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Created by cadendadd, 789 days ago, 2689 views

Why will all the files not go together? They all stay separated all over the disk
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ChessKing788 days ago

Defragmentation is the process of rearranging pieces of a single file so that the overall percentage of fragmentation is reduced, and all files (if possible) are located on adjacent sectors. Due to this, the reading will be continuous, which will have a positive impact on the speed of the HDD. This is especially noticeable when reading large files.

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thsigit788 days ago

It is related to how the hard disk drive works with the Read or Write process on the hard disk.

In the old computer days, data are stored in magnetic fields of a high speed rotating disk. Thus, it is better to Write a file in separated blocks because the hard drive head can easily read the beginning and the end of the blocks that constitute a file, without waiting to fully finished storing a file before writing other files to the same disk. Files can be written simultaneously to the disk until the process completed and computer ready to do other tasks. Imagine how long we must wait if the hard drive head must finish writing one file before another, just for the sake of collecting all the blocks into one large, continuous block.

This, however, has a drawback, because this could means that one file is scattered into multiple blocks on the hard disk. And, the more the scattered the blocks, it will take more time, too, for the hard disk drive to Read each files. This is where we need defragment tool. Its purpose is to reunite the scattered blocks into a larger, more compacted blocks to speed up the Read process.

This problem has been solved for a long time in Linux, where data is cached in a separate partition before written to the hard disk, and in Windows 10, where defragmenting is a background process when computer is idle --no need a manual start.

Now we have SSD, instead of disks. I am not sure how it works because I do not have the opportunity to observe it, however I believe that the Read/Write process is different. Unlike old hard disks, SSD doesn't have "disks".

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ha14787 days ago


even if all files have been defragmented, subsequent changes to critical files could cause them to become fragmented. Only by running an entire defrag operation can one hope that they might be defragmented again.

Something about Disk Fragmentation

By intelligently writing files to the disk without fragmentation, your hard drive read/write heads can then read a file that is all lined up side by side in one location, rather than jumping to multiple spots just to access a single file.
IntelliWrite® write I/O optimization technology prevents files from being fractured and broken apart into pieces, with each piece requiring its own I/O operation before being written to disk or SSD in a non-sequential manner. This stops the Windows phenomena of fragmentation from occurring before it becomes a problem.

A solid state drive stores data altogether in one unit, and it accesses memory randomly other than sequentially like an HDD.

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windstrider23782 days ago

@cadendadd This analogy demonstrates the significance of defragging your hard drive. You will not only save your time but also space on your hard drive. If you return to the area analogy, you may also be able to comprehend the second reason why it is critical to defrag hard drive. It is because when things are nicely put in a clean room or in your defragged hard disk drive, you will see more space. Hard drive space is saved when you ensure all of the data is set in the proper spot. So, it is very critical to defrag hard drive.

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abdelrahman1776 days ago

Best Defrag Software 2018 - When to Use a Disk ...

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jempetts769 days ago

If they won't go together, Did you have permission to defrag as admin?

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jempetts769 days ago

did the defrag program run?

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Horald22757 days ago

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Wyate729 days ago

SSD drives will not move data around if it is not truly fragmented. this would actually shorten the life span of the disk.

on a traditional drive, certain types of encryption will prevent the moving of the files. As stated above by another user, if it is not a fragmented file, the data will not be moved.

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cazzone50725 days ago

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Milcah12663 days ago

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kinzy2004261 days ago

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baybecool1249 days ago

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