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friezes fortnite Reward $15
Created by IOP4IK, 465 days ago, 500 views

How to clean friezes in the game fortnite
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ChessKing465 days ago

You have not optimized the game's campaign I also frieze when the shooting starts.How to raise FPS
You have at your disposal only a weak PC for work and study, and still want to play? You have the chance! Fortnite undemanding resources, and some "dancing with a tambourine", will help you get closer to the coveted 50 fps.

Make sure that you have completed all the steps above.
Close all programs hanging in the tray-this is especially true for a PC with a small amount of RAM.
Make sure that the browser and any other programs are closed as well.
You can lower both the screen resolution (this will greatly increase FPS) and the 3D resolution. The picture at the same time really lose much in beauty.
Do not expect a miracle – Fortnite boasts initially good optimization – if you have 10 FPS on a weak PC, then normally play is unlikely to succeed.

Software for PC optimization under a Fortnight
Some increase in FPSможно to achieve the following programs:

Razer Cortex-a good intuitive software with a nice interface.
Nvidia Profile Inspector - software only for video cards from Nvidia. Has lots of options, it is recommended for advanced users.
Advanced system Care-helps to speed up and optimize your system.
CCleaner-similar to ASC program

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ha14465 days ago


Basic PC/Mac Troubleshooting
Reinstall epic launcher.

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peyuruko402 days ago

If you have v bucks (in-game currency) with you, then it will be easier.

Know more about how to get free v bucks to clean it asap from here:

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nokifufo373 days ago

If you can solve your currency problem in the game, you can solve all your other problem like a piece of cake. Have a look at how to get free v bucks legally using this method showed here:

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ruhohovo315 days ago

This source may help you out:

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xiwunota306 days ago

See to know more about the real tricks from there.

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vikunuzu306 days ago

You can unlock your gaming resources that are paid using this amazing source here provided:

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