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Best APK player on windows 5
Created by lybwrsh, 84 days ago, 158 views

What is the best app for running android's applications on windows?
I used BlueStacks,it;s not so good.I cann't run some app on it also it's so slow.
I want a faster and better app.
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ChessKing84 days ago

Nox App Player-probably the best emulator Recently I thought that "Bluestacks" - is the best that is for our tasks, but I was very wrong (although before for sure it was). Now in this segment of healthy competition and a lot of really decent options. Most likely, if you do not have any problems with NOX App Player, the acquaintance with the virtualization of Android will end here — you simply will not find the best. Everything works great even on modern Windows 10 and no problems with the installation or settings I found, everything is intuitive and simple. After installing and running the program, and put it quickly enough — just a couple of minutes, we will see a familiar screen Android (unfortunately not the latest version, but only 4.4.2, but it is enough to work a huge number of games and applications). The system is already pre-installed Google Play Market, so the problems with the choice of what to play should not be. There is a small note: be ready to confirm your Google account, authorization in NOX App Player causes the "Corporation of good" distrust. Unfortunately, the program has no localization into Russian, but in itself, the Android is allowed to switch to Russian — you can do it in the same way as on the phone or tablet. But all the settings of the program will remain in English, but this is not the biggest problem, once configured and forgot. Now let's go to the settings (they can be opened by clicking on the gear icon at the top of the program). We are interested in the "Advanced" tab — by default the emulator will start with a resolution of 1280×720, for some it may be too much, or Vice versa — too little, just select the desired one and restart the application. It also allows you to configure your emulated device, such as a Perfomance Setting is a performance setting, as it appeared even in the minimal configuration I don't see anything retarded, which means good optimization. For the test, I tried to install the game Need for Speed: No Limits — everything works extremely smoothly and with the management no questions arise. Of course, the race — this is not the best example, but as far as I know, this game is quite demanding on resources, but everything works just fine. I want to write a few words about the action icons that are located to the right of the emulator window, let's go through some of them: There is the ability to install applications from APK files from your computer, this function will be useful if you have problems with Google Play Store. You can choose your location manually and the emulator will think that it gets the real GPS coordinates of the receiver, but we set them ourselves. Creating screenshots, I think there is nothing special to explain — the most common picture with the contents of the window at some point. What can be summed up after a mini description of the emulator Android Nox App Player? If you need to install Prescope, Instagram or similar programs, then this emulator is ideal for this purpose. With the speed of work no issues, even heavy 3D toys work great, but you should understand that a lot depends on the performance of your computer. UPD: If Nox App Player does not start or refuses to install, it is likely that the user name contains third-party characters. You can create a new user using only English characters or rename the existing Download NOX App Player is completely free on the official website

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Maryjohn019284 days ago

Andyroid is simply superb!
Andy Android emulator will run any app on your Windows PC provided you have a decent rig. Built on the Oracle VM VirtualBox, this emulator is fully customizable and will run smoothly on modern PCs. The makers of Andy have also launched an application that turns your Android tablet or Smartphone into a controller. Just download the app and play your favorite games on your PC wirelessly.
Downloading and installing Andy setup will take time. Before installation, check whether your PC meets Andy’s requirements. Andy is CPU-intensive software and requires a minimum of 3GB RAM and 20 GB of hard disk space. Your PC should have a dual-core CPU that supports virtualization technology. Make sure you have enabled Vt-x in the BIOS.
In case you want to uninstall this emulator, just manually delete Andy folders located in C:/Program Files. Simply using the emulator’s uninstaller won’t remove it completely. After deleting all folders, make sure you use CCleaner’s registry cleanup tool to remove any traces of this software. visit:

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abdelrahman177 days ago

Best Android Simulator on PC

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Mattmyname66 days ago

There are some apps that are useless if you try to work with them on a computer. For example this GPS tracking app - . And honestly, I don't really understand why should anyone need to open android apps on a personal computer. Just buy an android smartphone, that's it.

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