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 I have no access to shared folder in network .. -

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I have no access to shared folder in network .. Reward $1
Created by AAA1992, 123 days ago, 317 views

this problems
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chakramed119 days ago

Is that folder on a laptop you cab reach if yes , then you have to that folder and :

1- go to folder and click right »» proprities »» permission
2- in permission try add all users
3- then apply and ok

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ha14123 days ago


maybe you need to contact the administrator.

or Windows 10 Home require local machine credentials to access another machine on a network

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ChessKing102 days ago

The reason may be due to the following factors:
the user does not have permission to access the share.
These rights are configured on the Access tab and are only relevant for network access.
the user does not have permission to access the folder at the NTFS rights level
Configured on the Security tab. This setting controls access rights for both the network and the local area.
the user has no access permissions on the network or NTFS rights.
How to share a network folder with all users
You must make the settings on the computer where the network resource is located.
Go to the computer Control
Open the Shared folders section. Allocate the sub-section Shared resources and find out the local path to the folder that is open to the network.
In our example, we see that the network share temp corresponds to a local path C:\temp

Find the local folder, click on it with the right mouse button and call the Properties:

1 the First thing to check is permissions for network access. Open the Access tab and click the Advanced setup button

Click the Permissions button:

We check who is allowed to access the network, and also check the rights.
To allow all users to access the network resource, you must add the Everyone group to the Permissions for the share list.
In our case, full access for the All group is opened. So, with network permissions everything is in order:

2 the Second thing to check is NTFS rights. Go to the Security tab and check the global permissions to access the folder.
In our example, we see that only users and administrators on the local computer can see and log on to this folder. This means that if we try to log on to a network resource under a user who does not have an account on the local computer, we will be denied access.

To allow access to the folder for all users, even those who do not have an account on the local computer, you must add the same group to the All list. To do this, click the Change button:

Click To Add:

Add the Everyone group and click OK.

Attention! You do not have to search for a group in the list of groups and users. You can just write the word "All" with your hands — always with a capital letter.

Now we specify which operations Are allowed for the all group. To access and download files over the network, you only need to allow:

Read and execute;
List the contents of the folder.
After you set the permissions, click OK to save the permissions settings:

OK again

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