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Which translator translates better Reward $1
Created by maybemaybe, 201 days ago, 2015 views

With less errors and more understandable meaning.
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chakramed200 days ago


all modern software for translating are google service based no less no more . google translate are the 1# world wide web translator for the moment and next 30 years at least.


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ha14200 days ago


it depends you can use both and see the difference, if you translate from asian sometime you see difference between translations so it depends on the language you want translation

Microsoft Translator is an Artificial Intelligence-powered service that translates between more than 60 languages.

Google Translate supports over 100 ( 103 languages ) languages at various levels and as of May 2017

try also

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Fclef200 days ago

try best buy an why are we still at $1.00 an 5 points an $3.00..

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ChessKing200 days ago

Try Yandex translator.Perhaps some words in your translator have an incomprehensible meaning, because they are written with an error.Yandex translator performs automatic spell checking and the wrong words are immediately underlined.

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Habinar199 days ago

Good evening. I work in the office, and I very often need to write reports, although I do not really want to. My colleague advised me on the site which will write all the work for you. I create a task and special people do it for a small fee. The site is convenient and very necessary.

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riccardomaria197 days ago

I do agree with Chakramed. I'm Italian but because of my personal and professional history I'm (almost) bilingual and, honestly, I realized that in latest times Google Translator had a terrific improvement in the quality of translations; at least from Italian to English and viceversa. I've no idea about other languages. If, instead, you're looking for a web dictionary I do recommend

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KatherineBrown196 days ago

Google for sure has the greatest potential to develop faster than others, and to cover more language combinations.

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bhimeshmehta194 days ago

English to Hindi

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MaksimBurdakovskij192 days ago

For translate go to Microsoft Store and from this place choose Translator...
The best team for translating work here with Microsoft.
In setting you easy find any language translating teams work for you all free.Download and Instal on net at minutes.
In interface you see the setting team expand to:translaor: on Facebook,Twitter,web...
That is the better?In this questions we find answer in future technologic relises...Microsoft is the better now!

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Grammyhypee191 days ago

Google Translator is the best one.

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IOP4IK189 days ago

Google Translator

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omarwa188 days ago

the best is

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danielebonaa181 days ago

word reference

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valeriojunio179 days ago

google translate is going worse than going better, this for italian-english and vice versa, probably because italian language is far difficult also for what concerca grammatical and verbs rules. There are a lot of irregular verbs that are to learn only by memory, because urles are impossible to understand if not mother tongue. I think if we have some skills the best solution is word reference, a very good dictionary

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light176 days ago

@maybemaybe i think DEEPL is the best one with no fault

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mehome174 days ago

Usually, I use Google( or Microsoft's Bing ( translators.
I prefer the first one to quickly find best synonyms.
To find better translator for you, do use reverse translation method in the same translator by copying and pasting translated text from right frame to left one, and by switching translation direction.
The reverse translated text must be as close as it possible to original text and mustn't change its meaning.

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Razsaheel167 days ago

undoubtedly GOOGLE TRANSLATOR of course . Just try it and know for your self

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apotekserba166 days ago

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apotekserba166 days ago



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Dimka14154 days ago

На мой взгляд лучше подходит яндекс переводчик

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lembriome152 days ago

The more precise I think is ImTraslator 14.6

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bagaswh24148 days ago

Google Translate.

It uses ML (Machine Learning) on its machine. Using ML, a machine can "learn" by themselves. The machine learns by taking the data, and then use it to predict the correct translation. The data is given by users who use Google Translate (basically whenever user uses Google Translate). Using this powerful thing, a machine can improve itself.

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Dominic145 days ago

Try this web site :
It is very good and efficient eg: if you don't agree or want to find another word, put your pointer on the word, clic left and hey presto a whole serie of propositions is given to you.

I do translations and so use it fairly often

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rahulsinghdigit110 days ago

I used google translator app this is easy to use and light weight. Awesome post appreciates your efforts and really enjoyed the style of your writing.

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rajeshsharma101 days ago

Google translator is better for any person it is available on google play store anyone can download and use it. I read really perfect your article more information one of other blog zone.

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garip4454 days ago

google bence en iyisi

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