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My computer HP laptop Reward $1
Created by Ezekielumukoro, 236 days ago, 431 views

What will I do to get my HP laptop rebot successfully
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ChessKing236 days ago

How to check a new laptop when buying?
Appearance and kit
Ask the seller to show you the device. Very often it happens that the store does not show the device until it is received after payment. Of course, you can buy and see it on the issue of goods, but why arrange yourself an additional adventure? If you can not see the laptop that you are going to buy, then what, in General, can we talk?
So, if you are given the goods, we check that it in any case was not dents, no scratches, no other signs of defect. This is only allowed if the store warns the buyer. How does he do it? Surely you have seen products with a discount, having some problems, due to which you get a certain discount. That is, if the laptop is discounted due to external damage, you can not blame the seller for the fact that the case has scratches or dents. But it is necessary to understand that such devices are best not to take.
Laptop check for defect

Often in stores on display is a sample of the goods. That is, this model is designed for the user to see the work of the device. And then on the results will give you a whole new machine that has never been opened even. Now we're back to the question that you can not see the laptop, which you really will be given at the end. But it is worth remembering that most of the products are under warranty, which we will talk about in the end. That is, I want to say that one should be wary only if there is no showcase sample.
A showcase sample allows you to demonstrate the operation of the device. And since you get to issue a brand new laptop, you can not worry about its safety. But it is highly recommended to check its appearance and kit on the spot with the seller. If you come home and find that there is no charger included (after unpacking, of course), then no one will believe you and you will stay with your nose.
What should be included? Undoubtedly, the laptop itself, the user manual, the charger. It is worth noting that there may be additional attributes, but if it is not the main, you can safely return the goods on the spot. There are no legal reasons not to take your device back from the store.
Picking a new laptop

Work laptop
Check the laptop before buying-then look at it at work. To help you come, again, display the sample, of which we spoke earlier. If you don't have one, you won't get one from the warehouse for testing. You will get a "pig in a poke". It is also worth noting a very important point: all these checks should be done with the final product, which you will make on the issuance of goods.
It is desirable to see the process of on-off device. Sellers of good stores will be happy to help you check.
To test the keyboard go to any text editor (preferably Microsoft Office Word)and alternately press all the keys. It often happens that there is a certain defect in a particular model, so do not belittle any of the stages of verification. For example, the x-series laptops from manufacturer XYZ have a non-working x key because the factory forgot to do something. We hope the meaning is clear.
Check the operation of the laptop keyboard

Next, without any doubt, it is worth checking the touchpad. This is the touch pad below the keyboard. It should simulate the left and right mouse button click, move the cursor around the workspace. Some laptops may also have a number of features, such as multi-touch. That is, you can change the scale of the images, quickly switch between tabs and so on.
Look carefully at the laptop screen: there should be normal color, there should be no broken pixels. But even if the showcase sample will be broken pixels, it does not mean that the issue you will have to wait for the same product.
If possible, look at the ports and inputs on your laptop to make them all work. You can take with you flash drives or any other devices for testing.
Laptops without OS
So, how to test a laptop without an OS when buying? This is much more difficult than with the OS (operating system) installed, as you will not be able to test the keyboard, camera and other services. But what then? It is recommended to just run it and see the following:

At least some image should appear on startup.
Look at the work of the lights on the notebook.
If you see a set of cubes, strips, symbols of different colors instead of a picture or a command line, then most likely, the end of the video Board has come.
Light bulbs on the laptop body

This, of course, does not guarantee you a full-quality laptop test without an OS, but for the first stage you will have enough. You can only buy a laptop without OS and home thoroughly check everything after installing OS. If there is something wrong with it, you can refer to the law on consumer protection. Next, we will consider the main points that can be claimed by the user after buying a laptop with a factory defect.

What to do after purchase?
So, if for some reason you still bought a laptop with a defect or you just want to return the goods, then let's find out what the Law "on consumer protection" can offer us in this case. But, first of all, it is worth noting that in the kit you should have: a check, a box, a laptop, a warranty card (not always) and a full set.

You can return the product, if you do not like the color, size and other attributes within 14 days from the date of purchase, the Device should not have traces of use, that is, it can not be activated, install the program, use ten days, and then say: "Oh, I want white." Factory seals and packaging must be preserved.
According to the same point, you do not have to have a cash receipt: any document confirming the purchase of a laptop from this seller will be suitable.
When returning the goods, you can exchange it for a new one or return the money. And you can buy a similar laptop with or without a fee.
It is worth remembering that laptops are classified as technically complex products, so some defects are forgivable. For example, the same broken pixels are allowed in a certain ratio. Therefore, we recommended that you watch it right in the store before activating the product, so that it can be returned immediately. Do not talk about the pixels, but tell me that you want a different model or a different color. In any case, you have the full right to replace.
Laptop repair warranty

The manufacturer is obliged to repair the laptop for a certain time and offer another product to use at the time of repair. Why should you lose your job due to a manufacturer or store error, for example, if you are working on a laptop? This applies to the warranty period that follows after 14 days. It should be noted that the repair period can not exceed 45 working days, which is a violation of the law on consumer protection.
All claims must be in writing and take a second copy of yourself, where there is your signature and the signature of the seller. This is necessary so that if anything happens, you can press charges.
It is highly recommended to study your rights at the stage of purchase, so that there are no problems.

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Ezekielumukoro236 days ago

May be I should take it to a system shop rite

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