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Created by Macman178, 87 days ago, 177 views

I can not subscribe to groups in a "telegram", in the past everything was in order. Please tell me, what is this? In all guppah appears the inscription "the group is overflowed".
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ChessKing87 days ago

The maximum length of @username is 32 characters and the minimum length is 5.
User description (section Bio) — 70 characters.
The period of self-destruction of the account in the absence of activity : from 1 to 12 months. You can read more in the article.
Spam-account lock-from 3 days and above.
The maximum number of accounts in the telegram client is 3.
The maximum number of channels you can subscribe to is 500.
The maximum number of group members is 200.
The maximum number of supergroup members is 100,000 (the limit can be increased).
The number of fixed chats in the user's feed-up to 5 chats or channels.
The maximum number of characters in the group name and description is 255.
The length of the message is 4096 characters.
Description of the sent photo-up to 200 characters.
The maximum amount of file — 1.5 GB (Telegram X without restrictions).
The maximum length of a video message is 1 minute.
Maximum number of photos in one message (album) — 10 pieces.
Ability to edit messages in public chats - up to 24 hours after sending.
Self-destruct photo or video in public chats — from 1 to 60 seconds.
The limit for inviting users to groups is 200 people.
The maximum number of channels that can create one account-8.
The length of @username for a channel is 5 to 32 characters.
The length of the channel name and description is 255 characters.
The number of readers of the channel is not limited.
The number of participants that can be seen by the channel Creator is 200 people.
Ability to edit messages in channels-up to 48 hours after publication.
The Creator can see all actions on the channel (joined members, unsubscribed, etc., post publication/deletion) for the last 2 days.
If there are more than 1000 subscribers on a public channel, it is possible to delete such channel only through telegram support.

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