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Created by pleaseAnswerMe, 74 days ago, 262 views

So I'm veeery new to the concept of the localhost and I don't know how to use it, so can you please help?
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ChessKing74 days ago

Let me explain what AMPPS is

Latest version: 1.7
Portable version: No
Home page:


Basic set:

Softaculous AMPPS 1.7
Apache 2.2.22
MySQL 5.5.22
PHP 5.3.10 and 5.2.17
PERL 5.10.1
Python 2.7.2
MongoDB 2.0.4

AMPPS is not just a WAMP build, it is a whole library of applications, where each of them can be quickly installed, turned and picked on the spot. All this economy is laboriously cataloged and described in detail.

The undoubted advantage of this build is the support of many common CMS, blog platforms, web forums, message boards, photo galleries, and so on. All available applications are more than 200! The set of components included in the package also does not lag behind life, all modules are quite fresh and, what is remarkable, here we can find such exotics as Python and MongoDB.

Of the minuses I want to note a partial translation into other languages, which is present only in the directory of scripts, and even then not everywhere. After restarting Apache tray menu refused to work, Windows restart did not help. Another disadvantage is the lack of portability. In my opinion, AMPPS is more useful for beginners to study scripts than for serious developers. I was not very comfortable to work with this software package, there are better options.
What are the analogs better?


Latest version: 3.2010-11-07
Portable version: Yes


Basic set:

Apache 2.2
PHP 5.3.3
MySQL 5.1.40
phpMyAdmin 3.2.3

Denwer... the old kind Denwer. We see all the same meager set of not very fresh ingredients (cut to the very eggs), a black window and no GUI. The advantages of this package include its extremely small size and a good "knowledge base" on the forum, accumulated over many years. In fact, the server is managed through execution .BAT scripts to start and stop modules, as such, there is no control program at all.

Denwer is extremely simple and clear, and therefore has the largest army of fans among beginners. The most complete description of this platform will be the following phrase, said one of the users: "Denver performs the main tasks and okay, and the more lotions the more problems (no one uses them at all 100)."

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ChessKing74 days ago

How to configure PHP & MySQL local ampps server?
First, you need to download THE ampps installer, select the necessary folder, change the file permissions and start the installation process using the following commands:
AMPPS is installed by default:
Then you need to select this directory and assign the command:
After that, you will see a graphical interface where you can run PHP & MySQL by clicking the START button.
In the browser you need to write /localhost / ampps, then the control panel will appear. For starters, you can change the language to Russian in the settings.
The local AMPPS server for the ease of use and simplicity of the interface is far superior to XAMPP. All operations and actions are much faster, and most importantly, during the installation, a database for your site is automatically created.

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