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Initialize a disk that is not ready Reward $11
Created by Parsonlord, 380 days ago, 895 views

I have an external USB Hard Drive SEAGATE 1TB Expansion, I have 4 partitions, 2 Primary and 2 Logics, lately I used the program, WintoUsb and I created a Win 10 OS on the first Primary partition, to use it on Packard Bell Easynote mx65 which has a now broken hard disk, at first all right, I connected it, I logged in, did the configuration of the system, I downloaded the drivers and updates, after I turned off, when I moved this disk to another computer the Master bot got corrupted, my problem is this, in the other Logical partitions
I have a lot of movies and personal files, it does not allow me to format the partition with OS win 10, Disk Management is hard to see it very slow, when it sees it returns the message Hard Disk, not initialized unknown, any operation I try does not work, EASEUS Partition Master does not see it, the only program that sees it and allows me operations is: HDD Regenerator but when I start it to scan, it returns the error, enter the bios change to ide compatible mode and restart the program, but the my bios does not have this option, my question is this, how can I fix it and format or delete the corrupted Partition, and recover disk access?
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ha14380 days ago


try seagate seetools

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