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Created by a454545, 19 days ago, 92 views

There is no battery icon in taskbar on my laptop.
It's gone :(

how I can fix this.
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lybwrsh14 days ago

Maybe this tutorial help you


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ChessKing19 days ago

Missing battery icon on Windows 10 laptop - how to recover it
This issue is solved universally-open "start", here we go to"device Manager".

Open the device Manager of Windows 10

Open the "Battery" on the first of them click the right mouse button. There is an item "Disable" - press it. A similar procedure is carried out with the second battery in this submenu. After that, go back to the first battery — again press the right mouse button by selecting "Enable". Repeat this procedure and the second.

It remains only to restart your computer, although in most cases the corresponding icon appears immediately and without it.

Another option to fix this situation is also possible — go to the "System" section, on the "Notifications and actions" tab, select "Select the icons displayed in the taskbar". Here we need to turn on the display.

Missing battery icon on your laptop-how to recover on Windows 7 and 8?
Usually there are no difficulties with restoring the display of charge and when working with Windows 7 and 8. This procedure will be enough for this:

Click on the tray arrow in the notification area-in the lower right corner of the screen. Here you will see the "Configure"button.
Click on Configure

After clicking on the link "turn on or Off system icons".
Here you can see the designation of the current charge, just turn it on.
Missing battery icon on the laptop — how to find out the charge without it
If desired, you can not return the icon itself, but use another simple way. Information about the resource can always be found in the " System "by clicking on the"save battery" tab. Here you can see the current capacity level, as well as the remaining time.

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ha1419 days ago


Add the battery icon to the taskbar in Windows 10

How to Restore a Missing Battery Icon in Windows 10

1.Windows and R keys, type Devmgmt.msc and then press Enter key to open Device Manager.
2.In the Device Manager, expand Batteries. Right-click on Microsoft AC Adapter entry and click Uninstall button. Click OK button when you see the warning message to continue uninstalling the driver.
3.Next, click on Action menu and then click Scan for hardware changes option to restore the missing battery icon.

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ab193614 days ago

Hi,I think this tips can solve your problem with battery icon:
1-right click on task bar then click on setting

2-go to Turn system icon on or off

3-Turn power icon on then restart

good luck :)

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