deleted system data.
Error code
To understand how to get rid of the problem, it is necessary to look at the error codes. The blue screen of death provides the necessary information. But the list of such numbers is huge. After all, anything can break. And it is not clear what to do in this case. Here are the most common "0x0000000A" and "0x0000000X", where " X " equals the numbers from 6 to 9. The driver is corrupted. Or there are incompatible programs/hardware;
"0x0000000X", where" X " can be numbers from 13 to 19. The codes indicate that there is no connection to the memory card. Or, the connection to the hard drive on which the swap partition is located is lost;
"0x0000001F" and "0x0000000X", where " X " are numbers from 20 to 23. Error reading / writing information. Appears in FAT file systems. The reason may be a hard disk failure or severe data fragmentation. "Blue screen of death" with this code also occurs due to incompatible anti-virus and firewalls;
"0x00000024." Same but for NTFS file system;
"0x0000000X", where" X " are numbers from 28 to 35. Problem with drivers or RAM;
"0x0000000B", "0x0000000C", "0x0000000D". Connected with Sound Blaster Live sound card software crashes;
"0x00000051." Occurs if the system cannot read some registry item. This happens when the system or equipment is damaged;
"0x00000057." Something is wrong with the network card;
A sample screen of death

"0x00000069." Incorrect system installation or configuration;
"0x00000073." A part of the registry is corrupted. Or not enough free memory;
"0x0000007E". May appear when you upgrade Windows. For some reason, the update caused a failure. To eliminate it, you need to roll back the system;
"0x0000008E". The failure of memory. Or RAM modules are incompatible with each other;
"0x000000FE". A critical failure in the USB controller;
"0x00000104." The problem with the video driver or BIOS firmware;
"0x1000007E", "0x1000008E"or " 0xC000009A". The Windows system kernel does not have enough resources for stable operation. Free up RAM and local memory;
"0x80070570." The system is installed incorrectly. The problem may be in the installer itself;
"0xC0000135"and " 0xC0000218". Important dynamic link libraries are corrupted or missing. BSoD shows which object is not available;
"0xC0000221." The problem with the driver or library;
"0xDEADDEAD". The user himself started an emergency stop of the system.
The list is quite long. It has hundreds of different rooms. You can enter a failure code in the search engine to find out more information. Or watch it on the website " "("BSoD: error description" tab). There are also instructions that describe what to do in each situation.

If the same failures occur with different objects (codes are the same, and the file names are not), most likely, the problem is not in the system, but in the hard drive. Back up important data as soon as possible. If they find themselves in the damaged sector, it will be difficult to restore them.
View the code if the system reboots
How to check the failure if the appearance of the BSoD the computer restarts? And you just do not have time to read the message.
The codes of the "blue screen" can be found in the dumps. They are located in the Windows\Minidump system directory. To open these files, you need the program "BlueScreenView". Find it on the Internet, install and open. It will scan the dumps and display a list of them. Files that have information about the failure will be marked in red

How to fix the error
Broken equipment
If the equipment is broken, it is unlikely to be repaired at home. But sometimes it is enough to turn it off and back on. For example, error codes became clear that there is no access to RAM. Here's what to do:

Power off the computer. Do not just press the "Off" button, but pull the plug from the outlet;
Open the cover of the system unit;
Find RAM boards there;
Take out the boards RAM out of the slot

Gently pull them out of the nest. We need to pull the latch that holds them.;
Insert them back;
Turn on the computer and check if everything works.
The same can be done with the hard drive, and with the video adapter, and with the sound card. But if you are unfamiliar with the internal device of the computer, it is better to entrust it to professionals. It is not necessary to pull out all the details of the system unit in turn.
If it did not help, then the equipment has come into disrepair. It needs changing.
Turn off external devices
Very often BSoD appears when hard drives or other external devices are connected to the computer. How to fix the "Blue screen of death" in this case? Shut down the equipment. Try inserting it into another port. See how it appears in device Manager. Check to see if there is an exclamation mark next to the model name. Update driver.

Maybe it's not the computer, but the port controller. If it's faulty, it needs to be turned off.

Problems with the file system or the hard drive
Run a system disk check and repair. For this:

Right click on it;
Item " Properties»;
Properties of drive C in Windows 7
Go to "Properties»

The Tools Tab»;
Button "Check»;
Performing a disk check
Click on " run scan»

Check all boxes. In particular, you need the option " Repair damaged sectors»;
Repair damaged sectors of a disk With
Put a tick next to " Repair damaged sectors»

Start Button»;
The service will warn you that it will start scanning the next time you start the system;
Restart the computer;
It will start disk recovery. This may take a long time. Do not interrupt the process.
The program crashes
Here's how to remove the "Blue screen of death" if the problem is in the system or installed programs:

Remove anything that was installed just prior to the crash;
If it does not help, make a backup;
Go to start-Programs — Accessories-Utilities;
Click on " system Restore»;
System restore

In the window that opens, select " select recovery point»;
If necessary, check " Show all restore points»;
They show the time when the backup was made and what happened (installation, deletion, update);
All Windows 7 recovery points are shown
Recovery point
Select the appropriate point and confirm;
Do not turn off the computer until the recovery is complete.
The system will roll back. It will return to the state it was in before the errors.
Other option
Scan your system with a good antivirus;
Clean the hard drive from the garbage. Delete unnecessary files. But don't touch the system data. You can use the built — in Windows services (start — programs — Standard — Utilities-disk Cleanup) or install programs for this: for example, CCleaner;
It makes sense to fix registry errors. But do not do it manually. Use Registry Fix, Registry, Boot and the like;
If you have an installation disc with your system, try reinstalling it or repair damaged files;
Update all drivers. Download the latest updates.
If the Blue screen appears when you turn on
If the "Blue screen of death" appears immediately after turning on the computer, you will not be logged in. And it will be difficult to fix something. Therefore, you must start the PC from a boot disk or drive. If you don't have one, use the Windows installation CD. Also suitable free program from DrWeb - "Live Disk". It can be downloaded on the website "»:

When you start the PC (on the very first "frame") will be specified key, which must be pressed to open the settings ("PRESS to ENTER SETUP"). Usually it is F1, F2, F5 or Del;
Click on it. The BIOS settings open. They all control is tied to the keyboard;
Go to the "Boot" tab»;
The Item "Boot Device Priority»;
There will be loading order. Put the device from which you plan to download data (disk or drive) in the first place);
Open the "Save" section, choose the "Save and reset" option»;
Now the computer will start from external media (don't forget to insert it);иии

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Mwarua227 days ago

Thank you very much.

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