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Created by omarwa, 88 days ago, 153 views

How to Use Photoshop: The Bookmarkable Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners?
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ChessKing88 days ago

Doing lessons for Adobe Photoshop is the best way to learn the program, especially in the early stages. The most useful techniques that you will use more than once in the future, are purchased during the repetition of lessons. Today we have collected the most exciting and useful in our opinion sources of lessons for Adobe Photoshop. The tutorials on these resources are available in English, and so they will be very useful too. Professionals strongly recommend to study the program in the original language.
It has everything: lessons for beginners, advanced techniques, effects for text, complex and interesting photo manipulation, drawing lessons and much more. By and large, if you are just starting your way in the world of Adobe Photoshop and more or less understand English, you can get lost on this site for a long time.
Another very useful site, which has a variety of lessons from text effects, ending with photomanipulations. It is updated a little less often and finding it a little less comfortable and simple than in the previous example, but it is still worth your attention.
There are many small and useful lessons. They are remarkable in that almost every one of these capacious tutorials gives a new technique. It publishes reviews of new tools, text effects and a lot of useful techniques especially for those who are engaged in photo processing.
This site is dedicated to text effects only. Most of the lessons here are collected from various sources, but their periodically appear. A useful resource for designers of posters, magazines and other areas that require a variety of thematic headings.
The site publishes not very difficult lessons in different areas of work with Adobe Photoshop. It is convenient that right in the main panel you can choose the category you are interested in: basic techniques and working with tools, drawing, effects, graphic design, photo processing, text effect and web design.
A site with lessons, interviews and free resources that is updated regularly. Here you can find photomanipulations, text effects and photo processing techniques.
It publishes lessons mainly for simple manipulations. Suitable for beginners, in order to learn the basic techniques on a fairly simple examples. However, it is not necessary to stay on the lessons from this site for a long time — go to more complex lessons as soon as you feel that you are coping with these.
Here is a collection of tutorials on photomanipulation. Even the tutorials that are wilted as text effects are essentially executed in the technique of photomanipulation, not using layer styles as is customary. The disadvantage of the site is that the lessons are essentially the same style and techniques used in them are quite the same type. However, they are still interesting and if you dilute these lessons with tutorials from other sources, you will get a great combination.
On this site is quite an extensive database of lessons, but updated resource is extremely rare. Lessons have not yet become obsolete, so you can safely choose to perform your favorite.
This is the website of lessons from Alexandra Fomicheva. Compared with the portals on which many authors write, there is certainly much less material, but it is very cool! Aleskandra's works are always very atmospheric and interesting, and the descriptions of the lessons are clear, brief and capacious. Perhaps for very novice users of Adobe Photoshop, these tutorials will be difficult, but those who have already got used to the program will get a lot of fun.
And this is a site with lessons from the well-known in the design circles of Chris Spooner. He likes to combine work in Adobe Photoshop with Adobe Illustrator, but there are lessons for programs separately. Chris works on the following principle: he chooses a task that needs to be solved with the help of a graphical editor, works on its solution, and then publishes the best way to solve the blog in the form of lessons. Many of these tasks Chris takes from the letters of his readers, which makes the resource even more useful. New lessons appear constantly and each of them is very useful.

And another author's site, which is not so often pleases the lessons for Photoshop, but in each lesson describes a very stylish work. On this site you need to learn how to quickly and not very difficult to do cool design and style of work.

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MaximumGreen88 days ago

Hi mate, my advise would be play with it, make some nice wallpapers that need some effort.
Offcource there is alot of good 101 photoshop series on youtube but what you should do is to " think of what you want to do, and then just ask youtube or google, its very easy too learn today. ;)

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Mattmyname60 days ago

You know, retouching is actually a complicated process not anybody can deal with. I myself prefer to give my photos to , they are good at retouching, much better than me. I try to learn and improve my skills but the process is too long. Hope that someday I'll master retouching but now I can't say that I'm good at it.

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MAKEROFMONY259 days ago

read this:

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GoGlass56 days ago

Sometimes photoshop isn't the best option. For example if you need to shrink picture size, here s the best way to do that - . And there are a lot of things that can be done with other photo editors much easier than with photoshop.

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