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ChessKing248 days ago

To distribute the Internet, it must be connected to your computer, and must work. Also, you must have a Wi-Fi adapter. In the laptop it is built-in, and on the PC you can use USB adapters. It needs to be connected, the driver installed, and there should be a "Wi-Fi" section in the settings and a button on the notification bar. If you have problems with Wi-Fi, see this article.
Distributing Wi-Fi via "Mobile hot spot" in Windows 10
First of all, open the parameters. Since we have detailed instructions, then show how to do it:

"Settings" in Windows 10

Go to the section "Network and Internet".

Windows 10: network and Internet

Open the section "Mobile hot spot". There will be immediately set the standard name of the Wi-Fi network, which will broadcast the computer and also set the standard password that you want to use to connect to this network. You can leave them, or you can change them. To do this, click on the "Edit"button.

"Mobile hot spot" in Windows 10

Set your network name and password. The password must be at least 8 characters long.

Changing the access point name and Wi-Fi password

In the drop-down menu "Internet connection Sharing" you need to select the connection through which you have Internet connected. It doesn't have to be "Ethernet". There may be a connection with the name of your provider. To start the mobile access point, click the switch next to"Allow my Internet connection on other devices."

A simple way to set up an access point in Windows 10

That's all, the computer distributes the Internet on Wi-Fi. You can connect your devices to the mobile network using the set password. A maximum of 8 devices can be connected at the same time. Information on the mobile hotspot clients will be displayed in the same window.

How to share an Internet connection over wifi in Windows 10 standard

I have tested that the device worked perfectly. I didn't notice any disconnections.

Launch access point when Internet via 3G modem (mobile network)
I decided to connect my 3G USB modem to my laptop, and try to run a "Mobile hot spot". After all, many people use the Internet through 3G/4G modems, and want to distribute it to their mobile devices, without buying a router. This method will suit you, everything works.

Here's what it looks like:

Mobile hot spot: we distribute Internet from 3G / 4G modem

I can not say for sure that this method will work on all computers and all modems, but everything works for me.

Connect to the Internet via Wi - Fi, and distribute over Wi-Fi network
Strange, isn't it? Decided to test and this way to. Meaning there is not a lot, but still, maybe useful to someone. It turns out that you can get the Internet wirelessly, start the access point and distribute it over Wi-Fi on your device. It may be useful in the case when you, for example, allowed to connect to Wi-Fi only one device. Connect a laptop, and already distribute the Internet through the "Mobile hot spot".

How to connect to the Internet via Wi - Fi and distribute via Wi-Fi network

Here is a strange feature, but it works. It turns out that the laptop acts as an access point with a wireless network connection.

Control of a "Mobile hot spot"
Disable the function itself and stop the distribution of the Internet, you can simply set the switch to "Off."in the settings window.

Disabling an access point on a laptop

Or by clicking on the button that appears when you click on the connection icon in the notification bar.

Turn off " Mobile hot spot"

All conveniently and at hand.

Possible problems when configuring the access point, and their solutions
If you have problems with setting up Wi-Fi distribution in Windows 10 (you can't start the hot spot, devices are not connected, or the Internet is not working), see a separate article with solutions:
As I already wrote above, in the process of launching the access point, you can face different errors. When I tried to run a mobile hot spot on a desktop computer with a TP-LINK TL-WN721N adapter, I also encountered an error "I can't configure a mobile hot spot. Turn On Wi-Fi". What I did not do, and could not start a virtual network. At the same time, on the same computer, with this adapter you can easily start the Internet distribution via the command line. I wrote about it in the instructions: setting the access point via Wi-Fi adapter.

Error " unable to set up mobile hot spot. Turn On Wi-Fi"
This error looks like this:

Unable to set up mobile hot spot. Turn On Wi-Fi

According to my observations, this error appears due to problems in the driver of the Wi-Fi adapter, or due to the fact that it is disabled virtual adapter. At the same time, as I wrote above, I could not win this error on one computer. Though, there in device Manager were all necessary drivers, and they worked. Even if you have Wi-Fi disabled button, the mobile hot spot everything runs smoothly.

If you think logical, then the problem is definitely not lack of wireless adapter driver, if the driver was not, then the tab "Mobile hotspot" did not have to. Just like the "Wi-Fi" tabs in the settings.

You should look for the problem in device Manager. First, try updating the Wi-Fi adapter driver. Reinstall it by downloading from the manufacturer's website. If that doesn't work, go to device Manager and check if there's a "Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter"there. It can be with a number at the end. It is through this adapter laptop distributes Wi-Fi in this way.

To do this, you first need to enable the display of hidden devices. If there is an icon near the adapter "Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter", then right-click on it and select "Enable".

Windows 10: Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter

If this does not help, you can still try the tips from this article.

A few more solutions
1 Error "it is Impossible to share the Internet connection, since no connection to the mobile network".

Mobile network sharing issues in Windows 10

I have such an error jumped out when trying to start the distribution of the Internet when connected via a 3G modem. Everything was solved simply by restarting the Internet connection. Make sure that the Internet on your computer is working. You can restart your computer, connect to the Internet, and start all over again.

2 Error: "mobile hotspot setup Failed because your computer does not have an Ethernet, Wi-Fi or cellular connection."

It is impossible to set up a mobile hot spot due to lack of Internet

This error you are likely to see only when your computer is not really connected to the Internet. Check your connection.

Also this error appears when you have Internet connected via PPPoE (high-speed connection). Mobile hot spot does not see such connections to the Internet. Read more here wrote:

3 devices are not connected to a running Wi-Fi network. I have not faced such a problem, but everything can be. Most often, connection is blocked by anti-viruses and firewalls. Turn them off and check your network connection.

Since the problem was very popular, then prepared a separate article: devices are not connected to the access point in Windows 10. Getting an IP address.

Finally, Microsoft has made a simple solution to configure such a useful and popular function as an access point. This is much easier than typing in obscure commands from the command line. Everything works, but of course not without problems. I think the errors are most often due to old drivers. After all, not all manufacturers have released drivers for Windows 10. And for many devices, these drivers will be gone.

If the "Mobile hot spot" feature in Windows 10 doesn't work for some reason, try running an access point through the command line. Reference to the instructions I gave in the beginning

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darkpsinight246 days ago

your solution is not working

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