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How do you guys speed up a mac? Reward $1
Created by rosar, 921 days ago, 896 views

My mac is running slower and slower, any suggestions.
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ha14921 days ago


Get SSD hard drive
Reinstall Mac OS X (first back up your files)

How to reset the System Management Controller (SMC) on your Mac

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ChessKing921 days ago

Users of Microsoft Windows operating systems are very familiar with the problem of slowing down the system. This is due to the fact that Windows writes all data changes in the system, e.g., registry, temporary files of Internet browsers, installing programs and deleting, writing and deleting files on the hard drives, etc. All of these operations require the extra cost of RAM and if you increase the volume on the execution of unnecessary processes, reducing the performance of your computer. In most cases, users solve this issue by reinstalling the operating system, but with Mac OS X you do not need such a need. Speed up and optimize Mac OS x is a simpler task.

Speed up and optimize Mac OS X
Let's start optimizing your computer with hardware:

Hard drive. If possible, replace the usual hard on solid-state (SSD), it will give a significant increase in speed. If you install an SSD-drive on your Mac, then the rest of this article can not do!
RAM. If the model of your Mac allows you to increase the amount of RAM, it must be done, especially if you are working with programs for photo or video processing.

Software optimization:

Memory cleaning: open the Terminal and type purge, or just restart the computer.
Swap-file. A Swap file is one of the mechanisms of virtual memory, in which individual pieces of memory (usually inactive) are moved from RAM to the hard disk , freeing RAM to load other active pieces of memory. This is accompanied by read-write access to the hard drive, which is much slower than the RAM. Hence, there are strong brakes when switching between programs and the system as a whole. On Mac OS X, the paging file somehow starts to be used before the free memory runs out. It seems to be a lot of RAM, and the system begins to slow down. Installing additional memory modules will not solve the problem — swap is still in use. Disable in terminal:
sudo launchctl unload-w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ rm / private/var/vm/swapfile*
sudo launchctl load-wF /system/Library/LaunchDaemons/
In theory, when the memory runs out, Mac OS x, like other unix systems, will just hang. But I have such a not was happening, even when free remained about 10 megabytes.
Disable excess:
Remove programs from startup: System settings / Accounts / login Objects. You need to not only clear the check boxes, but also remove all objects from there.
Disable unused system services: Uncheck: System settings / Sharing.
Disable Spotligh: you can disable it if your system is slow, you are not using Search, or if you have an ssd installed. To disable spotlight, open System Preferences / Spotlight. In the” search Results "uncheck all boxes, and in” Privacy" add (plus at the bottom) those drives that you want to exclude from the search.
Dashboard. Dashboard is a great thing if you use it. If you do not use this service, then it uses your resources in vain. Disable in the terminal: defaults write mcx-disabled-boolean YES. Include: defaults write mcx-disabled-boolean NO.
Close the application. Simple but effective advice. It is easy to run many applications on the Mac at the same time. Maybe you've launched more than you need. Look at the Doc. If you see a lot of applications running (a blue dot is lit under the icons), turn them off if you do not plan to use them in the near future. This will free up the extra resources and your Mac OS x will work faster.
Reload. Do you remember the last time you rebooted your Mac? No? Then restart! Will help!
CleanMyMac. Download, put, run, remove the excess. Voila!
Well, that's about it. Finally, I want to note that the most effective, but expensive way to speed up your Mac is to replace the hard drive with an SSD and install additional RAM.

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AAA1992921 days ago

Mac have Expensive hardware
interesting ,How can it be slow?
you need upgrade or update your Mac OS..
good luck..

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pustoi11903 days ago

You are a very beautiful girl, where do you hurry;)

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geezer_willie657 days ago

I know that Apple's new laptops are too expensive, but I suppose yours is old enough. You can try to test your luck here . And if you know anything about the sport you can renovate all your gadgets. :)))

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