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How hard is to build your own app? Reward $1
Created by Stardust, 247 days ago, 405 views

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ChessKing247 days ago

When can I create an app myself
Do you remember what visitors need? They come because of the content or functionality of the resource. People want to get information, buy something, see and comment on friends ' photos and so on. Mobile app users need the same. They search for information or make any transactions.

Do you remember when you can make a website for your business? That's right, when there is no money for cooperation with professionals yet, and the time and desire to deal with WordPress or "Jumla" is. The same situation with applications. Created independently programs for iOS and Android can be compared with sites on "engines" with open source.

It's about what: you can open an online store, a cool portal, or a corporate website on 1C-Bitrix or "self-written engine". The same problem can be solved with Drupal, Joomla! or OpenCart. With applications as well: you can pay a lot of money to top developers, and you can meet the needs of the audience with the help of online designers.

Try to make the app yourself if:

You take the first steps in business and adhere to the principles of bootstrapping. The audience will forgive insignificant defects to the beginning businessman, but will peck because of them a large enterprise. Therefore, do not make the application yourself, if you own a business scale "Euroset".
Bootstrapping is the development of business with the help of available resources without attracting loans and investments.
Your customers need a program for smartphones and tablets with very simple functionality. For example, you can do without developers if you want to convert a site to an application.
You and your audience are satisfied with the template design of the application. This point can be formulated as follows: if the content and functionality of the program at the height, few people will pay attention to the design.
A successful or unsuccessful application launch will not have an immediate and significant impact on the business. For example, if you attract and serve most of your customers offline and develop your application for the future, there is room for experimentation.
You need the app yesterday. Here you have to choose one of two options: pay developers for ready-made sample code or use the designer.
You don't want to depend on developers. If you are afraid that the Studio will charge you too much for the support and updates of the program, use ready-made solutions. Just remember that they also need to be kept up to date.
Decided to do program on their own? Move on.

Create an application with your hands: what you need to know
You'll have to start with a theory. You need to understand the anatomy of mobile applications at a basic level, as well as plan the basic functionality of the program.

What is a mobile application
A mobile application is a program that runs on tablets and smartphones. With the help of programs, the device owner solves practical problems: connects to the Internet, publishes photos in social networks, edits text or images, destroys virtual orcs, listens to music.

The application consists of front and back-end. Front-end are the components of the program with which the client interacts. Back-end or back — end are the components with which the developer interacts. Relatively speaking, the front-end is located on the user's device, and the back-end on the personal or rented server of the program owner.
Smartphone and tablet users download apps from the developer's websites or from the stores. The most famous stores are Google Play and App Store. The audience considers apps from the stores to be safe, as moderators check the apps before publishing.

How to convert theoretical knowledge about anatomy of mobile applications into practical actions? When choosing a constructor, pay attention to two positions. First, the service must provide application hosting. Second, the selected resource should provide the ability to manage the application and its publication in Google Play, App Store and other popular stores.

How to determine the required functionality of the application
At this stage it is necessary to formulate the purpose and tasks that the application solves. In other words, you need to understand why you create a program for mobile devices. Please note that this issue should not be considered from the point of view of business. Everyone knows that behind the wording of the type "to improve the quality of service" and "to provide comfort to smartphone owners" hides a specific business goal: to stimulate sales. But it will not help to plan the functionality of the program.

Consider the purpose and objectives of the application from a client perspective. Determine for what purpose the audience representative will install and use the application. Find the tasks that achieve this goal.

To plan the functionality of an application, you need to answer a global question
To plan the functionality of an application, you need to answer a global question
For example, if you have an online store, the purpose of the mobile app can be formulated as: to provide customers with the opportunity to choose and buy products from a smartphone or tablet. Achieving the goal should provide the following tasks:

The application must be easy to navigate. The customer should be able to search for products by categories, parameters, manufacturers.
The program should have a convenient block of shopping: shopping cart, payment system, tracking the status of the order.
The application needs a personal account. It will have sections "purchase History", "Wishes", "favorites".
With push notifications, the client will receive messages about new product arrivals and promotions.
In the" Information " section the user will be able to read news and reviews.
Have you already guessed that the formulation of goals and objectives determines the functionality of the future application? By the way, do not waste time on measurability and achievability of the goal. At this point, you are planning the functions of the program, not the SMART analysis.

Also, don't waste time planning the design, appearance of icons and buttons, screen layout. You will use template solutions. Application designers allow you to choose one of the ready-made layouts and fill it with content.

Independently practice to formulate the purpose and tasks of creation of applications of different types. For example, write down the language for programs created for content projects, forums, services.

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Revan246 days ago

If your have at least basic programmer skills, it's not so difficult as it can seem. If you don't have the ones, than it can be complicated and take much time and energy from you :)
Also it really depends on your certain purposes for an app... Your strategy will differ greatly both for the app for yourself/your friends and a serious product which you're planning to sell later. In case of the last one it's usually really better to order its building from the qualified specialists.
In general the process of making every app consists of such steps:

- providing an interesting idea for it and setting a goal
- sketching your ideas and principles or its functioning firtsly on paper, then in wireframe
- finalizing your app structure and foundation
- creating it with a special app builder
- making a nice and original design for it, it's important for almost all types of apps
- several testings for it and correcting possible mistakes
- final releasing, advertising and selling

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Jay21245 days ago

So, you should be good in math and hard-working.

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bagaswh24239 days ago

You need problem solving skills, programming skills, and a litlle bit of math (arithmetic and all the basic stuff).

I started learning programming less than 2 years ago. Specifically, I learned web development. The best resource for learning web development in my opinion is Mozilla Developer Network: I read all the "Learn web development" articles, and then familiarized myself with it by doing some little projects. The projects were mainly small apps that run on the web browser.

Before starting a new project, I always planned what project I'm going to work on, the user interface design of the application, how the app handles user interaction, and.. basically planning and planning. After the planning is done, I started to work on the programming process. This involves, well, a lot of problem solving skills and of course programming skills. After it's done, I tested my app to see if it's working as intended. Whenever I noticed things that aren't good, I came to my code and see what's wrong with it, and fixed it. Finally, when everything works properly, I published the app on the internet.

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nathanleeaz1512237 days ago

Thank you! I'm concerning bout this issue 2. The answer is very detailed and easy to understand

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Eziboss236 days ago

not hard, no need for too much explanation , all u need is to enter YouTube and search for how to create my own website, every things will be display in full for u, but don't forget to buy your domain very important.

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bredd214 days ago

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